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But I couldn't it was impossible at this point. So I did the only think I could at that point. I sobbed I leaned against the cherry tree next to my Bella's body, and I sobbed. That's when it hit me, that scent, I couldn't help but look around, where was it coming from……


The scent it was so calming so relaxing. It was intoxicating just like my Bella.

It had a mix of freesia, the kind I had come to love from my angel, and of strawberry's and something else, something more woodsy like the cherry tree, yes that's what it was the strong sent of cherry's.

My muscles relaxed, and my eyes closed against my will. I sighed lavishing myself in the aroma that wafted around me tickling my nose and dancing in front of my closed eyes.






I love you

I love you

"I'm sorry Bella, I'm so sorry" I whispered hoarsely.

I couldn't contain myself any longer, I curled up next to the tree and sobbed, I dry sobbed, making the poor cherry tree behind my shake.

Then it happened.

The wind shifted dramatically, making the scent twirl around me, dancing in the breeze.

I leaned my head against the cherry tree my eyes still closed.

"I'm sorry Bella, it's my fault I'm such a stupid, stupid, stupid vampire, I'm sorry" I whispered aloud.

My eyes were shut tightly; I wasn't planning on opening them anytime soon. Then the wind stopped, it's like everything around my hung still, frozen in time.

I breathed in deeply, letting the scent fill me.

I heard the soft crunch of foot falls on the fall leaves, which the cherry blossom had shed. I didn't bother to see who it was; it was probably Carlisle, Emmett, or Esme anyway.

The foot falls stopped right next to my curled form.

"I'm sorry" I whispered again.

Two warm soft hands put themselves on each side of my face.

I was surprised, I willed my eyes to open but they wouldn't, no couldn't, budge.

"I'm sorry Bella" I whispered, one last time.

"I forgive you Edward, I love you" Bella's sing song voice whispered into my ear.

She kissed my forehead once then my lips softly, and then all together she, the warmth, her hands and the beautiful scent disappeared.

"Bella, not don't leave" I whispered horrified as I opened my eyes.

All traces of her were gone not even a scent.

I stood and circled the tree, looking for any sign of her.

Then I saw it, it caught the corner of my eye as I was passing.





Were carved into the trunk, but it wasn't worn, from weather or erosion at all. It still looked as if it had only been carved yesterday. Like time had no effect on this one spot.

I ran my hands lightly over the carved words.

"I love you too Bella, I love you too" I sobbed hoarsely.

"Time to go Edward" Carlisle whispered softly behind me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"I forgive you Edward" still rang clearly in my ears and me and Carlisle walked away from the spot.

We stopped at the small black iron gate where Carlisle's black Mercedes was parked.

Carlisle walked to his side of the car and lowered himself in, starting the car with a low purr, from the engine.

I opened my door and looked back at the cherry tree.

There stood my Bella leaning on the tree, she smiled at me, and waved. Her bell like giggle filled the surroundings, as she blushed the beautiful pink that made my cold heart sore.

She blew a kiss in my direction, before she turned and started to dance away, fading slowly with every step.

Until she was completely gone.

I smiled, and gave one last sobbed.

"I love you Bella, thank you I never deserved you" I whispered before climbing into the car.

The Mercedes slowly rolled away from the curb. As it inched away. Carlisle was flung from the vehicle as it exploded.

Fire rained down from the sky and litter Carlisle as he called out Edward's name, sobbing dryly.


Carlisle did one last prayer over his son's grave. He and his family walked away sobbing with grief.

Edward had been killed, that was his plan the whole time suicide, and none of us saw it coming.

They walked to there cars parked on the edge.

Edward had been buried next to his one and only love, Bella at the Cherry Tree.

As they walked away, Alice was the only one to look back.

She saw Bella standing at the Cherry Tree; she smiled at, Alice waving at her too.

Alice sobbed in return giving a small sad smile.

Edward, walked up from behind Bella his arms wrapping around her frame as they kissed, before turning back to Alice.

They both smiled then waved.

"Tell everyone, I'm sorry and I love them Alice, will you" Edward called out in her mind.

"Of course Edward, I will" Alice whispered, another sob escaped her.

"We have to go now Alice, we love you, bye" Bella's chimed voice rang out.

"No don't go please come back" Alice whimpered, sobbing dryly again.

"Don't worry Alice, you'll see us again, but not right now, please enjoy your life for us" Bella whispered.

"I will" Alice sobbed.

Bella smiled and waved before she pulled Edward along with her, he gave Alice a crooked smile before following.

They laughed and giggled, and argued about petty things as they walked toward the rising sun, then faded into the background.

"I know Alice it's hard on all of us" Jasper whispered into my ear hugging me tightly.

"There fine I know it" Alice whispered a small smile on her lips.

"They'll be watching over us where ever they maybe" Alice whispered again, smiling.

Jasper smiled to, as he pulled his wife along. Following the rest of the family, back to the cars.

The End

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