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Chapter 1: Dean's Request

"Dad?" fourteen year old, Dean said, tapping his father's shoulder.





"Dean! Stop and tell me what you need!"

"Sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity."

John rolled his eyes and turned to face his son, "Okay, I'm gonna ask you again, Dean, what... do you want?"

"I was wondering if I could go to Michelle's house for a few hours? It's her birthday, and her mom will be there, and she made pie. You know how I loves me some pie."

John thought for a moment, "Where's your brother?"

"He's at the park with Jacob. Remember, you told him he could go, and I walked him there for you?"

"And his mom's there with them?"

"Of course, Dad. Why would I let Sammy go to the park without someone there to watch him?"

"That's true. Okay, you can go, but only for a few hours. You have to be back by eleven. Is her mom coming to pick you up?"

"Yeah, we already made arangements. She was gonna stop by and say hey anyway and thought I might like to go. Can't pass up a good pie opportunity, Dad. So, it's okay if I go?"

"Sure. Just be careful."

"Yes sir."

"And call if you need anything."

"Yes sir."

"And promise to stay out of trouble?"

"I promise."

"Okay, good. Was she already on her way?"

"Yep. Should be here any minute."

Just then, there was a knock on the door to the motel room they were staying in. Dean rushed to open it and smiled at the short plump woman that stood there. Beside her was a thin pretty girl with long brown hair and green eyes. Dean let them in and they walked to where John sat at the table.

"Hey, John," said the plump woman.

"Hey, Alice. Hey, Michelle."

"So, it's okay if Dean goes to our house for a while?"

"Yeah, he already asked. Can you have him back by eleven?"

"Sure. Could have him back by ten if you wanted."

"No, eleven's good. I have some errands to run that I couldn't take him on. Saw some pretty rare weapons at a shop nearby, and they don't let people under eighteen in."

"Guns or knives this time?"

"Knives. Pretty neat stuff."

"Okay, if you run into Bill there, could you tell him we need bread and milk?"

"Will do."

"You ready, Dean?" Alice asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Dean said with a grin.

"Bye, Dean, be good this time. Bye Michelle. If he gives you any trouble, give me a call."

"He's never trouble with us, John."

"Okay, thanks."

Dean smiled at Michelle and followed Alice out to her truck.

"Okay, I just have one thing to say, Deany," Alice said. Dean raised his eyebrows questioningly. She smiled, "When we get there, try not to get pummled by the water balloons. It's a war field between Joey and Christian."

"When is it not?" he asked.

Michelle laughed, "When they're sleeping."

Alice grinned and pulled the car out of the motel parking lot, heading to her house.

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