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Chapter 1: BD and Jack


The cool night wind blew across the museum roof, filling the sky with pink and black stripped hair. The young teenager sat with her eyes to the heavens, taking in their magnificence and peacefulness. "They're so beautiful." She said, sounding memorized in a way.

"What are?"

"The stars." The other teen, his back to hers, looked up at the sky and rolled his eyes.

"You can't even see them. You can barely see the frickin moon, city's too damn bright."

"Yeah, but you know they're there and you know they're beautiful."

"………riiiiight. Okay, I would say you need to get out more, but maybe you should stay in for a while, watch some TV……or something." He pushed a lock of green and black hair from his face and yawned. They sat in silence like they'd been doing for the past three hours. With every passing minute the aggravation in the air grew thicker.

"You know you gotta let go sometime, Jack."

"Or you could let go, Plio."

"Damnit, Jack, it's 2:30 in the fucking morning! I wanna go home!"

"Then let go." He stated very matter-of-factly. She leaned her head on the back of his shoulder and grunted,

"How long we gonna keep this up?"


"This. We've been doing this since we were five years old!"

::Twelve years ago::

"Give it!"

"No, you give it!"

"No, you!"

"No, you!" The two five year olds wrestled and rolled on the bank floor, both refusing to release the relatively large diamond.

"It's mine!" Shouted the little boy.

"Not its not!" Screamed the little girl.

"Yes it is! I have to steal it!"

"And I have to save it!"

"You can't save a diamond!"

"Yes I can!"

"No you can't!"

"Yes I can!"

"No you can't!"

One hour later…

"We should probably wake them up, but they're soooo cu-ute!" spoke a female voice.

"I know, they really are." Said another female voice. The two older women stood at the door with their eyes on the small children passed out on the floor, their hands still on the rock. "Aright, Harl, we best get them home." Selena made her way to the sleeping toddlers and pried their hands off the precious jewel.

"What should we do with it?" Harleen asked.

"I'll just put it back, save us some time and trouble." She replied and put the diamond back in its rightful place. Then, with their children in their arms, the two mothers parted ways.

::Present day::

"Oh yeah, I remember that. It was the first time we met, and boy were you a persistent little crapper." Jack half laughed.

"Yeah, but I still won that fight." She retorted.

"Only cuz we fell asleep and our moms didn't feel like getting into it."

"That's stupid."

"You're stupid."

"You're stupid!"

"Go to hell!"

"You first." Again they sat in silence, scowling at each other.

"………I woulda kicked your ass back then." Jack finally said.

"Oh whatever."

"You know it's true. It's not my fault your mom wouldn't let you ever get in a real fight. I guess she didn't care much about your dignity." He alleged with a bit of amusement.

"Oh, yeah, and this coming from a guy whose parents named him, Jackendaboks." That struck a nerve.

"Yeah? Well, what kind of a name is Plio? Huh?" He grinned, showing his lightly yellow tinted teeth; she could here the enjoyment of her annoyance in his voice. "I guess they somehow knew their little girl would someday grow up to 'pli'se a lot of men." The young girl spun around and punched him in his pure white arm.

"Take that back!" She shouted.

"Make. Me." He uttered through a smirk, getting in her face. Oh, how she couldn't stand him, him and that stupid smirk.

"At least I can get a guy." She threw back, matching his smirk and getting in his face.

"So can I……wait……DAMNIT!"

"HA! I win!"

"Oooo….I can't STAND you!"

"Don't be hatin'."

"Screw you."

"Screw you sideways. Now let go so we can go home." She said, pulling on the gold and diamond covered stick thing.

"The hell I will, you let go."

"No, you let go."

"Ha, no, you let go."

"Grow up and let go!"


Hour and a half later

"Seriously, Harley, don't they know they're getting a little old for this?"

"I hear ya." The two mothers stared down at their sleeping teenagers, the golden stick thing still in their hands.


"Damn, I really hate him." Plio walked out of her history class after taking a test she knew she failed. "He's always doing this to me." She muttered to herself.

"Who?" Plio, so wrapped up in her thoughts, hadn't noticed that her friend, Bre, was walking beside her and jumped when she heard her voice.

"Jeez, Bre, you scared the hell out of me. I didn't her come up."

"Sorry, but who were you talking about? You said 'He's always doing this to me.'"

"Uh…" she had to think of something fast and pray that her friend would buy it.

":gasp: Are you secretly dating someone?!" She squealed in excitement. "Oh, I wanna meet him! Is he nice? I bet he's smoking hot—" Plio smacked her hand over her friend's mouth to shut her up.

"No, Bre, I'm not dating anyone. My dad had me up last night finishing some stupid homework."

"Oh…" Bre's voice screamed disappointment.

"What's with everyone and wanting me to date so fucking badly? I'll date when I find someone I frickin' like."

"Well, you're always so busy, how can you find someone?" Plio looked down at her feet; she knew Bre was right and she hated it.

"Look, I'll catch you later. Gotta hurry and get home."

"Okay, see-ya later, Plio."

"Bye." They waved and went their separate ways. Plio was so glad it was time to go home. Her entire day had been such a drag. She had gotten yelled at in every class for sleeping, and in one class, she actually fell out of her chair. How she hated that bastard, Jack.

She walked down the busy streets of Gotham City, enjoying the time to herself. She had grown loved the sounds of the city, they somehow calmed her nerves…well, not all of them.

"Hey, Plio!"

"Oh my god, go away." The green and black haired teen stepped out from on of the alleys and began walking next his so called enemy, irritating the crap out of her.


"Because I don't like you."

"Well that hurts."

"And what the hell are you wearing?" She asked, taking notice to the long, ugly, brown trench coat with a hood that had some kind of retarded design on it and a pair of old brown gloves.

"See, unlike you, I can't just put on a wig and be on my way." He answered and patted the top of her long black wig.

"Quit!" She slapped his hand away and readjusted her 'hair.' "Now, seriously, go away. I don't want people thinking that I'm affiliated with you.

"Nobody's gonna know it's me. I'm 'incognito.'" He stated, stepping in front of her and holding out his arms so she could properly see is 'clever' disguise.

"No one is dumb enough to fall for that."

"Wanna bet?" He looked around, search for something that could prove his disguise was a good one. "Ah-Ha! Hold on, watch." Plio, a little annoyed, crossed her arms and watched like she was told. Jack casually strolled up to a hot dog stand, asked for a hot dog, received said hot dog, and strolled back to his dumbfounded counterpart. "Told ya."

"Errr! Damn you piss me off!" She shouted in frustration and began to storm off.

"Why? What'd I do?" He questioned, his mouth full of food, running after her.

"You just fucking, irritate me! Oh, and thanks to you, I probably failed my history test today!"

"How is that my fault?"

"You kept me out so late last night, I could barely stay awake to take the damn thing." Jack finished his hot dog with a smack of his lips and placed his hands on the back of his head.

"Not my fault, you could've let go—AH!" Without warning, Plio pushed her nemesis as hard as she could into another alley and onto a huge pile of trash, and, without a second look, she walked on, a smile plastered on her face and a giggle escaping her lips.

Jack, struggling to get up and out of the bags of garbage, started to pick banana peels, dirty napkins, and other unidentifiable objects of his coat with a scowl. "Frickin' disgusting." He looked up just in time to see the youngest Wayne disappear around the corner across the street and grinned the famous 'Joker' grin.


"MOM!" Plio dropped her book bag at the front door of their mansion. She sighed at the memory of their beloved butler, their friend, Alfred, and how he used to be there waiting for her when she got home. She missed him so much. "MOM!"

"What is it, honey?!" Her mom called back from somewhere upstairs.

"I hate my life and I'm gonna drop out of school! Become a hobo!"

"You do that! Just remember that dinner's at six!"

"Ugh." Annoyed and tired, Plio stomped up the ridiculously big staircase and to her room where a well deserved nap awaited her arrival with open arms. With the shut of the door, she was on her soft bed, sleep beginning to take over. "Nobody knows what it's like to be me." She muttered to herself.

"I do." Came the all too familiar voice. Plio buried her face in her big pillow and began to scream muffled words one could only guess were profanities. "You okay, BD?" She sat up and glared at him like no tomorrow and he just sat there on the window ceil with that stupid grin.

"Why are you here?"

"I thoroughly enjoy annoying the hell out of you."

"You do know how dead you would be if my dad found out you know where we live, let alone, know who we are, right?"

"Uh………really dead?"

"Yeah…Jack……really dead." She rolled her eyes and laid back down, her back to the jerk in the window.

"Well, you don't have to worry. I'm not gonna tell my parents. They don't deserve to know if they haven't been able to figure it out on their own by now."

"Um…thanks…I guess."

"No prob. Hey, you seen the newspaper today? You made the front page…again."

"Are you serious?!" She exclaimed as she jumped up and grabbed the paper from his hands.

"Yeah, but you reeeeally gotta think of a name other than 'BD.'"

"What's wrong with 'BD?'" She asked, still looking at the paper.

"It stands for 'Batman's Daughter.'"


"So think of something new. How 'bout 'Pinkass Bitch?'" He suggested with a smile that reached from ear to ear.

"Screw you."

"Screw you sideways."

"Plio!" They froze. "Plio!" Bruce Wayne's deep voice rang throughout the entire mansion. Plio sprang from her bed, shoving the paper into Jack's chest, and ran to the door.

"Just a sec!" She called out, then spun around to the window, "Alright you gotta—Jack?" He was gone. "Damn, that boy is creepy."


"Coming, dad!"


"Oh, you're home, sweetie!"

"Hey, mom." Jack walked into his 'happy little home' at the old carnival sight and took a seat by his 'always happy' mom on the couch. "Where's dad?"

"Oh, know him, always busy." 'The world's greatest dad.' He thought to himself. He hated that stupid sorry excuse of a man and tried to avoid him at all times. "So what were you up to today?"

"Nuin really, just breaking the law."

"Oh you always say that. Where you with a girl?" She asked with a wink. His mom loved to try and pry into his life. It's not that he hated talking to her; he just liked to keep to himself. Jack was never really one to share his feelings with anybody.

"What kind of a girl would I date, mom? I can't exactly date a good, law-binding girl and the number of villains, of both sexes, has dramatically decreased by a lot since your time."

"My time? You make me sound so old." Her son smiled and laughed.

"No, mom, you're not old and no, I'm not dating anyone." Harleen watched her only child with sadness. His life hadn't necessary been very fair for him.

"I couldn't be more proud of you when I see you breaking the law, but I feel that you completely missed out on your best years. And I feel that it is my fault."

Jack kept his eyes on the television set, not wanting to look his mother in the face, knowing deep down that she was right. "No. Mom. It's not your fault. I'm just not a very social kind of kid." He smiled to re-ensure her.

"Jackendaboks, I'm serious."

"So am I don't ever call me that."

"Why not? It's your name, sweetie." Jack sunk back into the couch and covered his face with his hands.

"Don't remind me." He muttered through his fingers.

"Just promise me, Jack, that you'll go out his weekend and have a good time like a normal teenager. You're seventeen years old; you deserve to have some fun other than breaking the law.

"Sure, maybe I can go to the skate park and hang with the other 'white' kids, only problem is, is that I'm the only one who's actually WHITE."

"Urrgh!" Harley Quinn got up and stormed out of the room, muttering something about 'stupid teenagers' and 'smartasses.'

Jack sprawled out on the big couch, ready to catch some quick shut eye before supper, when his mother called out from the kitchen, "Maybe you and BD can try dating!" His eyes snapped open.



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