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Chapter 1

Naruto POV

I look over to my boyfriend during class once again. I notice what he's wearing today, and think about how he never really dressed like that until after we started dating. He dressed normal for a while, but soon changed into that emo/goth look that makes everyone call you "fag" and shit like that, except no one ever called him that, only me. Today he was wearing yet another pair of bondage pants, seeing as he has about a thousand different pairs. This pair was black with blue detailing. He was also wearing a blue shirt that matched the color in his pants with an elaborate black skull and snake design on it. I couldn't see it clearly from beside him, but I knew what it looked like very well, since it was his favorite shirt. He would never admit it, but it's actually a gift I bought for him for his last birthday. He's a little taller than me, and I always think that I must look strange standing next to him with my bright orange and black jacket that I always wear.

He never looks at me. It's like we aren't even a couple. But we've been together for 3 years, and everyone knows it anyways. The girls were all upset to find out he was gay, still are really. I was used to his coldness by now. Sasuke rarely ever showed any affection to me, but I knew he cared. If he didn't, nothing that happened between us would have occurred. He was the one to ask me out after all. Well, not really ask me out….more along the lines of made a move on me and I didn't push him away.

I glared at him. My face was really close. I was so mad that Sakura, my beloved crush, only wanted to sit with him . Then the kid in front of me leaned back and pushed me into him. It was really awkward, seeing as we now had our lips pressed together. We quickly realized what had happened and pulled away quickly, but I saw him blush a little.

I walked towards the front of the school, and Sasuke came up to me. "Hey, come with me a second, I want to talk to you."

I was a little confused, but I went with him anyways. He led me to an empty classroom, which made me get worried that he was going to jump me or something. He didn't get into any fights, since he was so popular with the girls, the guys wouldn't do anything for fear of never getting girlfriends, but everyone knew he could fight anyways. Everyone knew that he was just like Itachi, and no one messed with Itachi. Ever.

"What do you want," I asked, ready to run if he wanted to fight. He didn't answer me, but reached towards me. I braced myself for whatever he was about to do, but was caught by complete surprise as I felt his lips against mine. Not knowing what to do, and being a little afraid he might beat me up still, I kissed him back.

Ever since that day, a little over 3 years ago, we've been dating. I wasn't sure about anything at first, like whether I was really gay or not—and I still don't think I am completely gay—but I went along with it, being afraid he'd beat the shit out of me if I didn't. I can't believe how much going out with him changed me though. At first people started to question me when I started to talk less and was less hyperactive, but I never gave them any reasons. Now I'm just as quiet and reserved as he is, but for different reasons I think. Actually, I know it's for different reasons.

But I don't have time to think about them right now….I really should be paying attention to Kakashi. Well, technically we should be calling him Mr. Hatake, but no one ever does. He's a strange enough person as it is, seeing as most of his face is always covered. People used to joke around and say he is a ninja, and that's why he wears the mask-like thing on the bottom of his face. But by now, everyone just thought that it was probably scarred or deformed, since he stopped coving up his left eye and everyone could see the scar over it and the fact that his eye had changed color. No one ever asked what had happened or how it happened, but we knew if someone did, he wouldn't tell us anyway.

Sasuke POV

I glanced back at Naruto. The damn kid was staring at me again. I threw him an angry look and he quickly turned back to pay attention to Kakashi. Honestly, I don't know what his problem is. He knows better than to do things like that in public. I'm not the "public display of affection" type. I sigh angrily, knowing exactly how I'll get back at him later. I had to admit it though, that little wuss was much better to be around since I had taken control. He wasn't so annoying anymore. Whether it was because I would hold back any type of "action" if he annoyed me, or because he was afraid to do anything other than exactly what I said, I didn't know. But I didn't care either. Truthfully, the only reason I stayed with him this long was because he was submissive to my every whim. I felt the corner of my mouth curve slightly as I thought about my total control over him.

It didn't start out that way. At first he was a little rebellious, trying to make things equal between us and acting like a couple and all that bullshit, but as soon as we fucked the first time, things started going my way. He got pleasure out of it, and I got pleasure out of telling him exactly what to do for all aspects of his life or else I would withhold the sex he so dearly craved.

I wouldn't say I didn't like the sex—it felt good, and he wasn't that bad—but I really wouldn't care if we screwed our brains out every night or only once a week. I didn't need it as much as he did. I swear that kid is a nymphomaniac or something. Oh well, as long as I have my control and get a good fuck out of him once in a while, I wasn't going to change anything.

Naruto POV

Shit, shit, shit, SHIT! He saw me looking at him! Damn…now I knew I wasn't getting any this weekend. It still amazes me that we fool around so often without Iruka or Itachi ever finding out. Especially with all the noise we make. He may be quiet all the time, and I may be now too, but he sure as hell made a lot of noise on those nights. Maybe they did know, but just didn't care. They never brought anything up, or at least, Iruka never did, and Itachi never said anything to me about it. Actually, Itachi never said anything to me at all. For all I know, he knows exactly how far Sasuke and I have gotten, and how many times we had, but it wouldn't matter to him either way.

Itachi ignores his little brother, and has since Sasuke was little and their parents died. He takes good care of them, and they sure as hell weren't poor, but I think that Itachi's coldness is what made my boyfriend like he is now. The only thing Itachi ever did for him that was brotherly since then was to teach him how to fight, and like I said, Itachi is one people never mess with, so no one ever messes with Sasuke.

Author POV

Naruto and Sasuke got up as the bell rang, and walked silently to their next class. Naruto quietly said goodbye and slipped in his classroom, as Sasuke continued on to his next class. He chuckled to himself a little, remembering how it used to be when they first started going out.

"BYE SASUKE!!" Naruto shouted as he broke the hug and ran off into the classroom. Sasuke just glared at him the whole time. People around started to stare, and a few were beginning to laugh.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" he shot at them, their smiles quickly fading as they looked towards their feet and walked away quickly.

'I'm going to have to kill that stupid kid if he doesn't learn how to act soon,' he thought.

Sasuke shrugged it off as he reached his next class and pulled the door open.

Naruto POV

"Hey fag!" Kiba shouted at me as I walked in. I just glared at him as I sat down. It was like this every day. I don't know why he acts like that, we used to be friends. It might be because of all the rumors that are always being spread about him and Shino. Everyone knew they were together, hell, I even caught them making out once. But I guess he thought that denying those rumors and events and calling me a fag would get the attention off of him.

I looked over at Shikamaru quickly, who only shrugged at me. He and his best friend, Choji, were the only guys that didn't get all weird on me when I started dating Sasuke. I was glad to have them as friends, even though Shikamaru told me I'd be better off without him. He usually was lazy and didn't give opinions on anything except that it was "troublesome," but he had told me directly many times that he didn't think dating Sasuke was doing me any good. I ignored him though; Sasuke was my world, and though he never acted like it in public, I knew I was important to him too. Today was going to be another long one though, especially if I didn't get any this weekend when I went to visit him just because he caught me looking at him in class, which was a high possibility.

Sasuke POV

I roll my eyes as my stupid fan girls still force me to sit with them. I thought dating a boy for so long would discourage them, but it never did. In fact, they seemed to find me even more attractive after I became "gay." I'm not really gay though. I guess you could call it bisexual. Hell, I don't really care. I'm not ever attracted to anyone. I wanted an obedient fuck-toy, and Naruto was just that, after some quick training. I might have eventually ended up with a girl, but I doubt it, since most of them would probably end up trying to change me instead of allowing me to take over.

Ino and Sakura were the worst of all of them though. Not only did they fight over me a lot in public, but they were stupid enough to call each other "best friends" while they did it. I swear the only girl who isn't head over heels for me is Hinata, but she just keeps to herself now. Everyone knew she had a thing for Naruto, probably still did. But with me in the picture, she never did anything about it, though as shy as she is, probably never would have anyways. She was dating some random guy, as she wasn't that bad looking and definitely more…well endowed than most of the other girls in the school, but she wasn't really into him. Everyone could see it, even the guy she was dating. But neither of them let that stop their shy little relationship.

I sigh, as it is going to be a long day. This weekend isn't going to be that great either, because Naruto is coming over to my house, and he's going to try to start something, I know it. Oh well. I have complete control over him anyways, and unless I get needy for some reason, he isn't getting any from me. Or anyone else for that matter, He knows what would happen if he cheated on me.

I met Naruto at the front of the school later that day, and he followed me to my car. Luckily, since I had him trained well, he never asked me for rides anywhere. He usually just walked home by himself, except on Fridays, since we alternated back and forth with going to each other's houses. Sometimes he would walk to my house, if he was wanting to fool around—he was like that at least once during the week—but other than weekends and those days, we didn't see each other at all outside of school. That little wuss dealt with it well enough. Sometimes I thought that I should allow him to come over whenever he wanted, to maybe stop some of the stupidity when he did see me, but thought better of it. I have to keep him in line anyways. I can't slacken the short leash I have on him, because then he might try to get affectionate in public again. I'd be damned if I let him do that shit again.
We drove in silence, which was nice. He had long learned to keep his mouth shut. I didn't look at him, but I knew his eyes were shifting back and forth between his feet and myself.
"What?" I asked. I was tired of the silence this time I guess, since I never really broke it before except when I was in the mood, and that didn't involve talking.
"I-I…uh…nevermind…sorry…" he said, looking at his feet again.
I sighed angrily and told him, "You know that you can't look at me like that in school, idiot." Naruto looked up a little, but only to stare out the window. I saw a tear silently slide down his face in his reflection. I said nothing else during the rest of the ride, and the silence lasted until we got inside and Itachi greeted us with his usual nonchalant grunt. The two of us headed to my room, and I knew Itachi was assuming what would be happening next, but as far as I was concerned, it wouldn't. I was still mad that he was staring at me in class so openly like that. It was the third time this week, and he knew better than that. Still, even though he was completely obedient, when it came to things like this, he was very persuasive. I'd have to keep my guard up to keep anything from happening this weekend.