Preview- Edward left Bella again this time without warning. Two years later Bella takes her life. The Cullen's return for a few days to attend the funeral, and for Edward to pay his respects... while asking for his forgiveness.

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Edward's Pov...

Chapter 1- Old wounds


"Edward it's beautiful" My angel gasped. She ran over and examined the blossoming cherry tree.

"Really you like it" I asked smiling; she seemed dazed for a few seconds before she turned back to the tree.

"Like it Edward I love it" Bella gasped reaching up and plucked a pink blossom delicately from a low branch. She looked so beautiful even in this dreary cloudy weather.

"Bella" I whispered grabbing her hand and pulling her gently over to the other side of the tree where are names where carved into the trunk.

"Oh Edward" she gasped jumping into my arms were we broke into a passionate kiss. Her pulse accelerated and her heart started to flutter in happiness.

We broke apart but our foreheads still touched, as we stayed in each others arms. "Bella I've been thinking about Carlisle changing you" I stammered, but I covered it up with cough. Her face fell as she thought I would be giving her another lecture that I didn't want to damn her.

I sighed. I didn't want to admit it but I was giving in I was going to damn... to change her. This went against all better judgment but I had to do this.

"And I've decided to do it myself" I finished smiling sheepishly.

At first she was too stunned to say anything, this was one of these moments that I wish I could read her mind. The next thing I knew her lips where crashing down on mine.

"Edward I love you" she yelled.

"Meet me here tomorrow a six I'll pick you up, and we'll leave just the two of us" I said getting excited.

"Alright six it's final" she said hugging me, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her back.

End of Flash Back

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