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Title: Hormonal Imbalance
Warning: A little Violence, a lot of pranks, lol. Au, HBP and DH don't exist for this one.
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Challenge: This fic is for the Hormonally Challenged for Dreaming of Unstoppered Desire.

a) Harry is pregnant. But his hormones are running wild and he has become a naughty little wizard. Tormenting Severus and all others around him! How will Hogwarts handle a devilish Harry?

c) Harry has finally had his child. Everything should be perfect... but it's not. He has postpartum depression. Will his new little family survive this hardship?

The scenarios that have been chosen are A, B, C, D, E, F and G. I just should have said all of them, would have been easier. They have been interpreted a little differently that one may think though, so be warned.

This fic is long, I kinda took the challenge and than ran with it, I almost didn't stop. If I had longer it would have been longer, lol.

Chapter One

Twenty one year old Auror Harry James Potter-Snape stormed through the corridors of Hogwarts, making his way back down to the dungeons where he shared his quarters with his husband Severus Snape. He had been unwell for the last two months and had finally gotten around to going to see the Hogwarts mediwitch Poppy Pomfrey, though it was at his husband's insistence when he had seen Harry throwing up the day before. But Severus had failed to go with Harry to see the mediwitch, which now meant that he had to go and tell his husband the news.

He spoke the password and opened the portrait, and stood just inside the living room, watching Severus as he leant over his desk, mumbling to himself as he marked essays that he had set and then received back from his classes. Harry watched as a quill, loaded with red ink, raced across parchment after parchment, leaving whoever wrote it in no doubt that they could improve their potions abilities if they paid attention.

"Severus, Poppy had some interesting news for me, and for you," Harry said as he walked into the room fully, and sat down on the green leather sofa that was in front of the roaring fire.

Severus put down his quill and swivelled his chair, and faced the side of the sofa. "What news would that be, Harry?" he asked as he stood up from the chair and went over to the sofa.

"Well, you know I have been ill for a while, what you don't know is that I have been feeling off for about three months. Do not even bother to start on me, Severus Snape. You did the same when you were ill last year, you kept it from me. I only found out when you collapsed, so we are even." Harry scowled, and then continued. "Well, she told me that I am pregnant, five months, and because it is a natural male pregnancy, it will last for around eleven months. Unlike a male who takes a potion, which only lasts for seven months, bloody bastards."

Severus kept quiet for a while, taking in the news that Harry had given him. He knew he couldn't truly argue with his husband, he had done the keeping secret route before. His eyes went wide when he replayed the speech over in his mind. 'Pregnant?!' his mind yelled at him. "Pregnant?!" he then yelled for Harry to hear.

"Yes, Severus, pregnant," he said with a slight smirk at unsettling the Potions master. "Five months, so in another six there will be a little Severus or Harry running around. Poppy has also told me that it is a baby boy." Harry grinned.

"Big change ahead then," was all Severus said as he stood up and went over to his desk, putting away all the essays that were strewn over the desk, and placing them into a drawer out of the way. He took out a clean piece of parchment and started to write something on it.

Harry snorted and got up, went into the bedroom, getting changed into his favourite worn jeans and a loose t-shirt. "Big change, he says," Harry grumbled to himself as he changed his clothes. He went back out with a book he had been reading for the last few days, curled up in the corner of the sofa and started to read, letting the words of Charles Dickens flow over him as he read the tale of Oliver Twist.

It was half hour after Harry had sat down that Severus stood up from his desk, went over to the sofa and sat down after moving Harry's legs so he could. "Here," was all he said, handing over the parchment.

Harry looked at it. It was a drawing, but not just any drawing, it was a diagram of a house or mansion. Harry looked at Severus and questioned, "What is this, Severus?"

Severus smiled and answered, "Well, I don't want to teach for the rest of my life and I always wanted a family, a large one at that. I've been thinking about have a house built for us. I have enough for both of us and a horde or children, so that is no worries, So what do you think? Is it a place you could call home?"

Harry looked from Severus to the parchment and studied it more carefully. It had six bedrooms; three bathrooms, one on each of the three above-ground floors; and a large basement, split in two, one marked for Severus and his potions. The other was marked Harry's space. There was a study and library, as well as three living rooms, a kitchen and a dinning room. To Harry, it looked perfect. He looked up from the parchment and asked softly, "And when were you going to tell me you wanted children?"

Severus shrugged and replied, "I was going to ask you about it at Christmas. The idea has been going around for me, for us, since your birthday last year. I know that you have your career and I didn't want to ruin it for you, so I waited."

"What if I had said no?" Harry queried, wondering what Severus' answer would be.

Severus smiled sadly. "If you never wanted children, then I would never have mentioned it again. If you didn't want them yet, I would be willing to wait, years if need be."

Harry smiled. "I do want children, you are right that I wouldn't want them yet, but it's a little too late now, so bye bye career and hello parenthood." He sang the last little bit of his sentence.

Severus pulled the young man into his arms and whispered softly, "Thank you Harry. Thank you."

"Go ask about having this mansion built," Harry said with a slight nervous hitch in his voice that Severus missed.

"It is not a mansion, but a large house. I will send an owl now to the Builders Guild to see if they can give me an estimate on cost and building time," Severus said as he placed a gentle kiss on Harry's lips, and then went over to his desk to write a letter and copied the plans to another parchment so that he could send to them.

Harry watched him for a little and then went back to his book, unknowingly placing a hand on his slightly curved abdomen, not enough to yet be noticed. Poppy had told him that his stomach would start to get bigger quickly from the fifth month until the seventh month. Severus got up from his desk, the letter sealed in an envelope. He looked over to Harry; he felt content to know that his husband was pregnant. He looked a little closer and noticed where Harry's hand was lying.

"Harry, I'm going to the owlery to send the letter now. You want me to send anything for you?" Severus asked, disturbing him.

"Oh, erm… no, thank you. I sent a letter to Ron and Hermione yesterday, and with this news, well, it is something that I would rather tell them face to face and I… I would like to keep it between us for just a little while, to get used to the idea of a baby on the way." Harry smiled at him.

"How about we have a meal out tonight to celebrate ourselves?" he suggested.

The green-eyed wizard smiled with a flirtatious look and then suggested, "How about a private celebration here and then in the bedroom?"

"Are you alright doing that? Won't it be a strain on you and the baby when I…?"

"Yes, everything is fine, as long as I am comfortable," Harry interrupted. "Now go and send your letter, and hurry back.," Harry said shooing him away.

Severus laughed and did as he was told. He hurried to the owlery and sent off his letter, telling him to go to the Builders Guild in Diagon Alley. He walked back to his quarters with a spring in his step and whispered the password. After he stepped through, he then told the portrait a new password.


"I'm in the kitchen, Severus," Harry called out.

Severus walked into the kitchen and saw the small round dinning table set up with lit candles and a lamb roast set out for them both. "It looks wonderful, Harry," he said as he joined Harry at the table.

"Thank Dobby, I just set it all." He smiled back as they began to eat.

At the end of the meal, Severus stood up and held out a hand for Harry to take. Harry looked a little guiltily towards the plates on the table, but Severus pulled him out of the kitchen and into the living room, going into their bedroom. The door closed behind them and with a whispered spell from Severus, their clothes were neatly folded on a spare chair in the room.


Severus lay down by Harry's side and pulled the young man towards him, wrapping his arms around him. He picked up his wand from where it lay on the bedside table and with a whispered spell, they were both clean. "Night, love," Severus said softly, placing a kiss on Harry faded lightning bolt scar.

"Night, Sev." Harry smiled, snuggling back and falling to sleep within moments. Severus smiled and placed a hand over Harry's stomach. He could feel the slight curve to it and fell asleep dreaming of a little boy with Harry's bright eyes and straight black hair.

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