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"Why are you crying?"

Leo sniffed, glancing up to see that the soothing voice belonged to a furry face.

"Because…because I had a nightmare."

"About what, my son?" The bed dipped as the comforting man sat beside him. Furry hands reached out and drew him close. Leo buried his face against the smooth robe, breathing in his father's scent.

"The others…they were gone."


"Mikey, Raph, Donnie…they left me."

"Your brothers will never leave you, Leonardo. The bond you share with them is a strong one."

"But…it's empty…where they were. It's empty…"

Suddenly the warm body holding him was gone, and Leo, a small and frightened child, fell on his hands and knees tears falling silently onto a cold white floor. There was laughter somewhere, echoing through the nothingness. It was an unhappy laugh, accompanied by a steady thump thump thump that made Leo think horribly of bodies falling to the ground…

Glancing up at the black void above him, Leo let out a heart wrenching cry.

"Where are you?"


…Why was he crying?

Leo let out a gasp. His eyes flew open, causing the vision to fade. The laughter and noises slowly left him as he took deep breaths to quiet his sobs. His head was pounding from the force of the vision and the amount of tears it had made him shed. Leo raised his head slowly, glancing above his knees. He was still in the bare white room he'd been in for god knew how long. His gaze fell to two pieces of cloth lying silently together on the floor and he quickly looked away.

The visions or nightmares or whatever the hell they were had started the day Karai had entered the room and dropped Michelangelo's mask to the floor. It was the same day Leo had felt the horrible tearing sensation that left him feeling empty and alone.

Sighing, Leo pressed his forehead against the tops of his knees, slumping against the wall. He reached out hopelessly, searching within himself for that place where the presences of his brothers had always been. He wasn't surprised when he was greeted with only one strong pulsating presence. Leo opened himself up to it, drinking in the strength and reassurance the presence provided. It was the only thing keeping him going really, the borrowed strength. Leo had noticed his mind and body growing weaker over the last few days. Though not knowing his brothers' fates was torture, it wasn't the cause of his weakness. Leo knew it was more from malnutrition than any sense of hopelessness that may be creeping up on him. After all, he was almost certain the slop the Foot gave him was nothing more than dirty water and pieces of…well, he wasn't really sure what was in the water but after the first day he had decided it wasn't anything he should be eating.

Leo pushed the thoughts away concentrating on the strong presence and allowing it to rejuvenate him. Splinter was always there, where the rest of his family should have been. His presence was always open to Leonardo, radiating warmth and love. Leo could feel him endlessly searching to gain some idea of where he was, but Leo already knew one rescue attempt had failed and even then they hadn't been sure the turtles were there. Leo knew Splinter would want to be certain next time and because of this, it would be awhile before any rescue attempt was made again. If he—and his brothers--- were going to escape, they would have to do it alone.

Hidden beneath the comforting feelings, Leo could feel a deep sadness in his Master's soul. It was this sadness that truly frightened him into wondering what had happened to his brothers. If Splinter couldn't feel them either, it meant they had vanished entirely and if that was true, then it could only mean—

The sound of the door being unlocked jerked Leo from his thoughts. He quickly let go of his knees and crossed them in front of him, forcing a neutral expression on his face. The screech of rusty hinges filled the room but Leo ignored it, pressing his shell against the wall and straightening. He wanted to look as composed and in control as possible when Karai visited. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction of seeing how weak his body was becoming.

Leo watched quietly as Karai entered, followed by three Foot ninja. Leo inclined his head just an inch, as he always did when Karai entered.

"Hello, Karai."

Karai's eyes narrowed. It was the only sign that she heard him. Deliberately, she reached inside her jacket and removed a piece of red cloth. She held it out as if it was trash between her index finger and thumb before taking one step forward and letting go, allowing the cloth to join its fellows on the ground. Leo didn't even watch it. His eyes remained glued to Karai's face, his expression remaining neutral.

"Not even a tear for me today, Leonardo? Only willing to show your despair to the walls?"

Leo continued to watch her face, searching her eyes for any hint of a lie.

"Raphael is dead. You are now the last of your kind."

A small smile tugged on the edge of Leo's lips.

"You've said that before."

Steel grey eyes clouded with anger.

"Still holding on to hope? How pathetic…"

"I want to see them, Karai," Leonardo mustered as much defiance as he could into the words, eyes never leaving his enemy's face.

"Enough games. Bring me to my brothers."

"I'm afraid, that is not an option."

She paused and Leo felt his stomach twist at the evil smile that curled her lips.

"But perhaps, I can bring one of your brothers to you…"

With that, Karai turned her back and the Foot followed her out, closing the door soundly behind them.

Leo stared at the door in silence before allowing his gaze to slide to the rainbow of cloth on the floor. He reached out to his father, trying to reciprocate the feelings of reassurance and calm but feeling himself falter.

Leo had a feeling he wasn't going to like it when Karai returned…more so than usual…

>> >

"What does that mean? What's she playin' at?"

Don and Mike tore their eyes from the television to glance at Raphael. The three of them had crawled closer to the television screen and now they all crouched together, sharing worried glances. Karai wouldn't—

Their thoughts were interrupted by the sound of locks being unbolted and the scrap of a heavy door opening. The three of them scrambled to their feet, eyes snapping to the six Foot ninja suddenly invading their space. Instinctively the three brothers moved closer together. There was a moment of tense silence as the two groups evaluated each other and then without a word one of the Foot moved. The motion was so fast that before Don could shout a warning for them to scatter a dart was already sticking out of Michelangelo's throat.

"Mikey!" Don caught Mike as he fell, his eyes wide and mouth gaping as whatever was on the dart entered his system.

"You sick bastards!"

Raph sprang at the ninjas as the six moved forward to meet him. Don barely registered Raph's fight as he examined his younger brother. Don knew they were too weak to fight off the six ninjas but maybe, he could help Mikey…

His youngest brother's eyes were fluttering shut as Don reached for his pulse. His heart skipped a beat as he realized his brother's pulse was weakening and his breath becoming shallow. A yelp of pain forced Don's eyes away from his hurt brother. Raph was lying on the floor, twitching, and Don's eyes widened as the Foot stepped over his brother's body, one of them with a prod in hand. Eyeing the electric device, Don snarled and lunged. They may not be able to beat them, but he'd be damned if they went down without a fight!

A minute later Don had joined his brother gasping and twitching on the floor as the electricity caused his muscles to spasm uncontrollably. He watched helplessly as the ninjas grabbed his now unconscious brother and carried him from the room.

There was a growl and then the sound of someone pounding on the wall. Don turned over, struggling to his knees to see Raph slamming his fists against the door. Don stumbled to his side.

"Raph. Raph, stop!"

Raph let out a menacing growl, slamming his fists against the door one last time. He pressed his forehead against cold metal, his chest heaving with the effort of breathing.

"Where'd they take him, Donnie? Is he---did they--?"

"I don't think so…" Don murmured, resting a hand on his brother's shoulder, "I think Karai has other plans."

Raph turned to look at his brainy brother, raising an eye ridge in question.

"Karai could have killed all of us at any time," Don explained, "She wouldn't do it now just because Leo demanded to see us. I think….I think she's going to fake Mikey's death."

"How can she do that?"

Don frowned.

"There are ways. Drugs, chemicals…things that can bring Mikey's body temperature and heart rate so low it will appear like he's been dead for a few days."

Raph just stared at his brother. Leave it to Don to know about something like that...

"But why go to all the trouble?" he demanded, "Why not just kill us?"

Don's brow creased in thought.

"She's up to something. She needs us alive, all of us including Leo. But she needs to break Leo first for some reason. I think….I think Leo has something Karai needs before she can continue with her plans."

"What could Leo possibly know that's worth all this? And what does he know that we don't!"

Raph shook his head.

"You're telling me that this ain't about just revenge, Donnie. That she's got bigger plans?"

Don sighed, meeting Raph's gaze.

"I wish I knew, Raph."

Raph slumped against the wall, gazing blankly at the door.

"I hope you're right about Mikey, Don. Otherwise Leo's going to have something to really cry about now…"