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Red Sunrise

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: It Begins

It was a peaceful day in Fuchsia Village a young 7 year old Village boy by the Name of Monkey D Luffy who had black hair and dark eyes ran thought the streets looking for his friends… after much looking he found his 4 best friends (who were the same age that he was) looking over some sort of scroll

"Hey guys Shanks is back!" yelled Luffy.

"Really that's great!" said one of them who was boy with sun shine blonde hair and blue eyes he also had strange whisker makes on his cheeks, his name was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto.

"And I'm going ot prove I'm a man!" said Luffy.

"What are you going to do this time?" asked the 2nd which was boy with red hair green eyes who had strange circles around and for some reason lacked eyebrows, his name was Gaara.

"You'll see!" said Luffy.

"Well I hope it's interesting" said the 3rd… who was… a person… yes a person… it's unknown whether or this child was a boy or a girl… but it had long dark brown hair and brown eyes, it's name was Haku.

"Just don't hurt, okay…" said the 4th who was defiantly a girl with indigo hair and light lavender eyes that made her look blind, her name was Hyuga Hinata.

All 5 children went to a Pirate ship.

"What do you want now Anchor?" asked the red haired captain of the crew named Shanks who wore an old straw hat that had a red band around it.

"I'm going to prove to you I'm a man!" yelled Luffy taking out a knife.

"I have a bad feeling about it…" said Gaara.

That's when Luffy stabbed himself in the cheek.

"Luffy! What were you thinking!" yelled everyone on the ship.

Later in the local tavern, Haku was cleaning the wound.

"That hurt!" yelled Luffy.

"I'm sorry but you're the one who stabbed yourself in the face!" said Haku.

"That was very reckless of you Luffy!" said Shanks.

"Oh come let me join! I'm a man!" yelled Luffy.

"Honestly Haku is more of a man then you are!" said Shank laughing, "And look at him…"

Haku who was confirmed to be a boy said "Ignore him Luffy… he's just teasing you."

"The only kid I'd let on my crew is Gaara…" said Shanks withy a smirk.

Else where in the tavern Gaara sighed… there was the usual drunken game of "try to hit Gaara with something, which involved throwing small harmless things towards the boy which would always for some reason get blocked by Sand.

"That's no fair!" yelled Luffy, "Gaara can control sand! He has a special power… but I've been training my punch is like a pistol!"

"A punch like a pistol? That's a joke!" said Shanks laughing.

"Don't make fun of him! He has a true dream! To join your crew! Don't make fun of him like that!" yelled Naruto.

"Your right! I'm sorry." said Shank, "Here's some apple juice."

"Thanks!" said Luffy.

"Uh… Luffy…" said Haku.

Luffy drank the apple juice.

"Real men don't drink apple!" said Shanks causing most of the bar

"Why you." said Luffy.

"You boys at it again?" asked the bar main named Makino.

"Shanks like to make fun of me!" yelled Luffy.

"Don't mind him." said Ben Beckman, the first mate of the crew, "He's just trying to protect you. The sea can kill you in many ways."

"No I really think he enjoys to tease Luffy." said Haku.

"Oh just making fun of him! It's so fun!" said Shanks.

"See!" said Luffy pointing to the pirate.

"You should making fun of him!" said Naruto, "It's not nice!"

"Why should I listen to you, Fishcake?" asked Shanks.

"Don't call me fishcake!" yelled Naruto.

That's when the door slammed open… and mountain bandits came into the room, the leader named Higuma approached the bar, he demanded booze, which The Red Hair Pirates already drank, shanks offered them an unopened bottle… after Higuma crushed the bottle, with Shanks offering to clean it, Higuma broke more, after mentioning his bounty he and his bandits stormed out. Luffy who was eating a piece of fruit he found in a treasure chest began to get angry, the other 4 children tried to calm their friend.

"Clam do2wn Luffy… please!" said Hinata.

"Why didn't' you fight back!" yelled Luffy, "I thought you would have fought back but I'm leaving!"

"Wait!" said Shanks tugging on his arm.

That's when something strange happened… shocking the entire bar.

"What's going on?" yelled Luffy.

"Since when does Luffy have a Bloo-" said Naruto but Haku stuffed a piece of bread in his mouth that happened to be there.

"You know we're not supposed to talk about that…" whispered Gaara.

"Luffy did you eat this fruit?" asked a member of the crew named Lucky Roux holding a piece of paper that had a picture of a purple fruit with swirl makes on it.

"Yeah… but it wasn't very good." said Luffy.

"That was the Gum Gum Fruit! You can now stretch but you can never swim again!" said Shanks.

"What?" said Luffy who began to cry.

And that's how Luffy gained the power to stretch at the cost of never being able to swim again.

A few days later, Naruto, Hinata, Gaara and Haku were talking.

"I know we promised mom we wouldn't teach Luffy jutsu but maybe we can help him learn to fight using his new powers!" said Naruto.

"That sounds like a good idea…" said Hinata.

"He will need help controlling his new powers." said Haku.

"I have to go tell the mayor!" said Makino running past them.

"Makino!" said Garr, "What's going on?"

"Those bandits are back! And they got Luffy!" said Makino.

"Oh no…" said Hinata.

"We have to help him!" said Naruto.

"Are you sure… I mean we're not allowed to tell any one about our jutsus… Luffy found out on accident… and Gaara's can't his abilities… but!" said Haku.

"I don't care! Luffy needs out help!" yelled Naruto.

"Naruto's right!" said Hinata.

"I agree…" said Gaara.

"Fine…" said Haku, "Let's go!"

The 4 of them found Luffy being beaten up by the mountain bandits, and Higuma was kicking Luffy in the face.

"This kid doesn't seem to be hurt by out attacks, maybe we should sell him to circus!" said Higuma.

"Let go of our friend!" yelled Naruto.

"Guys!" said Luffy haply.

"Really more brats!" said Higuma, "What do you think you're going to do?"

"Let g of our friend and we won't have to hurt you!" said Naruto.

"Hurt us that that laugh!" said Higuma.

Haku began to move his hands in some strange hand signs... that's when the water in a nearby bucket of water began to float in midair.

"Flying Water Needle Jutsu!" said Haku.

The floating water suddenly sharpened turning in to needles and made it's way to the lesser bandits.

"All right!" cheered Luffy.

"What did you do?" yelled Higuma.

"It's Ninjutsu. Something only the four of us can do." said Gaara.

"Ninjutsu? Never heard of it, get them men…" said Higuma.

"Okay you ready guys?" said Naruto.

The other 3 children nodded.

"Byakugan!" said Hinata as the veins near her eyes began to budge.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" said Naruto creating clones of himself.

The bandits ran towards the children… Naruto's clones began to punch and kick them, Hinata just slapped the ones that attack her with her palms… very lightly… however the men shouted in pain and collapsed, Haku used the water that was on ground for more attack… as well as strange wind attacks and Gaara used a ton of sand to attack the bandits.

"What are these kids? Their even freakier than this kid right here!" said Higuma.

However 3 out of 4 of children couldn't keep this up… one of the bandits grabbed the real Naruto.

"Let got of me!" yelled Naruto.

"Naruto!" cried Hinata getting distracted, letting one of the men grab her.

"Naruto, Hinata!" yelled Haku who then grabbed from behind.

"Just one more!" said a nameless bandit who tried to grab Gaara from behind but was thrown away by the sand.

"Let go of my friends…" said Garr glaring at the men.

"Like we'll listen to you…" said Higuma.

Gaara began to get a crazed look in his eye…, which was very bad thing.

"Gaara! Calm down!" yelled Naruto.

"Please don't do that!" yelled Luffy.

"Gaara stop!" said a voice.

They turned around and saw a woman with light aqua hair put into a ponytail in her late twenties breathing heavily.

"Mom…" said Gaara.

"Don't you dare hurt my children or Luffy." said the woman who was their mother.

"Megumi is right…" said another voice.

The woman named Megumi saw Makino and an old man who was the Mayor of the town.

"Mayor." said Megumi.

"Please forgive these children whatever they I don't know what they did but I am willing to pay for the damages…" said Mayor.

"This brat right here! He made fun of me!" said Higuma, "And these three brats! They deserve to die! Look what they do my men!"

"Naruto! Hinata! Haku!" siad Megumi angrily.

"Uh-oh…" said Naruto with a sweat drop.

"You're in trouble…" said Gaara.

"I told you many time to hide your abilities…" said Megumi.

"Sorry mom…" said the three.

"But your only trying to save Luffy… do I understand." said Megumi.

"Sorry but all 4 of these brats need to die." said Higuma, "Starting with this one."

Higuma drew a sword and was about to kill Luffy when a voice said "I was wondering why no one showed up to greet"

Everyone turned around and saw Shanks and his crew.

"Shanks…" said Makino.

"Luffy, I thought you had a punch like a pistol!" said Shanks.

"Now's not the time!" said Luffy.

That's when one of the uninjured bandit who didn't hold a captive snuck up to Shanks and placed a gun near his head… fortunately the guy never got a chance to shoot, as Roux shot the bandit in the head.

"Oh my…" said Hinata.

"There's something you need to know." said Shanks, "You can you can spill drinks on me, you can throw food at me you can even spit on me… I don't care, I'll just laugh it off! But nobody! I mean nobody hurts my friend and gets away with it!"

To say Luffy was touched was an understatement, he didn't know how feel, that's when the members of the crew fought off the remaining bandits, those that held the other three children captive tired to run off but were knocked out by the crew members… all that was Higuma the Bear… who fled using a smoke bomb… with Luffy.

"Luffy!" yelled Naruto.

"He's gone!" yelled Shanks.

"Clam down Shanks, we'll find him." said Beckman.

The pirate crew began ot search for the bandits, while the 4 children talked to their mother.

"I hope Luffy's going to all right!" said Naruto, "He's my best friend and the only person I told outside the family about Fluffy!"

"Naruto!" said Megumi harshly.

"Luffy promised to keep it a secret!" said Naruto.

"As long as you tow are still friends I'm okay with it." said Megumi.

"Okay!" said Naruto.

"But try to hide your powers better… everyone knows I found you all… but they only know that Gaara has powers since he's unable to hide his… please Naruto, Hinata, Haku… please try to hide your powers better until your older." said Megumi.

"Okay mom…" said all three in a bored tone.

"I hope Luffy's okay…" said Hinata.

"Luffy's always okay, he'll be fine." said Gaara.

"I hope so…" said Haku.

"Don't worry… he'll be just fine!" said Naruto.

And they were right… Luffy was okay... however he was thrown into the sea and was almost eaten by the local Sea King... but other than that he was fine… however Shank who saved him form the Sea King lost his arm in the process.

A few days later the Red Hair pirates were leaving for one last time.

"So your really leaving this time?" asked Hinata.

"Yeah, we've been using this place as a base for way too long." said Shanks.

"I understand, I know I should wait a while before becoming a pirate." said Luffy.

"Like you'll become one! You can't swim!" said Shanks sticking his tongue out.

Luffy growled, "I'll show you! I'll become king of the pirates!" yelled Luffy.

"Is that so?" said Shank with a smirk.

He took off his hat and placed it on Luffy's head.

"His hat…" said Gaara.

"He gave Luffy his hat…" said Haku.

"This hat is very precocious to me, don't loose, give it back when you're a great pirate!" said Shanks.

Luffy began to cry… so did the other 4 children… and so the crew left the island… with Luffy setting his dream… over the course of the next few years he trained with his friends (mostly7 in secret) until one day…

3 Years Later…

Naruto, Hinata, Gaara and Haku were moving to another island with Megumi. Luffy was of course saying good bye to them.

"Why do we have to leave!" yelled Naruto.

"Grandma's sick! You know that… mom needs to take care of her." said Haku.

"Well…" said Luffy trying to hold in his tears.

"Luffy!" said Naruto, "When you from your own crew! I'm going to join!"

"Really?" said Luffy.

"Of course! I never go back on my word!" said Naruto.

"I'm going to join too!" said Hinata.

"Me too." said Haku.

"Me three!" said Gaara.

"Really!" said Luffy happily.

"Of course1 None of us ever go back on our word." said Hinata.

Luffy nodded… "Okay!"

"Oh and we'll be able to keep in touch too!" said Naruto.

"How?" asked Luffy.

"You ready?" asked Naruto.

Hinata and Haku nodded, the three of the bit their thumbs until they began to bleed.

"Summoning Jutsu!" said all three.

There were three puffs of smoke, when they cleared there was a snow hare that appeared in front of Haku, a small blue cat that appeared in front of Hinata and a red toad in front of Naruto.

"Cool!" yelled Luffy.

"Show offs…" muttered Gaara who was unable to use that jutsu due to it's blood requirement.

"This is the summoning jutsu! Haku is able to summon Snow Hares, Hinata can summon cats and I summon toads!" said Naruto.

"That so awesome." said Luffy.

"Say Naruto… can you give me a snack…" said the toad.

"No now Gamakichi!" said Naruto.

"Fine…" said the toad named Gamakichi.

"We found out how to send summons to other people!" said Naruto, "So we can send letter to each other!"

"That's awesome!" yelled Luffy.

"Kids we have to the go the boats leaving!" yelled Megumi.

"Okay!" yelled Gaara.

"See you in a few years!" said Naruto.

"Write often!" yelled Luffy.

"Don't worry! We will!" yelled Naruto.

And so the children bored the boat and Luffy waved goodbye to them, hopping to see each other again one day.

Next Time: Luffy now with a small crew reunites with Naruto, Hinata, Haku and Gaara... what had changed between the two? Meanwhile a mysterious group working in the shadows prepares for plans involving Naruto and Gaara... who are they? find out next time!

A/N: The back story I plan to slowly flesh out... it's going ot be a farley slow process but it's going to be good... just incase you were wondering.