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Chapter 8


Tom's PoV

I pulled back with a sigh. I would've loved to continue exploring my Harry's mouth, but the fa├žade was over and I had a lot of things to explain.

I searched my Harry's eyes for any sign of panic, thankfully finding none, before I swept him into my arms and carried him to the closest piece of furniture, the leather love-seat.

After I sat down and settled my Harry into my lap I spoke. "You must have questions, little one. Ask."

I smiled bitter-sweetly at my precious as he stuttered back. "I-it isn't my-my place t-to qu-question you-you master."

His reply made me angry, but not at him I was angry with the old fool who did that to him. My Harry should be submissive, but not that submissive. "Love, you deserve to know everything about your own life, past and future. Ask."

Reassured Harry began shyly but was soon spouting off question quickly, almost to fast to comprehend. "Why doesn't it hurt to be near you anymore? And why did it hurt to be near you before? Why did you try to kill me so many times? Why did you kill my parents? Did you kill my parents? How did you get into Privet Drive?" And the questions went on.

When Harry finally reached the end of his list I chuckled. "This mess all started after I graduated Hogwarts. I wanted to be a politician. I wanted to do great things and end the oppression of magical creatures, such as vampires and werewolves. I wanted the wizarding world to go back to the old ways, to realize that not all change is good.

"Dumbledore though was the one reaping most of the benefits of the oppression though. He had the ignorant mud-bloods hanging off his every word. The whole pathetic lot of them were eating straight out of his hand. He was a god among men, and no one opposed him. He said that werewolves were inherently evil, that wickedness came with the bite, and the werewolves were forced to register themselves as dark creatures. He said vampires malicious and should be exterminated, and then vampires were hunted down like animals. His word was law.

"And then I came along. I was only a mere boy of 17 at the time, and I alone fought a god's tyranny. I never stood a chance. He ripped me up, and spat me back out. However, he didn't believe I was a threat at first, and he took too long to deal with me. I had spread doubt, and gathered followers. Ruining my reputation with the mud-bloods wasn't enough. The purebloods and the creatures were mine.

"So he went to plan B. He created a villain. It was all words at first. Veiled threats and hidden accusations, but soon he saw an opportunity to make his life easier. Instead of covering up his crimes he began pinning them on me.

"It was around this time when our last Alpha died. Dumbledore blamed me for his death, but thankfully our coven knew I was innocent. That it was Dumbledore's fault our leader died. After the mourning period I was chosen by the other dominants to become the new Alpha, because I was the most dominant.

"This is when the war really started up. Dumbledore and his followers, who called themselves the Order of the Phoenix, began to actively kill purebloods, only to blame their deaths on me. The world believed me a criminal, and there was nothing I could do about it. So we responded in kind. We defended ourselves by hunting down and killing the Order members as they slaughtered us.

"The tide of the war began to change. We were winning, and the 'Light' was growing desperate. As muggles say 'desperate times call for desperate measures.' You were about six months old at the time when they kidnapped you. Dumbledore had learned that you were my soul mate, and thought that having possession of you would be the weapon he needed to return the odds to his favor.

"He was right. He stole you from us and I went on a murderous rampage. He used an old ritual to cut you off from the coven. I went insane. It felt as if you had died. I thought you were dead.

"I started killing everyone. It didn't matter who side they were on, Neutral, Dumbledore's, even my own. I lost many followers because I was using dark magic to torture them. The magic changed me. Not just mentally. Now whenever I feel strong, negative emotion such as anger and hate at those who didn't really deserve it my features would morph into the hideous, snake-faced monster most people recognize me as today.

"That is when I began marking them. The Dark Mark is my own version of a slave mark. It became my way of preventing people from betraying me. If they spilled my secrets it would kill them. If they stopped serving me I could drain their magic through it and leave them no more than a squib.

"I didn't know that you were alive until it was too late. Your real father had been murdered by Dumbledore himself when you were kidnapped and your mother took her own life soon after you were cut off from us.

"I captured Peter Pettigrew in a raid on that fateful Halloween day. I was just starting to torture him when he screamed at me to stop. He said that he knew who killed you. That he could tell me where they were hiding.

"I branded him with the Dark Mark then to keep him from betraying me, from lying to me. Little did I know, he already had. He told me that you had died at the hands of Lily and James Potter in a ritual to bring life back into their own stillborn child.

"I went to Godric's Hallow that night. I was happy in a twisted way. I was going to get revenge on those that I thought had killed you, and then I was going to take my own life. I wanted to join you in the afterlife. Forever.

"I didn't realize who you were until after the killing had rebounded onto me, and by then it was too late. The curse broke the block keeping the coven from feeling you but it destroyed my body. I was forced to watch helplessly as Dumbledore came. He cast more spells on you to bind your power and vampiric nature. Thankfully He didn't realize that the block had been broken, but unfortunately he did cast a curse that was specifically designed to cause you pain when you were near me.

"Everything went even further down hill from there. Not having a body robbed me of the little sanity I had left. I tried to hurt you in my attempts to get it back. I reasoned that if I couldn't have a body, then you shouldn't either. I was really screwed up.

"Anything I've missed?"

"Just why it doesn't hurt to be around you anymore and how you got into Privet Drive."

"Well little one," I chortled. "you may not have noticed this, but you are extremely powerful, and that extra burst of magic you received on your birthday completely obliterated all of Dumbledore's spells as well as his wards."

Harry blushed cutely. "Oh."

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