Thank you

To all the readers of this story, especially those who have taken the time to share thoughts and feedback with me: I can't thank you enough for motivating me to see this story through until the end. I've certainly struggled with trying to find those sweet spots where I have time, inspiration, and motivation at once, and without your encouragement over the past 4 years, I seriously don't think I could have done it. It's hard to put to words just how much I appreciate the things I've learned from you and the virtual friends I've made along the way! :)

To those who have created fan art for this story and who have contacted me about translating it: You are amazing.

To my boyfriend: Thank you for listening to me vent, for coping with the funny looks we'd get in public when I'd run my reimagined war on Konoha and third exams battles with you, for listening to me read each chapter out loud before I'd post it, and for providing me with blunt, honest criticism.

Oddly enough, I want to thank my quarter life crisis for helping drive this plot along. I noticed many of my personal dilemmas coming out in the plot. Unexpectedly, writing this story became not only a way for me to practice storytelling and creative writing, but also an outlet for me to make sense of my life.

A Twist in Time Trivia

I thought I would be fun to include a few fun facts about the story on this page. :)

Excluding author's notes, A Twist in Time is 238,485 words long. For a reference, if it were printed as a book, it would fall somewhere between the second longest and the longest Harry Potter books. Specifically, it is ~30k words longer than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and ~20k words shorter than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Holy crap, right? You just read a pretty massive book.

Of the ~405k Naruto fanfictions on this website, A Twist in Time is currently in the 100 most-reviewed Naruto fanfictions of all time. It is currently the 8th most-reviewed Sasuke x Sakura fanfiction on this website. You guys are… just… I'm floored. Thank you. :')

Based on the spikes in reviews, story favourites, and story follows, these are the three most popular A Twist in Time chapters:

- 1st place – Chapter 33: A Tide Turned (in this chapter, Sasuke recounts his journey to the Land of Rivers and watches Sakura's Third Exam match)

- 2nd place – Chapter 37: On Death Row (in this chapter, Sasuke decides to join Sakura in time travel and he learns how to transfer chakra)

- 3rd place – Chapter 23: The Breach (in this chapter, Sakura learns about Orochimaru's disease and experiences her first trip to the future)

The longest chapter in A Twist in Time is Chapter 33 at 9,002 words (excluding author's notes). I think it's my favourite chapter too. I have especially fond memories of writing it in the back of a crowded van on a road trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada. I also feel like this chapter moved the story along in a special way.

My favourite character to write in A Twist in Time is Tsunade.

Shino's name was mentioned 17 times in A Twist in Time.


If I were to put together a soundtrack for this story, here are the songs I would pick. I relied heavily on listening to these songs to help me with writer's block and just find the right moods for certain scenes.

- The Beginning – Factor Eight

- Into Eternity – Nick Murray

- Kaleidoscope – Evgeny Emelyanov

- Aeon – Nick Murray

- Nightsong – Neal Acree (feat. Laurie Ann Haus)

- Forgotten Past – Kelly Andrew

- Fight for Glory – Louis Viallet

- Lift the Atmosphere – Jeremiah Pena

- Flamekeeper – J2

- The Final Hour – Lion's Heart Productions

- Infinite – Jordan Critz

Up Next

- I am in the process of migrating this story over to AO3 (so there is a copy of this story somewhere else on the internet and because some people prefer that platform). I'm re-reading the chapters for typos before I upload them on there, so it may take a few months. Honestly, I just might possibly be taking my time with this to prolong the goodbye to this story.

- If you have or are planning to create any creative material around this story (e.g., translation, art, video), I am all for it, but please let me know and I'll help promote it. Just message me here or on Tumblr.

- Will I write more now that this story is done? Yes. As motivation or a need for a Naruto fix hits, I know I will. I will likely start spending more time on non-fanfic projects too. Please stay tuned. :)

- If you want to check in for updates, I will post them on my blog (wolf08 on Tumblr). I recently created a second blog, a personal blog, if that's of interest to you (some-food-for-thought on Tumblr).

- I am always up to chat, answer questions, and fangirl over all sorts of things. So please send me a message any time – it will make my day! :D

Thanks again, my friends!