I just felt like writing a story. Since I don't know all that kun and san stuff, I'm just going to write it in English… I just have to try to remember their names…. It was originally called Kitty Love but I decided to change it so that it might fit in better with the story…

Description: Zoey's living a nightmare…. Completely heartbroken when Mark forces her into bed with him, she goes into a state of depression. Elliott, Wesley and Renee are the only people there for her, and now the people of Tokyo are under a spell, thanks to the mysterious new enemy Kram. Only Elliot can wake her now….

Crimson Red Nightmare


Zoey, in her pink cat dress, abruptly stopped running, causing her other team mates to also stop, and watch to see what she was doing.

Zoey's cat ear's pricked, picking up a faint sound in the distance. Renee looked to the left, where she too could hear screaming. Making eye contact with Zoey, she frowned before nodding her head and running towards the sound.

"What, what is it?" Corina asked frantically, looking over to Zoey.

"I think we've found our new enemy." Zoey informed her.

"Well, shouldn't we be going?" Bridget asked in her usual worried voice.

"Yes, but…" Zoey, her finger pulling at her lip, looked in the direction of her boyfriend, Mark's, house.

"Zoey." Corina said as she placed a hand on her back. "Just face it. I don't think he will be up for fighting anymore. Now, come on, we must go defeat our new enemy so I can get back to my tea."

"Yes." Zoey said as she determinedly nodded her head. "Let's go, Mew Mew's!"

"I wonder if he will be as much fun as taru-taru." Kikki asked herself quietly before running after the others. (A.N: I called him taru-taru because she doesn't call him anything in the English version except maybe Tarb, which isn't as friendly)

Renee, panting, placed her hands upon her knees for a few moments before glancing up at the scene above her. An elderly woman was dangling in mid-air, clutching at her purse and screaming her hoarse cry.

That's just sick. Renee thought disgustedly.

"Renee!" Zoey called, running to catch up with her. "What's happening?"

"Oh no!" Kikki yelled. "That's Mrs Ferguson up there! She was just trying to feed her young grandchildren. She's quite old, and a professional street performer. I don't think she'll be right after this. We must get her down."

"Got it." Corina said determinedly before jumping into the air.

"Have we seen our enemy? Is it another Cyniclon?" Zoey asked Renee.

"No, I just arrived. I –"

"Are you looking for me, girls? No, I am not one of those pathetic Cyniclon's who want this Earth back. I, unlike them, have a real reason to appear hear. And I've done my research."

Zoey, Bridget, Kikki and Renee turned around to look into their enemy's face. Her hair was long and bushy, a common purple. Her skin was pale and ghostly, and she had large brown eyes. Her voice was unusually deep for a female's, and her figure was very stocky.

"Surprised to see a girl, eh?" She asked, coming to stand behind them.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" Zoey asked, suspicious.

"I am Kram. And my mission will not be voiced to you pathetic Mew Mew's until I feel that you should wallow in misery, knowing that you can't possibly stop me."

"Please, we do not wish to fight. Fighting always brings misery to both sides." Bridget whispered.

"Oh, shut up. I hate it how you are always trying to be Miss innocent but you sneak around behind your friends' backs to get with a guy. And you, Zoey, how you are with someone who does not appreciate you like you think he does, when there is someone close to you who loves you for real. Corina over there, she needs to get over the dream of staying with Renee for ever, as someone waits to steal her heart. Renee, you act too old for your own good, and you should warm up to your friends, believe in them and trust them, otherwise you will never survive in a battle."

Everyone, insulted, did not say a word as Kram turned to look at Kikki. "And you, Kikki. You are my favourite. I just adore you. Go for what your heart tells you. Now, since I have given your four advice, and criticized you, it is time for you to die."

"What you say is not true, because I believe in Mark's love. I know he loves me for real. We will not be defeated right now, before Mark and I actually kiss when both of us are awake." Zoey announced, putting her hand out in front of her.

Zoey's bow on her cat tail flashed, and Zoey's strawberry bell was in her hand. Seconds later it transformed into her more powerful weapon, her Rose Bell.

"Rose Bell Full Power!" Zoey cried, jumping into the air to attack Kram.

"Uh-uh-uh. You can't defeat me that easily." Kram told her, knocking Zoey's Rose Bell from her hand.

"Until next time." Kram said, just about to disappear.

"No you don't!" Kikki yelled, grabbing her weapon. "Tamborine TRENCH!"

An orange bubble formed around Kram, attempting to keep her in. "Nice try," She sang. "But none of your powers work on me."

And with that she disappeared.

Meh. Damn, I like the Japanese names better, and I know them, and want to use them… but… not sure… I just don't know whether it should be Aoyoma-kun or when she calls him Masaya should there be a kun or san or anything other word in there? So, I guess I'll stick with these names, unless someone who hates the English names wants to help me?? Lol.
Love Kirst…