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Chapter 1

Truth or Dare


"Bella, you know I love you don't you?" Edward said dazzling me with his beautiful topaz eyes.

"Yes, I know that. I love you, too," obviously.

I absolutely loved spending days with him at his house, without having Charlie hanging over my shoulder, watching the clock for when he can kick Edward out. It was great. Sitting in the lap of a god, having nothing but his very presence to entertain me.

"If I asked you to do something for me and my family that would make us really happy, would you do it?" Edward whispered into my ear, making it extremely difficult to breath.

"Of course." I hope he's not going to ask me anything outrageous that I will never be able to comply to.

"Well, Alice was wondering if you would," he paused to kiss the sensitive spot behind my ear, "play truth or dare with us. I will play with you. It would make her and me both happy if you would."

"Huh?" He knows I can't concentrate with him doing that to me.

He pulled back so we had a few inches in between his face and mine, "Would you play truth or dare with my family and me? It would make Alice very happy."

"Edward, you know I don't like to play that game. All I do is get embarrassed. I end up staying red for the whole game."

"That's why I love for you to play. You look so cute when you blush!" He was just way too convincing with his irresistible velvet voice. Oh gosh, I'm done for! By this time Edward was leaving a trail of kisses along my jaw line, "so will you play?"

"Yes, Edward." I said giving in.

The door busted open to reveal an overly excited Alice.

"Oh, Bella I new you would play, I saw it! Come on, everybody is waiting downstairs!!!" Alice squealed.

I guess my human speed wasn't fast enough because Alice picked me up raced me downstairs, with Edward trailing closely behind her. All the rest of the Cullens were already sitting in a circle in the center of the living room. Alice sat me and I joined them in the circle sitting in between her and Edward.

"I want to go to first!!!!" Screamed Emmett jumping up and down on one foot with his hands high in the air.

"Truth or Dare, Rosalie."

"Umm… I guess dare."

"I dare you to clean the whole house."

"NOO!!!!!!!!! Anything but that!!!!!!!" she howled as she dramatically threw her hands up in the air and sank to her knees slowly.

"Yes, that." Emmett replied with an evil grin on his face, I have to admit it was very creepy.

Rosalie then slowly got up and threw all the stray objects around the room under the rug.

"Here darling, have some Windex and a rag." Emmett said snickering.

"Screw you Emmett you little wimpy cootiefaced lint licker!" Rosalie screeched at the top of her lungs as she walked up the steps to clean the upstairs windows.After she came downstairs a few minutes later claiming that the whole house was clean, she smiled and said sweetly, "Truth or Dare… wonderful Bella."

"D-d-dare." I whimpered. I hope I chose right, who knows what crazy thing Rosalie will come up with, she scares me.

Edward snickered, obviously reading her mind.

Oh No! That was the wrong choice!!

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