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Chapter 1.

The Wedding

It was August thirteenth, my wedding day. Today was the day I had been looking forward to but also dreading with all my heart all summer. Today I would get married to my true love, and vampire, Edward Cullen. Sometime after the wedding I would become a vampire as well.

His sister of sorts, Alice, planned the wedding. Even though I'm sure she would have loved to plan the biggest extravaganza the small town of Forks had ever seen, she promised to keep it small and to follow my every demand as to what she could and couldn't do.

The guest list wasn't huge, my mother, Renée and her husband Phil, Charlie, Jessica, Angela, Mike, Ben, obviously all of the Cullens, Billy, and Jacob. My decision to invite Jacob was a tricky one. When Edward left me almost two years ago, Jacob was the one that brought me back to life. He fell in love with me and I started to as well. But because he's a werewolf, he and Edward naturally hate each other. Saying good-bye to him was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Once I become a vampire, I'll never be able to see him ever again.

Emmett became a legal pastor online so he would be performing the wedding much to my delight. It would be a lot easier with him up there. Jasper is Edward's best man, and Alice is my Maid of Honor. Rosalie is a bridesmaid. The ceremony and reception would be held at the Cullen's house at twilight, Edward's favorite and safest time of day.

About an hour before it would begin, Alice rushed into my room to do my hair and makeup. We had several practice sessions the last couple of weeks so I knew she wouldn't do something completely outrageous. The dress she got me was perfect, from nineteen-eighteen, when Edward was born. I couldn't help but wear the bracelet Jacob gave me to remember him by, a charm bracelet with a small wooden wolf he carved hanging off of it. Edward's charm, a small diamond heart hung next to it.

Alice was already dressed in a beautiful pale blue dress, also from nineteen-eighteen. Her short, dark, pixie-like hair was spiked up in every direction. Rosalie came in soon after. Her beauty still takes my breath away every time I see her. Her beautiful long blond hair was styled in a complicated bun. She gave me a small, quick smile and began to help Alice. She didn't quite approve of me becoming a vampire but was doing her best to be as nice, and friendly as possible.

The ceremony went quickly. Jasper escorted Alice and Rosalie to the front. Charlie met me at the back of the house. He beamed and said, "You look beautiful Bells."

"Thanks dad." I smiled back.

I looked out the makeshift aisle in the Cullen's backyard and my handful of friends and family that had come. My mother was bawling and Esme and Carlisle looked thrilled. I didn't see Billy or Jacob.

The bridal song started, a recording of Edward playing it on the piano. He was the most amazing piano player I had ever heard and no one could possibly do him justice and since he couldn't play at the wedding, a recording was used.

Everyone stood and Charlie walked me down the aisle. I caught Edward's eye and my heart screamed in pure joy. He looked more handsome than I had ever seen him in a beautiful tux from nineteen-eighteen. He flashed the most beautiful smile I've ever seen as I went to stand next to him. Emmett came out and just like, Edward and I joined in holy matrimony.

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