Announcement #2

I'm sorry for all these announcements and no new chapters, but this is important.

I got a review from someone suggesting I split part one and part two of Like Father Like Daughter and make part two a sequel. The more I think about it the more it seems like a good idea (also it will make it easier for new readers not to read the crappy stuff in the beginning). I may or may not delete the already existing chapters of part two, but I WILL repost them in the sequel, the name of which I do not know yet and for which I am taking requests into consideration.

And no, I am not stupid, I did think of this before I posted part two, but I wanted more reviews on this. None of my other fanfictions have over one hundred reviews.

If any of you don't want me to make it a sequel instead of part of the story, please feel free to tell me in a review, but it is unlikely I will change my mind.

Hm...I read what I wrote so far and it seems kind of...serious for me. I don't even use any contractions. Huh. Okay, well just for kicks and funnynessity, here's a joke:

There are three brothers, Bagel, Chagel, and Fagel. One day, the oldest, Bagel, decides to go move to America. "I'm going to move to America!" he says. "And I'm going to change my name to Buck!" So Bagel became Buck and he moved to America. The next oldest, Chagel says, "I'm going to move to America! And I'm going to change my name to Chuck!" So Chagel became Chuck and he moved to America. Fagel, the youngest, says, "I think I'll just say home."

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love that joke. If you don't get it, tell me in a review and I'll explain. It can kinda take awhile.

Hugs and Kisses!