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NoDrogs created the twins.

A Moment of Pure Panic

Shego missed calls to her private line and cell phone as she sat in Adam Zinski's office discussing her strategy for an upcoming trial. The two had moved off the case and into general chatting when Sam stuck his head in the door, "Sharon? You've got a scared kid on line four."

She grabbed her legal pad and pen and started to rise when Adam hit line four on his phone and handed her the receiver.

"Hello?" "It had better not be Kasy or Sheki asking what's for supper."

"Eemah! Something's wrong with Kasy and Sheki!"

Shego knew what Sam meant, she sounded frightened, "What do you mean, 'wrong'?"

"I think they're sick."

"Can you put one of them on the phone?"

"I… I don't think so."

"Did Jason and Jessica come home with them? Are they there?"

"They're sick too."

"Can you tell me what you mean when you say they're sick?"

"They don't answer. They're in the library-"

"All of them?"

"Yes, all of them in the library. And they were drinking something there. And they-"

"Drinking something in there? Drinking something they brought in from the kitchen or something that was in the library?"

"In the library. From those bottles-"

"I'm on my way home now. Good job calling." Shego felt as scared as Jane.

Adam raised an eyebrow as she almost tossed the phone back to him, "Trouble?"

"Got a house full of drunk thirteen year olds. Got to run," she explained over her shoulder to Adam and Sam as she headed out the door.

She grabbed her purse from her office, debating whether waiting for the elevator or running down seven flights of stairs was the better use of her time. On the way down in the elevator she called Tara.

"Jane called, we've got a problem, the kids got in the liquor cabinet. … No, I'm on my way home now. … Okay, see you there." She was starting to agree with Kim; Jason was trouble. She wanted to blame him for whatever had happened, but reluctantly had to admit Kasy could just as easily suggested the idea.

She called nine-one-one as she found her car. She gave the address and asked for a black-and-white unit with a breathalyzer.

The squad car was parked in the driveway when she pulled in, and two policemen stood on the porch.

"Hobble?" she shouted as she sprinted for the porch, "I though they had your fat ass behind a desk."

"I grabbed the call when I heard the address. Tell your kid to open the door. She won't let us in."

Shego didn't have time to come back with a sarcastic reply. She barely had time for, "Thanks for coming," as she put her key in the lock. Jane had been standing right behind the door, telling the officers she wasn't allowed to open the door for strangers when Shego arrived. The little redhead grabbed Eemah, and Shego picked her up. "They're in the library," she called to the officers.

The sour smell of vomit hit them as they went into the library. Shego put Jane down by the door and told her to stay put. Kasy and Jason were together on the floor, fairly close to the liquor cabinet. Neither appeared conscious. Jessica sat on the floor, leaning back against one of the wing chairs. Her eyes were open, but she wasn't following the movements in the room very well. Sheki was curled up in ball a few feet away, by the second wing chair.

"Test those two first," Shego directed, pointing at Kasy and Jason.

The pale woman knelt by Sheki and shook her shoulder slightly. The dark haired girl groaned, "Lea' me 'lone."

"Sit up," her mother demanded. "I want to see you're alive." Then she called over to the officers, "Got a blood alcohol on either of those two?"

"We got a BAC of two two on him, taking hers now."

If he meant to say anything else no one could have heard him as Tara ran into the room screaming. The blonde grabbed Jessica in her arms and started crying loudly.

"Kasy has a BAC of three zero," Hobble reported. "I'm guessing the boy is the one who threw up,"

The officers moved over to test Sheki.

"What are they doing?" Tara demanded.

"Blood alcohol content," Shego explained. "About point five people start dying from alcohol poisoning."

"Some can die at point four," the younger officer said helpfully.

"Test Jessica first! Test Jessica first!" Tara started screaming.

"Will you pipe down," the pale woman told her, "She looks like the best one in the room."

Tara didn't stop screaming, and added a variety of accusations about Kim and Shego's parenting skills to the list.

"Any chance you can arrest her for disturbing the peace?" Shego whispered to Hobble.

"Sorry, no. She's just a concerned parent."

"No, she's a hysterical parent. I'm concerned and she's getting on my damned nerves."

"Two one on this kid," the second officer reported, finishing up with Sheki and moving over to Jessica. His, "Look lady, I can do this faster if you'll shut up," only brought a moment's reprieve from the sound of Tara's voice.

Shego took a fast inventory of the liquor cabinet. "Looks like they were hitting the schnapps. Chocolate, and peppermint are both dead, almost out of peach."

"That's a hell of a lot of drinking," Hobble mumbled.

"All three were pretty low, thank God. Got some friends who like fuzzy navels, and some people turn up the volume on their eggnog at the winter party." She was talking as much to herself as to Hobble, who wouldn't have known about the Legal Solstice parties. "Stupid kids were using the old-fashioned glasses - probably drinking it straight." She looked over to Hobble, "His level went down after he threw up?"

"Probably. It goes to the blood stream real fast, but not instantly."

"Would it help with Kasy and Sheki?"

"Couldn't hurt, as long as they're conscious. Got any ipecac?"

"No," Shego admitted. She looked over to the five year old, who had kept her place by the door where Eemah told her to stay, "Jane, get a carton of eggs from the fridge and bring it to the little bathroom. Oh, and get a couple plastic glasses too."

The second officer seriously considered ticketing Tara for interfering with a police officer in the performance of his duty before he finally got a reading on Jessica, "Point one eight."

"Is that good?" Tara demanded.

"It's not a contest, lady."

"Will she live?"

"She's lower than the others, won't have as big a headache tomorrow."

Jane came to the library door, "I put the eggs and glasses in the bathroom."

"Good girl," Shego called. "Oh, run and grab a spoon and take it in too."

Shego pulled Kasy up a little roughly to help wake her up. Like her sister the redhead moaned and asked to be left alone. "Doesn't work that way," her mother told her cheerfully, "you're going to the bathroom to get your tummy flushed."

"What?" Tara demanded.

"Seeing if I can get some of the booze out of the system." Shego explained. She pulled Kasy to her feet and the girl staggered to the bathroom, leaning on her Eemah.

Tara and Jane followed and watched as Shego let Kasy sit on the floor while her mother prepared an egg cocktail: one egg and a dash of water - stirred, not shaken. Shego lifted the toilet rim and pulled Kasy back on her feet. When the redhead refused to drink Shego pinched her nose closed and poured it in when Kasy opened her mouth.

Shego wrinkled her nose in disgust as the egg worked its magic. "Phew! Well we know who bogarted the chocolate schnapps."

"Will you do that for Jason and Jessica?" Tara asked.

"Sure. Let me empty Sheki first."

Shego left Kasy stretched out on the entryway floor. Sheki proved more cooperative in rendering up her peppermint schnapps to the porcelain goddess. Jason, like Kasy, required the nose trick. He had already done a pretty good job of emptying his stomach on the library floor. Jessica also cooperated. Volume suggested she had drunk less, and the odor suggested the peach.

The young officer helped get the twelve and fourteen year old into the car. Tara muttered something about never letting her children visit again and Shego half believed it would be a good idea, but knew it wouldn't happen.

Shego, Hobble, and Jane watched from the porch as Tara drove off.

Hobble tried to lecture the five year old on letting police in, but Shego shushed him, "Anyone can buy a badge and claim to be police. She was being good." But she also turned to Jane, "Remember this guy. He's not one of nature's noblemen, and he knows the location of every donut shop in Middleton-" Hobble grunted rudely. "-but he's a hell of a good cop and a friend."

Jane solemnly shook his hand before he headed out to the squad car.

The twins had progressed to groaning and trying to sit up when Shego and Jane went back into the house. Their Eemah ordered them into the kitchen and gave them bread and water.

"I don' wanna eat," Kasy complained.

"Tough, I've always heard you want a little something in your stomach to reduce the hangover-"

"Hangover?" Sheki asked.

"The pain isn't over yet," Shego promised. "And you might be on bread and water for the next six months." She paused for a minute. "Damn, I don't think the pain has started at all. Just wait until Mommy gets home."