Dear Aleve...

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ or Aleve. I'm just using the characters and product for amusement.

This "story" was inspired by my best friend Meghan, who also loves to make fun of those
"Dear Aleve" commercials. ^_^

Looks like some of the DBZ crew aren't happy with Aleve......

1st: Chichi

"Dear Aleve, When my husband used to take my son away to train so that they could fight the monster/bad guy that
currently was trying to rule/destroy the world, I would get mad. So mad, infact, that my father or someone close by
would have to restrain me. Also, besides being mad, I would be very worried. So worried that I would sometimes
faint. I tried Aleve in hopes that it would help, but guess what? IT DIDN'T!!"

2nd: Bulma

"Dear Aleve, Living with one of the strongest, most stubborn persons in the world can be stressful at times. Also, living
on the same planet as a few of my friends is dangerous. Sure, I like an adventure every now and then, but this is
ridiculous. You know what? SCREW YOUR PRODUCT! Its not working! If you think this stuff is supposed to help
major headaches and what not, your wrong. Mabe I'll have Vegeta blow up your factory..mwahahaha."

3rd: Goku

"Dear Aleve, um...My wife hit me with a frying pan a little too hard decided to take some medicine.
I saw this in the cabinet so I tried it. It didn't help though. Oh well...hmm..I wonder if this 'Viagra' stuff will do anything..."

4th: Mirai Trunks

"Dear Aleve, Time travel can be hell, especially if you've traveled back and forth through the past and future as much
as I have. I tried your product after recently destroying Cell and the androids that wiped out almost everything here,
only to find that it sucks. I swear if you weren't the last friggin' medicine company left out there I'd burn your buildings

Last: Vegeta

"Dear Aleve, ARG!! The woman keeps walking around the house, complaining that your product sucks, and I would
have to agree with her, seeing as how you lowly Earth-medicine makers probably don't know crap. This letter is a
threat. If you don't stop making your product, the woman has suggested to me that I should blow up your company,
and believe me, if she doesn't shutup with all that complaining, I will."

Vegeta, 1 week later.

"Dear Aleve, I know theres no one there to read this letter, since I've blown up your factories and what not, but oh well.
After listening to the woman complain all week, I decided that enough was enough. I blew up your company. It was a
great stress reliever though, and now I don't have to listen to the woman complain. Thanks Aleve!"

End. It wasn't long...oh well, maybe next time! ^^; Please review!