Idea Rider and I had! ©

Mixing our characters into bands and have them sing!

The Character names are next to the instruments or singing.

Listen to songs, they play on YouTube and picture them singing and playing their instruments!

Band #1

One Bad Blood Elite on the drums

Ki'oil on the electric guitar

Huyt on the electric guitar

Irth singing

SONG: I Stand Alone - - - - Story: Irth - - - Dedicated to Irth and his struggle for life for he stands alone in his personal quest

Band #2

Snake-Eater on drums

Fon'ki on electric guitar

Zombie on electric guitar

Outsider singing

SONG: Zombie - - - - Story: Outsider - -- Dedicated to Zombie the young Yautja in the story, his name is Zombie. He was given that name behind the scenes of the making of Outsider, it fits good with him!

Band #3

Fon'ki on drums

Knight Xeno on electric guitar

Warrior Xeno on electric guitar

Snake-Eater singing

SONG: Straight Out of Line - - - - Story: The Myth of Outsider

Band #4

Wind Moon on drums and other drum like instruments

Fon'ki on electric guitar

Snake-Eater on electric keyboard

Silver Dream using wind instruments and electric keyboard to do other sounds

Outsider singing

SONG: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake-Eater Song - - - - Story: Outsider - - - Dedicated to Snake-Eater and Outsider. Song tells of Outsider and him, in a manner. This song really tells of the connection between the two!!!

Note: The woman in the vid on YouTube looks like Outsider, only a little since the woman in the vid is about 50 yrs old, I think. But still she looks like Outsider a bit! Hey, looking at the woman long enough she looks really young and that gave me an idea! That's Outsider in the future, when she wakes up!!

To find the music, go to YouTube!!! We hoped you enjoyed this! Tell us what you think, be kind don't leave nasty reviews. Also it's kind'a funny if you picture Predator's playing instruments and singing! Just use your imagination and picture them!! NO COPYING!!©