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It was Tristen's first birthday and they were having a small get together, a small party. Though as it was All Hallows Eve, some of the decorations were a little spooky, though Tristen seemed to like them when ever one of the magical bats flew low. Harry had a feeling it was because Severus was stalking around the room, getting this right in his usual bat like way. They had invited Draco and Ginny, they had gotten married in September, Ron and Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys. While Severus was all for having Albus, Poppy and Minerva, Harry had said no to Albus, as he had not forgiven the aged headmaster for making him go to the sham of a baby shower, and he was wary of Poppy and Minerva for touching his bump once to often.

After Christmas, Harry had been going to see Mind Healer Kayne Prophets two to three times a week, it helped a lot with his insecurities and worries, as well as helping him recover from his Post Partum Depression. Harry was now happy that everything was as it should have been all along, excited that there was a baby around. He still went to see the Healer every now and then, just to make sure he was alright and to have someone to talk to when things were getting him down. Harry was glad that nothing had made its way into the paper, though that may have something to do with Severus hexing Rita Skeeter when she came onto the property around Harry's birthday, as well as the threat of suing her if she printed anything about any of them.

The shop that Severus had opened not long after Tristen was born was doing well, though Severus had only recently started to work there full time a few weeks ago. Draco was still there working away, enjoying himself, or so Severus had told Harry. The blond was actually looking for somewhere else to work as Ginny was just finishing her Teacher Training and was going to be opening a Hogwarts Pre-school for under eleven's, which was going to be opened in Hogsmeade. So the two would be moving, though Draco could easily Apparate down to Diagon Alley.

Hermione was back a Medi University doing the last year of her training to become a mediwitch, she had already applied and received confirmation to go on for further training to become a Healer. Harry had quit the Auror Corp's to be a 'stay at home Dad'. Ron was now breaking in a new Auror to be his partner, going by the name of Colin Creevey, who had gotten out of his snap happy habit, according to Ron.

Harry finished looking around at the people that had been able to make it and smiled, they were his family. The lights in the room dimmed as Severus walked in with the small birthday cake, a candle in the shape of a one stood proudly in the middle. Everyone started to sing Happy Birthday to Tristen.

"Blow out the candle, sweetie," Harry spoke softly into the little boy's ear as he sat quietly in his lap. Severus placed the cake in front of the little one year old and all waited until, after a few tries, Tristen was able to blow out the candle. Everyone clapped, with Tristen joining in with a giggle. "Who's my clever little boy?" Harry praised the child.

Severus cut up the cake and handed a piece to everyone. When he had done everyone, he picked up the little boy from his daddy and placed him on his own lap, feeding him little bits of his birthday cake. "Happy Birthday, Titch." He smiled as he placed a kiss on the birthday boy's forehead.

"We still have presents to go through yet." Harry smiled as everyone was eating their cake.

Severus nodded and replied, "I know, but let everyone finish their cake first, Harry."

It was another twenty minute until the last bit of cake was eaten. "Don't most have the presents first?" Hermione asked as they grabbed the presents to pile them in front of Severus and Harry.

"Yes, but you know Harry, always wanting to do things a little different." Severus smiled, while he dodged Harry's hand as it went to smack him around the head.

"Severus, careful," he said his eyes narrowed, but showing their mirth.

Severus laughed as Tristen reached for the present. "Okay, Titch," he said as he pulled one close, opening it a little so Tristen's little hands could get a good hold on the paper to open it.

Tristen played more with the paper than the gifts he was given, he enjoyed ripping it up. He was given a number of soft cuddly bears, a dragon from Draco and Ginny that blew out smoky animals. Hermione and Ron had gotten a few Muggle learning toys.

They set out the play mat with the spell on it to keep Tristen from wandering off the mat and into trouble. The adults sat around, with Ron sitting next to the mat, playing with Tristen. Harry just shook his head, and wondered if Sirius was the same when he was a baby.

"You'll end up pregnant sooner or later, Hermione, especially the way that Ron is with Tristen, he is broody." Severus smiled over to the young witch.

"I don't doubt it, Severus, but it is not going to happen any time soon for me." Hermione smiled back as she looked down at Ron playing with Tristen and the dragon that he had received.

"Don't wait too long, though, Hermione, otherwise Ron would find a way to carry one between the two of you," Harry joked, remembering what Ron had told him in September.

"And why would you say that?" Hermione questioned.

"Because, love, I would, I would carry a baby if we can have one now, or in the next year. I've nabbed Harry to help me look to see if there is a way, the Male Pregnancy potion is a possibility with a few changes to it," Ron piped up as he looked up from the floor.

"You would give up being an Auror?" Hermione said her eyes wide.

"Yep, in a heart beat. I'm the family type, Hermione, couldn't you tell by how large my family is, the Weasleys are always family type. Honestly, didn't you know?" Ron gave a goofy grin to his wife.

"No, I just thought, well, I don't know what I thought." She laughed a little.

"Each Weasley will end up with a large family, no matter who they married," Ron said giving a little grin over at Draco.

"Don't worry, Weasley, I'm counting on it. I hated being an only child." Draco smirked back.

They all laughed. "Well, Ron, if that's what you would like to do, why not? I can carry on training that way." Hermione smiled.

"Brilliant," was all he said as he went back to playing with Tristen.

"Well, I will do the potion. I know of the potion that Ron is referring to, so you will have seven months from taking it to prepare, and whatever time from now until Ron takes the potion, unlike me and Harry, who had it sprung on us." Severus smiled at her.

"Yeah, well, this time, Severus, you have nine months to prepare," Harry said casually as he looked over at Severus.

"Nine months," Severus said slowly. "Oh Merlin," he said as he realised what Harry was saying. "You? You're pregnant?!" he exclaimed.

"Yep, two months." Harry smiled over at the shocked looking Severus.

The End

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