This was something I wrote last night. I hope you enjoy it. Well, please enjoy this short little paragraph. Review and leave me your thoughts. Arigato.

If your innocent smile were any more sincere, I do not know if I could contain my love for you.
If you laughed any sweeter, I know I'd die with a smile.

Simple litte things and simple little words, they all make a difference.

"My friend."
"My Iruka."

I am needed by someone in this world.
I would be missed by your kind little arms and your tiny pink lips that say "I love you."

A simple request: "Lets play."
My answer: A smile, a laugh and "Okay Naruto."

In reality should something so life changing be so simple?
Should a small little boy be able to bring tears to my eyes so easily?

I tell myself you need me.
In my thoughts I insist you need your "Iruka Sensei", but I've come to realize that to validate my existence I need you, My Naruto.