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White and empty. That was the only way to describe his new home. White, empty….it was like being shoved into a hospital room or worse…a laboratory. Donatello eyed the observation window high up in the far wall. He never saw anyone there but he knew they were being watched as surely as he knew she came to watch them. Donatello felt like they were part of one of his experiments…he made a mental note to change the way he did experiments if they ever escaped.

Don frowned as something stirred beside him. The sleeping form of Michelangelo mumbled incoherently before stilling. His poor little brother. Their captivity had turned him into a quiet, jokeless ghost of himself. He slept most hours of the day and rarely said a word. So unlike him and yet, Don couldn't blame him. He wasn't sure how long they had been here or how long they were apart but only a few days had passed since they'd all been shoved together in this room. It was the only time that Don remembered what it was like to be happy and not so angry. Don glared at the television placed beneath the observation window before turning to see if Raph was in the same position he had been in all morning. Of course, he was. When Don first saw Raph he was bloody and bruised. They'd tried to take the fight out of him and only partly succeeded. Raph was still angry and fought whenever he could, but lately he'd been raging in a boiling silence, staring at one of the walls as if his very gaze could melt it and set them free…

It was the one thing they had in common really, the silence. Don stayed silent too, not wanting to disturb the odd vigil the three of them held in the bare white room. Only Don wasn't giving up on escaping. He remained silent only because the working of his brain made no noise. Always he was thinking, strategizing, and mentally noting the routines of their captors and every minor detail that could help them escape. Don knew escape was their only chance. Rescue had failed after all…

There was only one flaw in his plans and it was the only thing that truly crushed Don's spirit when he thought about it. His gaze turned back to the television as the sound emanating from it grew louder. Leonardo.

The morning after they had been placed together in the white room they had awoken to discover the television buzzing to life. What they had seen both sent their hopes flaring up and crashing down in an instant. Their captors never said a word to them, not to gloat or brag or even threaten and so all knowledge of the whereabouts of their Fearless Leader had been a mystery. But the day that television had turned on it became all too clear. It showed Leo in a smaller version of the white room they were in, pacing and growling and demanding answers from the silent guards who shoved what they must have thought was food through a slot in the door. He had looked thin and battered but otherwise fine. Don was at first relieved to see his brother hadn't been tortured to death but then the familiar outline of a woman had walked into Leo's cell.


Flanked by three Foot ninja, Karai often visited Leo and because of the television the three of them were forced to watch. She never touched him; no, instead she played a mental game that made Don's insides churn. She taunted Leo for his failure and then claimed she would begin to kill his brothers one by one. Karai toyed with Leo every single day. It was this mental torture that Don found truly sickening. Then as time passed and Leo grew thinner and as silent as his brothers, one fateful day Karai brought Mikey's mask into the room and without a word let it flutter to the floor before walking out. At least that explained what had happened to their gear…

Leo didn't cry that day, nor did he cry when a purple mask joined the orange. Leo didn't touch the cloth at all but let it lay there, staring at it occasionally. It was only when Karai had left from telling Leo that she would soon kill Raph as well that they saw Leo cry. Don could not remember ever seeing Leo cry while growing up. The two didn't seem to fit together. Even now, three days since Karai started threatening Raph, Don was positive Leo wasn't really crying. It was all just a ruse to fool Karai. It had to be.


Mikey sighed and turned his back on the television. Don's frown deepened. His brothers had stopped watching Leo after he first broke, but Don always watched. His eyes day and night remained glued to the screen to reassure himself that Leo was alive and well. Leo had to have a plan. He always had a plan. If they could contact Leo, they could spring simultaneously and then…

The volume on the TV continued to increase and Don growled, his eyes snapping to the observation window. It was probably Karai herself making that inhuman noise so loud it would echo in their ears forever. Don glanced at the screen, his throat constricting. There was Leo, sitting in a corner with his knees hugged close and his head bowed….weeping. His shoulders shook violently with the force of it and Don had to hold himself back from crawling to the TV and reaching out to his brother.

Leo looked weak and broken but Don wouldn't believe it. Nothing could break Leo. The minutes passed slowly and eventually Leo stopped shaking and his sobs began to quiet. Still Don watched. Unlike his brothers, he couldn't shut out Leo's despair. He would keep his lonely vigil and make sure the Foot didn't touch Leo.

Don shuddered. That was what really bothered him. That Karai hadn't touched any of them besides letting her ninjas rough them up if they got too rebellious. This whole thing was more complex than simple revenge, otherwise they'd all be dead by now. It appeared Karai wanted to do more than break Leo. If she wanted to break him truly and completely, why not kill them all before his very eyes? No, Karai had other ideas. Something else was going on that they were only a small part of. Don had a feeling even Leo wasn't really what this was all about…

Don straightened as the squeek of a door and the sound of footsteps indicated Karai was having one of her daily visits with Leo. Don nudged Mikey to wake him and glanced over to find Raph's attention already fixed on the screen. Even though they avoided watching Leo alone, his brothers always paid attention when Karai came to call. They'd already made a rather nasty list of things they would do to her for what she'd put Leo through but if she ever dared to touch one inch of him…they'd make her pay dearly. Of course that hadn't happened yet. It seemed as if Karai intended to kill Leo without ever drawing a drop of blood….

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