Violet Circumstances

by LianFex

0 1 M Y F I R S T K I S S

"Mom, I want my first kiss to be someone whom I love."

EDITED:Will be starting to edit this story to the best of my…ehem…capabilities. I'm under a severe writer's block so I should probably get ideas after rewriting all of the written chapters.

"…and they lived happily ever after…" An elegant looking woman with bluish-black hair ended her story as her daughter's indigo locks were stroked by her.

"Oh, that was a real good story, mom…" The child in her lap drawled drowsily. Said child unconsciously twirled the hem of her mother's skirt and her mother smiled down at her.

"Yes, honey. Now, it's way past your bed time. Go get some sleep…" Her mother said gently as she carefully pried her hands from her skirt and carried her bridal-style. It's not a hard thing to do though, since little Hinata is as light as a feather.

"Can I just sleep here? Please?"

Her mother paused and looked down to see her daughter looking up at her with pleading eyes. Immediately, she averted her gaze. No, not that look. Anything BUT that.

"No. Your father would come."

"Oh, I'll be good! I'll be good, mom! Father won't mind, right?"

"I don't know, honey…" She looked down again and saw the same expectant and pleading lavender eyes. With a sigh, she gave her daughter a defeated smile.

"Oh, okay then…"

"Y-yatte! Thank you, mom!" Almost immediately, the five-year old Hinata leaped from her mother's arms and instantly snuggled underneath the thick comforters of her parent's bed.

Her mother merely chuckled at that and lay down beside her daughter. She sang a familiar lullaby as she stroke her daughter's hair. Soon, Hinata's eyes grew heavy and she let out a yawn.


Her mother's head jerked towards her direction as the lullaby she sang halted. Her eyebrows rose up in confusion. She thought Hinata was already asleep.


"Uhh…when that princess kissed the frog…isn't that her first kiss?"

Her mother looked at her and the confusion in her face disappeared to an understanding expression. Her lips tugged upwards to reveal a smile.

"Yes, honey. It is."

"Then…then…didn't she felt horrible? I mean, her first kiss was with a frog!"

"Honey, love can find a way…" Hinata barely saw the wistful look in her mother's eyes.

"Mom, I want my first kiss to be someone whom I love." Little Hinata said determinedly. Her mother merely chuckled at that and kissed her forehead.

"Make sure you do, honey…"

(Hinata's POV)

Thirteen years later…

The cool air passed by me as it bought some pink cherry blossoms in the air. The sun shone down from the clear sky as the clouds move around. The people bustled around me, minding their own business. The regular shops were already opened and open for commerce.

All in all, it's a wonderful day.

I took a heavy breath, smelling the scent of flowers in the air. I smiled and opened my eyes, ready for another day. I slung my bag in my shoulders and walked towards the train station.

Today, Hyuuga Hinata is in a very good mood.

I turned in a corner and the train station came into my view. I took a peek at my watch and let out a sigh. 7:23am, it says. I'm still early, I know, since my class starts at 8:00am. However, I like being early.

I reached the train station and soon, I found myself waiting behind the yellow line. I don't mind waiting, really, but I mind when it gets out of my schedule.

Just like now.

The train should be here by now but it seems it's late. Letting out an annoyed miff, I plopped myself on one of the train station's yellow benches.

Just when I sat down, my phone went off. Reaching inside the pocket of my coat, I fumbled for my beeper.

"Yes, hello?"

"Hey, Hinata! This is me. Where are you now?"

"Temari? Eh…at the train station going to school…why? Is there something wrong?"

"No. Something good happened," A snicker. "I just woke up."

"Good, eh? Wait, woke up…?" Hinata paused before the thought sank in. "You're going to be late!"

"Exactly what I'm telling you," She chuckled as Hinata's brows crunched up. "There's no class now."

"Oh okay…what?!"

Another reason why I hate it when everything just gets out of schedule…I hate it when I am not informed. And most of all, I hate it when I am out of my room when I should be sleeping in my bed. I let out a heavy breath as to cool my temper.

"Temari, thank you for informing me…however, I should go home now."

"Eh, Hinata? Why the sudden stiffness?"

I rubbed the bridge of my nose. I heard a clashing sound in the background and heard someone shouting.

"Hey, is everything all right in there?"

"Yeah yeah..." Temari assured. "I think Gaara stepped down on Kankurou's dolls again…"

"For the twenty-first time, it is NOT a doll but a sculpture, dammit!" I heard Kankurou shouting in the background and Temari shouting back.

"It's pretty lively in there every morning…"

"No, just everytime Kankurou and Gaara have their usual bickering time…anyway, I'm signing off now. I need to---SHUT THE HELL UP, ASSHOLES!---Sorry, Hinata. Gotta go! Bye!"

"Bye…" I muttered then a beep. I sighed once again and stood up. It seemed like I have to go home now. I heard the familiar rushing and turned to see that the train had arrived.

Maybe it was a good idea that I missed the train, huh? But my ticket is…Oh well. It's better than another ride back home.

I was about to turn back before I heard some heavy footsteps and screaming---female, to be exact.

"Come back!"

My ears stood up at the sound, of course not literally, and picked on the sound.

"Get back here!"

I turned around and my eyes widened at the sight.


There before me is a crowd running after a suspicious looking man with black glasses, black leather clothing and black cap.…black…It rang danger. And what more, the man is running in my direction.

Holy crap!

And so, I immediately turned around and started to run to get away from the situation before somebody gripped my hand.


I was forced to turn around however, poor me, I lost my footing. And so, I fell backwards…and darn, it was the suspicious looking man who held my hand. With my eyes widened, I realized that he, too, lost his footing and started to fall down on me. I closed my eyes tightly for the awaiting pain.

Oh no…

I felt the hard cold ground behind my back and felt the numb aching sting in my back as well. I found myself trapped and therefore, I can't move. However, my head was gripped tightly by that man so I didn't hurt myself. I realized that it was too silent.

Where is the shouting crowd? Where is everybody? Then I heard a gasp. When I opened my eyes, I saw a face in front of me…and realized that his lips pressed down on mine.

Therefore, my first kiss was tragic.


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