A Jump and a Kiss

RIP: Here lies my horrible sappy romance skills. XD Oh and this story was supposed to be Oshitari's birthday gift, but oh well...

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"Game, Oshitari! 7 - 5!"

Oshitari exhaled.

"Oi Yuushi! Stop trying to beat me!!!" Gakuto shouted from across the court.

Shishido rolled his eyes. "He BEAT you already, idiot."


"Whatever," Shishido said as he got up. "Hey Choutaro, let's have a match against someone. Better than watching Mr. Idiot here..."

Gakuto gave him a dirty look, except since Shishido was on the benches while he was at the tennis court far away, Shishido obviously didn't see it.

Oshitari was about to walk to the benches when Gakuto shouted, "Oi Yuushi! Don't move! I want to show you something!"

Oshitari raised an eyebrow. "Is this going to hurt me in anyway?"

"Unless you move, yes." Gakuto replied. "Ok, this is easy, just stand with your back against me and I'll jump on your back!!"


"Oh come on! I see Jiroh jump on Kabaji's back all the time! I'm way lighter, shorter, and more acrobatic than him! I can so jump on your back with ease!"

"..." Oshitari sighed. KABAJI was WAY bigger than OSHITARI himself. Did Gakuto forget that?

"Ok, you ready, Yuushi?" Gakuto asked preparing to charge.

Yuushi turned around. "Do I have a choice?" He mumbled. Let's hope Gakuto's theories are right this time...

"All right! Here I go!" Gakuto shouted. He charged for the net.

Yuushi was crossing his fingers hoping that Gakuto won't kill him. What if... Gakuto accidentally crashes into them?

Gakuto jumped over the net, made a summersault and bounced towards Oshitari's direction.

Oshitari sighed. "Gakuto had to make this flashy, didn't he?"


Oshitari suddenly forgot about Gakuto and turned around. "Oh I--" He stopped. GAKUTO WAS CHARGING RIGHT TOWARDS HIM!!!


Gakuto crashed into Oshitari and they both fell... kissing.

Atobe walked by the very court with Hiyoshi. Why? We DON'T know.

He noticed Gakuto and Oshitari and said, "Oi, if you two want to make out, do it outside Ore-sama's tennis courts."

Jiroh ran to Atobe. "Ne, ne, Atobe!! Do you know where Kaba-chan is?"

"Around the corner." Atobe replied.


Gakuto got up and wiped his mouth while blushing. "Yuushi! I told you not to move!"

Oshitari picked up his glasses that had fallen when Gakuto crashed into him. "Jiroh was talking, I momentarily forgotten."

Gakuto smirked. "Or is it that you wanted to kiss me so badly? I know, I'm way better than Kikumaru Eiji."

Oshitari gave the shorter boy a look. What does Kikumaru Eiji have to do with this?

The tensai got up and brushed away the imaginary dust. He held out his hand. "Need help, Gakuto?"

Gakuto got up. "We should do this again sometime!" He said.

Oshitari walked away smiling. "Yes, sometime..." He whispered.

Atobe was still walking away with Hiyoshi. "Ore-sama should make a rule of no making out in the tennis courts, ne Kaba-- Hiyoshi?"

"...Just because you traded Kabaji and is in need of someone to follow you around and do your every need and I agreed doesn't mean I have to answer you with a "usu" like Kabaji does." Hiyoshi explained. "The nerve of some people... I'm here to Gekokujyou you, not follow you around and do you every need."

Atobe raised an eyebrow. "Have you been spending time with Ibu from Fudomine?"