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Chapter 1

Dean didn't want to talk about it although how much Sam wanted to. Sam wanted to talk since Dean looked quite skeptical outside when he said he didn't mean the things he said. The ride to the motel had been silent. Sam tried to help Dean but he received a killer glare and was brushed off. Sam was desperate. He needed to talk to Dean. He wanted to explain every thing. But Dean's "Don't wanna talk" growl was the only thing Sam managed to get out. Sam was pulled into nightmares, where his gun had real bullets and Dean was killed in them. He woke up screaming. Dean would come and pat him awkwardly on the shoulder and went back to his sleep…At least that was what Sam thought. Sam decided not to go to sleep again but failed miserably. He didn't want to see Dean get killed by him even though they were just dreams and dreams are not supposed to come true.


One day had passed after what happened in the asylum. Dean sighed at the thought. He took another sip of his beer. Dean looked at Sam who was sleeping restless tossing and turning lightly. Sam had been doing something with his laptop before he fell asleep. He had been up until God knows how long cuz when Dean woke up, Sam was asleep with the laptop opened on his lap. Dean closed the laptop and managed to coax a sleepy Sam onto a lying position and soon the younger boy was back to a restless sleep.

Dean didn't attempt to wake Sam up. Part of him wanted to but the other part wanted to let Sam go through the fears and that he deserved it. Dean softly touched his chest which was sore. He couldn't get good straight sleep past because of Sam's nightmares. Dean first tried not to care about Sam's nightmares but he couldn't. So every time Sam's screams woke him up, he would go to his little brother and pat him awkwardly after Sam gets his normal breathing, mouthing a 'go to sleep' Dean would head back to his bed. Slipped inside the covers and pretend to sleep. Dean felt bad and more than anything guilty when he sees Sam's pain and guilty looks. But Dean can't make up his mind just right now. His brother tried to kill him. It hurt him more than shot filled with rock salt…Dean angrily flicked to another TV channel he was watching with the sound low.

Dean's phone rang. Dean reached to the phone wondering who was calling him at 4.30 in the morning. It was Bobby Singer.

" Hey sponge Bob what's up?" Dean tried to lighten his own angry mood. There was a silent in the other end for a minute and Bobby's voice growled in.

" What did ya call me?"

" Sponge Bob"

" Are you high?"

"Nah little sore. Rock salt hurts like a bitch"

"Murphy and I want you two for a hunt. Can you make it here?"

"What?! Right now?"

" Sooner the better. Things are a bit hot here or else I want disturb you beauty sleep"

Dean sighed and rubbed his chest absentmindedly.

"You weren't disturbing. We'll come"

" Are you two boys ok?"

" Never better Bobby. We'll see ya soon"

" Ok…Take care."

Dean shut his phone and closed the TV. He grabbed his duffel and packed his clothes carelessly inside. Sam moaned in his sleep which caught Dean's attention back to the youngest Winchester. Sam was thrashing on the bed. Dean reached to Sam and shook him trying to wake up him. Sam's eyes snapped open. He looked at Dean frantically breathing fast. Dean's hand rested on his shoulder and as soon as his breathing was normal Dean went back to packing. " Dean?" Sam asked rubbing his sleep out of the eyes and sitting on the bed.

"Booby called. He asked us to come to his place. Said it's important." Dean said heading to the bathroom. Sam looked at him shock.

" But you are hurt Dean!"

"Thanks to you" Dean snapped and slammed the bathroom door. Sam winced at his brother's words. He gathered his stuff and packed them. Last thing he wants is to have Dean snap at him again. Dean came out of the bathroom and Sam went inside. No words were spoken between them. Sam showered quickly and came out. Dean had left his duffel and the guns and gone out with his. Sam sighed deeply wondering how to restore the balance back again. He locked the motel room and an angry, sleepy looking manager received the keys. They sat inside the car silently for few minutes before Dean started the Impala.

" Dean…" Sam was rudely cut off by Dean.

" I told ya …we are not gonna talk about this"

" But…"

" Am I talking in a language you can't understand?"

Sam huffed with frustration at Dean's behavior and looked outside the window. The ride had been silent for the both boys.


They reached Bobby's place around the dinner time. Bobby came outside to greet the Winchesters. Bobby immediately recognized that there was something wrong between the boys. There weren't the usual brotherly banters which used to give Bobby headaches. Dean was pale and looked like shit . When he got out of the driver seat he headed to the trunk, grabbed his duffel and went inside not looking at Sam.

Sam sighed and got his own duffel out and slowly made his way to Bobby.

" Hey Bobby" Sam greeted the older man with a soft voice. Bobby nodded. Sam was just as crappy looking as his brother.

"Are you two ok?" Sam sighed again and looked at the Impala.

"Last hunt was awful, Dean's hurt"

" What? He didn't tell me!"

" You know Dean…" Yeah Bobby knew Dean. That stubborn kid would hide any injuries so they won't leave him out of hunts.

" You hurt?" Bobby asked. Sam shook his head. Bobby thought it was best to give them sometime. They would either tell him what's wrong when they are prepared for it or he's gonna get it out of them.

They entered the house and saw pastor Jim and Dean talking. Pastor Jim was talking and Dean was listening with a great interest . Pastor Jim's right arm was on a sling. He smiled at the youngest Winchester, when he walked in. Sam gave him a small smile.

"Sam how are you my boy?"

" Don't you think I'm suppose to ask that question?" Sam asked raising an eye brow motioning the sling.

" Oh this…It's battle scars from last hunt!" Pastor Jim said in his usual cheerful voice.

" When did you start hunting?" Sam asked sitting down on the couch next to Dean and stretched his legs.

"Old Bob there needed some help. Of all people he could think for help, he needed mine!"

" Yeah and I'm regretting it. I had to save his old ass" Bobby growled heatedly. Both the boys hid their smile.

" What was it anyway?" Sam asked curiously.

"A wraith" Bobby and pastor Jim said together. Sam had a good feeling that he would have loved to see this paticular hunt. Sam stole a glance at Dean who was still avoiding him. He got up and reached for their duffels. Pastor Jim nodded at the younger boy. "You two get change. I'll tell you about the hunt at the dinner." Dean grinned. " Darn straight" he got up to his feet, ignored Sam and headed to their usual room. Sam was grateful that Dean didn't snatch the duffel from him. At least he could spare Dean some pain. Slowly Sam followed Dean into their room.

" Some thing is definitely wrong" Pastor Jim said looking at the two retreating backs of the boys.

" I told ya" Bobby said brushing his beard. " Sam said that last hunt was bad and Dean is hurt"

"there is something more. Sam looks downright guilty and Dean…that boy is an emotional roller coaster. I'll talk to Sam you talk to Dean and find out what's the problem is" pastor Jim said smiling at Bobby.
" Oh God….Shoot me now." Bobby groaned at the coming conversation.


" So basically this demon is like 300 years old. Feeds the victims on their fear and grief. Comes out for the show every 50 years and suck the life force of seven people for the next 50 years? " Dean asked with mouthful. " never knew you were this old pastor Jim."

" I'm not… Lucas Matthew had an account with the demon. One of his friends died in an unknown reason. That made him investigate."

" How?" Sam asked intrigued by the facts they heard.

" Some of the victims had been just traumatized first. No reaction for anything and were running high fevers. Some recovers but they can't recall any thing happen before. But all of them fell into a coma and died"

" did they all died at the same time?"

"No one by one. After one person died. But the unnatural thing deaths are caused by heart failures or blood was poisoned. One case actually said that they found water in the victim's lungs. Some of them seemed to get chocked, burnt or broke their necks. But some of them were in observation and they just can't die that way"

"How exactly this Matthew guy knew it was a demon?" Dean asked finally finishing his dinner.

" He didn't." pastor Jim simply said taking the dishes to the sink.

"Then how do you know he's saying the truth?" Dean asked helping to take clean up.

"Well he was my uncle for the beginners. He was a journalist and had the most interesting journal about his reports. He did murder sections and went for news about hidden secrets of the supernatural world. He didn't believe them but he did search for them."

"For curiosity and better articles" Sam nodded cleaning one of the plates.

" Exactly. I was really interested in his work"

"Or else we won't be here listening" Dean said. They headed to Bobby's library. Pastor Jim took an old leather covered book and gave it to Sam who immediately started flipping through it.

"When he started researching he had a similar case happened in West Virginia. 50 years ago. Same incident seven had died and then nothing… me and Bobby did further digging and found out there are more. The first one actually run backs about 350 years. A Red Indian tribe was attacked by the demon. They went hunting it in a group. The records just say that it was an evil spirit that taken hold of the human body. Some of the Red Indians had managed to escape the demon. They had the run with it on the seventh round. Demon found the easiest prey and fed the victim on his fear, suck the life force out and left. The victim had no doubt fallen into a coma and died.."

"But how did they know exactly it was fear?"

"The records had been written by the tribe Sherman who had also been attacked very first in the group that set out to find it. It hadn't had enough time to break the Sherman as others distracted it. Since the influence had been couple of minutes, the Sherman hadn't forgotten or either became unresponsive. It means that to come to the point of breaking it take some time for the demon to access the feelings out of the victim and then feed him back with the fear. Also it could be how easy the victim's barriers could be broken. The records says that the demon make the fears come out and it feels very much real. You feel the physical pain if it's something that can hurt you."

"How come the demon got out."

" It was powerful then. He only had a one victim to take. He had attacked them after they distracted him from the Sherman and selected the easiest. The demon escaped.."

" The host body?"

"No idea but in the later incident just after the attacks, there was a body of a person highly decomposed and by the identification found, he was around 70 years old."

" So it goes for a new host after it gets enough power for 50 years."

" Yes..."

" when this happened in your uncle's time didn't any hunters involved?"

"I checked on the victims name and one of them had been a hunter."

" Ok…What we know about the demon is, it kills 7 victims every 50 years ,jump into a new host. Feeds the victims on their fear and make them vulnerable. Then slowly suck the life force out them. Some victims get traumatized; some recover but can't remember what happened. But the final seven fell into a coma and die. So how are we gonna get him?" Sam asked pastor Jim hoping for a better news.

" We are gonna exorcism him"

" You sure about this. I mean a hunter died last time. How can this time it'll be different?" Dean asked wondering what they have for their defense.

" You have your brother"

Dean really looked at Sam that time. Sam looked at Dean and shrugged clearly confused at the statement.

" Only defense against the demon is not to given into fear. As long as you two have each other, you can face him"

" But how are we gonna get to him" Dean turned his gaze back to pastor Jim.

" It had changed his pattern this time. While I was with pastor Jim it had attacked already attacked two. After I came one of my friend's son was attacked too. He hadn't gone into a coma but he can't remember that much of the earlier incidents. I put some protection charms there but anyway another young woman was attacked yesterday. I set some protection charms there too so it may not be able to attack sooner. That's why I called you. I can't deal with it alone and Jim here is in no shape to help. It's best to go in a group that will distract the demon." Bobby explained.

"What do you suggest?" Dean asked

"I was thinking about going to Mark's house . All four of us. I guess the victims become traumatized by the attack. All that recovers meant that they weren't exposed to the demon for long. Which means it definitely tries to aim them alone. we can take the protection charms out. Once it's back to it's strong powerful self, It's more likely to come after the boy. Then we can exorcism him"

" what about other attacks? It could go for her and not come back to Mark."

" There's a possibility. But we have to take the risk."

" can't we just lure it to us or summon it?" Sam asked.

" Not that I know" pastor Jim replied. Sam looked at the journal again.

" I need to research more…We should know more about the case." Sam said. Pastor Jim nodded agreeing with the younger boy.

" Dean and I'll go and the look at Impala. I think it need to be seen." Bobby said clapping Dean on the back. Dean raised his eye brows. " It's she Bobby and I have taken good care of her" Dean said indignantly.

"Humor me…but she can do with some oil work" Bobby said. Dean looked briefly at Sam who was already glued to the journal. Sighing he followed Bobby out side.

As soon as the other two disappeared pastor Jim turned to Sam.

" Sam what happened in the previous hunt" Sam looked at pastor Jim from the book. He frowned slightly and sighed.

" You and Bobby planned this huh? That's why he dragged Dean out of here?"

" Don't tell Dean" pastor Jim winked. "so tell me what happened?"

. ……………

"I was hoping to wax my baby" Dean said looking at the Impala. Bobby didn't answer. Dean looked at him wondering what was wrong with Bobby.

" What happened in the last hunt?" Dean groaned in frustration. "Ok who set you up? Sam or Jim?"

" That doesn't matters"

"Hell it matters!"

" You two look shit. Sam looks down right guilty. You aren't looking at the kid even. Sam told me you were hurt. So better tell me what happened?"

Dean clenched his fists and unclenched them again. He is not in the mood for small talks and why the hell Bobby cares.

Dean never got to answer the questions something strong grabbed both the men and threw them against the old cars in the salvage yard. Bobby had a rough throw. Dean vaguely saw Bobby falling down limply when he was dragged upwards again. Dean groaned. He was loosing his consciousness when someone grinned at his face then backhanded him. Dean's last conscious thought was 'Sammy'

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