Cataracta's Notes: #3 in the TDW series. Created on a whim (but isn't all writing? XD), so it might be a little odd. Enjoy!

On Out-of-the-Tunnel Vision

"'I see more of what is going on around me because I'm not concerned with finding a parking space.' Sakura, Sasuke, and a twelve pack of beer."

Sakura sits and stares at the twelve pack like she's not quite sure what it is. She then stares at the man responsible for it being in her apartment and tries to decide which is more out of place. Sasuke scoffs at her scandalized stare and cracks open a can, tossing back a large swig.

Sakura watches his adam's apple bob, amazed and somewhat unsettled by the skill in which he downs the can, unsure if she wants to know whether or not this is the first time. Instead she shrugs, thinking what the hell, and cracks open her own can. She takes a small sip and coughs at the taste, glaring at Sasuke when he laughs.

She isn't quite sure how his demonstrating the real way to chug a beer turned into the real way to kiss-Sakura-senseless, but she's pretty sure she doesn't mind. And even if she did, she's on her forth beer now and starting to feel pretty tipsy, though the mischievous look in Sasuke's blood-red eyes is prompting her to reach for her fifth. The case is almost gone now, and Sakura is mourning its loss.

Sighing, she flops back onto the couch and stares at the ceiling, reaching up a hand as if to touch it. Sasuke watches her from his place on the floor, empty beer cans scattered around him. She turns on her side to look at him, eyes filled with something other than alcoholic amusement, and Sasuke glances away.

"I missed you, jerk," Sakura whispers quietly.

"Yeah," Sasuke says, "I missed you too."

And then he is kissing her again, mouth fused to hers and tongue tasting of beer. Sakura buries her fingers in his hair and makes a silent promise to never let go, tears coming to her eyes even as she lives out one of her childhood dreams. Sasuke deepens the kiss, something frantic in his lips, and Sakura thinks that even as grown as they are, they're still just frightened kids trying to play hero.

She's naked underneath him soon enough, and he thrusts into her with enough force to make her cry out. They're both sweaty and slightly uncoordinated, but Sakura thinks its okay because she's never felt more complete. Her body tightens just as Sasuke gives a hoarse shout, and then he is slumped over her and both of them are panting as if they'd just run a marathon.

Sakura still hasn't released her hold on Sasuke's hair, and she wonders what would have happened if she'd made her promise all those years ago. Then she stares into the eyes of her now-lover and realizes that it doesn't matter, because all those years ago were all those years ago, and now is now.

So instead, she tilts her head to Sasuke's and molds her lips to his in a kiss, smiling around his lips like she's never been happier. And as she breaks the kiss and sees the beer cans scattered around her apartment, she knows that, really, that's true.