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Year 6:- Chapter 1

The sound of traffic bounced through the air. The smell of burning ripening in the nostrils of passer-by's. London wasn't a city for those who wanted space and fresh air. It was a city for those willing to work. It was the capital of both the wizarding and muggle world.

"Let's try in here."

Amanda Dixon followed the man into the café. The smell of eggs and bacon lingered as they found a table together. Looking around they would seem to fit in perfectly with those around them nobody would guess they were different.

"Take these."

"What are they?"

"Copies of all Kenneth Andrews medical notes. Dumbledore needs to see them. I can't get to Hogwarts but you go back tomorrow."

"Don't remind me John. I want to stay here."

"What with me?"

She laughed at the man sitting opposite her.

"Yes that's right. I want to stay with a guy who has been pulling my hair all summer, prodding me in the back and making fun of the way I walk. No thank you. I think I'll enjoy not having to put up with that anymore."

"Why is Sirius not going back then?"

John smiled at her as a woman came over to the table. He ordered two teas and watched her walk away. Amanda used the silence to study the man. Her option on him had changed dramatically in the eight weeks she'd been working with him.

John Warren was a healer in St. Mungos hospital. At the mere age of twenty two he was already a qualified medic and quickly climbing the ladder of success in his department. When Amanda had arrived she had been put to work under him. Her first impressions had been of arrogance and the belief he knew everything, she couldn't have been more wrong. He was one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals she had ever met. She had also discovered he had a role within the fight against Voldemort and had become quite close to one Dyfan Ddraig.

A thunderous bang sounded outside the café and they both turned ready to defend themselves. The pair were on edge as the summer slipped away. It was no surprise really. In eleven weeks there had been a hundred and thirty six attacks on wizards and sixty eight on muggles. The Death Eaters were more active now than they had ever been. Every person felt that they might be the next target.

Amanda's heart slowed as she watched a muggle get out of his carriage, well no not carriage it was something stupid but she didn't know what. He was looking at the front of it which he had parked in the back of the one in front. She shared a look with John and smiled.

"I think we need to take a calming draught."

"The entire population needs one."

She laughed as the woman placed a cup in front of her. She thanked the lady as she walked away. Outside the sky was beginning to get darker. It was strange since it was only six in the evening. But then there was the smell of a storm in the night air. It felt like it was going to be a rough night.

"You got everything packed ready for tomorrow then?"

Her attention moved to the man with her and a smile came to her lips.

"Almost. Branwen's picking up my copy of Advanced Potion-Making because they didn't have a copy in. But apart from that I'm all done."

"Why is Branwen picking it up?"

"She had to stop off on her way back anyway. Besides I wasn't going to ask Sirius I'd probably end up with a book on Quidditch, not that I'd really complain about that."

John laughed softly.

"You must be excited though. I'd love to get to go back to Hogwarts as a student."

Amanda thought about it for a moment before speaking up.

"Spend all day with my friends; get to play Quidditch what's not to like. It's just after this summer I've got a taste for Healing. I so want to continue."

"And you will. You've got a knack for it. In two years when you graduate I'll have you back on my team."

"Thanks John."

"I think its time we got you home now."

He stood up placing some muggle change on the table. Amanda downed the last of her tea before standing and taking his arm. Together they stepped out into the cooling air. Looking around she felt like something big was coming, something she couldn't put her finger on. Pulling the collar higher on her jacket she looked ahead wondering what was to come.

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