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Chapter One
Meeting Naruto

Sasuke was rudely woken up by a loud knocking on his door.
"Sasuke if you don't get out of bed right now I'm throwing a bucketful of water at you!" His older brother yelled through the door.
"I'm up!" Sasuke snarled. Grumbling, Sasuke gathered his things and put it into his bag before going out of his room and into the kitchen.
"I made pancakes!" Itachi sang as he placed the plate in front of Sasuke. Sasuke rose a eyebrow as Itachi pranced around the kitchen. "You had coffee." Sasuke calmly stated as he began to eat his breakfast.
"With extra sugar!!! Do you want me to drive you to school?"
"No no I'll drive myself. Don't really feel like going into a car crash today." Sasuke grabbed the car keys and made his way out of the house.
"And don't you dare have any more coffee!" Sasuke called over his shoulder as he slipped into his black car. Sasuke carefully drove out of the drive way and began to drive to school. Even though school wasn't far at all Sasuke preferred to drive instead of walking. It wasn't that he was lazy he was just preferred to avoid the fangirls.
'Stupid bitches. Only liking me for my looks and money.' Sasuke thought as he neared the school.

Konoha High School. The most popular school around, known for all it's gangs and cliques. What Sasuke hated about the school the most was if you didn't act a certain way, look a certain way, know the right people or if you weren't rich enough then you're ignored or treated like your invisible. Sasuke sighed as he parked his car in the schools parking lot and got out. Making sure the car was locked, Sasuke pocketed his keys and walked to his first class.
"Sasuke-kun!" A shrill voice cried, making Sasuke want to turn around and run. And he almost did if it wasn't for the fact that a certain pink haired girl latched onto his arm.

Sakura Haruno, the one person Sasuke hated the most. She was the president of his fan club and she would never leave him alone. She was one of the most popular students in the school and what she says goes.

Sasuke forced the pink haired girl off his arm and sat down in his seat at the back of the class. No body dared sit next to him since he was also one of the most popular students at school. He nearly sighed in relief when the door opened and everyone went to their desks immediately. Now you might be wondering, "Where's the bell?" Truth be told the bell had long gone off before Sasuke had reached the school. The teacher was always late and never once had gone to class on time. Yep you guessed it. Kakashi-sensei. The silver haired teacher walked into the class and went to his desk quickly.
"Sorry I'm late guys but a swarm of butterflies attacked me and I barely came out alive!"
"LIAR!" Kakashi was about to say something when the door opened again and a blonde haired boy walked in. He wore a black tank top that showed off his good build and black baggy pants with chains attached to it. On his arms was white bandage wrappings (Like the ones Lee wears only it's only on his arms and not on his hands.) But what attracted Sasuke the most were his eyes. Blue eyes that could stare into your soul and freeze it. Blue eyes that showed hidden sadness and anger.
'Like me.' Sasuke thought with wide eyes. Kakashi stared at the blonde with shock.
"Na-Naruto?" Kakashi gasped. "Why are you here?" The blonde gave him a piece of paper, which Kakashi quickly read before nodding. "Well guys it seems we have a new student. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell me your likes, dislikes and dreams." The boy gave Kakashi a look that said, 'I'll do it only because I have to but I would rather skin myself alive but I don't have anything sharp.'
"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I don't like anything, I dislike everything and I don't have any dreams and don't plan on having any anytime soon." Kakashi sadly stared at Naruto for a long time before clearing his throat.
"Right. Thanks for sharing. Why don't you sit in the empty desk beside Sasuke?" Naruto nodded and walked past the desks before smoothly sliding into the desk beside Sasuke's. "Okay where were we yesterday? Oh yes we were discussing poetry. Okay so for today I would like you to each write a poem about anything you wish." Everyone groaned as they got out a piece of paper.
'Great I have to write a poem? What am I going to write about?' Sasuke thought. His eyes drifted over to Naruto who was already writing. He stared for a long time before turning to his own piece of paper and began to write.

Naruto's P.O.V.

I didn't want to go to this school. I really didn't. Why would I want to go to a school full of rich snobs who would stare at me or talk behind my back? Even worse was Kakashi was in my school. I didn't mind Kakashi but he was a friend of my parents so whenever I looked at him I'm reminded of them. He obviously remembers me if the look he gave me means anything. Probably shocked on how much I've changed. Damn now he wants me to write a poem and the Uchiha won't stop staring at me! Sasuke Uchiha... If what I've read is true then his parents also died and he lives with his older brother. Yeah that's right I've read about alll the people that I'm going to be stuck with. I am NOT going to a school full of brats without some kind of dirt on each and every one of them. Kyuubi was actually the one who suggested it. Kyuubi is part of my mind that appeared when my parents died. Whenever I got into a panic attack or went into depression he would take over so I don't cause any harm to anyone. I guess that makes me insane doesn't it? Great I'm mentally insane. I wonder what's for dinner...

Normal P. O.V.

"Okay put down your pencils and pens. I want you all to read what you've written so far. Sakura you first." A pink haired girl jumped a little before clearing her throat.

"I want to be with you,
To marry you,
For you to love me.
It's pointless to run,
For we were meant to be,
So stop running my love."

Silence. Complete and utter silence. 'I think Haruno just came up with a new type of torture.' Naruto thought as he checked to see if his ears were bleeding.
"That was...something. Naruto your next." Naruto glared at Kakashi, making sure that the oblivious teacher knew he was pissed off.

"Hiding the pain,
With a mask.
Trying to be something,
When you're really nothing.
Fighting hard against darkness,
For the light that doesn't exist.
Desperate to hold on to the rope,
Called sanity.
Inflict pain on yourself,
Yet still living.
Not letting anyone know who you are,
Scared of getting hurt even more.
Soon becoming a empty shell,
Slowly withdrawing into yourself,
Until you are nothing.

Throughout the poem Naruto kept his eyes on Kakashi for only he really understood the poems meaning. When Naruto finally finished Kakashi stared at him long and hard along with most of the class.
"Naruto see me after class."
'Great. Peachy. This just going to be so much fun.'
-What do you expect? He's going to be scared that you'll try to kill yourself again.-
'He knows I can't kill myself. Anyway when did you wake up, Kyuubi?'
-Eh around the torture.- Naruto nodded and noticed that Sasuke was staring at him.
"Can I help you with anything?" Naruto snarled. Sasuke looked surprised before glaring and looking at Kakashi. Naruto rolled his eyes and did he same.

When the bell finally rang, Sasuke quickly left with the rest of the class and was halfway through the hallway when he realized that he had left his bag in the classroom. He quickly turned around and as about to enter the classroom when he heard Kakashi and Naruto talking. Eager to learn about the blonde Sasuke listened.
"So Naruto it's been a long time. How have you been?"
"Ah that's really good. And how's your uncle?"
"Orochimaru is fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine. Now what the hell do
you want?"
"I haven't seen you since your parents death which is apparent that you haven't gotten over quite yet." Sasuke's eyes widened and he listened even more intently.
"I'm over it. I was always over the fact that they are dead. Their deaths have actually showed me many things. Now if all we're going to talk about is their deaths then I'm leaving." Sasuke chose that moment to walk in looking completely innocent.
"Sorry for interrupting but I left my bag here." Naruto inwardly groaned when he saw the evil glint in Kakashi's eye.
"Ah Sasuke just the person I wanted to see. Why don't you show Naruto around the school at lunch today?"
'I see what's going on. He wants me to be closer to Sasuke in hopes that I'll make a "friend." Stupid idea.'
-Well Kakashi wasn't exactly known for his brilliance now was he? There's a very good reason for that.- Sasuke looked at Kakashi suspiciously then at Naruto who looked like he was spacing out.
"Good good. Why don't you show him to his next class now?"
"Fine." Naruto glared at the two of them before walking out of the class with Sasuke. Sasuke looked at Naruto and promised himself that he would find out everything about Naruto.

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