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Chapter 8

Sasuke POV

I ran downstairs as quickly as I could, grabbing my shoes and jacket in the process. I had to move fast if I wanted to find my Naruto. As I opened the door, though, I was met with the most unexpected sight.

Red hair and jade eyes.

Naruto POV

I wasn't sure how I woke up, as I didn't remember falling asleep. I must have passed out from either exhaustion, shock, or just crying myself into oblivion. I thought I had no more tears left, but my eyes felt sore, and the sheets I was laying on were damp.

I began to regret leaving Sasuke's room; I was being to rash. Sasuke knew it wasn't my fault. But, I guess I was still so messed up from the rape that I couldn't think straight.

And because of that, I'm now chained to the bed in a dimly-lit, blood-covered, psychotic rapist's room. Great. Life is just peachy, isn't it?

Author POV

"Hello, prettyboy."

"What the FUCK do you want!?"

The redhead said nothing, but met with Sasuke's killer gaze with his equally strong one.

"I'm giving you ten seconds to tell me where the fuck Naruto is before I rip your throat out," the raven snapped, narrowing his eyes a bit.

"Oh, I have the precious fox," Gaara replied instantly, narrowing his eyes to match Sasuke's. "And actually, that's what I've come to…discuss with you…yeah…discuss…"

Sasuke, not liking the smirk on the opposing male's face, snapped forward and grasped him by his red hair. Gaara hissed in something crossed between pain and pleasure, but his smirk just grew wider.

"You're quite enthusiastic, prettyboy," Gaara commented, ignoring the look of pure hatred he was receiving from the dark-eyed boy, whose eyes were actually turning a bit red by now. "That's good, because I have quite the proposal for you."

Sasuke tightened his grip on the blood-colored locks. "Oh yeah? And what is it then?"

"While the little fox gives me…pleasure…I have greater ideas. Ideas that involve you too, I might add."

The now-red-eyed teen paused for a moment, before replying, the venom in his words still apparent. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well," Gaara said, chuckling, "I'll tell you now, won't I?"

Naruto jerked as he heard the lock on the door click open once again.

'That damn psycho's back for more, huh?'

Naruto's heart nearly stopped as he saw who walked in the room. While he was expecting Gaara, the person behind him was completely unexpected.


Naruto POV

What the hell!? Why is Sasuke here!? And why is he with Gaara…

Something's not right, I can feel it. There's no way Sasuke would be near Gaara without killing him. I mean, he was pissed when he found me after Gaara got to me. What the hell was he doing here with him now?

"Sasuke…why…why are you here?"

He looked up at me, his eyes dead. They held none of the emotions they had held before. "Naruto…it has to be done."

"W-what are you talking about?" I questioned.

This time, Gaara spoke up. "Well, my little kitsune, I gave prettyboy a proposition. I'm willing to let you go, let you two lovers lead a normal life—well, as normal as homosexual high schoolers can live—if he would do one thing for me."

I was afraid to ask, but did anyway. "What does he have to do?" I looked to Sasuke, who only looked away from me, a reddish tinge on his cheeks.

"He's gotta be middle," Gaara answered with an evil smirk.

"Huh?" Middle? What did he mean? And why was Sasuke turning red?

"Little kitsune, it means…the three of us are gonna…have some fun…yes…fun…" Gaara's eyes dazed for a second, before turning them to Sasuke. "Prettyboy is going to help us both have some fun. On my own terms, of course."

I was still a bit puzzled, but that didn't last long. Realization was slowly dawning on me as Gaara walked over to me and removed the ankle-cuffs and then signaled Sasuke to come over.

Author POV

Naruto watched in confusion as Sasuke stripped at the side of the bed. His pale skin made the severe blush all-the-more evident.

"Oh, don't worry prettyboy, I've watched you two before," the redhead stated, cackling a bit. This only succeeded in making the dark-haired boy blush even more, if that was even possible.

"Go ahead, don't be shy. I'll join you soon enough. I know how much this blonde likes it up the ass."

Naruto saw Sasuke's eyes narrow, and then the raven climbed on top of him, still chained to the bed with the collar and handcuffs—both teens still in their boxers.

Sasuke leaned in to kiss Naruto softly, whispering to him so that he observer couldn't hear. "Naruto, I'm so sorry for everything. But this is the only way to get rid of him."

Naruto nodded slightly, and Sasuke took that as an okay, and began to kiss him hungrily. Sasuke held both sides of Naruto's face, caressing him lightly on the cheeks. Not wasting any time, the raven quickly pushed his tongue into Naruto's mouth, exploring every inch.

The blonde moaned into the kiss, and wished his hands weren't bound so he could pull his lover closer. Almost as if he had read his mind, Sasuke pressed his body closer, and his hands began to wander, ghosting over Naruto's body. Even though it hadn't even been a week since they last made love, it felt like an eternity for the two boys. It wasn't long before the friction between them was too much, and Naruto was working against the handcuffs as much as he could, trying to break free. He wanted to touch Sasuke, feel his lover, to make sure it really was him.

But nearly as soon as they were getting into things, Gaara shifted position in his corner. Things were getting a little…uncomfortable in a certain area. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer, so why not just interrupt them now?

"Alright…that's enough teasing prettyboy. Strip. Him too." Gaara narrowed his eyes and a sly grin crept onto his face. "I know you just want to get it over with, don't you?"

Sasuke flinched a bit, and Naruto looked puzzled. "What's he talkin' 'bout Sasuke?"

"N-nothing important…"

Naruto cocked his head to the side a bit, trying to ignore how though he was still throbbing, Sasuke seemed to have lost all excitement at this point.

"What, prettyboy? You don't like my proposal? I told you the…conditions."

Sasuke flinched again, and then stripped himself and Naruto of their boxers. Flipping the blonde over, Sasuke took no time in preparing him. Naruto yelped a bit, not expecting him to move so fast.

"What the hell are you doing, prettyboy? I'm not gonna give you the time for that, so why are you doing it for my little kitsune?"

"FUCK HE'S NOT YOURS!" Sasuke screamed. He seemed to be at his limit. He turned to Gaara, eyes narrowed and continued, "Though you may not care about hurting anyone, I care about Naruto! I wouldn't want to hurt him again like I've been doing for the past three years!"

"How…touching…" Gaara chuckled evilly. "No matter, I still won't be giving you the time, and I'm getting impatient. You better hurry up, prettyboy."

Sasuke growled and turned back to Naruto. "I'm so sorry, Naruto," he breathed. He pulled his fingers from the blonde's entrance, and slowly pushed himself inside him. Naruto gritted his teeth, as he was still in a bit of pain from yesterday at the mall.

Both boys jumped a bit as loud music came flowing suddenly from speakers. 'Great, Gaara's got System of a Down again,' Naruto thought.

Gaara made his way over to the bed, as the two boys, already connected, were waiting for Naruto to adjust. "You care too much for my little kistune," he remarked. Sasuke knew at this point it was just to get a reaction from him, so he said nothing, but narrowed his eyes and growled again in response.

Stripping as he climbed on the bed in one smooth motion, he could see Sasuke visibly tense up. The blood-haired male wasted no time in forcing himself into the raven's virgin hole.

"FUCK!" Sasuke cringed. "That goddamn hurts, you freak!"

"You're comfortable with giving it out, but not getting it, ne?" Gaara chuckled and pushed in a bit deeper. As Sasuke visibly gritted his teeth, the redhead scoffed. "I guess not, prettyboy. Now move, if you want this to be over."

It was a bit awkward at first, but soon the three males were moving in harmony with each other, and slowly getting faster and more forceful.

Sasuke felt a bit disgusted at himself as he found the pleasure of Naruto's tightness combined with the pain of what Gaara was doing to be addicting. He nearly stopped moving as the older male hit his prostate, the sensation being a first for him. It wasn't long before the two younger males were calling each other's names.

Gaara just breathlessly chuckled to himself as he kept pounding harder and deeper into the raven. The awkward expressions on the pale teen's face were worth giving up on the blonde in the ice-eyed male.

As Gaara once again hit the teen's sweet spot, he thought, 'Damn, if this is what Nauto feels, I can understand why the hell he likes it so much…' His thoughts trailed off as he began to see stars, as an orgasm shot through his body, as well as Naruto's as he could feel the blonde's muscles spasm. And, with a few more thrusts, Gaara soon followed, spilling his seed inside Sasuke.

The trio carefully separated, and the two teens collapsed on the bed. Gaara, with his insane stamina, climbed off the bed and began to dress.

"Consider yourselves free of me," he said, just barely audible above the blaring music. "Unless I get bored with…others…I should be leaving you alone enough." He walked over to shut off the music, and headed to the door. "Get your energy back, and leave, before I change my mind and want to play some more…yeah…some more…" The redhead chuckled evilly as he opened the door and headed out of the room, leaving the two teenagers lying on the bed.

Sasuke edged over to Naruto, and wrapped his arms around him. "Naruto…I'm sorry for everything," he began, but Naruto placed his finger to Sasuke's mouth.

"No, it's my fault. I…I shouldn't have freaked out like I did…and I shouldn't have left through the window and ran…I…you endured that because of me and—"

Sasuke cut off Naruto this time with a gentle kiss. "No, I'd do anything to get you back. It doesn't matter anymore."

Naruto looked directly into Sasuke's dark eyes, both boys about to cry. Naruto pulled Sasuke to him and held him tightly while burying his face in his lover's chest. "I love you Sasuke."

"I love you too, dobe." He kissed Naruto lightly on the forehead, and began to pet him a bit.

It took a while to regain their energy, but as soon as they did, they quickly dressed and left Gaara's place as fast as they could, never to look back again, but to look to their hopefully happily ever after together.

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