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Personal Demons
Chapter 1: The Summoning
A musky scent filled the air of the formerly empty warehouse. The room was occupied by nine people, their identities hidden by their hooded robes. The figures had been gathered around an emerald shaped emblem drawn onto the floor, candles lit around its eight corners. In the center of the emblem lied an ancient-looking mirror, at least a meter long and perhaps mountable on a wall. The looking glass was surrounded by diamonds drawn onto the ground, two corners of each aligned to point to the center on a side of the mirror and emerald-shaped emblem.

The head figure looked around at his hooded companions and asked them, "Are we ready to begin?" All eight of them nodded. By a wave of the head's hand, his eight followers began chanting in tounges.

As they chanted, the drawn emblem began to light up. The emblem grew brighter as the chanting grew louder. The chanting continued to amplify until the mirror released a blinding flash, filling the entire warehouse with light for a brief moment. As the light subsided, the mirror did not cast a reflection of the roof above it. It showed only black until a red eye opened up.

"At last," the mirror called in a deep, grusome voice, "I am exiled no longer! I have returned to this dimension to once again overthrow it!"

"It is excelent to be in your presence once again, Lord Grusunder," one of the figures said, bowing to the mirror as the other figures did the same. The head figure, however, stood idly by.

"Yes, but I am not quite free," Grusunder said. "I can only be freed by the one who imprisoned me in my own mirror. The traitor, Sparda!" The hooded figures hissed in pure hatred of the name spoken to them. "Bring me Sparda so that I may be freed to destroy him, once and for all!"

"But my lord," a figure began to say, "Sparda has been dead for years. We cannot possibly bring him to you."

"WHAT?!?" Grusunder shouted, his mighty voice causing those who followed him to flinch. "If you cannot bring me the blood of Sparda to set me free, you should have never brought me back to this realm to begin with!"

"But my lord," another figure spoke out, "Sparda may be dead, but there is word of a legacy. Sparda's blood still exists, but through his son's veins."

"Sparda has a son?" Grusunder said, his voice showing interest. "Then there is hope for me yet. Bring me this son of Sparda, so that I may be free again! GO NOW!"

And with that, the eight figures surrounding the emblem threw off their robes, revealing their demonic figures beneath. With their wings, the demons took flight through the roof of the warehouse, bringing destruction the foundation's cieling. The head figure was all that remained. Grusunder took quick attention to him.

"You do not take flight," Grusunder pointed out. "I sense you are not one of my minions."

"You sensed correct," the head answered. "I am simply a mortal being who is simply responsable for uniting your minions simply to free you. Or at least half-free you. I feel you may owe me after you are completely freed."

"Consider it done," Grusunder said. "Can I have the name of the man who has plotted my return?"

The head figure, befure answering walked up to the mirror to speak to Grusunder face to... eye. He lifted his hood to reveal his identity. He was an older man with piercing blue eyes, long silver hair tied into a ponytail, and a short beard on his chin. "My name is Vlad Masters."

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