Remember my Love


I hadn't really intended to save that redhead for Kouryuu, but in the end that's what I did. Thankfully I did get a bit of a chance to mess things up greatly.

I took his memory and then all dignity and pride. That cocky smile and natural sexual appeal all gone. I took all that and more from the boy. I left him a hollow shell of what he was. Chuckling the whole while, making sure it was all a distant blur.

Kouryuu, such a beautiful boy. I had even mistaken him for a young girl when I first met him. So serious and suspicious of everyone. Always on guard…even now he had made a wall to contain all emotions after Komyou was killed.

Now that I kind of regret. But I knew I couldn't get my hands on the much needed scriptures. How was I to know he had already passed the Maten scripture on to his little protégé?

"Don't look at me like that Mr. Bunnykins. It was necessary, it had to be done." Out of all the lives I took that is the one that bothers me the most. "Oh do shut up." I threw my fluffy companion across the room. "You have no idea what I had to go through." Sighing I walk over to pick up the toy. "You'll never have any idea."

Was I that soaked in my own madness that I actually thought that thing was going to talk to me? I'd probably fall over from a heart attack if that happened.

No it was just part of the grand game that is life. And life is mine to play with. This is why I toyed with the half breed's life. His pain and anguish were delicious. It fed my madness made me whole, sick sadistic bastard that I was. I enjoyed every minute of it. It's why I played willing along with the bitch in the castle. I said I'd help her revive her lover, but the truth was I just wanted the scrolls for my self.

I'm most grateful to be rid of that trash. I couldn't care less. One body was the same as any others when it came to satisfying the needs of the flesh.

Oh the cruel and horrible things I did to that boy. I'm sure he'll have nightmares for years to come. I took his memory last. Then set out to have someone with no scruples what so ever find him and sell him in the slave market. I did check in on him occasionally, but from a safe distance. Then I started the rumors that I knew would eventually get back to Kouryuu.

To my delight I heard another little tidbit of a rumor that he and the half breed were lovers. How wonderful to have wounded the heart of that child. Kouryuu would come looking for him and with a little manipulations on my part eventually find him. Only to find a broken vessel of the red heads former self.

Sighing I watched my little play come to a close. Being back with all his friends had brought all the memories back to what's under that flaming hair. Although after eavesdropping on a few conversations I came to realize he remembered nothing of my torture. Complete memories up to that instant. Then on to form new memories.

"Well this is boring Mr. Bunnykins lets move on to other things." No longer needing the Saiten scroll. I just didn't want to bother with it any longer. So I arranged to give it to my red headed toy than fade away…for now.

Who can know the future?