Remember my Love

Sanzo winced as the whip repeated its downward path. The subject of the beating seemed oblivious to the stinging slap.

"Stop that." He called out.

"Bugger off it's my slave I'll do what I wish." The man raised the whip once more. "I told you to finish me off right here you slut." He gave a fierce tug on the leash and collar around the trembling slaves' neck.

The whip stopped in mid swing as Sanzo grabbed the mans' wrist. "No more." He thrust a bag of coins at the whip holder. "Here take this he's mine now so let him go." The blond knelt down next to the slave. "Come on get up. I'm getting you out of here now." He undid the collar and threw it aside.

"Must be pretty bad off if a Sanzo priest needs to buy a whore." The man taunted.

Sanzo pointed his gun in the direction of the voice. "Take your money and go. Be glad I left you alive." He laughed to himself as the frightened man nearly threw himself backwards in order to retreat faster.

Sanzo looked at the pathetic creature in front of him. "God the shit you get yourself into. You're filthy."

Sad, broken eyes peeked out from a curtain of hair. "Thanks but do I know you?"

"You don't remember?" Shocked, Sanzo asked. "We've been looking for you for two years." He shook his head. "Come on let's get you fixed up and fed." Standing he offered a hand to help the other stand. After some hesitation the hand was taken and the man stood to his full height. "Feh! You reek…bath first." The delicate blondes' face wrinkled in displeasure.

"Yeah well bathing wasn't needed so much for my job." Was the sheepish reply. "You don't really have to be very clean to be a whore you know."

Sanzo shook his head. "Well what ever, come on the others are waiting."

"So how many others and who are you?"

"There are two others plus a pet. And you really don't remember me?" Sanzo tried not to sound hurt. "Ok then, what's your name?"

The other man seemed a little shocked "I thought you knew who I was."

"I do."

"Then you should know my name."

Sanzo clenched his jaw trying to stay calm. "I just want to know what name you are using. It's a pretty simple request."

"Sha Gojyo."

"Good at least you remember that."

"Why would I forget my name? That's stupid."

"You forgot me."

"Good point I guess since I don't remember."

They arrived in front of a large inn. "Here we are." Sanzo waved his companion to go before him. He looked at the innkeeper. "We're going to need two hot baths. I'll pay for the extra cleanup." Before he had a chance to call for his other companions who were upstairs, foot steps thundered down the stairs.

"You found him Sanzo." The energetic young man was stopped mid tackle with a swat of an oversized fan.

"Idiot! Wait till he's clean and fixed up."

"Oops. Hehe yeah," Goku pinched his nose closed. "Nice to see you Gojyo."

More careful, slow foot steps announced the arrival of the groups' healer. "My you certainly are a mess Gojyo."

"Yeah I figured before we do anything we're going to have to soak the grime off of him just so we can see what damage there is, then wash him again just to get him really clean before you try to heal him." Said Sanzo.

"Hey I'm right here." Growled Gojyo.

"Well that hasn't changed at all after all this time." Hakkai smiled. He grimaced at the condition of his friend. "It's going to be rather difficult to get everything clean. The clothes are a total loss we'll just have to burn them."

"Yeah if you can even get the cloths off of him." Sanzo sighed. "We may as well just chuck him in the water as is, clothes and all. That way they'll soak loose."

"That will probably be gentler on the wounds too." Hakkai observed. "What a horrible mess."

"I'm still right here." Gojyo growled out again.

"Come Gojyo let's get you clean." Hakkai genteelly herded his wounded friend to the bathroom. He hesitated a moment. "Sanzo you'd better let me take care of this."


"No! Sanzo. Please it needs to be done with the utmost care. Plus do you really want to see him like that?" he placed a comforting hand on the blondes' shoulder.

Sanzo hung his head. "Alright Hakkai what ever you think is best." If Gojyo had been him self he would have laughed at how easily the green eyed demon had quelled the mighty Genjo Sanzo into compliance.

Gojyo stared at the steaming tub. "You really expect me to get in there with my clothes on?" He turned and refrained from further questions when he caught a glimpse of the stern look on his once best friends face. "Eh…okay…going in now." He climbed in without further hesitation. "Eee-y-ouch that's hot." Sighing he slid down deeper. "Damn that feels good. I can't remember the last time I got to sit in a tub of hot water." Then wryly chuckled. "Hey I really can't remember. Man this sucks. I feel kinda lost ya know."

"I know Gojyo." Murmured Hakkai.

"So we're friends huh?"

"Um huh." Picking at some of the sodden clothes Hakkai only nodded.

"What about the kid? What's his name...?"

"Goku, yes the two of you are friends in a brotherly sort of way. You squabble incessantly."

"Ha-ha that sounds right." He inhaled sharply as a piece of cloth stuck to a scab. "What about the blond?"

"Also a friend although he'd most likely deny it publicly."

"Yeah that feels right too although there seems to be more but I can't quite figure it out."

"I'm sure it'll come to you."

Together they slowly and sometimes painfully pulled the ruined clothes off an equally ruined body. After a tender but through scrubbing and shower the second tub was filled with a tired, sore but cleaner and happier kappa. Hakkai stayed by his side as Gojyo drifted blissfully off to sleep after a prolonged healing session.