Samurai Shinobi

Samurai Shinobi

By Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

Prologue Arc-Act III

Change in the Winds of Destiny.


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"Demon or inner persona"

'Demon or inner persona thought'

Jutsu or Technique


Konoha, Streets.

It had been three years since Naruto had been saved by Soujiro. Three years since he moved into the Daimyo's castle; and three years since he had begun his training. His tuition under Kenshin left him well versed in Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu as any beginner would be, as well as Battojutsu and Iaijutsu, and a few other sword techniques.

Currently the blonde Jinchuuriki was walking calmly through the streets of Konoha, ignoring the surprised, questioning and hateful looks sent his way. In the past three years, he had grown to around 90cm, and was now a healthy weight, rather than underfed as he used to be. His hair was also a different style. After his first day of training, Kenshin explained that for him and the others, there was no real dress code. However, Arashi, Tokala and Kimimaro had taken to wearing black yukatas with a lining colour of their choice, and having two bangs of hair either side of the face. Naruto had taken to the same custom.

Now he wore a black yukata with orange lining and the kanji for Kitsune on the back in red with the Daimyo's insignia sewn on his sleeve, a white undershirt, yellow heko obi sash, grey hakama pants, black tabi socks and geta sandals. His sun kissed blonde hair was drawn back in a loose pony tail, while his two bangs were long enough to reach his chin. His bright blue eyes gave away no emotions, and his whisker marks remained as always. On his back, strung with string across his front, was a wooden bokken, the blade a metre long and the handle a foot long, made of the hardest wood available to the Daimyo's castle armourer.

At the moment, he was supposed to be in a meeting with the Hokage, being introduced to the ones who were going to teach him and the others shinobi skills. Of course, he wanted to have a look around Konoha, and see what had changed. By his eyes, very little. He had, however, made one stop so far. The Ichiraku ramen stand. The 40 year old chef and his 9 year old daughter had been surprised by how much the 6 year old could eat, and had gotten so much money they gave him a free bowl. Naruto happily ate that, like the other fifteen or so bowls he had devoured already. Finishing his meal, he paid and left, not noticing the chef's daughter staring out after him thinking thoughts only she would ever know.

Deciding it was time for him to see the Hokage, he turned and made his way towards the tower. Deciding to take a shortcut, he entered a park, filled with cherry blossom trees and a pond. The path went straight down the centre. And right in the middle of it was a group of kids. There were three girls; a pale blonde, a brunette, and a girl with beautiful pink hair. There were also five boys, two of which were holding back the blonde while the other three stood with the brunette, laughing at the pink haired girl.

As he got closer, Naruto could hear what was being said. The blonde was yelling to be let go and for them to stop bullying 'Sakura', the boys holding her, roughly 8 to 10 years old, were telling her to shut up, and the brunette was loudly spewing out insults at the crying pink haired girl who, Naruto was guessing, was Sakura.

Now, Naruto could stand some things, but bullying and insulting girls, especially beautiful ones, was not a part of that list. So it was only natural that he would step in.

"Hey, ugly girl!"

The brunette threw a look his way, then laughed.

"See, Forehead. Even some stranger thinks you're hideous."

The pink haired girl just cried harder while Naruto frowned, confused.

"I'm not talking to the girl with beautiful pink hair or the blonde, I'm talking to you, you dumb brunette. Leave her alone, or you'll regret it."

Everyone froze. Sakura couldn't believe her ears. This blonde had just shown up out of no-where and stood up for her, threatening Amy, the bully that terrorised everyone in her age group. Sakura was always a prime target because of her bigger than normal forehead. But this boy came up without a care and defended her. She felt nothing but gratitude to him. Taking a look at him, she also noticed he looked…well, she blushed, anyway.

While Sakura thought this, Amy was in a rage. She turned to her big brothers and older cousins.

"He's being mean. Make him stop," she cried with fake tears forming in her eyes. Her two cousins let go of the blonde, and all five moved menacingly towards Naruto. He sighed, realising that conflict would be unavoidable. In an instant, his bokken was in his hand. As soon as the five boys moved into his range, he launched an attacked.

"Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū: Ryūsōsen."

All boys were struck down in an instant, a barrage of attacks being landed on their bodies in less than a second. Naruto took a step towards the three girls. He faced the brunette.

"Depart now. I would rather not strike a female, but if necessary for the protection of others, then I will."

The brunette nodded, freaked out, turned and ran away crying. Sakura was amazed. This kid, no older than them, had just beaten five boys years older than him in less than ten seconds, then intimidated a bully into running away crying. Ino, the pale blonde, felt the same.

"Are you all right?"

Sakura was snapped from her musing by the boy. He was crouching in front of her, looking at her face. He reached a hand across and lifted up her fringe, which she had grown out to cover her huge forehead.

"Heh. Your foreheads really big. It's pretty. What's your name?"

"S-Sakura Haruno," she stuttered out. Again, who was this kid? Why was he so weird?

"Heh, nice to meet you, Sakura-chan," he said, not noticing her blush as he said her name and gave her a foxy grin.

"Nice to meet you to…uh…"

"Oops, how rude. Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier. I'm Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki." He flashed another foxy grin. Now she felt like fainting, so much blood was in her head from her blush. Luckily for her, her friend noticed.

"Hi Naruto," chirped her blonde friend happily. "I'm Ino Yamanaka. Thanks for sticking up for Sakura-chan. She's always being bullied, especially by Amy. She was the one you just scared off. Hey, where'd you learn to do that cool sword thing? It was so fast, it-"

She was cut off by someone's arrival.

"Oi, whiskers! You were supposed to be at the meeting an hour ago. What's taking you so long?"

Naruto spun around, looking for the speaker, who was right behind him. However, he still had his bokken in his hand, and it would have hit the speaker if they didn't dodge out of the way.

"Hey, watch where you're swinging that thing, whiskers."

"Sorry, Arashi. I had some Ramen then I found a girl and these guys," he indicated the boys lying on the ground. "Bullying these two, so I stepped in."

Arashi sighed. His appearance had changed little, except that he now stood at around 95cm tall, and more muscled, although it couldn't be seen with how he wore his yukata and hakama, which remained the same as always. He too had a bokken on his back.

Normally, Arashi came across as a cold sort of person. However, he cared a lot for his friends, and while he knew Naruto could look after himself, he was wandering in Konoha. Not that anyone should, with Naruto being under the Daimyo's protection, but he was worried that someone might stupidly try hurt Naruto. So he was worried when he took so long, and came to find him. He was glad to see his friend safe.

"At least you have a decent reason. Figures you'd get Ramen. Anyway, let's go. The Hokage's getting impatient. He hasn't seen you in two years, remember."

"Yeah, okay. I was on my way to see Hokage-jiji before I stopped anyway. Let's dash."

He turned to Ino and Sakura.

"See you later, Sakura-chan, Ino-chan. I'll see if I can find you later. Bye for now."

With that, Naruto ran off. Arashi sweat-dropped.

"Naruto, the Hokage tower is the other way!" Arashi yelled after him.

A second later, Naruto ran by, waved to Sakura and Ino, then kept going. Arashi sighed again and ran off after him, muttering Troublesome under his breath.

The girls looked at each other, both thinking:

'What the hell?'


5 minutes later, Hokage tower.

"Sarutobi-jii-san!" cried a certain aspiring blonde Samurai-Shinobi.

Naruto ran into the Hokage's office, past the startled Anbu guards and promptly crash-tackled said Hokage, who was sitting behind his desk.

"Ahh, my back…Oh, Naruto-kun! Nice to see you again," said the Sandaime, a hint of pain in his voice, quickly replaced by happiness, as he hugged the hyperactive blonde.

It was quite an amusing site to everyone else. Said everyone else, Naruto noted, was compiled of the panting Arashi, the grinning Tokala, the smirking Kimimaro, cold Saito, amused Kenshin, fake-smiling Soujiro, indifferent Aoshi, and several people he didn't know.

The first was a man with gravity defying silver hair, with a face mask covering the lower part of his face and his Konoha hitai-ate pulled down over his left eye, leaving only his right eye exposed. He wore standard Anbu armor, with a Jonin flak jacket.

The second was- to put it simply- a weirdo. Green spandex, black bowl haircut, huge orange leg-warmers, HUGE eyebrows that looked like slugs, and teeth that shone brighter than the sun they were so bright. Over his spandex he wore a Jonin flak jacket as well. Around his waist was his hitai-ate.

The third person was female; who wore her purple hair pulled back in a high pony-tail, and had brown eyes. She wore a fishnet shirt over a very tight black tank top, and short brown short-shorts. Her outfit was completed with a large brown trench-coat.

The fourth was an old man. White hair that went down his back, black eyes, with weird red lines from the outer corners of his eyes. He wore a pale green shinobi outfit, with a red vest over it, and geta sandals without socks. He had a large scroll slung on his back.

The final person was a man dressed in completely black ANBU armour and clothing, his weasel mask attached to his belt. He had black hair, and black eyes. He was easily decipherable as an Uchiha.

Sarutobi addressed the five strangers.

"Kakashi-san, Gai-san, Anko-san, Jiraiya, and Itachi-san. The five of you are to be the teachers of Naruto-kun, Arashi-kun, Tokala-kun and Kimimaro-kun in their Shinobi training. You have all been previously briefed, so here are the final details. Gai will teach Taijutsu, Kakashi Ninjutsu, Itachi Genjutsu, Anko Stealth, Poisons, Interrogation and other such arts. All of you will assist in teaching them the basics. Jiraiya, you will be working a lot with your spy network. However, you will still teach them some more powerful techniques when they are ready."

Receiving nods from the five (Kakashi and Itachi made sure Gai, Anko and Jiraiya didn't freak the kids out), Sarutobi turned his eyes over to the Samurai, and studied them. Kenshin and Soujiro had not changed, but this was his first time meeting Aoshi and Saito.

Aoshi was rather tall, but also appeared rather young. Sarutobi wouldn't have placed him as much older than Itachi, who was recently twelve, if his memory served him well. He had black hair, which he wore simply, letting it fall, and a grey-blue eye colour. He wore a purple Chinese style robe, with a white trench-coat and high black leather boots. On his back he wore a Wakizashi, the handle over his right shoulder, and the sheath crossing his back.

Saito wore, which surprised Sarutobi to no end, a blue policeman uniform. He wore his wakizashi at his right hip, which Sarutobi guessed meant he was left handed. He wore his black hair slicked back, and his eyes seemed to gleam gold.

Sarutobi realised that the others were waiting patiently for his to speak.

"My apologies, I realise I have been day dreaming. You are all dismissed. Naruto-kun, might I talk to you?"

"Sure jii-jii!" said Naruto, as the other filed out of the room.

"How have you been, Naruto-kun. It has been a year since I last saw you; and my have you grown."

"I've been fine jii-jii. Renjiro-sama is real nice, and all the sensei's are really kind to. Especially Kenshin-sensei. Me, Arashi, Tokala and Kimimaro get along awesome, and we all have fun playing with Nari-chan and her friends."

"That's nice to hear. You haven't had anyone attack you? Why did you take so long to arrive?"

Naruto laughed nervously.

"Well, I kinda went to eat some ramen-"

"How much did you eat?"

"Oh, sixteen or so large bowls. Don't worry, I restrained myself-"

Sarutobi gaped. Most grown men, even shinobi, could barely eat five bowls. Except the Akimichi. And for Naruto to be restraining himself-

"Anyway, when I realised I should come here, I started walking. I went through a park, and I found a girl and some boys picking on two girls. One was a blonde. She was nice. Her name was Ino Yama-something. And the other girl was really pretty. She had pink hair and a cute forehead, and her name was Sakura Haruno."

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"I take it you intervened?" he asked.

"Sure did. I used one of the moves Kenshin-sensei taught me. I made sure I only knock them out, and there were five after all. Plus I only have my bokken with me."

Naruto explained, adding the last part at seeing Sarutobi's worried glance. Hearing this, Sarutobi relaxed.

"That's alright then. Now, you might want to run along. I believe you are staying at the Daimyo's residence. Make sure you have fun, and if someone tries to attack you, you may defend yourself."

Naruto nodded, mentally recalling where the Daimyo's residence was located. He grinned. Ichiraku was right in the path of his destination.

"Alright jii-jii. See you later!" Naruto cried, jumping out the open window.

Watching him, Sarutobi realised Jiraiya and Kakashi still were in the habit of exiting through the window, and it seemed Naruto was picking up on it. He sighed.


'Naruto,' thought Sarutobi with a smile. 'You will be great indeed.'

After a moment, Sarutobi, got up, locked his door after making sure he had no appointments, closed and locked the windows, and sat back down. Once sitting down, he opened a secret drawer, and withdrew his holy artefact.

'Icha Icha time,' the perverted Kage thought with a perverted grin.


A short time later, near Ichiraku.

Naruto calmly strolled towards his number one place in Konoha. That's right. The Ichiraku Ramen Stand. Anyone who dared get in his way, or blaspheme about ramen, would meet a long and very painful death.

Happily, Naruto enjoyed the evening air. It was close to six o'clock, and his stomach, despite having eaten only and hour and a half or so beforehand (Hey, he was restraining himself), was yearning for more of the food of the gods, from the one-stop-god-food-shop that was Ichiraku ramen stand.

As he approached, however, his danger senses kicked in. Being ambushed by their senseis and the castle guards so frequently to keep them on their toes, all four of the boys had developed danger senses. And his were in overdrive. Something bad was happening, or about to happen, at his destination. Fear gripped his heart.

'Oh shit,' he thought.

Before he had been rescued by Soujiro, Ichiraku had been his only sanctuary, aside from with the Hokage. Old man Teuchi and his daughter Ayame had been his only other friends. Chances were, if something bad was about to happen, it would be over him. With that in mind, Naruto ran, using even his Shinsoku, the god-like speed of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. He was so enrapt in his train of thought; he failed to notice three shadows tailing him.


Ichiraku Ramen Stand, Seconds later.

"Father!" Nine year old Ayame Ichiraku screamed.

Only moments ago, she had been in the storage room. Her father had gone out front to the counter, waiting for some customers, or more specifically, a customer. Naruto had promised to come back to the stand for his evening meal, so her father, thinking that Naruto would not be too far away, asked her to get more supplies out of the storage room. Normally he would do it himself, however an accident with his back two days ago meant that he shouldn't do any lifting other than light lifting of maybe two kilos or so. The ramen supplies were often about five kilos, so the past two days meant a lot of lifting for Ayame.

Regardless, she had been in the storeroom when she heard the door bell ring, which meant someone was entering or exiting the stand. Thinking it was Naruto, she redoubled her efforts to lift the last bag of supplies. Her straining gasps meant she could not hear the harsh voices from inside the stand.

She grinned as she deposited the bag in the kitchen, not noticing the silence that filled the air. Now she could go talk to Naruto while her father cooked his ramen. With that in mind, she headed out. However, as she stepped through the door back into the stand, her heart stopped.

At least twenty men stood inside the stand. Normally, if this meant business by means of selling ramen, it would be a good thing. However, from what she could see by the looks of the men, buying ramen was far from the top of their to-do list. Fear surrounded her. Where was her father? Seconds later, her unasked question was answered, but oh how she wished it wasn't in such a way as it was.

Lying on the ground, blood seeping through his chef's jacket, was Teuchi Ichiraku. Two kunai protruded from his stomach, and his eyes were closed. Horror played through her every nerve. Her mother had died a year before the Kyuubi attack, leaving her with only her father. Now, it seemed as if he too, was leaving her. A strangled cry tore from her lips.


And that was where she was now.

Hearing her scream, the men turned and glared at her. They were mostly filthy and smelled of alcohol, except for one, she noticed, fear tightening it's grip on her, who was an Uchiha. One of them spoke.

"Heh, it's the old coot's daughter. Perhaps we should have some fun with her, seeing as she's one of the demon's whores. Then we'll kill her, so she can die like her demon loving father is dying now."

Fear loosened it's grip slightly, only to tighten it further. So her father wasn't dead. Yet. But they were going to rape her. Her eyes widened. She wanted to run, to scream for help. But she couldn't. She was frozen with fear. As three of the men approached her, others arguing, saying that it was wrong and disgusting, and that they had nieces and daughters her age, she prepared herself. She was going to die.

'Help me. Help my father. Please. Someone. Anyone. Naruto-kun…'

She closed her eyes as the men's hands prepared to close around her.


Her eyes shot open as a blur appeared in-front of her, sending the men sprawling back onto the ground, knocking over several stools. Her eyes focused on the figure that had saved her.

"Naruto-kun!" she cried, joy coursing through her. It would be alright, his presence seemed to reassure her. She would be fine, her father would be fine. As she stepped towards him, wanting to thank him, he spoke.

"Stay back Ayame-chan."

She froze mid-step. His voice. It was so calm. So collected. So filled with…rage.

Naruto's attention remained on the men in-front of him.

"You have made the biggest mistake of your lives tonight. And for that, you will pay with your blood."

His eyes roamed over all of them.

"All of you will die. Tonight."

His words were so final, so calm. It sent fear through all those inside the stand, even Ayame. One man, however, managed to shrug it of.

The Uchiha, being a ninja, had managed to push off Naruto's death glare. He began forming hand-signs for one of his family jutsu, obviously a fire one. He was going to burn the stand down. Or so he thought…

The Uchiha gasped for air as his lungs were crushed by a hard, fast blow. He hadn't even seen the demon move, but before he knew it, he was on the ground. Naruto seemed to flicker at his spot in-front of Ayame, only to solidify seconds later. His speed amazed all in the stand.

Seconds later, everyone in the stand heard the sound of running footsteps. Everyone, even the Uchiha, turned their attention towards the door. Seconds later, it opened to admit Arashi, Tokala and Kimimaro. One sweep of the stand told the three all they needed to know. Arashi took charge after a few seconds.

"Naruto, take the girl and leave. I don't care where you go. Just away from here. Kimimaro, take the old man to the hospital. Force them to treat him if necessary. Tokala, draw metal."

Only Tokala, Kimimaro, Naruto and Arashi himself would know what the last thing he said meant. Naruto's eyes changed from anger to slight…fear? He put his bokken away, picked Ayame up bridal style (a feat in itself, since he's three years younger) and ran out the door before and of the men could react. Kimimaro darted forward, scooped up Teuchi, and followed Naruto out the door.

Arashi and Tokala drew their bokkens. To most other people, this would make little sense, as Arashi just said draw metal. However, to those who trained them, they would know they were initiating one of their back-up plans. Each boy held his bokken out in-front of him with his right hand, and placed his left hand on the base of the blade, just above the cross guard.

In an instant, their grips tightened, and they ripped the wood from the blade, baring their plan for the men to see. Inside all of the four boy's bokken, metal blades had been placed, as a safety precaution. Now, they were using that precaution to deliver punishment to those who dared attack the Daimyo's men. Both boys pointed their blades at the men.

"Time for you to die. Tokala, take the Uchiha, I'll deal with the rest."

Arashi raised his foot, and began tapping, as Tokala dropped into one of his stances. Seconds later, at the same time, they executed their attacks.


"Nishiki Gatotsu."

Blood and screams filled the air…


Konoha Hospital, One minute after Naruto and Kimimaro left the stand.

The doors of the hospital lobby were flung open, sending the people inside into a frenzy. The moment Kimimaro entered carrying the form of Teuchi Ichiraku demanding help, it took only one look at his badge that signified his allegiance to the Fire Daimyo to have Teuchi gently but swiftly removed from his arms and taken to the closest free operating theatre. There he would be operated on, they would later find out, by none other than Iris Haruno.

Kimimaro sighed, and then sat down inside the waiting room. Arashi and Tokala would be along momentarily, so at least he'd have someone to keep him company. Then he leant back.

'I wonder where Naruto went?'


With Naruto.

The instant he left Ichiraku's, Naruto sprinted to the Daimyo's residence. While the Daimyo was not with them, Kenshin, Soujiro, Aoshi and Saito were. As he reached the gate, he leapt high, not bothering to open it, Ayame still in his arms. He kicked the front door down, coming face to face with the senseis.

"Ichiraku Ramen stand was attacked by a small mob. One of them was a ninja and hurt Ayame's father. Arashi and Tokala are taking care of them, metal drawn, and Kimimaro took Ichiraku-san to the hospital. Could one of you please go to check on Arashi and Tokala, one of you check on Kimimaro and one of you please get the Hokage," he panted out in record time.

That was all they needed to know. Soujiro took of with the Shukuchi to get Sarutobi, Kenshin raced to the ramen stand and Aoshi went to find Kimimaro. Saito just stared at Naruto and the girl in his arms a few seconds longer, before heading to the study to write a missive to the Daimyo.

That done, Naruto went into the kitchen and sat Ayame in a chair. She had passed out, he presumed while he had been running. He went and washed a cloth in cool water, wrung it out, and placed it on her forehead. He hoped that old man Ichiraku would be alright…


End of Act.


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