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Naruto: whaddya' think jerk!?


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Thought in the flashback

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Normal Kyuubi talking


I sighed as I placed my forehead on the punching bag I was taking all my anger out on.

Jesus! Teachers can't take jokes nowadays! Why? Cause I had gotten another detention for talking back, yeesh! Kakashi had it coming in the first place!

--Flash back--

I sat in class waiting for the teacher to come in. I had Kakashi today, and he was always late. But I was lost in space and couldn't care less weather he came in at all!

'Wow! Uchiha sensei is so handsome, I guess it's a family thing!' I sighed, a blush dusting my cheeks

Blech! Quit with the lovey-dovey already! I'm gonna' be sick! A voice from the back of my skull hissed and I frowned

'Shut up Kyuubi! I don't need your opinion on this!' I growled back, frowning slightly.

"Sorry I'm late folks! I got lost on the road of life!" oh how old that sounded! I, heck, the whole class said "Bull-shit! Your nose is growing Hatake-sensei!"

"Oi!" he frowned "No swearing in class, I'm the only one allowed to do that!" Everyone grumbled in annoyance.

He put his things down on his desk and looked up at the class around him, unfortunately, catching sight of my vibrant blonde head. He smirked "Naru-kun, good to have you back with us!" 'Ah shit!' I thought, grimacing at his mock-happy tone Haha, serves you right! 'Shuddup Kyuubi!'

"Was there any particular reason you were out for my English test, or were you actually sick?" Kakashi smirked as a wave of giggles rose and fell. I sighed dryly "Not particularly," I said, checking my nails in boredom.

One of Kakashi's eyebrows slowly inched upwards "Hun!" then it hit him. "Oh yea, also, according to Ibiki-sensei, you were at detention yesterday after school, why go to detention and not school?"

Sniggers rose and fell in the classroom and I grunted, frowning slightly. Then, I smirked, leaning back in my chair, arms folded, with a cheeky grin in place

It was then that Kakashi realized his mistake. Nobody embarrasses Uzumaki Naruto and gets away with it.

"Well," I began melodramatically clasping my hands together "It was all a series of unfortunate events really, starting from when I got up that very morning," I said, batting my eyelashes and pouting my lip innocently.

Another fit of sniggers rose and fell in the class room and Kakashi quickly hushed them "Do continue Naruto-kun..." he grumbled emphasizing the syllables in my name.

"That I shall dear sensei!" I said, as I nattered on "Well, as I told you, the whole thing started that very morning"

"Uh-huh," Kakashi deadpanned. "I woke up refreshed from a early night in, all my homework done and all, so, since I didn't want to be late for school I got straight up and began to dress,"

"All was well, till I began to have problems with a stubborn pair of socks. I was hopping around trying to put them on when I slipped on a copy on the floor of my room and fell face first into my door, the door was, unfortunately, open, so I continued to roll down the stairs."

The class was laughing as I continued "I slammed face first into the front door and it swung open, I rolled out into the middle of the road where I got hit by a car. The ambulance came in no time flat, but sadly, when they had started the ambulance they had forgotten to close the doors properly so, I sailed out the back of the ambulance and into a nearby lake, they didn't find me until 3o clock so I had missed school altogether" I finished, grinning cheekily

Kakashi smiled, although his twitching eyebrow was a telltale sign that a detention was coming my way.

"Well," Kakashi said "after all that you would- sorry- should have been I hospital for at least, five, six days?" he grinned and continued "perhaps you should spend that time recuperating in detention?"

An ever ascending 'ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!' rose in the class room and I frowned angrily.

Kakashi smirked in triumph "what's wrong? Can't take a joke?"

Oh that son of a- he will pay for this!


The thought was only making me more and more frustrated, how dare he embarrass me! It was just a freakin' joke!

"BASTARD!!" I screamed, throwing my fist as hard as I could and striking the punching bag.

'Tut-tut-tut, this will not do, we must return the favor!' I snorted 'who's "we" pale-face? Tempting as it sounds; I'm in enough trouble as it is. Also if I get caught, what'll I say "Oh, sorry, my dead sister in my head told me to do it"? No thank you!' suddenly, it came to my attention that the punching bag was beginning to sag. I looked down "Wha- oh crap!" I wailed. I had managed to slit a hole in it and all the sand was pouring out onto my shoes!!

Finally, the whole bag gave way on me and knocked me to the ground

'Ah bolocks!'


Diedara and Itachi heard a loud scream which made them both jump.

"Ne, 'Tachi-kun, did you hear that uh?" the blonde art teacher asked, prodding Itachi's arm. "If you mean the scream, yes" Itachi said.

They fell silent.

"S-should we go investigate, uh?" Diedara asked

"That would be advisable" Itachi said and pushed past Diedara. "N-ne, wait up 'Tachi-kun!!" Diedara wailed, running to catch up with the Uchiha.

They followed the sound to the gym, Itachi and Diedara seized the double doors and swung them open. They both blinked at the sight before them.

"Oh..." Diedara said.

"Indeed." Itachi agreed.

They say me laying spread eagled on the wooden floor, all of my torso and most of my limbs enveloped in sand, beside me, lay the deflated punching bag, a long split down the side.

I glanced up at them as they just stared at me.


"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Diedara-sensei roared, falling to his knees with laughter.

I grumbled with annoyance. I glanced at Uchiha-sensei and my blood ran cold 'D-don't tell me, h-he's laughing too!?' His eyes were obscured by his side fringes buthis lips were curled in an amused smirk and I could hear a quiet snigger emerge from him.

Ok, It was an embarrassing enough situation as it was, but having the no-nonsense, quiet, strict and most stoic of all the teachers in the school laugh at you in this situation just made things a whole lot worse!!

'Oh sweet Jesus! Kill me now!'


"Gomen, Naru-kun, it was just so funny, uh" Diedara sighed as he ran the brush through my hair in an attempt to get the sand out.

I crossed my arms over my chest and grunted, I was still pretty pissed off at them both. Itachi walked in the room with a glass of water for me in his hand.

If anyone's wondering, we were in the deserted teachers lounge (since it was, after all, after school at the time being)

"Here," Itachi smiled, holding the glass in front of me. I turned my head away from the glass; arms still folded "No thank you!" I grunted venomously.

He glanced at Diedara and sighed, sitting down on the couch I was on, putting the glass on the coffee table and moving up right beside me.

"Ne, Naruto, I apologize for laughing at you, and I'm sure Iwa-sensei-" he gestured towards Diedara "–is sorry as well." He said giving me an irresistible smile and locking his eyes with mine.

That jackass was trying to charm his way out of this! that pissed me off! But damn he was good at it, my knees felt like they had the same consistency as jelly and I could defiantly tell I was blushing.

I heard Diedara-sensei grunt "What a flirt" under his breath but I didn't care! I was lost in that damn asshole's eyes, and didn't want to be found!

Don't fall for it you boob! He's trying to get you like this! I heard Kyuubi yell in my head, making my ears ring 'you think I'm trying to?! it's not my fault! Blame the damn hormones!' I hollered back, trying to look away (not succeeding very well).

"Didn't think you would go so far as molesting a student Aniki." Both Itachi and I whipped our heads to the door to see Sasuke and Sakura standing at the open door, Sasuke wearing a pissed off expression and Sakura with her mouth hanging agape, a look of disbelief on her face.

I glanced down and finally noticed that in the span of time that I was lost in his eyes, he had managed to lean all the way over me, nose to nose, his hands propped on either side of my thighs.

'C-crap! He's so close and everyone's watching!! Oh god! I'm going to die with embarrassment!' I swiftly wriggled away from him, keeping my eyes on my shoes.

Finally, Sakura snapped out of her state and cracked her knuckles "Sensei, you pig! How dare you!!"

Oh boy, this was going to get really messy!


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