"You're taking too long!"

I looked at Yoruji, her eyes glaring at me. I let out a short breath, and looked back up at Ame, the arms of MarineDevimon still wrapped tightly around her. I bit my lip, there was nothing else I could do; Commandramon tried his best, there was nothing else to turn to. The only option left was to let Yoruji take the battle into her own digimon's hands, but I wouldn't let her. Not now, I wanted to save Ame. I wanted to show Yoruji that I could do better than let her take all the wins.

"We have to try harder." The voice of Commandramon came from my left, as he struggled to stand up on his hind legs, his gun giving him the support he needed. "I'll give it my last shot."

"You're in no shape to try and plant your DCD Bomb on him." Ryuudamon said, facing Commandramon.

"But nothing else is working..." Commandramon said as he collapsed back onto the ground beside his crusader. "I just need more speed."

"Or rest." I murmured.

"Then WHAT do you suppose we do, No-Name?" Yoruji said to me, her voice sounded annoyed. "We haven't got all day. If you can see, Ame's being crushed to her death!"

"I know..." the words escaped my mouth, I had no idea what to do.

A loud shriek of pain shot into the air. Both me and Yoruji's heads shot up, seeing the shrill coming from Ame. There wasn't any time to think anymore.

Biting my lip, I looked down at Commandramon, "Try. Ryuudamon'll back you up."

"What?!" Yoruji yelled, sounding upset. "You think I'll let him back your weak little digimon!?"

"Suggestions?" I asked, looking at her.

Yoruji frowned and looked at Ryuudamon, "Do it." She looked back at me, her eyes giving me her usual cold look, "You better have somethin' up yer sleeve, Leader."

End of Prologue-