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Chapter 18: Happy Halloween


Plio awoke with a sharp inhale of air as she opened her eyes to meet the sun's golden rays. What the hell had happened to her? And how the hell she'd end up in this car. The last thing she remembered was… "JACK! Ow!" her hand went to her forehead in reaction to the throbbing pain sitting up so quickly had caused. "I'm gonna kill that mother fucker when I find him. I can't believe he knocked me out…although," she thought, "I guess he did it to save my life. That psycho bitch did have me petrified…but still, that kinda hurt. Not to mention I'm getting really fucking tired of being knocked out." Sighing, she looked outside the window at her surroundings, and, seeing virtually no shadows, realized it was mid afternoon. Kicking the door open she slid out and tiredly—which was surprising considering she was sure she had had a pretty long nap—stood up, stretching. Beep beep…beep beep "Huh…oh, my phone!" she smiled having remembered the handy little device. Pulling back her left sleeve, she flipped open the little black carrier strapped to her arm—she had no pockets—and pulled out the pink and black cell. She smiled from ear to ear when she saw the screen.

"Damn, mom, I've only been gone for like thirty-six hours. Okay, even given that that is a really long time, 452 missed calls from a single person is a little ridiculous…" she contemplated on whether or not to call her more than likely hysterical mother, "…I'll call her later," and she slid the phone shut. As she started to put it away she noticed strange…the date. "Friday, October 31? Huh…it's Jack's birthday. How 'bout that." She smiled and looked to the sky. "It sucks our birthdays have to be completely ruined by all this shit. Heh…maybe it'll all be over by tomorrow for my birthday…but I doubt it." Grinning she put the phone back in its rightful place. "Oh shit, wait—" she yanked the phone back out in a frenzy and flipped it open, "Oh…my God…I SLEPT THROUGH ALL OF THURSDAY! God, that means I've been gone from home for two and a half fucking days! SHIT!" Quickly she dialed her mother's number and prayed she wouldn't be too mad, but too much wishful thinking was unhealthy. "Hi, mom."

"PLIO DELIA WAYNE! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!" 'Damn…' "DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING WORRIED I'VE BEEN?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" She honestly felt really bad for having worried her mother so much, but listening to her mother go off like that was funny as hell.

"I'm sorry, mom, I got knocked out during that bank robbery and—"

"DON'T YOU SMILE ABOUT THIS!" 'Damn, how'd she know she was smiling?'

"I'm not smiling, mom…"


"No, I know it's not funny. That's why I'm not smiling." Her smile grew.

"You've had all of us so scared, Plio! Bre called me Wednesday night in a panic and told me what happened! About the fight between you and that red-headed woman, and how you went off to find her! I was so sure you'd been killed."

"Gee, thanks for having some faith in me—"

"Plio!" The young Wayne jumped at the over dramatized cry of her name. "You have NO idea who the fuck you are dealing with! These people are very dangerous, more so than you have ever had to face." What was the deal with these guys?

"How do you know these people, mom? Have they been here before?" Her mother fell silent. Plio waited, but nothing was said. "Mom?"

"Plio, please," her mother begged, "just come home. Right now. We'll discuss it later. Okay?" Now Plio was silent.

"…Sorry, mom, I can't, I've got things to do. I'll be home later. Now, I've got to go check the bank."

"Okay, fine, Plio, but…I have to warn you." Her mother's voice was different now, soothing, sorrowful even, like she was preparing to tell her something terrible.

"Of what?"

"There was a fatality…a security guard was murdered during the robbery," Plio took in another sharp breath. "It was Jerry Woods." Suddenly she felt the need to vomit. He couldn't be dead. Not Jerry. Why would Jack let that happen—Jack. Jack?

"Mom…" the heroine's voice was shaky with dread now, "do you think Jack did it?"

"I don't know sweetie, but to be honest, I don't think that boy's actions are his decision to make any more." She flipped the phone shut without say goodbye, not wanting to hear anymore, and put it back in its holder. She then noticed something strange on her arm.

"What's this?" she asked no one and moved her fingers across her skin over a small brownish dot, a dot about the size of a needle. "Fucking bastards…they fucking drugged me! ERRR!" Now in a fit of rage, she stormed out of the alley. Turning the corner, she climbed the large stone steps, and marched up to the bank doors; where she was stopped by the commissioner. Hot tears fell from her blue eyes but she gritted her teeth and held it together. "I'm sorry, Commissioner." She was holding her breath to keep her voice from cracking with grief. "I tried to stop them, but…I wasn't ready to face someone like…" It was all too much: the memory of Lithe slitting the man's throat, the pain she inflicted on her friend Charlie, people getting the upper hand on her more and more, and now the death of a dear friend. Plio buried her face in the elder woman's chest, soaking her coat with uncontrollable tears. Barbara Gordon wrapped her up in a bear hug, knowing exactly what she was going through.

"It's okay, Plio," she whispered lovingly, "this wasn't your fault." She stroked the teen's hair as she continued to sob. "You can't expect to win every time, not alone…not at your age. Hell, I know I didn't." Images of fallen victims flashed through the commissioner's mind. "So you can't blame yourself. All right? After all, you're only human." Stepping back, Plio nodded and wiped her eyes on her sleeve.

"How'd he die?" Barbara sighed and dug her hands deep inside her coat pockets.

"Stabbed…multiples times," Plio gasped, and began to unravel again, "but," she said quickly, "the cornier said the first blow killed him instantly, so he felt no pain." Barbara waited a minute or so before she spoke again, allowing the young girl some time to wrap her brain around it all. When she did speak again, she spoke with caution, knowing the relationship between the two teens. "Plio," she said softly, "I hate to tell you this, I truly, truly do, but Jack's prints were found all over the knife." She said nothing, only breathed, a distant look forming in her blue eyes. "Plio. Plio, look at me," Barbara demanded as she shook the girl gently. "I need you to tell me everything. Everything you know, and everything you think you know. Why would he do this?"

"He wouldn't," she managed to choke out; "they're making him. I don't know how, but they are." Pushing Barbara out of the way, Plio burst through the oversized doors of the banks entrance and immediately threw up. They must have been cleaning it for about a day now, but there was just so much blood. From the look of the overwhelming about of crimson splattered everywhere, one would assume that a great number of people had been slaughtered there. Plio feel to her knees sobbing uncontrollably. How could someone do this? Just then a gentle hand was placed on her shoulder as someone knelt down behind her.

"You can relax, Plio, most of it is just pig's blood." Plio looked up in a mixture of horror and confusion. "I think they just wanted to psych us out, make us go insane with fear and panic." Plio's eyes went back to the blood soaked walls and her father's 'rules' began to slowly drain from her memory. "Which is why I need to know who 'they' are?" Regaining her composure, the pink heroine moved slowly back to a standing position, wiping her nose and eyes on her sleeve again, she signaled for the commissioner to stand up as well and to follow her. The two stepped over to a corner, away from everyone else, and, taking a deep breath, she began her story.

"'They're a deadly group of people under the command of a demon like man and his whore that calls herself, Lithe." Her voice was dead, as if she had given up on the good in humanity. "The rest of the men are just lackeys, but don't underestimate them. They're no better than the bitch. They too do whatever the hell their master tells them to do. And their not too short on the fighting skills, either. But this chick, Lithe, now she's a vicious person. No remorse, no mercy, no care for any other living creature. She'd do anything for her leader and 'lover.' You see, she used to work for the CIA here in the US when she was eighteen or nineteen," she explained, recalling a phone call she received from Bre shortly after leaving her at the office building. "She was like a spy or assassin or something like that. And she was the best of the best. No one could stop her, no one survived if they did. But she murdered some innocent people or whatever and the government tried to detain her, with plans to kill her, but they couldn't. She escaped with ease and the lives of those who go in her way. She worked for powerful, evil people for a few years over in Europe, before she came across a man in an Italian prison. Soffrire…Pen—"

"Penoso Soffrire?!" Barbara asked in a frantic paranoid shriek. Plio nodded.

"How'd you—"

"He's back…" she muttered to herself, Plio eyed her curiously, "…he can't be back…oh God, what are we going to do…"

"Um…Barbara? You, uh…you know this guy, too?" She didn't answer the question, but what she said next, did.

"Listen carefully. You go home and you stay there, okay? Don't you dare try to take this man on alone. It took all of us, hero and villain, to take him down last time. If you do try, I promise you, you will die." Plio watched as the commissioner turned and left in a hurry, leaving no real explanation for her strange behavior. With a heavy sigh, she made her way out and down the steps, before heading back into the shadows of the alley. She took a seat off to the side and watched the world go by. It had always amazed her, no matter how bad a past catastrophe was, you'd never know it but watching the city folk. Never had they let lowlife crooks, crocodile like men, plant loving women, and psychotic clowns keep them down for long. The people of Gotham City might have been the biggest snobs in the country, but they were the toughest bunch of assholes money could buy. GURGLE Plio's hand went to her stomach and she realized how hungry she was…it'd been a day and a half since she'd last eaten. Smiling, she decided to visit the sub store a couple doors down.

She'd lost track of how long she'd been sitting there, thinking about the possible futures, and eating her sandwiches she'd bought. She loved going to places like that in costume, it made the kids' day. They got to see a hero up close and personal. She watched as the children and their parents walked up and down the streets in their own costumes now. It was Halloween and trick-or-treating was done earlier in Gotham, it started at five. When you live in a city with so many crooks, you tend to do more things while it was still daylight.

"I don't think Jack could have been born on a more perfect day," she thought to herself with an idiotic grin. "Born already in costume. Ha!" She rubbed her heavy eyes aggravatingly—that drug just didn't want to get out of her system—and continued to watch. The city's inhabitants were so unaware of the likely bloody genocide that might occur in the next few days, and she wished she could be so clueless herself. To think almost one week ago their lives where perfectly normal—well, normal for her and Jack—and now, six days later, everything was falling apart, sanity itself was slipping away from those who needed it most, and they were being forced to wait for Hell on Earth and the opportunity to 'try' and, probably fail, to stop it. 'Gee, sounds like fun.'

So what was the big damn deal about this Penoso guy? She'd seen first hand that he could be pretty ruthless, but nothing too bad. It was the girl that had had her freaked out, but no one knew who she was. So what could he have done that was so bad? Commissioner Gordon seemed scared out of her mind when she learned of his name; had she fought against him too? She thought about all of the unexplained deaths of so many super heroes and villains alike and how no one seemed to really remember or want to talk about them. 'Oh he went and got himself blown up,' they would say. 'I think she fell in a vat of acid,' another would say—so what? Was the Joker the only one who could survive that? Oh, her personal favorite was: 'I saw those Men in Black come and take them away for scientific experiments.' No, they didn't just die, none of them, no, she had a feeling they were all murdered. Murdered so brutally that no ever spoke of it and it was erased from history; Gotham's own little dirty secret. And maybe, just maybe, that murderer was back.


She knew this smell; there was only one person she knew that wore it. The sent was faint, but it was there, lingering in the air. Rose…and…and something heavy coming for the side of her head. Quickly she jumped up, whirling around at the same time, and caught the two by four in her left hand. Lithe smiled. "You know, you're pretty good."

"No," she said coldly and yanked both the piece of wood and Lithe forward, so their faces just about touched. "I'm great." BD's fist plummeted into the left side of the redhead's black-colored mouth, causing her to stubble back.

"Fucking bitch," she spat out, along with some blood, her hand pressed firmly against her bottom throbbing mouth. "That was fucking uncalled for."

"You're one to talk," BD's face, voice, nor body language showed any sign of fear or want to run away, not this time. She was done with being a timid little, half-ass hero. If she was to get knocked out or killed this time around, she was at least taking the bitches pretty green eyes with her. "I'm gonna fucking kill you, Lithe." Lithe, straightening herself up and revealing an already fattening, bloody lip, laughed and shook her head.

"Nuh-ah, to do that you'll have to break your one rule." The corner of the BD's pink mouth curled up into a devious little smirk when the red-head lunged for her again with the piece of two by four. "But I'll gladly kill you." A long, slick metal spike—about six inches in length and a centimeter in diameter—suddenly protruded from a brace strapped to BD's forearm, parallel to both her arm and palm. The spike dug deep into the top of Lithe's left shoulder, away from any serious arteries or veins.

"I'm not my father." Lithe cried out in pain as four inches of cold titanium slid deeper and deeper into her body. Pulling the lethal weapon out, BD again swung her fist into the deranged villainess's face, knocking her onto her back. Lithe stared up at the grinning heroine in awe; she couldn't believe she'd done that. Maybe there was more to this girl than she had thought. "C'mon, Lithe," the teen taunted, the spike slipping back inside its holder, "show me what you've got." Grinning now as well, Lithe flip herself up to her feet and immediately attempted to kick her enemy in the head with her heal, but her foot was caught and she was thrusted back to the ground. Trying to scurrying back to her feet, the henchwoman pulled her fatal katana from its sheath, growling in frustration, and sliced it through the air. Swiftly picking up the piece of wood the villainess had dropped, BD held it up just as the blade came within inches of her head. Twisting both the board and sword, she managed to jerk it from Lithe's hands and tossed it too the ground. Something didn't seem right…this was far, far too easy. Lithe, having noticed the growing curiosity in her eyes, smiled innocently. "You're not even trying," she accused.

"Well, you did stab me in my arm, might I remind you," she explained oh so causally, and pointed to the bleeding wound; a perfect little circle.

"You're just the type of masochistic person that probably wouldn't mind a little bit of pain." The lunatic purred with a sardonic kind of smirk has the index finger of her right hand swabbed some of the crimson fluid oozing from her body. Her finger moved to hover over her blackened lips.

"I do quite enjoy pain," Ugh, the thought of her and that freak, Penoso, together was enough to make any sane person want to vomit. But that thought quickly dissolved away when Lithe's finger, blood and all, disappeared inside her pretty little mouth. Okay, that was enough to make any person want to vomit, sane or not. Lithe smiled triumphantly at the girl's obvious dismay. "What? Petrified, petite?"

"First of all," she said while holding up her finger, and swallowing the bit of barf that had worked it way into her throat, "the second time around, it's only disturbing," Lithe shrugged her shoulders in a 'Whatever,' like fashion, "and secondly, don't try to act all French when you're not."


"Nooo, your ancestor's and possibly some relatives might be French, but you are not.. But you're too stupid to get that threw your thick head." Breathing heavy through her nose to stay calm, Lithe's eyes moved to look past the heroine, to something of obvious significance behind her, and then back to her enemy. It was quick, but BD saw, and the smile that was growing on her sadistic face quickly disappeared when the teen's hands flew up above her head. She'd somehow managed to catch the shimmering blade that had been slicing through the air from behind her in the palms of her hands. Keeping it firmly in her grasp, BD yanked it down to the right and twisting around, causing the assailant to drop the weapon and take her boot to their gut. She gasped when she realized who it was. "Charlie…" she breathed just barely above a whisper. Since when did she attack people with deadly weapons? Or just attack them, period. Feeling a bit of rage coming on, BD found herself picking the blonde up by her shirt and holding her against the wall with more strength than she thought she had. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you fucktard?!"

"Nothing is wrong with me!" she spat back.

"What would you have done if that had actually killed me?!"

"Celebrated!" The word took the heroine's breath away. Rejoiced? She'd be happy killing a hero? She'd be happy killing? What the hell was wrong with her? 'Why her?' she thought as she gazed upon her friend's psychotic smile, 'Why Charlie? She was getting so much better…why Lithe have to choose her?' The blonde kept her eyes locked—a look of murder in her anxious stare—on the now depressed BD as the red-head arose from behind. "When we get done," Charlie began, still smiling, "and you're dead," there was a certain tone of excitement in her voice, "there'll be nothing left to get in the way of me and Jackendaboks." All sense of depression was gone…only annoyance.

"I figured I should tell her about the two of you," Lithe chirped, "about all the love you two share, and how you're stealing her man from her." This whole obsession her friend was having with the clown prince was really starting to piss the vigilantly off, not because of jealousy or anything but just because the bitch was so fucking stupid. 'I don't know how much more insanity I can take before I lose it.' She sighed and bent down a bit to look the blond in the eyes.

"I would like us to get something straight, to get it clear," BD, ignoring Lithe—which irritated her to no end—pointed a finger at her friend as if she was a mother scolding a child, "HE HATES BEING CALLED JACKENDABOKS, DUMBASS!" She put every ounce of emphasis she could on the word. "And second of all—now listen carefully retard—he…does not…love…you. Let alone like you. You annoy the living fuck out of him. He wishes you were dead." Charlie fought back the tears from the thought of her beloved hating her.

"Damn, BD, that was…kind of harsh." BD glared back at the psychotic mercenary; it had to be said.

"YOU LIE!" She screamed, and the attention was back to her. "If he hated me so much he wouldn't have made out with me so many fucking times!" BD back off from the obsessed psychopath and, with one hand on her hip, pinched her nose between her shut eyes and took a couple relaxing breaths.

"Alright, I'm gonna lay this out so even you can understand it…" she bent down again, resting her hands on her knees and waited a moment before continuing, almost laughing at how intently Charlie was listening, "…you…are…easily…manipulated…and fucked." The moment BD finished speaking Charlie's own boot came flying up in an attempt to strike the heroine in the nose, but BD caught it with ease and twisted it; a loud, nauseating crack echoed in the narrow alley. Charlie's screams rang out loudly in the small area, almost distracting her former friend from the attack coming from behind her. It didn't work through.

The blood dripped to the dark concrete ground as Lithe gasped more from the shock than the pain. BD had spun around at the last moment extending the metal rod hooked to her arm and jammed it into the lunatic's abdomen. Charlie fell silent, too afraid to make a sound. BD wasn't supposed to hurt her opponents like that; those were her father's rules, and she had to follow what her father told her…right? She couldn't kill. She couldn't. The teen hero leaned forward and whispered into her adversary's ear, the deadly venom in her voice mimicking the red-head's, "I told you…Lithe, I'm not my dad." She jerked the shiny object out, earning her a cry from her victim, who fell back against the wall. She watched the woman clutch to her stomach in shock, unable to speak, and frighteningly found it…intriguing. "Don't worry," she finally told her, "you won't die. Not if you go medical attention quickly. I've studied human anatomy for years, I know exactly where and how deep I can penetrate a person before they die." The sound of glass breaking followed by an alarm and multiple screams could be heard from a store not to far away.

"It's a good thing you've developed this merciless attitude, BD, you're gonna need it tonight." BD's eyes moved back and forth between the street and the murderer. "Penoso sent out quite a number of our men to wreak havoc and chaos on the city this evening, and they're all very evil. Let's see just how many you're willing to kill to protect and save your precious citizens, because be assured that they won't stop until they are dead." Then she was at her ear, behind her. "I guarantee you there will be blood…lots of it. Have fun." She whipped around but they were gone. Then she heard more windows break followed by more screams. She felt a piece of her former self slip away and ran out to the hell that awaited her…leaving her forgiveness behind.


Pain…aching, unbearable pain…God his head hurt. Had it really even been necessary to hit him that hard? Well, then again he was going to try to kill them…but still, that really hurt. Sitting up slowly in his bed, the clown gazed upon his surroundings and sighed. It was dark outside, like late night or early morning, he'd completely missed his birthday. A couple weeks ago he was praying he could spend the day hanging out with his best friend, then just one week ago, he was praying to spend a more intimate night with his best friend. Looks like those wishes were out the damn window. Throwing the covers back he noticed he was in his pajamas. 'Heh…mama's baby boy,' he smiled uncontrollably; the woman was always finding excuses to take care of him like he was still a little boy. Oh well, at least she picked his favorite pair; they had dragons on them. He thought about how he had raised his voice to her and threatened her; how could he have? The thought of ever inflicting pain on his loving mother clawed at his insides, she might have deserved it way back when but not anymore. He couldn't let this bastard control him. 'Bastard?' Rubbing the back of his head where the pain was pulsating, he realized his mind was calm, and he was thinking clearly. 'I guess he can't get in my head if I can't focus…nice. Dad was right.' He stood up, stretching and yawning feeling pretty good, despite the throbbing lump on his skull, hoping to salvage whatever was left of his birthday. Then a thought struck him: his Plio, lying in that abandoned car. Left alone with no answers as to what happened. He wanted to throw up. What was she going to think when she saw the after math in the bank? "Plio…" he breathed, grief gnawing at his heart, killing him slowly.

"Yes?" The clown jumped, shrieking in surprise, then, tripping over himself, hit the floor. Plio burst into laughter, waving at him from a chair on the opposite side of the room. He shamefully hung his head as he rose, taking a couple deep breaths, enjoying and loving the sound of her laugh, it made his heart hurt a little less.

"What the hell is that noise?" he asked, having noticed the music coming from his stereo.

"It's just this old group from way back when called, Evanescence. They have good songs to listen too when…'you're feeling down.' You know, that whole dropping to the floor thing was funny as hell. I had no idea you scare so damn easily." He smiled grudgingly at her.

"I usually don't, but it's been a rough couple of days." When she spoke he could here the sadness overflowing in her voice.

"You're telling me." At the sound of her distraught, Jack reached out and flipped the light on. 'Oh God.' His body fell numb as terror overtook him. What the fuck had happened to her? Her clothes were splattered and soaked with blood…a lot of it. Traces of it were left on her face where she had obviously tried to wipe it off in a frantic state. Her usually bright blue eyes were dull now, almost lifeless, black bags forming beneath them. Her skin was pale and bruised from some kind of beating; she must have gone through hell itself. Plio waved off his horrified expression as if he were overreacting. "Don't worry, Jack, it's not my blood…not all of it at least." Then she looked away.

"Plio…" he breathed again.

"You've been asleep for hours, almost an entire day; I was starting to think you were never going to wake up." She tried to smile but she just couldn't.

"Plio…" he said again, but she still did not look at him, it was like it was too painful for her.

"Happy eighteenth birthday, by the way, just another half an hour and it'll be mine." He watched her for what seemed like an eternity. Her face fell…as did her tears. He wanted to hold her, but his body just wouldn't move.

"What happened, P?" It took her a moment to answer, to get the words around the large lump that had formed in her throat, but she managed to choke out the sentence before her sobs finally overcame her and she fell to pieces.

"I killed someone." She whispered and his heart broke. In an instant he was across the room in front of her and yanked her out of the chair. He encased her in a loving hug, holding her tight, wanting to protect her from the memory of whatever she had been through. She continued to cry into his bare chest, her own arms wrapping around his back. "I didn't want to, Jack, I didn't want to kill him. I swear, but there were just so damn many of them! I had to stop them, I had to stop them all! I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't called them off. I don't want to think of the carnage."

"What are you talking about, P? Please tell me what happened?" Wiping her eyes, she gently pushed herself out of his grip and sat down on his bed, as did he. "Who did this P? Who hurt you?"

"Who do you think? Penoso. The fucking bastard sent out a good number of his lackeys to cause horrendous mayhem all over Gotham." She told him the whole story, about Lithe and Charlie, her suspicions that all the adults had known about Penoso, and about that night's attack on the city folk. "Those men, those demons, are so damn ruthless. I was doing good just fighting them off, but there was this one, he was attacking this woman, and he was going to seriously hurt her, her and her kid. I told him to stop, but he didn't—I'd already seen so much blood already, I didn't want to see them cause more—so when he turned a gun on the little kid, I jumped him and stabbed him in the heart with my metal spike. I know I'm not supposed to kill, Jack, I know it, but I had too." Jack wrapped his arms around her again, and pulled her into his lap, so that she was sitting sideways on his legs. "I just thank God he called them off…Jack he had no reason for all of that. He just did it to see how far he could push me. That's it…and I did exactly what he wanted me to do."

"Shh, it's okay," he told her, kissing the top of her head. "Everything is going to be alright." Again he kissed her. "I promise."

"How have you been?" She asked, trying to get her mind off of what she'd done. What she'd seen.

"Not too good, P, not too good. I've done some bad stuff, real bad, hurt some people I care about, was wacked over the head, and on top of everything else, I've been losing large chunks of time…" he turned his head slightly, "…lazy as author."


"Nothing." She laid her head on his chest once more and he ran his fingers through her soft hair.

"I want to know what's going on with you." She said after a while.

"What are you talking about?"

"I got a call from Bre," his stomach churned, "while I was waiting for you to wake up. She said she'd seen you yesterday and you were not yourself." It was his turn to look away. His body tensed up and he dared not look at her.

"She told you what happened?"

"Yeah, after half an hour of coaxing it out of her…that girl's like a fucking rock."

"You don't seem mad at me. How come?" Plio reached up with her right hand and, cupping his left cheek, pulled his head downward so that he was looking at her.

"I was. God I so mad. But she reminded me that you weren't yourself, that you were being controlled. That you couldn't help it. So I figured, how could I be? You stopped didn't you?" He tried to speak but she cut him off. "That wasn't you, Jack. You don't do that sort of thing. You're a good person—"

"AM I?!" He shouted, pushing her off and jumping up from the bed. "I've done a lot of terrible things lately, Plio!" he shouted, "…at least I think I have."

"What do mean?" she asked, staying seated on the bed, giving him his space.

"I killed someone too, P." She swallowed. "I killed Jerry." The tears returned to her eyes, but Plio refused to let them flow. "He was one of my only friends, and I killed him.

"I don't believe it."

"Neither do I. I don't even remember doing it. It was like one minute I was watching those dumbasses clean out the bank vault and the next thing I was standing over Jerry's bloody body." She reached out for him, a puzzled expression upon her face.

"I don't understand—"

"He's inside my head, P!" he shouted and pointed to his head, whirling around so that he was facing her. "He keeps telling me to do things, bad things, things I normally wouldn't do…like rape Bre. Plio, I didn't want to attack her like that, but I couldn't help it. He made want to do it. I honestly don't know how she managed to get me to stop…can you imagine what would have happened if she couldn't have." Slowly she rose and stepped up to the broken clown and embraced him as he had done for her. It took him a moment but eventually his arms rose and encased her yet again. "When I left the bank to put you in that car, the unconscious lackeys were still sprawled out on the floor, but when I came back, they were gone, in minutes…then when I got in the elevator, just when the doors shut, I looked up and there was a pile of bloody bodies in the middle of the bank lobby." Plio looked up at him in awe. "You see what he wants you to see."

"So he controls your mind?"

"Not exactly, he can control what you see, to some degree, and he can more or less give you 'urges' to do things, than actually make you do them. Seeing how I've managed to not do things."

"So you think he made you think you killed Jerry when it was actually him?" He nodded. "Huh…wait, I thought you couldn't think ill of him."

"Normally I can't, but I have a migraine from my mother hitting me on the back of the head with a frying pan. And since all I can focus on is the pain, he can't get inside my mind. At least that's how my dad explained it." He was quiet again for a couple moments. "Plio I don't ever want this migraine to go away. I don't want to be controlled. I don't want to be the cause of your pain and suffering…or death." Smiling, Plio pushed him down onto the bed so he was sitting.

"First off, Penoso will be the direct cause of my pain and suffering, which, I may remind you, is his name, Penoso Soffrire." He smiled and she continued, "And second of all," placing a hand on either shoulder, she gently and ever-so lovingly straddled his awaiting lap, "I don't see you ever hurting me. Not like that." She held his face in her hands and looked him in his tired eyes, "I love you so much. I don't plan to ever lose you, Jack. So we'll beat this psychopath together, make sure he never comes back. All right?" His hands latched onto her hips and he smiled even more.

"Got it. Let's kill Kruger."

"Idiot." They shared a smile before her lips lowered down onto his in a passionate kiss. He pushed up as she pushed down, deepening the kiss as much as they could, his moist tongue exploring the depts of her warm mouth as hers did the same for his. She moaned as his hands began to travel up and down her abdomen, sending chills throughout her body. His lips left hers to travel along her jaw, and down to the nape of her neck, leaving a trail of kisses behind. Her arms snaked their way around his head, holding him close to her, allowing her fingers to tangle in his green-black hair. Suddenly she felt his 'throbbing' need for her and they parted. Panting heavily, they stared intently into one another's eyes. Should they continue and let nature take its course or stop right then? They were scared…scared that if they did continued, the relationship between them would never be the same. How could it be? It was already different from what it had been for the past eighteen years, and if it went any further, even if they ended up marrying and living out their lives together, it was never going to be quiet the same. Not with who and what they were.

But they didn't care. Plio reached her arms out and tore off her detached sleeves, smiling—and still breathing heavily—at her beloved Jack while he held onto her slender waist. He hesitated for a moment, but only for a moment. His hand glided up her back and, with one last pause, unzipped her top.

The music on the stereo changed and the song Anywhere began to play.


Slowly the pink and black laced top slid down her goose-bumped arms and was tossed to the floor, revealing her glorious bosom—something Jack saw as sacred, just for his eyes. Plio's arms stayed by her sides as his pure white hands began to explore her newly exposed skin. His fingers traced the muscles of her abdomen, up to her luscious mounds; her eyes shut tightly and she gasped at the feel of his touch, her head tilting back while she breathed deeply. Jacked watched her breast rise and fall, seemingly mesmerized until her own hands unconsciously latched onto the back of his head and guided him to her waiting chest. His lips were so soft against her skin, his mouth so warm. She held his head while his kisses trailed down the valley between her breasts to her right nipple. He engulfed the lovely lump like a starving beast, immediately going to work. Plio moaned while his tongue flickered, his teeth nibbled, and his lips sucked in the intoxicating taste of her flesh.

Dear, my love, haven't you wanted to be with me and,
Dear, my love, haven't you longed to be free;
I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you when,
At sweet night, you are my own.
Take my hand.

In one swift move he had her on her back, lying on his welcoming bed so that her legs were bent over the edge while he towered over her, never allowing his mouth to part from her chest. His free hand slipped up her sensitive stomach to grope her left breast. His fingers squeezed and massaged, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, earning more and more moans and gasps from his beautiful dark angel. His eyes opened and he glanced up at her face, her own eyes were closed, and she was biting down on her lower lip, trying to make as little noise as possible. Breaking their 'connection' with a slurping like sound, his lips were back against hers, with her hand on the back of his head, pushing to deepen their kiss. "I love you," he whispered to her.

"I love you, too." His warm hands traveled down her sides until his fingers slid behind the rim of her leggings. She gasped as he began to pull them down, her lacy-black thong along with them, but did nothing to stop him. Never tearing his eyes away from hers, he ripped her remaining clothes from her now fully exposed body, thanking God she'd already taken her boots off. His heart stopped, the beauty of her body taking his breath away, and sending him straight to Heaven. Seeing he was unable to move, stricken with awe, Plio slowly rose from the bed, shifting into a standing position. For a moment they stared dotingly into one another's eyes, both eager yet cautious, and then her hands reached up and held his face, smiling, before kissing his lips softly. Jack's solid white hands held her face as well while he kissed his beloved Plio with inhuman passion, never wanting to let her go, fearing his nightmare would one day come true.

They eventually broke, the need for oxygen becoming too great. "I love you," he whispered to her again, "I love you so much it hurts. Promise me, Plio, you won't ever leave me. You can dump me, kick me to the curb, shun me for life, just don't ever die on me. Okay?"

"Jack?" She smiled.


"Shut up."

We're leaving here tonight;
There's no need to tell anyone;
They'd only hold us down;
So by the morning's light,
We'll be halfway to anywhere;
Where love is more than just your name.

"Okay." She kissed him again, and then reached down for his pajama bottoms. Gripping both them and his boxers she yanked them down hastily, getting help from the excited clown. Taking a step back she gawked at his throbbing manhood and smiled. 'Most people's genitalia are paler than the rest of their body, but I guess you can't get much paler than white.' "What?" he asked, eying her smile curiously. She shook her head and kissed him again, while he lay her back down on the bed. The two crawled up the length of the bed, laughing while do so, before finally reaching their destination. Plio sank back into his sea of pillows, pulling him down with her. "You know, I wish we could run away from here, run away and live somewhere where heroes and villains didn't exist, were we could just live…together. And be happy. But lying here with you in my arms is just as good," he smiled at her; her cheeks turned a bright shade of pink. Laughing, he stole yet another kiss. His hot breath mixed her with hers and sent chill after chill of excitement through her entire being. Their tongues fought an everlasting war of dominance, though Jack always prevailed, something she did not mind. Oh how their intoxicating tastes drove them both to near insanity. His hand roughly rubbed its way down her side, outlining every curve of her body, and down her outer thigh. Gripping her firmly, he lifted her left leg up and wrapped it securely around his waist, her right automatically mimicking the movement. She could feel him against her now, and the feeling had her moaning in exhilaration. "Are you sure?" he asked her sweetly, scared for the effect his next move would have on her, physically, emotionally, and mentally. "I'm not gonna lie, love, it's gonna hurt." The corners of her magenta-colored lips curled as she caressed his cheek.

"You've punched me in the face and broke my nose before." His mouth fell ajar.

"That's because you kicked me in the stomach and fractured my ribs!"

"You threw a statute at me!"

"You pushed me down a flight of stairs!"

"It was four steps!"

"It five steps, and I was eight years old, and that was a lot back then!"

"Oh my God, are we really gonna do this now?!" He smirked.

"Well, by 'this' do you mean—" she cut him off and pulled his head down to kiss him. "I thought so," he smiled against her lips. The clock above Jack's bed chimed and they glanced up with curiosity. It read midnight; it was November first. Jack smiled and looked back down at the grinning angel beneath him, "Happy eighteenth birthday, P." He slammed his lips against hers as he thrusted himself deep inside of her. Her nails dug into his snowy white back, her screams muffled by his firm kiss, her eyes squeezed tightly shut in pain. Jack slowly pulled out, and then back in again. Each time the pain decreased more and more until there was only ecstasy.

I have dreamt of a place for you and I,
No one knows who we are there;
All I want is to give my life only to you;
I've dreamt so long, I cannot dream anymore,
Let's run away, I'll take you there.

"Jack…" she whimpered pleadingly, her arms wrapping around his head and neck, her fingers tangling in his hair. Jack grunted as he began to move faster, plunge deeper, and thrust harder, his desire to feel every inch of her eating away at him. God he loved the way she felt around him. Warm and moist, and so tight for he was her first as she was his. Her pleas carried on, begging him for more, and harder he went, pounding against her with all his force, keeping himself from going any faster, he wanted this to last for as long as he could. Holding her close to him, his lips found hers once more, fighting their eternal battle. His hand reached back and gripped her buttock ferociously; aid her movements, lifting her a bit off the bed for better leverage. "Jack…" she called out again as his grip on her tightened, and his thrusts became more powerful. "Jack…" she breathed, "…please…Jack…" He felt his manhood throb every time she said his name, God, it hurt so good. Suddenly he jerked them up so that he was sitting on his knees and her on his lap. His movements slowed but only for a moment to allow her to get use to the different stance. Their rapid pace soon picked back up though as her body bobbed up and down on his lap, her breasts bouncing with their rhythm. Jack lowered his head and began to wash her bosom clean, his hot tongue gliding over the perky mounds as he had down earlier. The overwhelming feeling had Plio nearly falling over the edge, she never wanted this bliss to stop. Then she got an idea. Grabbing hold of his shoulders, Plio pushed as hard as she could in a twisting fashion, flipping them both over.

We're leaving here tonight;
There's no need to tell anyone;
They'd only hold us down;
So by the morning's light,
We'll be halfway to anywhere;
Where love is more than just your name.

For a moment neither moved, only stared, and then, leisurely, Jack slithered his course hands up the sides of her satin like legs. Her head tilted back and she breathed deeply, her excitement growing as his hands explored her body. They crept up her sides, his thumbs, again, tracing the muscles in her stomach, and briefly fondled her plump breast, where her hands held his in place. He smiled at her, and then a feeling of dread struck him, a feeling that reminded him that this might be the first and last time they'd be together like this, and he hastily pulled her forward and kissed her fiercely. "I love you," he murmured to her again, and then took a firm hold of her hips. With Plio leaning forward, her hands upon his chest for support, Jack gently began to move her hips, guiding them as they rose and fell. They moved slowly, and then gradually began to quicken the pace. Jack's grunts became more frequent as he drove harder and harder into herr, each time with more and more velocity, earning him cry after cry of pleasure from his gorgeous Plio, the both of them reaching their climaxes. They bit back their cries of intense elation to keep some 'unwelcomed guests' from barging through his door, "Plio…" Jack called out through gritted teeth.

"Ja-JACK!" They were simultaneous, their moment of absolute ecstasy overtaking them and sending them spiraling into another world. Plio felt Jack's glorious juices flow through her, she felt as if she absorbed every ounce like she had been thirsting to death. Jack rolled them both over, gently pulling out of her in the process, and then pulled her close to him, covering their now shriving bodies with his comforter.


Plio held on to her beloved, her fingers dancing on his white chest. "Jack," she spoke softly, the cold breeze from the open window, chilling her to the bone, "I love you, and I want us to be together forever. Promise me, we'll be always and forever."

"Plio, look at me." She lifted her head and he stoked her still rosy cheek adoringly. "Plio…" he said again.

"Yeah?" He smiled.

"Shut up." Stunned for a moment, they broke into laughter and he kissed the top of her soft hair when she laid her head back on he's awaiting chest. Locking his arms tightly around her, keeping her warm beneath the covers, he sang along with the song softly in her ear as she drifted off to sleep, a song he secretly knew, a song he wanted to be true for them, "Forget this life, come with me, don't look back, you're safe now; unlock your heart, drop your guard, no one's left to stop you; forget this life, come with me, don't look back, you're safe now; unlock your heart, drop your guard, no one's left to stop you now…" sleep finally overcame him and he dreamt of a better place for him and her, for in their dreams they were already halfway to anywhere.

We're leaving here tonight;
There's no need to tell anyone;
They'd only hold us down;
So by the morning's light,
We'll be halfway to anywhere;
Where love is more than just your name.


So there you have it!! Jack and Plio FINALLY do the dirty deed. Did you like it?? I hope you did, I worked very hard on it, trust me. This was the most important part in the story, so that's why it took so long. Anyways, so what's the deal with Lithe and Charlie? Dude, what the hell, man? And what's will Plio going all merciless and stabbing people? Is she going to switch to the dark side? I here they have cookies! I guess we'll just have to wait and see! Hope you enjoyed! Now I have to go get ready for my favorite holiday!!


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