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They were here, the sun was shining brightly and the water shimmered as the waves crashed down upon the sand. This was going to be one of the best holidays Sakura had ever had. She was sure of it, going camping at the beach with just her, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Eriol, Takashi and Chiharu. Too bad no one else could come though... but, the summer holidays do call for travelling. She squealed happily as she saw the shore over the dunes, her emerald eyes shimmering and her honey brown hair flowed with the light breeze.

Syaoran looked from the corner of his eyes, watching her bikini cling to her like a life support, oh how he wished he could just rip- reveal his feelings... no he would never think of her THAT way... of course not... he looked over to the two couples, Takashi lifted Chiharu up bridal style while Eriol was hugging Tomoyo from behind. Why couldn't he do that?!?! 'Because you're too much of a pansy to admit your feelings baka.' Grrr how he wished his conscious couldn't think his mind...'does that even make sense?' 'Who cares, just shut up!!!'

Sakura turned around to see Syaoran staring at her oddly, he seemed to be having another one of his mental debates again... Come to think of it, he's been having a few of those lately. She watched his bang's brush over his eyes, looking down she took in his godlike body, muscular, toned, yet not too big to crush her if he were to be lying on top of her... wait no! She did not just think that, it must just be Tomoyo putting thoughts into her head... yes Tomoyo, that's it...

Tomoyo looked at the two and managed to hide her laugh. She poked Eriol and pointed to the two. They both seemed to be staring at each other, having another argument in their heads. How she just wished they'd both come clean, it was very painful watching the two suffer, she would have to help them in the right direction, after all, she did make this trip for that main reason.

"When you two are done thinking about each other, would you mind helping set up?" Eriol said making the two couples laughed as Sakura and Syaoran seemed to snap out of their trance, the two went bright red.

"I-ju-...um" Sakura's eyes darted from Syaoran to Tomoyo, hoping to get herself out of this little situation.

"I was-...just, yeah. Asking uh..." Syaoran said as the two stuttered trying to make anything come to their heads to get themselves out of trouble.

"Yeah yeah lovebirds, just come help will you?" Eriol said as he grabbed the tent bags out of the car. The two automatically rushed to his aid, trying to change the subject.

"They are too cute..." Chiharu mumbled to Tomoyo as she had somehow managed to film the whole thing out of nowhere. Chiharu sweat dropped. Trust her to pull that out of nowhere. The two walked over to the car, Tomoyo still filming the two blushing as they got stuck in each other's paths, trying to get passed but each moving the same way. (Don't you just hate it when that happens?!!?) Finally they move out of each other's way and proceeded to set up the tents. The couples managed to get behind the car without being noticed by Sakura and Syaoran. 'Probably still too caught up with each other to notice us.' Thought Chiharu as Tomoyo whispered.

"Ok, so obviously Sakura and Syaoran are going to try get out of sleeping in the same tent, so be prepared to make up any excuse. Once we finish setting up we'll all go away to give them some 'privacy' for a while and hope that SOMETHING happens this time. So make sure you have all the 'things' you might need or want before you leave. Just so you don't need to go back for at least an hour or two. Everyone got that?" they all nodded.

"Good, well let's be quick then, were against time here people!!!" the couples broke apart and each set up a tent and gathered the eskies. Half an hour later the group was all set and ready for the days they would be staying here.

"So Tomoyo am I going to be sleeping with you or Chiharu?" Sakura asked the question that she had been waiting for. The group gathered up in a small circle to discuss who would sleep with whom, yet everyone knew besides Sakura and Syaoran.

"Well I was actually going to sleep with Eriol... We decided that just before we left. Tomoyo and Eriol hid their smirks as did Takashi and Chiharu. Though Syaoran seemed to notice something was up.

"Okay, well I guess that leaves me with u right Tak?" Syaoran asked hoping that they weren't planning what he thought they were planning.

"Nah sorry bro, I'm gonna be bunking with Chiharu, you see having a girlfriend, especially when she's in nothing but bikini seems to be great for the imaginat-ooof." Takashi's speech was stopped short as Chiharu hit at what she assumed he was his stomach.

"Oww..." he managed to gasp breathing for air and falling to the floor in a futile position.

"What he meant was, we are going to be JUST sleeping together, NOTHING ELSE RIGHT TAKASHI?!?!"

"Aha..." he gasped again groaning.

"Good." She smiled in triumph whilst starring daggers at the heap on the floor. Sakura sighed. She had a feeling this was going to happen, not that she didn't want it to happen, she did, but not like- she sighed heavily yet again, trying not to admit what had always been at the back of her mind.

Syaoran in return seemed to be having the same issues, yet his was more about if he could 'control' himself for much longer. He wanted to punch Eriol and Takashi, yet had second thoughts about Takashi. He seemed to be in enough pain as it was. Chiharu must hit really hard...

"Fine." The two said as they sighed. Both looked at each other.

"Not that I mean-...I do want to...-But you obviously don't-." Sakura and Syaoran said at the same time then looked at each other and laughed. They both seemed to always be thinking the same thing... meanwhile Takashi was still in a heap on the floor groaning.

"Um Chiharu I think you really hurt him..." Tomoyo looked sympathetically at him on the floor, either he was a really big woos, or Chiharu hits REALLY hard.

"Nonsense, his just seeking for attention." She shrugged not buying his 'act'.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but where EXACTLY did you hit him?" Syaoran winced thinking about the pain when inflicted upon the lower region.

"I-...OH MY GOD!!! IM SO SORRY!!! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!" she bent down and kissed him apologising again and again. He seemed to have teary eyes.

"I'll get the ice." Eriol said as he grabbed some ice from the esky. Chiharu thanked him as she pressed the ice to Takashi. He gladly took it as Chiharu helped him up.

"I'll take him to our tent." She said as he limped with her.

"I'll make it up to you, whatever you want." He managed to let out a painful smirk before crawling into the tent. She zipped it up, obviously to see what damage she had inflicted. The four sighed and shook their heads.

'Well who knows what they will get up to in there, that should leave us at least an hour... I guess it's just me and Eriol left.' Tomoyo thought as she started plotting what to do.

"Say Eriol, want to go 'exploring'?" Tomoyo asked suggestively seeming to emphasis the 'exploring' bit. Eriol's eyebrows shot up at the gesture.

"I would love to!" he seemed to be a bit overenthusiastic, but hey, who wouldn't be?

"Well we should be back soon. Sooo... don't wait up I guess!" Tomoyo grabbed Eriol's hand as the two walked off together.

"Guess that leaves us two then..." Syaoran voiced silently. He had the slightest feeling that this had been carefully planned out. Sakura nodded, a slight blush appearing on her face.

"Well while were alone, you want to go for a swim?" Sakura asked suggestively, thinking what they could do to pass the time.

"Sure, ill just grab the towels." Syaoran said but was stopped short of Sakura's hand around his wrist.

"Don't worry, we don't need them, besides, it's warm out." She smiled as she pulled him towards the water.

"I guess..." He stuttered. Distracted on the fact that she was pulling him into the water. Images flashed through his mind as he tried to clear his thoughts. He guessed the water would be better after all, because it would seem to hide the particular excitement growing underneath his pants.

"Blargaghahah." Syaoran sounded out a yell as he was pushed underneath the water. Sakura giggled at his scowl that was plastered all over his face once he had come up for air.

"oops." Sakura giggled and smiled innocently, starting to make a break for it. He was quick on her trail, but the two were equally matched, both being two of the fastest runners at their school, now being in their senior year, the two had been elected sports captains for the school. Syaoran finally managed to grab he wrist as she let out squeal. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her further out into the water as she protested.

"I'm sorry!!! I didn't mean it!!! I won't do it again! Promise..." she managed to rationalize with him.

"Promise?" he questioned, still holding her over his shoulder.

"Yes" she said as he reasoned with himself. Before he put her down she reached down and gave him a wedgie with his board shorts. He instantly released her to pull his pants back down. She laughed as she ran through the water yet again.

"I said I wouldn't drown you again, that didn't mean I would wedgie you!" she poked out her tongue whilst laughing. He let out a wolf like growl, like an animal would do whist stalking its prey, ready to pounce.

"Eepp..." she managed to squeak out as he grabbed her faster that the eye could see.

"Arglabahgrahla." She choked out as he dunked her underwater. He laughed seeing her hair all over her face when she came up, breathing for air. She scowled and he shrugged.

"You started it." He simply stated before picking her up again over his shoulder.

"Li Syaoran! You put me down this instant or I'll- I'll..." she faded off at loss for words.

"Or you'll what?" he seemed amused at her loss of words.

"I'll never talk to you again!" she puffed whilst crossing her arms hanging upside down.

"Hahaha, highly unlikely Kura!" he said using her childhood nickname.

"Last time you said that was when we were in grade 4. 2 minutes later you couldn't stand the silence!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Di- Blahaahragaha." Their debate was cut short when Syaoran tripped over himself. They came splashing down and Sakura was flung backwards while he fell forwards. The two instantly shot up for air. As Sakura cleared the hair out of her face and splashed Syaoran.

"You're such a klutz!" she laughed as he closed his eyes so he wouldn't get water in them. The two didn't notice how close in proximity they were. He sucked up water and squirted it at her face.

"Yuck!" she screwed up her face and went under the water. When coming back up for air she squirted water at him from her mouth.

"Coming from you!" he said laughing at her hypocritical statement.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" she raised her eyebrows in a questioning manner.

"You know what I mean." He said barley in a whisper. The two didn't seem to notice how close they were to each other now, amber met emerald, as the two danced in the moment of passion in their eyes. They moved closer if possible, slowly reaching for the other. She could feel his hot breath against her lips as their gazes never looked away. She moved to meet him halfway, their noses touching now. They closed their eyes, ready for the moment that would change their friendship since childhood.

"TA-TAKASHI!!!" the two shot apart after hearing the scream of ecstasy coming from their friend's tent.

"..." still in a daze the two looked at each other, then to the tent, totally forgetting what they had almost shared.

In Takashi's And Chiharu's tent...

She moaned as she reached her climax, panting hard as he moved up over her. The two met in a fiery kiss, each fighting for the upper hand.

"I guess-... This means-... you won't-... Want-... To just sleep?" he said in between kisses. She nodded rapidly and grasped him as he groaned. The two rolled over, Chiharu now on top. She straddled him through is board shorts, the large bulge clearly obvious. She quickly moved down and grabbed to get his pants off. He helped as quickly as he could, like their lives depended on it. She grasped him yet again, this time clearly seeing what she was holding. Her lips met the head of his penis as she teased him. She finally took him in. Moving with his hips as he moved up to met her.

"Arhhg." He managed to let out a low groan as she did wild things with her tongue and mouth.

"Keep going. I'm-...almost-...THERE!!!" he shouted the last part as he climaxed. Panting as she moved up to meet his lips. They could each taste themselves from the other as he rolled her over, taking the upper hand. The two smiled in-between breaths, having a moment to catch their breaths.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" he smiled as their eyes met.

"Only every day." She giggled as they met each other's lips.

"Good." He murmured whilst entering her, making her gasp from the pleasure that washed over her body. He waited a bit for her to come back to reality, wanting her to know that it was he who was causing that pleasure. Their eyes met as he moved again, this time thrusting to meet the hilt. She moaned louder at each thrust, arching to meet him each time, wanting to feel every bit of him as she wrapped her legs around his waist, tightening her grip to have more. Their thrusts were harder as their moans grew louder. Each moving as one, as the intense passion was shown through the air.

"TAKASHI!!!" she screamed yet again, louder than the first climax, feeling his warm seed spill within her.

"CHI-CHIHARU...Chiharu!!!" he repeated her name over and over again, feeling her insides tighten around his length as they both climaxed. The two slowly rocked, recovering from the intense spasms that rocked through their bodies. He murmured sweet nothings into her ear as she looked up to meet his gaze. The two shared a soft yet passionate kiss, showing just how much they felt for each other. Eventually pulling out of her, they spooned as he held her, assuring himself that she was there and she held him, knowing that he would always be there.

The two were totally oblivious to the fact that Sakura and Syaoran had heard the whole thing, as they fell into a peaceful slumber.

"Wow..." Sakura whispered, still in the water dumbfounded. As were Syaoran.

"That was..." he whispered in utter amazement, deeply wishing that it were he and Sakura who could have shared that moment of passion like the couple had previously had.

"Intense..." Sakura finished his sentence, as they always did. She never thought that something could make someone so... so oblivious? Carless? Pleasured beyond understanding? After all, she had never even kissed someone before... Realization shook her as that though came to mind. If Takashi and Chiharu hadn't interrupted them, she would be kissing Syaoran! She didn't know whether to be angry, or glad. But deep inside there was a disappointment that she felt.

"I must be missing out..." Syaoran mumbled, yet didn't realise that Sakura had heard.

"Same..." she agreed as his eyes shot up at her unexpected reply.

"But you've had plenty of boyfriends? I thought you would have done that by now?"

"What's that supposed to mean huh?" she questioned, challenging him.

"No, no... it's just, I thought that because you know, you've had lots of boyfriends, that well, you would have at least done something close to that..." Sakura laughed heartedly at his assumption.

"You've known me for how long now? And yet you think that I'm like most girls... seriously Syaoran have you not being paying attention these last couple of years?"

"What do you mean?" he seemed confused now, as if not expecting her to still be a virgin. He had had many girlfriends in the past, and had done many things with them, so it was only normal that he expected the same from Sakura right?

"I never did anything with anyone because they weren't the right person. I never loved anyone as much as I've always loved the closest person to me. Until I am able to be with that person, there is no place for me to be with anyone else."

"You mean, you love someone?" Syaoran whispered in shock as his heart shattered by the fact that she would never love him. Even after the moment they just shared, or had almost shared. It would have meant nothing to her. He was just like a brother, nothing else.

"Yes." She confirmed, hoping he would realise what she was saying. But she just couldn't bring herself to say it straight out, if only he felt the same, she knew he would never love her. That there would always be someone else that he loved. She would just be the sister. Nothing more. Sakura looked at him in hope. Yet he didn't seem to realise what she meant. The two were silent for a bit, each lost in their own thoughts until Sakura broke the silence.

"So... you're not a virgin?" She met his gaze, truly wondering if what she thought had been true.

"No." His answer was simple and clean, but there seemed to be something about the way he said it, that made Sakura wonder whether he loved the girl. As if reading her mind, he interrupted her thoughts before she could speak.

"I never loved truly anyone. I only did it because I couldn't be with the one I have always loved... I-I... thought that if I did sleep with them, that it would fill that empty space that has always been inside of me. It worked, but only while I was doing it, because it took my mind off the girl who haunts me every day. She's so much more that what I am that... I'll never be looked at the way I wish she saw me." He looked down trying to hide the pain that could be seen in his eyes. Sakura was touched by the emotion's he showed when talking about this girl. It hurt her to know that she isn't that girl. She hid the tears that threatened to fall. The feelings that hid how much she loved him.

"I'm sorry she hasn't noticed. If anything, you deserve better than that." Sakura said with a fake smile, trying to hide how she was feeling.

"As am I, if only he could realise how you felt. I truly am sorry. He too smiled a small smile.

"I guess that's life right?" he let out a light chuckle, as if trying to laugh the feelings away.

"Yeah." She agreed nodding. He moved forward to her, and grabbed her into a hug, pressing himself to her. She gladly accepted, thinking that it was more for comfort than love.

"I'll always be there for you, remember that Kura." He mumbled to her for assurance.

"Don't worry, I won't forget." She smiled as she rested her head in the crook of his neck, being a lot shorter than him. She felt his toned muscle's against her skin, as she wished that this hug wasn't just a meaning of friendship. He grasped her tightly, afraid to let go. He just wanted to stay like this forever, deeply hoping that she would forget about the guy and go to him. He loved the way she moulded perfectly into his body. Like a puzzle piece. The hug was longer than the two had realised. They had probably been hugging for at least five minutes when they were interrupted yet again by voices. This time that of Tomoyo and Eriol, who seemed to have been back from their 'exploring'. The two shot apart before the two could see them. Luckily they were quick enough, because the two seemed oblivious to them.

"Hey guy's, where did you go to?" Sakura asked trying to rid the blush on her cheeks. Tomoyo sighed, shaking her head at how dense her friend could be sometimes. 'She must have thought we actually went 'exploring'. Tomoyo sighed.

"Ahh you know, just went further up the beach and had a swim." She decided it would be best to try not and explain what they meant.

"You could have done that here?" she asked confused. Syaoran hid a laugh then poked her on the side.

"I don't think you get what they meant by 'exploring'. They meant each other..." he whispered so only she could hear.

"Hoeee..." she went bright red as she went underneath the water, not wanting to be seen.

Everyone laughed at her denseness. She finally came up for air and their laughing eventually stopped. Eriol and Tomoyo sat down on the sand holding each other. They could see the sun starting to fade, only just reaching the ocean's surface. Sakura and Syaoran continued to splash each other, having another war as Takashi and Chiharu came out off the tent. Sakura and Syaoran immediately stopped splashing to look at the two. Chiharu and Takashi looked back confused, not understanding why they seemed to be acting so... strange? Eriol and Tomoyo looked just as confused, glancing back and forth at couple and the two in the water.

"What's with all the silence?" Chiharu asked finally breaking the awkward silence. Sakura and Syaoran just looked at each other then laughed. Both fell into fits of giggles, trying to stop, the two failed miserably.

"OHHH nothing..." Sakura said still laughing. Chiharu and Takashi looked at each other, still clueless.

"No seriously what is it?" Tomoyo asked still looking back and forth.

"Just something that happened, or we think happened, but I highly doubt it wasn't what we were thinking." Syaoran smirked seeing the horrified look on Takashi's face as his eyes went wide. He nudged Chiharu meaningfully and looked at her as if to tell her something. She still seemed a bit confused but then her eyes went wider than Takashi's. A huge blush was present on her face as she stood ridged.

"WHAT WHAT???" Tomoyo was now desperate to find out what was going on. Eriol was trying to hold her back, seeming to get a fair idea on what had happened. After all, it was to e expected.

"Let's just say it had loud, or should I say VERY LOUD noises involved. And I don't mean any noises, I mean the ones that are usually heard when there's some 'action' happening. Syaoran smirked as Sakura giggled uncontrollably. Hey, it wasn't their fault that they happened to over hear something that was clearly obvious. Tomoyo shot up squealing.

"AND I MISSED THAT?!?!?! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!" she sighed after her outburst as Eriol hugged her.

"It's okay Tomo, besides we had a good time right?" Eriol comforted as she nodded.

"Besides, what would you prefer, having your own experience or filming someone else's?"

"I-I guess you're right..." she agreed smiling

"Good." He whispered as he nibbled on her neck, seeming to forget that everyone was watching. Tomoyo managed to compose herself as she pushed him away lightly.

"I don't think now's a good time nor place..." she whispered while looking meaningful at him.

"That's not what you said earlier." He smirked as she smacked him lightly, blushing lightly.

"When you're done, I think it would be good to get the firewood before it gets dark." Syaoran interrupted the two as he and Sakura made their way out of the water.

"Right..." they stood up and brushed the sand off of them.

"We'll go look for some then, Chiharu Takashi, you want to come?" Tomoyo asked, wanting to know the full story.

"I guess." The two shrugged as they walked along side Tomoyo and Eriol. Sakura new Tomoyo wanted to know the details of what had happened, so didn't bother to ask.

"We better get changed." She suggested as she grabbed her bag and made her way to their tent. Syaoran nodded growing nervous at the thought of changing so close to her. He grabbed his bag and made his way to the tent Sakura had previously entered. He nearly fainted at the site in front of him when he saw Sakura facing him topless. She squealed and covered herself as Syaoran hit his head on the steam of the tent and got caught up in the flab of the door. He tripped over with a loud ooofff

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!!!" he repeated rubbing his head as he closed his eyes and looked away.

"It's ok..." she blushed, thinking about what it would be like to see him naked. She mentally smacked herself as she quickly put on her green mid-thigh length t-shirt and some pink boxers. They got out off the tent. She blushed a dark red ad she saw Syaoran.

"You can go in now..." she said as she sat down on a log that would be next to the fire. He saw the green shirt and had lots of images come to his head. Nodding dumbly at her he quickly went in and put on some green boxers with a black tank top. It clung to him like a second skin. He walked out to see Sakura sitting on the log. He quickly went back into the tent and grabbed a pillow, sleeping bag and mat for her. He walked back out with all the stuff and laid it down in front of her. She looked at him questionably as he ignored her. He placed the mat down that was clean of sand, and then place the sleeping bag down on top of the mat with the pillow resting against the log. She watched him in awe as she saw his top cling to him, showing off his muscles' as they changed shape each time he moved. He grinned at her.

"For you madam." He said once he was done. She smiled at him thankfully as she went and lay down then unzipped the sleeping bag. She patted the spot next to her as he raised his eyebrows surprised.

"You did make it after all, it's only fair." She said as if it meant nothing. He shrugged.

"Okay but don't blame me if it gets crowded." He made his way next to her and covered himself with the sleeping bag.

"The more the merrier I say." She giggled. Their bodies met at the close proximity and they shuddered. He wanted her so badly right now. But he just hoped she wouldn't feel the growing excitement as they lay in a spooning position.

"This is better." She sighed, loving the feeling of his warm body against hers. She moved up against him to get closer as Syaoran inwardly groaned. This was either the best or worst thing that had ever happened to him. He would have to tell her soon before he exploded. This...was truly... torture... He wondered if she even knew what a boner was... 'Either she's clueless or she's trying to kill me.'

'I'll have to tell him sooner or later.' She thought. She could feel something hard against her as she thought to what it could be. She moved up against him more to figure out what it was. The two lay there for a bit. Syaoran's arm was wrapped around her waist as she faced away from him. She was still trying to figure out what it was... she heard a light groan from Syaoran as she moved.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked concern in her eyes as she turned her head to look at him.

"NO...no, you didn't. Don't worry, I'm fine." He assured, majorly wanting to take her right then and there. She lay back down as the two watched the sunset.

"It's beautiful." She sighed at the beautiful view in front of her. This was a dream come true.

"What do you think?" Syaoran stayed quiet for a moment, arguing in his head whether to tell her how he felt or not.

"Not really." He simply said watching her instead of the sunset. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck as he talked. She was disappointed that he didn't find this romantic. Instead he just shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"What do you mean it's not?! Look at it..." she strained her question and whispered the last bit for him to look at it. Not realising that he hadn't been looking at it in the first place.

"How could you not find that beautiful?" she faded off, memorized by its colours.

"Because nothing will ever be more beautiful that what I am looking at now." He whispered, realising what he had said after he had said it. He felt her tense, realising his mistake. 'She hates me, I shouldn't have said that.' He panicked as she looked to face him.

"What do you mean?" she whispered in hope. Wishing that her thoughts were right.

"I mean..." he said as he moved his head over her ears, brushing her hair with his breath.

"You're the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on. You're that girl who haunts me every day and night. Without you I am nothing Sakura. I love you so much that it hurts to see you every day, without me being able to call you mine. I love you so much that words can describe nothing more." He was memorized by her, and he had finally said it. The truth was out and there was no going back now. He waited for her to reply, but nothing came.

"I love you Sakura." He whispered to her. Hoping with everything he had left that she felt the same too. That he was the person who she truly loved. A tear fell from her face and landed on Syaoran's arm. He looked at her shocked as she turned around. She smiled at him with watery eyes.

"I thought this would only happen in my dreams, every day I dreamt something like this that I thought would always be impossible. But now it has finally arrived..." she looked into his eyes as he looked into hers.

"I love you too." She whispered as he smiled brightly. He couldn't believe this was happening, and neither could she. They looked into each other's eyes. Seeing the passion that'd both had seen earlier on in the water. The two moved in to meet each other as their hot breaths were shared in the close proximity. She felt his lips on hers and was surprised at the softness they held. He moved his lips over hers, feeling the softness and warmth they held. The two were lost in the moment as Syaoran grasped her closely to him, making her moan. Their kiss grew more with need as the two pressed against each other like their lives depended on it, yet still not moving from their spooning position. She felt a need grow inside of her as she felt his tongue lick her lips. She opened her mouth to meet his and moaned yet again at the sensation it held. Syaoran was getting harder by the second hearing her moan and pressing up to him to have more. His hand went up her back and traced along her side to feel the softness of her skin as the other held her head to have better access. Sakura shuddered feeling his warm hands slid up and down her back. She pushed even closer to him as their legs intertwined. She felt his manhood press hard against her as she gasped. He groaned at her response as he felt her rub against him. He rolled on top of her, never breaking the kiss as his right hand slid across her stomach and slowly up to her breasts as she shuddered yet again. She rubbed up against him, moaning lightly at the sensation she felt each time. From this position she could feel him against her a lot better.

"Sya-oran..." she gasped as he pressed down to meet her. Feeling him through her pants was incredible. Yet it made her wonder what it would feel like if he was inside of her. He finally grasped her mound as she arched her back moaning yet again. He kissed along her neck and her jaw line, slowly teasing her like she had done to him all these years. Her hands brushed through his hair and down his back as she felt what she had so longed to touch, not caring about the consequences. He slowly ran his hand down her stomach, purposely skipping her panty line as he traced his fingers along the inside of her thighs. She shivered as she moved her legs open, wanting him to feel her all over. He stopped suddenly, looking up and around as she let out a sound of protest. He covered her mouth as she looked questioning at him.

"I thought I heard something..." he whispered, still not looking at her. She sighed and sat up as he did to. He brushed against her when he moved himself up, groaning at the feeling, it was even better than the way they were before. His mind went blank as he forgot about the noise. Brushing back up against her as he moaned. He pushed up harder as her back arched into the curve from the log. She wrapped her legs around his hips as her body moulded into hers. Her hands slid across his chest. Taking in as much as she could she lifted up his top. They pulled away only for a second as she lifted it over his head. Their lips came crashing back down as he pushed even harder against her. The need was growing too much as she kissed down his neck, eventually licking his bare chest as she took his nipple into her mouth. Playing with it while he let out a low groan, he leaned back so she could look at him, only to go into another set of passionate kisses.

"OOOHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!" A loud high pitch squeal was heard as Sakura's eyes went wide. Syaoran knew that voice from anywhere as he slowly turned around, hoping with his life that this was not happening. But, it seemed god wasn't always fair as he came face to face with a camera.

"SHIT!" he cursed loudly as he flew off Sakura grabbing his top and putting it on as the many gazes of Eriol Takashi Tomoyo and Chiharu landed on him and Sakura. Everyone was flabbergasted at what they were seeing, still not believing that this was actually happening.

"Fuck..." Sakura cursed silently as she hid underneath the sleeping bag grabbing onto Syaoran's arm as he hid his erection under the sleeping bag with his hands holding the sheet tightly. There was no way in explaining this one.

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