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Personal Demons

Chapter 13: Good-Bye to Dante

After Dante received his check from Vlad, he made one last visit to the Fenton household to offer his good-byes and thanks.

"Are you sure you can't stay a little longer?" Jack asked Dante, Maddie by his side. "I got some new inventions to try out."

"As much as I'd like to stay and try all your new toys out," Dante said, "I probably have other clients on my answering machine back at the shop. By the way, Jack, that net that ghosts couldn't get out of? Ghosts really can't get out of it. Nice work."

"It really works?" Jack said, rather happy. "I better make more of that stuff!" He rushed down to the lab to do just that.

After Jack's mad dash for mass production, the youngest Fenton, Danny, came down the stairs, asking, "Is something going on?"

"Well," Maddie began to explain, "Dante's about to leave us. Now, Danny, I know you've been avoiding him for one reason or another..."

"He's going?" Danny asked, apparently surprised. "And I was just getting used to him being around."

Dante just smiled at the boy and said, "I'm sure you were." Dante turned back to Maddie and said, "I've done what I was hired to do. Took out those 'new ghosts,' took out their head honcho, but that Phantom kid is your problem. I think you oughta give him a chance. You'll be surprised." Dante then turned for the door and said, "Well, it's been fun. Later, Fentons."

When Dante opened the door, he noticed his exit was blocked by a girl with a folder under her arm, her body language showed she was just about to knock. As soon as she saw him, she couldn't take her violet eyes off of him. "And you are?"

"Um, Sam Manson, sir," she introduced herself, a little shaken up. "A friend of mine said you'd be here so I thought I'd give you this." Sam presented her folder to Dante, who took it and looked through it. "It's an application and resume."

"Really?" Dante said, looking through the accomplishments in her resume. He was rather surprised at what he saw. "Stopped a cyber ghost from taking over the Internet, defeated a reanimated movie monster, saved your class from ghost prison. You're how old?"

"Fourteen," Sam answered.

Dante sighed and said, "Ooh, sorry, I can't hire minors. Child labor laws and everything." Sam looked glum, but Dante continued, "If what's on this is true, though, I would love to hire you for Devil May Cry."

"Really?!" Sam said, her heart aflutter.

"Sure," Dante said, "just give it four years. You'll probably be a lot better than you are now."

Dante walked past an excited Sam, who couldn't stop grinning. Danny came down on the stoop with her and said, "So, you really are a fan."

The rest of the Fenton family came to the stoop to see Dante off. Before Dante could rev up his motorcycle, he remembered, "Oh, almost forgot!" He reached inside his coat and pulled out a business card, saying to himself, "I knew these would come in handy someday."

He tossed the business card at the family, to which Danny caught. Danny look at the card to see the agency name, Devil May Cry, with a phone number and a picture of Dante leaning on his sword. Dante instructed, "If there's any sort of mass crisis that comes on this town and you want it taken care off, give me a call." He then looked directly at Danny and told him, "Especially you."

Danny couldn't help but be curious to what Dante meant be especially him. It then suddenly occurred to him. He called out, "Dante, wait!" and ran up to him before he could get his bike started.

"Dante," Danny said, keeping his voice down, "do you... know?"

Dante chuckled and answered with a smile, "Do I know what?" He then revved his engine and took off before Danny could go into any specifics.

"There goes one awesome guy," Jack said, looking on as Dante disappeared from view. At that, the Fenton family went back inside, except for Danny, who continued to look on.

Sam then came up to Danny and said, "So, did you and Dante work out any differences?"

Danny answered, "Yeah, we did. But I don't think it's something I want to revisit anytime soon."

Well, there it is. After over a year, this fiction is finally done. Now I can focus on the next chapter of my saga, "Cruise Crisis." The title's totally lame, but I know there is at least one person who is anxiously awaiting that very fiction piece. I for one, have been really antsy to write it. Anyway, peace out.