Ayla and Katarina

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"I got that little bugger's braided beard." Katarina said holding up the small braid grinning. "You got it or did Lancelot?" asked Ayla frowning. Katarina shook her head, "Don't ask Lancelot about that one either."


Ayla gave her friend a confused look, "While I was being chocked to death by the Saxon king you were cutting off his son's beard?"

"Don't get mad at me just because you didn't get to do it." said Katarina said putting her heads on her hips.

"Next time I'm being chocked to death I'll ask the person doing it to please stop so I can cut off another person's braided beard." Ayla said rolling her eyes.

"Good then you won't be able to blame me because I got this one." said Katarina smiling. Ayla spit out the blood that had built up in her mouth, "So what if you got a beard?"

"You are jealous." Katarina said sticking her tong out at her friend.

"Where is everyone else?" Ayla asked looking around. Tristan, Arthur, Katarina, Gwenivere, and Lancelot were the only ones that Ayla could see. Galahad appeared being supported by Gawain as they slowly made their way towards the others.

"Now where are Bors and Dag?" asked Katarina.

"Help!" Bors' voice was suddenly heard screaming. Everyone ran towards the yell to see Bors holding his hand against a wound on Dagonate's side.

Katarina and Ayla kneeled next to Bors, "Move your hand." Bors moved his hand and the two women looked at Dagonate's wound.

"It is very bloody but it could be much worse." Katarina said.

"Kat's right, Dag will be ok if we can get him in bed." Ayla said.

"Ayla help Galahad so that Gawain and Gwenivere can try to get the others before they get further away." Arthur said.

Ayla went to help Galahad and said, "Someone is starting to sound like his commander-self."

"More like a king." muttered Katarina. The fighters returned to their home and that evening the rest of the town returned as well. A surprise had also come with the fort's regulars, Fulcinia, who was more then happy to nurse Dagonate to full health. It only took a few days for things to return to their regular schedule and as soon as that occurred an enormous party was in the works. Ayla was taking a walk around the palace with Tristan and their children. The couple walked with each other but Clair and Derik ran ahead.

"Hello Uncle Dag. Are you feeling better?" Clair asked. Fulcinia was walking with Dagonate doing her best to help him to walk.

"Better then yesterday." Dagonate said with a smile.

"Good Uncle Dag did Derik come this way? We are playing tag and I cannot find him." said Clair.

"I saw him run that way a few moments ago." said Fulcinia point down the hallway.

Clair smiled brightly, "Thank-you." Clair curtsied to them and ran down the hallway.

"She is a beautiful child." Fulcinia said.

"She is unless she is angry." Dagonate said grinning. Fulcinia frowned and tilted her head to the side in silent question.

"A boy tried to hurt Kia."

"Kia is the youngest of Katarina and Lancelot?" asked Fulcinia.

Dagonate nodded, "Kia was being picked on by a few boys in town while she was with Clair and Clair took it upon herself to beat them all up."

Fulcinia's jaw dropped to the floor, "You must be jesting."

Dagonate shook his head, "No I am not by the time any of us arrived Clair was sitting on one of the boys punching him as the other boy ran away."

"A young woman would act that way?" asked Fulcinia.

"More like a little monster." muttered Tristan as he and Ayla walked past.

Ayla turned her head with a smile, "It is good to see you better Dag."

"Thank-you Ayla." Dagonate responded.

"There is a loving family here." Fulcinia said. Dagonate nodded his agreement.

"It is also a loud one." Dagonate said.

"But a safe one all the same." Fulcinia said.

"Exactly." said Dagonate with a smile.

They progressed down the hall a few more steps before Dagonate flinched again and the two stopped, "Perhaps we should go back and I could bring you back food. I do not think that I am doing a good job of helping you." Dagonate shook his head as he steadied himself against the wall.

"You are doing well I became dizzy." Dagonate said.

"Then we will go slower." Fulcinia said as they began to slowly continue down the hall. Dagonate's legs gave out from under him and he fell to the ground and accidentally took Fulcinia down with him. Dagonate was on his stomach and his arms were out to his sides with one draped over Fulcinia who was on her side facing Dagonate. They stared at each other for a few moments then they burst with laughter.

"Are you alright?" asked Fulcinia as their laughter died down.

"I am, and you?" asked Dagonate.

"I am fine." Fulcinia replied. Dagonate instinctively put his hand on the side of Fulcinia's face and his smile grew. Fulcinia remained silent as Dagonate caressed her face.

"Uncle Dag did you see my sisser?" asked Kia coming down the hallway. The young girl held a blanket in one hand and her thumb was in her other hand. Dagonate and Fulcinia jolted out of their trance and looked up at the young child.

"Sorry Kia I have not." Dagonate answered turning so that he was lying on his back.

"Ok I wanna see sisser if you see her." Kia said. Dagonate nodded his answer. Kia crouched down and gave Dagonate a kiss on the forehead before continuing down the hall. Suddenly Kia's pitter-patter foot steps could be heard as she ran back to the couple.

Kia crouched down and gave Fulcinia the same kiss on the forehead that she had given to Dagonate, "Sorry Cici I almost forgot." Kia went skipping down the hallway.

Dagonate smiled, "Welcome to the family."


Katarina and Ayla smiled as they watched their children play in the training yards with Tristan and Lancelot. Tristan whispered something to the children who all turned on a dime and tackled Lancelot to the ground. The air was filled with laughter.

"Did you and Tristan fight it out?" asked Katarina, "I mean you did kinda lie to him about the whole Saxon battle thing."

"I did not." Ayla said rolling her eyes, "All I did was tell him I did not want to argue."

"And?" asked Katarina.

"He mistakenly assumed that it meant I was going to leave with the caravan."

Katarina gave a snort, "You can dress it up all you want Ayla."

"Hey you can read the fine print all you want Kat. I am the one who got out of an all out war, ironically over staying to fight." Ayla said resting back on her elbows while watching her children.

"You and your dang fine print, and your ever so lovely irony. And how did you get out of arguing anyway?" Katarina asked. Ayla smirked and wiggled her eyebrows a few times suggestively. Katarina made a disgusted face and sat up covering her ears.

"My friend you need to understanding the full meaning of T.M.I." Katarina said finally putting her hands down. Katarina opened her eyes as she heard Ayla respond.

"Hun you have two kids and you are with the pretty boy of this fort in the times before rules of P.D.A so don't you dare go there with me cuz you'd loose that argument real fast." said Ayla.

"Well that we have progressed to name calling at least Lancelot doesn't go creeping around the fort." Katarina said.

"And at least when Tristan does in does not bring his manhood into question. Lancelot is a whole 'nother basket of cookies." Ayla said.

Katarina playfully pinched her friend with a mock glare. "I still can't believe you used," Katarina wiggled her eyebrows, "to prevent an argument."

Ayla laughed, "And you haven't?"

"Oh lord knows I have I'm just a little surprised from you that's all." laughed Katarina.

"Well we were both happy in the end, and there was no point in arguing over something that had come and gone." Ayla said.

"Luckily Lancelot shares that point of view." Katarina said.

"I think he was afraid you would give him another black eye. You do have an abusive streak in you." said Ayla.

Without thinking Katarina smacked Ayla's arm, "I do not."

Ayla just smiled at her friend as they went back to watching their respective families. Lancelot whispered in a low voice to his daughters. Ayla lay back and watched the clouds pass overhead. "Everything is perfect." sighed Ayla. Katarina expelled an, 'Ooof' when her two daughters ran across the yard and tackled her.

Katarina laughed as her two children sat on her stomach smiling, "Depends on your perspective."