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Everyone: -listens to Naruto's tirade and sighs-

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'5, 4, 3, 2... 1!!!!' RINNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!

The bell that signaled after school detention was finished chimed loudly as a certain Uchiha male counted to one.

A sigh of relief ran through the room as all the students packed there bags and were out the door at the speed of sound.

Sasuke was one of the last people out as he waited for the door jam to subside before leaving.

Finally, when he was out of that godforsaken classroom he ran out the door.

He glanced around; blinking quizzically he thought 'where is she? I saw her a minute ago!' he looked around some more and caught sight of a blonde head.

He ran to catch up with her. As soon as he did so he frowned. "Hey, Naru! Why'd you ditch school to day!?"

Naruto's head shot up. "o-oh, Hi Sasuke-kun!" she said, smiling. He grunted "that doesn't answer my question!"

Naruto sighed "You know I don't like school Sasuke-kun" she looked away. "I didn't feel like going."

Sasuke sighed "You don't like going to school, yet you were in detention? You're such a knuckle head Swirly-Fish-Cake-chan" he flicked her forehead and laughed.

She grunted and rubbed her forehead. "Shuudup, I get enough of that from Kiba-kun!"

They were silent as they continued to walk. Until Sasuke spoke up. "Hey Naru-chan, you'll be turning 16 soon, right?" she flinched "Y-Yea..." she said quietly looking down.

"What'll you be doing?" he asked, leaning closer to her.





"I'm not going to do anything! Like with my other birthdays!" she said and looked away.

"Why?" he was shocked, this wasn't like her.

"..I guess I just don't like celebrating my birthday..." she said quietly.

That was it until they got to her house, he said goodbye and left. She watched Sasuke until he went around the corner; then let herself into the house.

"Dad, I'm home!" Naruto said smiling at the iei (A/N: an iei it a photo/memorial of a deceased one) of her father on there coffee table beside the door.

Taking off her shoes she walked into the kitchen and caught sight of a note with her name on it, it was in her mom's hand writing.

Trooping over she picked up the note and read;

Dear Naru-Chan.

I have to go to a meeting with the D.E (A/N: the D.E is the department of education btw) sorry I won't be home in time for dinner, you'll have to make it on your own

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

All my love.


Naruto sighed, poor Tsunade, the D.E was breathing down her neck and was almost never home.

She put the paper down and went rummaging through the cupboards for food.

'Ramen, popcorn bla, bla, more ramen, bla, bla, hey, why not have ramen' she thought sarcastically as she took the packet out of the cupboard. She put on the kettle and looked in the fridge then the freezer and caught sight of ice-cream and smirked. 'As mum always says, "When the going gets tough, the tough need ice-cream"' she smiled and took the chocolate ice-cream out and closed the freezer door.

She ate her ramen and finished the tub of ice-cream in an hour and decided to finish her homework.

She trooped upstairs and went to her room and there on her bed was her fox snoozing in the sun.

"Heya Kuubi, having a snooze are ya?" she cooed, picking up the small fox and cuddling it. Putting the male fox back on the bed she sat at her desk and started her homework and was finished it an hour later.

She shooed Kuubi away and got changed, since she wasn't going anywhere she got into her pajamas.

She walked downstairs, sat on the couch and turned on the T.V.

'Hmm, I wonder what Sasuke's doing now...'

-------------With Sasuke-----------------

"Mom, dad, I'm home!" Sasuke said, letting himself into the house and taking off his shoes. He glanced at the iei of his parents and bowed slightly.

"Hello Sasuke-kun..." Sasuke looked up. "Hello Itachi!" he grumbled. "How was school?" he asked as him and Sasuke went into the kitchen. "Fine, I guess, I got most of my homework done in detention" Sasuke sat on the counter as Itachi went back to correcting homework from his History class. Yes, that's right, he teaches History in Sasuke's school (much to Sasuke's dismay).

"You should really stop getting detention in Kurani-sense's class; you're driving the woman crazy" Itachi said frowning as he glanced at Sasuke.

Sasuke scowled. "Why?! That stupid woman failed me in English!!" he hissed. "She had it coming!"

Itachi sighed and packed up his stuff. "You can be so childish sometimes Sasuke-kun..." he got up and left for the study and Sasuke frowned.

Itachi's head poked round the door again as he asked "How's Naruto-kun, I didn't see her today?"

Sasuke blinked. "Oh, she ditched school today, said she wasn't feeling up to it" Itachi sighed at this.

Itachi then left and Sasuke got down from the counter. Trooping to the fridge he opened it. Looking at the contance he sighed. 'A fridge full of nothing' he thought sighing as he closed the fridge.

He then stomped upstairs and did his homework for an hour. He got changed into his pajamas and sat his computer desk and checked his e-mail, nothing new. He sighed, got up and went downstairs.

Sitting sprawled out on the couch, flicking through the channels he thought 'god, what a boring day, I wonder what Naruto's doing now'


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