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"Ok, close your eyes then, and don't open them until I tell you to." She looked at him with fear but nodded. Closing her eyes tightly as she held his hand, he moved a hand to her shoulder as he guided her through the now tropical forest. Sakura could hear the sound of rushing water as they walked. Anticipating for what was to come. Finally they stopped as the sound came louder, like heavy rain.

"Ok, open your eyes." He said as he held her from behind. Slowly she opened her eyes, a beautiful view coming into her sight as her eyes went wide with happiness. There in front of her, fell a beautiful waterfall, falling down into the calm waters which soon extended into a creek that ran down to the ocean by the looks of where it led to. Beautiful flowers ran across the rocky face of the waterfall that seemed to be covered by vines. The place was well hidden, surrounded by small cliffs, almost forming a circle like a shield. She starred at it in awe, it was beautiful.

"So, what do you think?" he whispered into her ear as she snapped out of her gaze, turning around in his arms to meet his gaze. She smiled happily, her eyes slightly wet from the overwhelming beauty this place held.

"I love it." She said with a barely audible voice as her lips met with his. She stood on her toes as she met his lips, seeing as though he was almost a head taller than her. She wrapped her hands around his broad shoulders as he leant down to meet her. Their tongues clashed as he held her around her small waist. Lifting her up and spinning her around as she let out a squeal, wrapping her legs around his waist as they spun.

She lowered her head as their kiss broke, pausing to catch their breaths as they rested each other's foreheads on the other.

"Want to go for a swim?" he asked whilst looking into her eyes with passion. She nodded, the two walked closer to the waterfall and removed their clothes, Sakura remained in her bikini while Syaoran in his shorts. Syaoran jumped into the water feet first, swimming down to the bottom to see how deep it was. It was at least 20 metres deep as he reached the bottom. Pushing off a rock he swum back up to the surface, gasping for air as he reached the top. He looked around for Sakura, yet couldn't sight her. He saw the articles of clothing and got out. Still looking around he called out. But no reply.

"Sakura?!" he yelled again, still no reply. He started to panic as he searched frantically for her. Suddenly, a laugh was heard from above as he looked up, seeing her on top of the waterfall. He sighed in relief, knowing she was still here.

"Is it okay to jump?" she yelled over the roar of the waterfall. He nodded.

"Just make sure you jump into the middle, its deep enough." She nodded as she leapt off the edge. He watched as her hair flew behind her in the air. She hit the water and created a splash within the peaceful waters. Laughing as she came up for air.

"That's so fun! Syaoran come jump with me! "She said excitedly as she swam to the edge, lifting herself onto a rock as she got out.

"Ok then, lead the way." He said casually as he followed her. He climbed behind her and had a good view of her when he looked up. Groaning inwardly he shook his head, controlling himself. 'Not yet…' they reached the top with ease and walked to the ledge. It was a lot higher up than it seemed to be from the bottom, yet that didn't make Syaoran hesitate. He loved being adventurous.

"On the count of three we jump, ok?" she asked excitedly as he laughed, nodding. He loved her childish side. It reminded him of when they were little. Yet that would seem to change soon, so much has changed already.

"One…" And soon, they will change

"Two…" Together, forever, never going back to their past.

"Three!!!" He loved her… Sakura let out a scream, jumping with Syaoran following soon after. Hand in hand, they fell. He watched as her hair flew out behind her, her emerald eyes shining that brilliant emerald colour they always held. He didn't want the moment to end, as time seemed to stand still. It was beautiful. She laughed as they landed in the water, holding their breaths as they looked at each other, laughing underwater. The two pushed off the bottom and swam up for air, laughing when they broke to the surface.

"Told you it was fun!" she giggled whilst looking up at the waterfall. She splashed him, making him laughed as he splashed her back. She went underwater as he too went under, seeing where she was going. He swam after her as she fled, breaking the surface she squealed. He laughed as he pulled her into him. They wrestled for a bit, forgetting everything as they seemed to be back in their childhood again. Syaoran had her pinned against a large rock that was next to the waterfall. He made her sit on the submerged rock that was wedge underneath the others. She struggled to get out of his grasp, laughing as he held her with one hand, tickling her. She struggled for air, gasping as she pleaded for him to stop. Finally, after a couple of seconds he stopped. His face inches away from hers as he looked at her delicate, soft pink lips, slightly parted for air. She shuddered at the close proximity, instinctively leaning towards him as she closed her eyes. Their lips brushed together softly, then met in a soft yet passionate kiss. She pushed herself into him, feeling his hard chest against her mounds as she slightly moaned.

Syaoran pulled himself towards her. Resting his knees in-between her thighs, their skin lightly met as he moved. Sakura didn't know what she was doing, yet knew that she needed him against her as she let her legs float up around his waist. Embracing him as she felt his shaft hardening within seconds against her jewel as they touched. Their kiss broke as she leant her head back against the rock. Embracing the feeling that rushed throughout her body as Syaoran lightly moved against her. He kissed down her neck, licking the water from her neck whilst he suckled on her collarbone. As they seemed to become more lost within the moment , Sakura's legs tightened around Syaoran's hips even more, making him groan as he grasped her but up off the submerged rock and replaced it with his knees, letting her rest on his thighs as his hand squeezed her cheeks.

Her emerald orbs went wide as he did this, looking at him in surprise as he only answered with his lips on hers. Nibbling on her lip, he asked for entrance as she gladly accepted. Their tongues battled with one another as his right hand rose up her back. Tracing the strings to her top as he slowly pulled. The knot easily came loose as his other hand trailed up to her neck, doing the same to the other knot as it came loose. In one motion, the bikini top came loose as it fell into the water.

Unconsciously Syaoran pulled it out and put it onto the rock above Sakura's head. His other hand tracing down over her shoulders as his thumb traced her nipple which hardened to his touch. Sakura was in bliss as their kiss broke, she looked to his hungry amber eyes as they traced down her bare chest. She felt slightly conscious as he did this, a light blush coming to her cheeks as her nipples were slightly submerged within the water. Yet came above the surface each time he grinds against her. Soon forgetting about him looking at her she moaned as he took her left breast into his mouth. Lightly sucking as he still managed to press himself against her. His legs moved out a bit as his right hand traced softly down her stomach. She shuddered as his hand played at the hem of her bikini piece. He moved his throbbing member away from her as his hand slowly slid into her panties. Tracing his fingers along her pubic bone as he agonisingly came close to her jewel, yet moved his hand across to the inside of her thigh as she shuddered, suppressing a moan as he did the same thing yet again. Finally after the third time, she spoke in ragged breaths.

"Syao-ran… please…" he could barely hear her as she spoke, yet understood that she wanted it.

"Are you sure, Sa-Ku-Ra?" he said slowly as his tongue rolled to the sound of her name. She nodded quickly as he licked his way up to her neck. Their lips meeting as he finally moved his fingers across her jewel lightly. Yet still too soft to feel complete, she groaned as he pushed his fingers up against her. He groaned inwardly at the warmth that spread across his fingers, even when underwater.

Slowly rubbing his fingers against her, he broke the kiss. Watching as her head tilted backwards from the immense pleasure he was causing. He took in all of her body, her hair, her creamy skin, her soft round breasts and they way they sat perfectly. And the way her chest rose with the heavy intakes of breaths. He loved every bit of her. His lips met with hers again, moving himself closer to her as he kissed her forehead. Her eyes slowly opened as the two looked at each other passionately with fire in their eyes.

She leaned forward to kiss him again, her hand tracing up and down his thigh as she teased him. She loved how he was so gentle yet passionate at the same time, feeling one of his fingers move across her entrances as he slowly rubbed her. She let out a small gasp, moving her hand across the head of his shaft at the same time. Slowly teasing him she untied the knot to his board shorts. Pulling on the Velcro as she felt it rip between her fingers. She felt Syaoran shudder as his board shorts became loose around his hips. He rested his forehead against hers as she grasped him. The two were now panting harder as the atmosphere of pleasure grew. She rubbed his head and slowly moved her hand down his shaft, reaching his ball sack and lightly squizzing. He let out a low groan as he growled. He grabbed her with the hand he was using to please her as their fingers intertwined, moving it above her head as he pressed up against her, feeling more of her this time now that his shaft was free. As he pushed up harder against her, more of her breast was exposed from the water. Being lifted up by the pressure as he moved, as their eyes met again, Syaoran softened his pace a bit.

Her eyes soon became clear as she looked at him questionably. He smiled a loving smile as he looked into her glowing orbs. Reaching above her head, he grabbed her top, and wrapped his hand around the small of her back. He pushed the Velcro on his pants back together and gave her a yet another smile, not bothering to talk, holding onto he lightly, he pushed off the submerged rock with his foot to the direction of the waterfall.

"Close your eyes." Was all he said as they crossed the waterfalls wall of water… Doing what she was told she closed her eyes. Wondering what he was up to as he swum on his back, still holding onto her as he soon stopped. She could hear the echo of what sounded like the waterfalls cave. Not know how big or what it looked like, she longed to see it. She soon heard his husky voice as he whispered into her ear.

"Open your eyes..." He kissed her neck lightly as she did as she was told. Tears came to her eyes as she broke into a small sob. Not believing that this was real. The scene was even more beautiful than outside. She looked to see rocks that were slightly submerged from the water, leading out to a flat surface as a small enclosed yet visible cave was seen by the candles lit along the edging of the cave.

Their lied blankets and rugs along the caves floor with cherry blossom petals and pillows across the rugs. It was unimaginable for Sakura as he had seemed to bring her fantasy to life. He hugged her tightly and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes.

"I thought that you deserved every bit of effort put into this for being with me… what do you think?" he said softly as she softly cried against his bare chest. His hand brushed the back of her hair as he guided her out of the water.

"I-I-I'm sorry… I didn't mean to cry… I-it's just… No one has ever done anything like this for me, not even one of my ex-boyfriends had bothered to give me a single flower…." She cried into his chest even more as he shushed her. Slowly walking to the sheets as he held her.

"Like I said, you're worth every bit of it. Anyone would be crazy not to give you anything… I love you so much Sakura, I would do anything for you, no matter what…" he whispered into her ear, holding her in his strong embrace as he kissed her forehead. She looked up to meet his eyes. Slightly red from crying she looked at him with all seriousness in her face, it made Syaoran concerned.

"Anything?" she asked cutely with questioning eyes as he smiled.

"Anything for you my cherry blossom." He kissed her soundly on the lips and looked into her eyes again as she spoke softly.

"Then will you be my first? I want it to be with you, and I want you to be my last…" she whispered as he gave her a shocked look. Not processing that she was asking him to take her. He wanted to, lord how he wanted to, yet he still wasn't sure. He couldn't dare think of putting her in pain.

"You really want to do this?" concern was written all through his face as he lightly held her shoulders. She nodded confidently, holding his gaze. He could see the fear, confidence and passion that were held within her eyes as she stood before him, topless and wet as she asked him to take her.

"But I don't want to hurt you, I've hurt too many people, too many girls, and to think about doing it to you is unbearable…" he shook his head in denial, not sure about this.

"Don't worry about that, it has to happen someday, and now is the perfect place, it's my fantasy come true with the person in my dreams. Nothing could make up for this moment, nothing." She moved towards him, slowly taking his hand in hers as he lifted his head to meet her gaze. Still unsure, he nodded. This was the girl of his dreams, and they loved each other too much to let the other go.

He leant down to meet her lips, wrapping his arms around her back as he gave her a small peck on the lips. He looked at her again as she nodded confidently. After that last nodded, he gave in, meeting her lips passionately as he held her. Feeling her breasts press against his chest as he held her. He slowly moved forwards as she followed, feeling his feet against the soft fabric as he gently lowered her down onto the sheets

Their kiss broke as time seemed to stand still. She looked up at him with passion in her eyes. Seeing the concern yet love that his amber orbs held. Nothing could be heard but their breaths and the echo of the waterfall as his head fell onto a pillow. Still not breaking the gaze he kneeled above her, slowly running his hands from her bare chest, down across her stomach, reaching her navel as he slowly pulled down her pants, kissing her stomach as he did this.

She lifted her hips to help him remove the wet fabric that caressed her skin, and shivered when it was replaced by the warm touch of his hands. He lightly rubbed her as he kissed down her navel. Reaching her jewel as she gasped. He gently kissed her, holding her hips as she moved up to meet him. Moaning as the pleasure grew. He drove his tongue inside of her. Gently biting her as she ran her hand through his hair. It wasn't long before her moans grew louder with each stroke, his desire grew even more if possible when she climaxed. Yelling his name out loud as her body went into spasms of pleasure. He moved back up to meet her lips as they shared a long kiss. Her hands travelled down his back, moving up and down as she slightly pushed him onto his back. He gave a surprised look as she started kissing down his chest, straddling him as he moaned. Seeing her bare breasts move as she rubbed against him truly was erotic as she slowly moved off of him, tracing her fingers along the hem of his pants as she undid the Velcro yet again.

He felt his pants go loose as he looked up from where he lay. Feeling her trace her fingers so close to his member nearly drove him to the edge as he groaned. As she pulled his pants down he help by lifting his hips off the ground with Sakura on him as she let out a small yelp. He quickly pulled his pants down to his thighs as she finally pulled them off past his ankles. Seeing his length nearly made her faint as she tried not to look shocked. He laughed slightly.

"don't worry, that not the first time I've gotten that reaction…" he smirked as she gasped lightly hitting him on the side of his thigh as she pouted still sitting on his legs as she crossed her arms.

"Awe… I'm just kidding baby, but I have to admit. That truly is the sexiest look I have ever seen." She blushed as he smirked. Leaning up to kiss her as she soon forgot what she was blushing about. She lay back down with him, yet was careful not to place herself onto him yet as she moved back up. Grasping him unexpectedly as he moaned.

"Oh god…" He whispered as she stroked him, slowly lowering her mouth towards his member as she licked the head. She quickly looked up to see his eyes shut in bliss as she moved down yet again, this time taking in his full length. She always wondered what this would be like, yet never expected to know … Tomoyo had talked about it before, and how she had done Eriol lots of times. Yet now she could tell the story of her own experience… it was good. She slowly rubbed him at the same time, feeling him tense and relax as she moved. She quickened her pace after a while. Finally getting the hang of it she met his thrusts. He groaned, warning her that he was about to come, expecting the worst she shut her eyes as he moaned. Feeling his warm seed spill within her mouth as she swallowed, relived that it wasn't bad. She licked up his juices and moved up to meet his lips in a passionate kiss. He rolled her back over tracing his hands all over her body, yet didn't lean himself on her yet. He knelt up and reached out behind Sakura, reaching for the basket he had previously brought in.

Sakura watched as his body moved above her. Loving how his muscles moved as he reached behind her. When he moved back to meet her gaze, he sat on his ankles, kneeling as a box was now visible in his hands. Sakura eyed the box and realised that it was condoms. Butterflies rose in her stomach as she thought about him moving inside of her. She sat up soon after she spotted it in his hand. Grabbing the box off of him and opening it. He watched at her eagerness as she eyed the packed like it was from another planet. She carefully opened it as he suppressed a laugh. Loving how cute she was when she was concentrating. She smiled as she ripped open the condom packet, taking out the rubber as she looked at it. This time he laughed, she looked at him questionably as she turned her head to the side, blushing.

"Do you want to put it on?" he asked as she blushed an even darker shade of red, nodding shyly she looked at him.

"But I don't know how…" He smiled at her cuteness as he kissed her on the forehead, whispering into her ear as he moved back.

"I'll help you." she nodded yet again, looking into his eyes then back to the condom. His had held hers firmly as he moved it to the head of his member. Pushing down slightly she followed. Finding it easier than she expected, she rolled it down with easy. He smiled at her, impressed.

"See, easy." He smiled as she too smiled triumphantly. His face went serious again as he looked at her.

"You sure you're ready?" He asked as he laid her back down, kissing her lips as she nodded again. He gave her another look.

"Okay, tell me when to stop if it hurts, but remember to relax, it will feel better soon after." She nodded again not trusting her voice as she held his arms, pulling him down onto her body as she sighed shakily.

"Do you trust me?" he asked looking into her eyes yet again. She nodded quickly.

"Yes, I trust you Syaoran. And I love you with all my heart." Her voice seemed calm, but on the inside she was shaking, feeling him pressing himself on her entrance was almost unbearable.

"I love you too, Sakura." He whispered as he slowly moved into her, they both shuddered at the warmth of each other's bodies and the feeling of almost being connected in every way. He moved further into her, feeling her walls adjust to the intrusion as he stopped. She let out a light whimper at the intrusion, yet kept on staring into his eyes as he stopped, concerned. She gave a slight nod again, and he moved, coming to the boundary which held her innocents.

"Try to relax…" He soothed kissing her on the lips. She just nodded, trying to relax as she felt him at her boundary.

"Tell me to stop if it hurts." He said yet again as he pushed himself further into her feeling her inside give way as she gave out a short whimper, tears falling from her eyes as they still kept eye contact. He kissed her softly on the lips, staying still as he ran a hand through her hair, trying to sooth the pain. After staying still for a bit, and adjusting hr spoke softly.

"Are you okay?" his voice was filled with concern as she nodded.

"Yea... go slow…" she whispered whilst nodding. He held her softly, kissing her passionately with all his love as he moved slowly. Sakura felt the pain slowly subside as they moved. Soon moaning softly as the pleasure grew. Syaoran kept his pace and broke the kiss. Still moving slowly as her legs wrapped themselves around his waist. He felt her push against him as she moaned, trying to get as much of him as possible inside of her as she moaned his name.

"Syaoran, go faster." She soon panted wanting more as he complied, quickening his pace as he soon started thrusting himself inside of her, groaning at the feeling as they moved. Their thrusts quickened as their moans grew louder, feeling themselves come to the peak as they moved together as one.

"Syaoran!!!" Sakura screamed his name as her wall's tightened around his length, spilling him of his seed as he too climaxed.

"Sakura!!!" he gave a final thrust, both reaching the heavens as they rocked in a sensually slow rhythm, recovering from the spasms. Eventually coming to a stop, he leaned to the side and took her in his embrace, still being inside of her, not bothering to move.

"What- did- yo-u- think?" he asked, puffing as she breathed on his chest heavily, tired from the new experience her body had been through.

"Un-imaginable…" she simple said holding onto his arm that was wrapped around her waist. He pulled the blankets over them as they lay there, catching their breaths. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Would you do it again?" he asked lazily rolling his head to meet her gaze. She laughed, hitting him tiredly.

"Is that supposed to be a trick question?"

"Probably." He shrugged, lightly chuckling. They shared a short lip lock and feel into a peaceful slumber.

Back At The Beach…

Tomoyo and Eriol had come back from the water caves, smiling brightly as they walked hand in hand.

"This has been such a great day!" Tomoyo smiled brightly thinking back previously to her love making session with Eriol.

"Yeah, he smiled a toothy grin as he saw Chiharu and Takashi in the distance, not expecting to see Sakura and Syaoran he smiled even more, assuming all was going well.

"Hey guys." Tomoyo said while sitting down on the log. Chiharu and Takashi seemed to hold an equal grin to the couple as they sat together.

"I'm guessing you two had your moment as well by the looks of it." Chiharu giggled as she shrugged.

"Got us on that one." The two laughed as Eriol and Takashi slipped away.

"Seems that Syaoran did good ey? I thought he'd make it."

"Yeah, but just remember not to tell the girls okay? No doubt they'd catch on any second, but let Sakura tell them when she ready. But I couldn't help leaving Tomoyo out, don't tell Syaoran, but I slipped her camera in there this morning, ill surprise her with it later, should put me in her good books for a long time." Eriol smirked, loving the thought of being able to blackmail Syaoran. All they had against him and Tomoyo were words, yet they had solid proof, no one would believe them now.

"I'm guessing it's also part of your revenge for them threatening you and Tomoyo?"

"That too…" he chuckled as they walked back to Tomoyo and Chiharu, managing to catch onto Chiharu's last words as they sat down.

"Say, where is Sakura and Syaoran? You would think they'd be back by now?"

"Hey your right! Oh god if I miss their first time on camera I swear ill kill myself." Chiharu sweat dropped.

"I doubt it… I mean, Sakura hasn't been the one to be physical in any relationships before…"

"Are you serious?! Did you not see them when we were getting firewood? They were over each other like there life's depended on it. A big step for someone who hadn't even kissed a guy before if you ask me!" Tomoyo shut her mouth quickly, letting the words slip as Takashi's and Eriol's eyes went wide.

"SHE HAD NEVER BEEN KISSED?" Eriol fell off the log in shock, not processing the information that was put into his head.

"Wow…" Takashi sat their dumbstruck, wondering how Syaoran had managed to get Sakura that far in such a short amount of time. 'She isn't a virgin now that's for sure…' he thought ironically of what was bound to happen or already happened with the couple."

"Well… yeah… you see, Sakura always had deep feelings for Syaoran, and because of that she never kissed any of her boyfriends. She only liked them."

"I guess that's the same as Syaoran, he always had feelings for Sakura, but was too chicken shit to do anything. But I wouldn't say the same for physical bit. I guess he had more trouble on the verbal communication…" Eriol laughed nervously as Tomoyo and Chiharu gave a knowing Oh.

"I didn't think he was still a virgin anyway hahaha." Everyone laughed at Chiharu's comment, agreeing silently. They eventually drifted off topic and forgot about the couple, hours seemed to pass without realising.

Back at the cave.

Syaoran woke up. Slightly stretching the sleep from his muscles yet careful not to wake the angel next to him. He smiled, seeing her so peaceful as her breaths were small and even. He wiped the bangs from her eyes that had seemed to be tickling her eyes by the way her hand moved slightly up to her face, attempting to brush them away. He lightly brushed them off her eyelids tracing his index finger across her jaw line, watching how she moved into the touch unconsciously.

He carefully reached for the basket above them and grabbed out some fruit. 'She'll be hungry when she wakes.' He thought as he saw her stir. Her eyes slowly opened, revealing those beautiful loving emerald eyes.

"Hi, he mumbled to her as she smiled.

"Hi." She simply said, sitting up while holding the sheets to her chest. She winced slightly, yet tried to hide it from Syaoran without success.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" he asked concerned as he lightly touched her shoulder.

"N-Nothing… Just a bit sore that's all… this doesn't always happen afterwards right?"

"No, there's less pain each time that's replaced with pleasure instead." She nodded, leaning into his chest, yet still holding the sheets.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, revealing an apple. Her face brightened as she smiled, nodding as she gladly took it. Not hesitating to eat it.

"Thought so…" he chuckled as he bit into one himself. Sakura slightly gasped, realising how long they must have been here for.

"The others must be worried!" she said worriedly as she looked at Syaoran. He seemed to stay calm as he talked.

"No, don't worry, I told Eriol that I was taking you here, he showed me this place after all." Sakura blushed as he mentioned Eriol.

"You told Eriol…?" she went pale, but he chuckled.

"Don't worry, Eriol won't tell Chiharu or Tomoyo for that matter. And if he tells Takashi, Takashi won't tell because he knows I'll kick his arse if he does." Sakura relaxed as she sighed.

"Ok, that's good, but don't you think Tomoyo and Chiharu will suspect something is up? You know what they're like."

"Hmm, true… I guess you're right on that point. Do you want to go back then? I didn't bring any food for dinner so we're going to have to go back anyway."

"Yeah ok, but Syaoran. Thank you for this, I'll never forget it." She smiled gratefully, giving him a peck on the lips as he smiled.

"No problem, anything is worth doing for you. I love you."

"I love you too." She smiled and got up. Blushing as she put on her swimmers. Syaoran watched amused as he casually put on his board shorts and shirt. Packing up the blankets into a backpack a he picked up the basket.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah." she smiled as they started walking, wincing every once and a while.

"Are you sure you're okay? I'll carry you if you want?" he looked at her again, concerned as she smiled.

"No no, its fine really, nothing I can't handle." She smiled again as he nodded, still not sure, but let it go anyway. The two walked together hand in hand until they reached the dunes after a couple of minutes. The sun was almost down, yet they could still see everyone clearly, preparing for a fire. As the approached the campsite Chiharu and Tomoyo screamed. Running up to Sakura, Syaoran gave her a sympathetic glance as she just nodded. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips and walked towards Eriol and Takashi, who seemed to be laid back and comfortable.

"OMGOMGOMG Sakura! Where have you been!!!!! What were you doing?!?! Did you two have sex? Tell us NOW!" Sakura sweat dropped as she was quickly bombarded by questions a blush crept to her face at the last question as she sighed, not being able to say anything as Tomoyo and Chiharu looked her over and discussed what they thought had happened.

The guys looked from the distance and shook their heads. Syaoran wanted to pull the two off Sakura, knowing that she was still in pain, and from him! He felt guilty, yet at the same time knew she didn't regret one second of it, neither did he.

"You two do it?" Eriol asked casually as Syaoran broke the gaze he held with Sakura.

"Huh? What?" Syaoran looked to Eriol and Takashi, coming back down to earth as the thoughts of before flashed into his mind.

"Wow, you truly are hooked, judging by your dazed face I'm guessing she truly meant something to you?" Eriol looked at Takashi who was nodding in agreement. Syaoran just simply nodded.

"She is amazing, I-I-I…" Syaoran lost his words as he tried to think of what to say. Takashi whistled.

"Wow Syaoran, you are out of it man…" he shook his head, trying to concentrate on the conversation.

"Nothing even came close to her. It was the best moment of my life, being with her, I swear, it's hard to breath."

"Man you sound like a girl, but I have to agree, when I'm with Tomoyo, I can't imagine anything better."

"Same here…" Takashi agreed as he looked towards Chiharu who was currently poking Sakura, obviously trying to get her to spill the beans. He smiled

"This is the life…" he simply said, looking at the scene in front of him. Syaoran and Eriol nodded in agreement. Watching the scene in front of them, trying to make out what they were saying as they pulled Sakura further up the beach.


Sakura was currently being prodded by Chiharu as she slightly winced. Chiharu stopped and looked at her curiously.

"Why are you wincing?" Tomoyo looked at her curiously as well as they both went silent. Sakura just blushed even more as Tomoyo and Chiharu started nagging her again.

"Come on Kura!!! Tell us already, were dyeing to know here!!! Tell us what you did and what happened, NOW!" Sakura sighed, giving up as she looked at her best friends who had pleading faces.

"Ok… Fine…" she sighed as the two squealed excitedly, sitting down on the sand. Sakura sat down with them, finding the sand interesting as she drew things with her finger.

"Well… he took me to a waterfall, apparently you and Eriol had been there before…" Tomoyo nodded in awe.

"That place is so pretty!!! I bet it was romantic!" she squealed as Sakura just nodded.

"And yeah, it was fun, we swam for a bit and jumped off the cliff into the water, you know the things you do when you swim…" Sakura tried best to avoid the topic but was just moaned at by Chiharu and Tomoyo, forcing her to continue.


"Fine, fine… well, we wrestled in the water for a bit… one thing led to another and yeah…" she whispered silently, hoping they wouldn't hear her.

"Tell us what happened in detail dam it!!! I'm getting impatient here!!!" Chiharu huffed as Sakura sighed again.

"okay okay…well u know when u caught us doing things the other night… we did some of that in the water, I guess you could say…and… he- made me close my eyes and we went through the waterfall, then when he told me to open my eyes, there were candle's, petal's pillows and sheets… basically a very romantic atmosphere…" she stopped, trying to hide her blush as he sentence faded out.

"Wow!!! That's so romantic!!!" Tomoyo and Chiharu had starry eyes and they sighed.

"Then what happened?" Tomoyo asked desperately. Sakura sighed, knowing she couldn't win, she gave up.

"Well… I guess you could say, he, we- did it…?" Sakura covered her ears as loud squeals pierced the air. Sakura was tackled over by the two as they screamed happily.

"OMG Kura!! I'm so happy for you right now!" Chiharu yelled happily.

"Wah! I missed it!!! Tomoyo sighed but squealed at the same time happily.

"How do you feel now?" Chiharu asked as Sakura winced.

"Sore, you guys have been poking and making me move so much I felt like screaming."

"Oops... Ahee sorry…" the both apologized.

"Why are you so sore though? Surely it wasn't rough right?" Chiharu asked curiously as Sakura blushed.

"Ohohoho, tell me!!!"

"We'll, yes and no, only for a bit, but I wouldn't call it rough… actually I don't think we were rough at all…" she blushed even darker at having to tell such detailed things to her friends.

"Were you sore Moyo?" Chiharu turned to Tomoyo who shook her head.

"Nope, and mine was rough! hehe... what about you?" she questioned back curious.

"Not really no…" Chiharu stopped in mid sentence as her eyes went wide. She looked to Sakura.

"Sakura… say… is Syaoran well above average?" Tomoyo caught on and nodded knowingly what Chiharu was getting at. Sakura just tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"What do you mean?" she looked back and forth between the two as they shot quick glances at each other.

"Like, big… is he 'big'? Tomoyo emphasised the word 'big' as she gave Sakura a hinting look. Sakura sat there for a while, trying to understand what they were saying when it hit her. She blushed a very very VERY dark red as she sat silent.

"Um… I don't really know because I haven't seen one before… but if you can fit both hands on and still not cover it, is it big or small?" She asked oblivious as Chiharu and Tomoyo went wide eye.

"That explains it…" Tomoyo said quietly as Chiharu nodded.

"Explains what? What?" Sakura asked worried at their expressions.

"Sakura, for you not to come even close to covering him with both your hands means… well he must be very… big." Tomoyo said quietly as Sakura nodded in understanding.

"Oh… so is that a good or a bad thing?"

"GOOD!!! Of course!" no wonder why he had so many girls come back to him…" Chiharu said silently as Tomoyo nodded.

"Ok, well I guess it's good then…" Sakura said quietly, as she was freaked out by the looks of surprise on her friend's faces.

Soon there was an akward silence between the group, yet the two girls infront of sakura seemed to be the happiest people on the face of the earth. sakura was the first to break the silence.

"Have you guys cooked dinner yet?"

"Still cooking..." Chiharu simply replied, yet kept her gaze and smile fixed on sakura.

"When are we going to eat?" She asked nervous by tomoyo and chiharu looking identical at this moment

"Soon" tomoyo replied shortly. it never ceased to amaze sakura at how her two best friends could be her worst nightmare all at once.

"WHAT?!?!" she yelled frustrated as the two laughed.

"Nothing, we're just really really happy, thats all!" the two laughed.

"Figures, you two were always strange in your own ways..." Sakura rolled her eyes. Catching her attention on syaoran as his hair moved in the light breeze. Time stood still for that moment untill she was snapped out of her daze.

"Dinners ready guys!" Takashi yelled, serving everyone's plate with food. the girls stood and walked over to the camp site, sakura struggiling quietly in pain. syaoran didnt miss what she was hiding as he came to her side and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Lowering his head to place a light kiss on her cheak as he softly whispered to her.

"You tell them?"


"They begged you didnt they?" He asked curiously as she nodded. he gave a light chuckle as he pulled her to him in a warm embrace.

"Still hurting?" She nodded her head slightly in his chest as she sighed. loving his warmth,

"A bit, not too much."

"You seem tired..." He mumbled into her ear not bothering to pick up his plate just yet. Sakura mattered more after all.

"I am, thats why im so short of words." She let out a small laugh and sighed.

"Dont move." She asked him, not wanting to leave his embrace.

"We have to, or our food will go cold and we will have everyones attention on us." He was right, she sighed as he released her from his embrace.

"You can lay on me once we have our food." He smiled as she shot him a tired one in return.

"There so cute, hey Eriol?" Tomoyo sighed resting her head on his chest as she watched the two part to grab their food and reunite on the sand.

"Yes, they truely are..." He smiled, deciding to tell her now.

"Oh and Moyo..."

"Hmm?" she shot a curious glace towards him as he let out a smirk.

"You're going to love me forever..."

"Whys that?" she asked curious about his sudden words.

"Because now we can blackmail the two whenever and where ever we like." he smiled

"What do you mean?" Her heart rate quickend hoping it was what she was thinking.

"I happened to tell syaoran about the cave, so i had the priveledge of putting the camera to good use." Tomoyos eyes went wide.

"You didnt?" hHs smile grew

"H did indeed!" Tomoyo screamed and jumped on eriol, pushing him to the ground as she kissed him repeativly.

"Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!" The others looked over curiously at the sudden outburst from tomoyo. She quickly recovered and sat back up. Life couldnt get any better than this. Syaoran shot the two a glance as did the others. Knowing they were up to something... Everyone turned back to their food. Yet syaoran stared, as eriol just smiled back. He did not like the look of his face. It was happy... Too happy...

"Whats up?" he asked raising his eyebrow curiously as sakura lay in his lap. Eating the remainder of her meal.

"Nothing... Tomoyo was just happy because i promised her a new video camera... Thats all."

"But she just got a new one?" He asked, knowing something was definatly not right.

"Yea, but theres this newest one out that has double the effects and the quality of its film looks like your there. 'Smooth eriol... smooth...' He thought to himself as syaoran gave him a shrug, still not believeing what he was saying. Yet, he wasnt in the mood to investigate. All her really wanted to do was go to bed holding his precious blossom. He could she she was falling asleep so he decided to get her to bed before he had to wake her.

"We're gonna go to bed, as you can see, sakura is just about asleep." she mumbled a slight

"Am not..." yet didnt bother to move. He chuckled as he lifted her up. Everyone agreed and decided it was time to get some rest. Syaoran carried sakura into the tent, stripped her clothes and put one of his t-shirts over her, her eyes were closed, not bothering to help him dress herself she gave a slight mumble of thanks to him. He stripped down to his boxers and pulled the covers over them. holding her close to his chest as he gave her a kiss on her head.

"Night sakura." He mumbled softly.

"Night syao, I love you." she sighed about to drift off to sleep.

"I love you too." He whispered lightly as he brushed her hair and lay his head back down onto the pillow. It didnt take long before the two were asleep, dreaming peacefully about the day's events.

Takashi and Chiharu soon fell asleep after sakura and syaoran, yet tomoyo and eriol were wide awake. Waiting untill it was safe to move.

"Ok, ill be right back, give me a minute." Eriol said as he took the flash light and gave her a peck on the lips. she smiled.

"Hurry!!!" he nodded and went to the caves to retreive the camera. tomoyo waited impactiently. This was too good to be true, she was so lucky to have a boyfriend like eriol he was the best thing that had eve happened to her. She silently hummed to herself, listening for his return. a few minutes later, the door unzipped and in came a puffing eriol, smiling proudly at the camera in his hands.

"We need new batteries, this is almost dead." She nodded, reached into her bag and grabbed the spare. They replaced the batteries and turned on the camera. It took some time untill tomoyo saw some movement on the screen, she smiled and continued to rewind the tape untill the image went still again. smiling at eriol, she pressed play.

5 minutes later...

"Wow... I sisnt think they's go this long..." Eriol looked at tomoyo who nodded, not bothering to reply as her eyes were wide.

10 minutes later...

"Ok they should be dont by now... any second... see!!! they stopped." tomoyo saw Eriols face go white as she looked back into the screen.

"No... They just moved." tomoyo's eyes were wide with amazement, As eriol seemed to be choking on his own salava.

20 minutes later...

"God i dont think i can look anymore... " Eriol was in denial, never had he been able to come close to that time mark, yet syaoran and sakura seemed to have had no issues what so ever, they still look full of energy.

"I never thought Syaoran was such a... well so full of energy? and Sakura! wow... i mean, thats impressive..." Tomoyo said daised while she watched the screen intently, waiting untill it was over. She was actually becoming bored by the long display being played out, even if it was sakura and syaoran... They sure last long.

30 minutes later...

Finally the show was over as eriol thought he was going to faint, 30 minutes... thats 1800 seconds... that must be a world record to man kind... He didnt bother to say a word, as tomoyo was showing her opinion already.

"I'll have to borrow syaoran sometime... That was a world record..."

"Hey! just cause his a freak! thats not fair!"

"Dont worry, im not going to run off with him, even if he lasts the longest out of every man on earth. No wonder why they were so tired." She giggled as eriol looked like he had lost every bit of pride he had carried.

"He is not normal, he is inhuman, I dont believe he is human, so therefore he doesnt count as anything." Eriol huffed.

"At least we can blackmail them right honey? Just like you wanted? It's alright dont be upset." Tomoyos comforting seemed to work as eriol smiled.

"You're right! What would i do without you my moyo?" He kissed her on the lips and put the camera away.

"He may be able to last longer, but that doesnt mean i cant pleasure you better!" Tomoyo giggled as he wiggled his eyebrows seductivly.

"No one could beat you my love." He pulled her into a tight embrace gently carresing her thighs as she moaned. She ran her hands through his hair as he rolled ontop of her, taking advantage as he entered her. She moaned his name. He loved the way she threw her head back in bliss as she gasped for air. It was like she cared about nothing else in the world as she moved against him. the two rocked as one, lost within the night as they were carried off in eachothers arms...

They were all packing their stuff into the car. making sure nothing was left, everyone got in.

"That was probrably the best trip ive ever had." Sakura smiled happily as syaoran nodded in agreement, catching her glance towards his way as she blushed and turned away. He gave a smirk and stroked her thigh as he voiced his agreement, luckily they had a towel over themselves, so the others couldnt 'see' his adventurous hands. sakura gave him a glance and moved his hand away, giving him 'the look' and he pouted. She sighed as his second atempt was successful, her eyes hazed over as she controlled the noises that were tempted to leave her mouth. The others stayed oblivious to his movements as tomoyo and eriol smirked evily.

"Yes it was indeed, wouldnt you say so eriol?"

"Hm, indeed." He smirked and took one of her hands, keeping his eyes on the road as he drove.

"I'm gonna miss here." Chiharu yawned tiredly as she leaned on Takashi, who was stroking her hair.

"We'll come back again, for sure!" Tomoyo smiled as she turned to chiharu. Everyone nodded or mumbled their agreement quietly. Sakura's was more of a moan, yet that went unoticed by everyone else, except syaoran who smirked as he gave her a light peck on the lips while she shuddered from the climax. She lay in his embrace and looked out the window.

"Im so glad you two finally got together, its was about time!!!" Chiharu smiled widely.

"Haha yea, any later and i would have thought that you two would never get together." Takashi said as he looked at the two, sakura was looking at syaoran as she smiled. He too smiled as he nodded.

"Yea." Syaoran agreed smiling.

"Any longer and i thought i would have died." Eriol mumbled in his breath as tomoyo let out a light giggle.

"Well im glad you two are together now. Things wont be so akward anymore when we all go out haha."

"True that." Sakura said nodding as she laughed at tomoyo's comment.

"All we have to wait for is the wedding!" She squealed as syaoran seemed to choke on nothing at all takashi gave him a sympathetic look as everyone else sweat dropped.

"And just when i thought it had stopped..." Sakura and Syaoran sighed as Tomoyo smiled brightly. That day would come... Soon enough.

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