Violet Circumstances

by LianFex

0 7 C H A N G E S

"So what are you doing here…twig?"

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"Hi, I am Uzumaki Naruto. It's a pleasure to be here."

She gaped at him, with her red cheeks, not believing the fact that THE Naruto Uzumaki she met accidentally in her front door was a model and now sunshine is her classmate? Completely...unbelievable.

It seemed that her other classmates couldn't believe it as well, except Temari who was busy smirking at her. Tenten just gaped, her face turning paler and paler every second. Just when Temari turned to her direction did she decided to fan her friend. She was afraid that Tenten would hyperventilate, and she believed she could pull that as well.

"Yes, yes. He is Naruto Uzumaki, the model a few years back. So what? Shut your mouths. It's getting irritating." Anko ordered and immediately, everybody straightened up, although it's pretty obvious that they're still staring.

"Naruto, your seat would be behind that girl with spiky blonde hair." Anko instructed and he immediately complied. He watched with amusement at how Hinata was gaping at him with flustered cheeks and how the girl with buns fainted.

"Anko-sensei! Tenten just fainted!" The girl he was supposed to seat behind stood up and went towards her bun-haired friend. Hinata turned back and saw with horror-stricken face that Tenten indeed fainted.

"Bring her to the infirmary, Temari and Kairi." Their teacher immediately ordered and plopped herself in her seat, muttering about crazy fan girls and damned models.

"Hai!" The red-haired said and motioned towards their fainted classmate.

Temari and Kairi carried her outside and soon classes started.

In a daze, Hinata copied notes as her teacher talked in her usually tough and loud voice. She still couldn't believe it. First, her first kiss was with a frog-like face stranger who happened to be the infamous model, Sasuke Uchiha (why he is famous, she didn't know. Must be because of his extremely reptile-like face, she thought). Then next, said model end up in her apartment and stayed with her for a night. The next day, a cute sunshine appeared in her apartment again and claimed to know the frog. Then said cute guy happened to be the resigned model, Naruto Uzumaki (why he resigned, she didn't know. Must be because he's too cool to stay in a crappy job such as modeling, she thought) THEN the following day, cute sunshine became her classmate!

When did her life became infested with frogs and cute sunshines?

"Hey…" She heard a whisper behind her. She turned and noticed that it was no other than sunshine himself. She blushed slightly when she saw the smile in his face.

"W-what is it, N-naruto-san?" He frowned ever so slightly and she wondered what she did wrong.

"You know, I prefer the sunshine nickname. Can you please call me with it?" He smiled again and Hinata was so sure that she is in heaven. Well, that's what she thought since we all know that she's in the classroom.


Naruto wondered if she already knew who he was and decided that she probably did, since she's been flustered and stuttering. He smiled at the thought. Well, he was really glad, since the girl said he is sunshine while Sasuke is a frog (he chuckled). It was another first time, since most of the girls would think that Sasuke is hotter than him and Naruto's fangirls are also Sasuke's fangirls.

Take that, Sasuke-teme! He thought with a small smirk before turning it into a satisfied smile, for fear that Sasuke is rubbing on him.

"A-anou, did you ever found frog?"

"Frog?" At that he chuckled. "No, I didn't. But I found his manag-- someone who has his address for a while so it's okay." He smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh." She smiled in return. "So--"

"HINATA HYUUGA!" She let out a soft 'eep' sound and turned in front, staring directly into Anko's scary and fiery gaze. She gulped. "Detention. NOW."

She just knew that Anko-sensei have something against her.

She never knew her life would be this complex. She never knew she'll meet two models at the same time; one is the frog-face while the other would be the cute one. However, although she knew she has this crush-like thing on this Naruto, she knew that would be impossible. And she's okay with it, since she's a normal student who lives a normal life who has far from normal friends. And right now, she believed that her life would be getting complex now that that Naruto guy is her classmate. And she didn't want complexity. Now, she wished she never met those two. And look at what she got right now. The first trial of a complex life: Detention. She never ever HAD DETENTION! And it's all thanks to that sunshine.

Oh yes, Hinata is mad at her crush.


The sounds from the wall clock nearby resonated in the whole silent detention room. Everybody is quiet, some people are sleeping while others are staring into space. And yeah, aside from complexity, she hated boredom. And so she decided to play the 'flick-and-flip-the-ballpen' game.

She twirled the pen in her fingers and flipped it using her thumb. She wondered about how this new classmate of hers suddenly put her into detention. Ah, screw modeling and looks! He PUT her to detention, so he deserved to be hated by her. Yup, she already hated him. Well, just ignore her. She's just mad at her current situation and she decided to place all her anguish in the person who put her in such predicament. Really.

Who does he think he is, she thought with a frown. He is a model, so what? He is cute, so what? He put her into detention, that's all that matters! She flipped her pen and twirled it again. She decided to pass the boring time by flipping her pen. Oh, joy.

She sighed and fiddled with her pen. Twirl, twirl, flip. Twirl, flip, twirl. Twirl, twirl, tw--

Shiiiiiiiiiiit. That exactly went through her head as her pen flew from her hand and went towards the disciplinary teacher who was currently sitting across the room, smacking him in the forehead with a thud.

Too bad the teacher is no other than Ibiki-sensei. The students turned around to see what happened and she swore almost of them widened their eyes. She gulped at the intense gaze Ibiki-sensei held on her. The silence in the room was deafening as all eyes ere turned to her direction. She swore she would have turned into stone under Ibiki-sensei's stare before the door opened. She turned and sighed in relief at the sight of Naruto with his usual smile.

Ah, her knight in shining armor…wait, she's supposed to be angry with him! She should be!


"Uhm…is Hinata Hyuuga here?" His gaze swept past the room until it settled at her. He smiled and she couldn't help but smile back, although wavering.

"What is it?" Ibiki asked in his tough and scary (Hinata thought so) voice. Naruto merely shrugged and pointed at the clock.

"Her detention is over, right, sensei?"

Indeed, it is. So with a wave of his hand, Hinata walked towards his direction with a smile. They were about to step out when Ibiki called again and she stiffened. Almost robotically, her face turned to face her dreaded sensei and watched him point at the red mark on his forehead.

"Detention. Tomorrow." Said the sadistic sensei.

At that, there are muffled snickers on the room and Ibiki turned to face them. Immediately, the room went silent. Begrudgingly, she nodded and went towards Naruto.

"Another detention?" He asked.

"Hai. I accidentally threw my pen at him." He laughed at that and she merely pouted, although her lips are itching to smile as well. He continued to laugh and she giggled as well. His laugh is so damn infectious!

Ah, screw detention and Ibiki-sensei. He's fun to be with so she's not angry anymore.

"You THREW your pen on Ibiki-sensei?!"

"Ah, Tenten, she said 'accidentally'. Really, try not to overreact over trivial things." Temari explained as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. The nurse's head poked at the door and motioned for them to be quiet.

"Please don't be noisy. Some patients are sleeping as well."

"Hai, Shizune-san." With that, the nurse went back to her work and they muffled their giggles. Even Naruto chuckled as well (chuckle NOT giggle).

When Naruto and Hinata went to the infirmary to check on Tenten's condition, all of them were afraid that Tenten would faint again. She paled when her eyes met Naruto and immediately blushed. Temari smacked her head for scaring them. Well, all's well since the four are chatting here and then, getting to know Naruto more (Tenten even officially announced that Naruto is finally one of them.) when the door burst out to reveal a worried-looking Neji.


"Tenten, what happened?" He immediately went beside her and Tenten flustered and smiled. Hinata and Temari decided to give them space as Naruto followed them outside.

"Hinata, do you still have classes?"

"Nope, my detention ate all of my time. Bout you?"

"Nope. I was supposed to go home as soon as Neji would come since Tenten said she'll go with Neji. Naruto-san?"

"No more. And please, just Naruto." Temari nodded and knocked at the door again. She poked her head in and noticed that Tenten, with a very red face, and Neji are talking in hushed voice. She wondered what's going on but decided to stay silent.

"Tenten, we're going!"

"O-Okay…Take c-care…"

Hm…something happened…But…whatever.

"Hinata," Neji called. "Take care of yourself."

"Hai, I will! Sorry if we never got the chance to chat with you and Hanabi but I swear, I will soon!" Hinata smiled and Neji nodded, a small trace of smile on his lips.

The three waved them goodbye as Hinata said she'll talk with him later. Soon, they were out of the school. Temari said her farewell and entered the bus that stopped in front of them. Hinata then turned to Naruto and smiled.

"I'll be going now."

"Are you going to be okay? I hope I could take you home but I have to help a friend." Naruto explained as he gave her a small apologizing smile. She shook her head and smiled.

"No, it's okay. I usually take the train." She said and he smiled.

"Okay. I'll see you soon, then. Bye."


With a wave of her hand, he's gone. She let out a sigh and walked towards her street. As if remembering something, she snapped her fingers and rushed home.

Oh yeah, I have to bake that cake for my new neighbor. Darn tradition.

"I never thought I'll be her classmate. Haha, the irony!" At that, he laughed as his bestfriend stood adjacent him, looking at him with raised eyebrows.


"Her! You know...'her'?"

"You know, you failed to enlighten me." He smirked and Naruto merely gave him a lopsided smile.

"Her. I mean, the one that I met when I was looking for you."

The two finished unpacking and decorating Sasuke's newly found apartment. It's already dark outside and the two are too lazy to cook. Sasuke decided that both of them would eat at a 24/7-restaurant as soon as they're hungry since he can't cook. Naruto just agreed as long as it would be Sasuke's treat.

"Oh, her." He smirked once again at the thought of that lavender-eyed girl who called him frog. Heh, who would have thought that he would live near her place? And who would have thought that his 'best friend' would meet her as well, calling him sunshine? Heh, indeed, the irony.

"You know, dobe, you're less hyper now. What happened in states?" He was glad that he is, although inwardly, he missed the hyper Naruto. But he won't admit that, of course.

"Hm? Oh, it's just the growing issue. Don't mind it," He let out a sheepish chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. "Oh, did Sakura call you already?"

"Sakura?" He cringed. He's been glad that the girl has been preoccupied with her new movie in Thailand and left. At least there is no more annoying girl in his door everyday and the phone calls in his answering machine ceased. "Why? Will she arrive?"

"No, not yet. But she said 'soon' and she also mentioned that she'll visit you too. I just thought she arrived tomorrow."

Naruto shrugged and leaned against the couch. Sasuke merely scoffed but inwardly, he's been glad that she didn't yet. No, Sasuke is not mean. He is really kind to Sakura, only when she's less annoying. And less annoying means almost never. Well, it's expected to be treated like that to all his fangirls anyway.

Suddenly, the door rang. Automatically, Sasuke stood up to reach it before Naruto stopped him.

"I'll get it."

Darn neighbor. I bet this is delicious. She looked at her homemade cake and stared at it longingly. How about if I'll ignore my manners for a while and just greet them without any present? Oh, no. Mother would haunt me in my dreams if I would.

With a final decision, she placed the recently baked chocolate cake with vanilla icing and cookie crumbles between layers inside a white box. She even sprinkled some of her chocolate chips on top of it. Ugh, how she wished she will not give this away and eat it instead.

But of course she can't. Her mother's ghost would appear in front of her then and she didn't like that, although meeting her mother again is a good idea, not her apparition. Her mother had always thought her about manners and her well-being. She's always been thankful for it. But now, it's her first time to regret having been taught about manners.

She groaned and walked towards her door. Carefully balancing the cake in her other hand, she closed her door and stalked towards a door with number 202. Standing in front of it, she remembered Kaname-baachan.

The old hag always invited her over and let her eat her horrible blueberry muffins and Hinata would always get criticized by her 'lack of fashion sense'. Baachan would always recommend some tight-fitting red blouses that show her cleavage, short skirts and fishnet stockings. She had to endure that every week and for her politeness, she would not say anything to the old hag. Whoever took her apartment was a gift from above. She would thank him/her/them soon.

She rang the doorbell and waited. She heard some footsteps and the door in front of her opened. What she saw made her jaw dropped as she tried to form any words at all. She gaped like a fish out of water, trying to process what is happening in her mind. There, Naruto looked at her as well, minus the gaping, as surprise is clearly written in his face.


"Who is it?" A dark blob appeared behind of him and soon, it materialized into a frog, or Uchiha Sasuke as what others would call him. She felt herself go pale.

"Oh?" His face was surprised as well, although less surprised than Hinata and Naruto. Suddenly, his lips turned into a smirk, a frog-like smirk, she would add.

"So what are you doing here…twig?"

That's it. That was the last draw!

She fainted.

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