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Chapter 17: Chopper's Past

Sanji decided it would be best stop chasing the human reindeer hybrid and make something for Nami and cook up some food for her, as well as Haku.

After all Haku did risk his life to save Nami, he also made some for Doctor Kureha.

He came in with food for all of them.

"Thank you so much Sanji!" said Nami.

"It was my pleasure." Said Sanji.

"So what did you mean about how Chopper's heart can't be fixed." Said Haku, "Or something like that…"

"Why? Are you going to recruit him?" asked Doctor Kureha.

"No, but considering Chopper is a reindeer who ate a devil fruit, I know for a fact Luffy will want him to join." Said Haku.

"If you say so." Said doctor Kureha.

As it turns out Luffy was chasing Chopper through out the castle begging him to join.

"IF you must know, I'll tell you." Said Doctor Kureha.

Doctor Kureha began to tell them about Chopper's past. He was just a normal reindeer, however due to his blue nose, he was ostracized from the herd and it became worse when he ate the Human Human Fruit.

Because of that he was kicked out of the herd, so he decided to befriend humans but they attacked him thinking he was an abominable snowman.

One day he was found by a man named Doctor Hiriluk who treated his wounds.

Doctor Hiriluk was a quack, everything he tried to do would always go wrong. Which was even worse due to the fact that Wapol controlled all of the doctors.

However he loved Chopper like a son and the two bonded.

Doctor Hiriluk even told Chopper a story about a sick thief who once saw Cherry Blossoms that mystically cured him and now he wants to share that with the whole island.

However eventually Chopper's wounds completely healed. So Doctor Hiriluk told him to leave. Chopper didn't want to, but Doctor Hiriluk forced him to, even shooting at him.

The reason for this was that the doctor was dying.

He didn't want Chopper to know this, but he found out anyways. He once heard about a special kind of mushroom that can cure anything.

Doctor Hiriluk also told him about pirates, because of that when he saw a mushroom in a book that had a skull and cross bones, he thought it was the mushroom.

He made a medicine and Doctor Hiriluk took it, it was only later he learned the truth.

As it turned out Wapol claimed that the doctors were sick.

But in reality it was just a trap to get him.

With the poison slowly killing him and Wapol's men about to kill him, Doctor Hiriluk took his own life instead.

Doctor Kureha knew Doctor Hiriluk and before he died he asked her to train Chopper into becoming a great doctor and she reluctantly agreed…

"And that's his life story." Finished doctor Kureha.

"Yeah, Luffy won't are about that…" said Haku.

"What?" asked doctor Kureha with a small sweat drop.

"Except for me and my brothers and sister, Luffy will chaise down the person he wants to join for his crew until they finally give in." said Nami.

"Usopp's wasn't like that." Said Nami.

"Really? I didn't know that." Said Haku.

That was when Chopper ran into the room breathing heavily.

"Wapol is back!" yelled Chopper.

Doctor Kureha suddenly turned dark.

"I see…" she muttered.

Both of them left to face off against the former king.

"Wait isn't Wapol supposed to be that pirate Luffy beat earlier?" asked Haku.

Sanji began to think, "I think he was." He responded.

"Nami you rest, I'm going to find Luffy." Said Haku.

"I'll come to." Said Sanji.

Haku nodded.

Nami nodded, she did need to sleep.

Haku and Sanji went to get their coats then to look for Luffy. After all chances were the fight was going to be outside.

Meanwhile back in village they managed to finally dig out Dalton.

"So who is he?" asked Zoro.

"Seriously?" asked Gaara.

"It looks like he dead!" yelled one of the town's people.

Well he was shot by many arrows and buried in the snow.

"Seriously… who is he…" muttered Zoro.

Gaara just rolled his eyes.

Back in the castle, Luffy was searching for Chopper when Haku and Sanji found him.

"Hey have you seen the weird Reindeer guy?" asked Luffy.

"Actually that's what we wanted to talk you about…" said Haku.

Haku explained that Wapol was there which only made Luffy extremely angry, after all Wapol did attack them on the way up the mountain.

"Let's go fight him!" yelled Luffy ran off to the front of the castle but Haku stopped him.

"Wait… don't you want a coat first?" asked Haku.

"No thanks I don't need one." Said Luffy.

"I would have let you barrow mine…" said Haku.

"Nah… you need it more…" said Luffy.

Haku sweat dropped, "Seriously?" he asked.

"Let's go!" yelled Luffy.

Luffy continued his run to the entrance.

"He's going to need it, isn't he?" asked Sanji.

"He is." Said Haku.

Both of them followed their captain.

Back outside Chopper and Doctor Kureha were standing up to Wapol and his men.

When suddenly Luffy showed up and punched Wapol in the face using Gum Pistol. This did send Wapol over the edge but he started climbing back up.

Both Doctor Kureha and Chopper were surprised by this.

"You dare strike the king?" asked Wapol.

"What?" asked Luffy, "King?"

"What? Don't you know I'm the king of this island!" yelled Wapol.

"I don't care." Said Luffy.

Wapol glared at Luffy.

"Do you want me to eat you again?" asked Wapol.

"OH MAN IT'S SO COLD OUTSIDE!" yelled Luffy.

"I told you take a coat…" said Haku taking his off and giving it to Luffy.

"Hey…" said Chopper to Haku.

"Yeah…" said Haku.

"How was he able to stretch like that?" asked Chopper.

"He unique… like us." Said Haku.

"Really?" asked Chopper.

"Are you sure it was a good idea to give him your coat?" asked Doctor Kureha.

"I can create and control ice… I'll be fine." Said Haku.

Doctor Kureha laughed at that one.

Luffy zipped up his coat and got ready to fight…

"All right! Let's do this!" yelled Luffy.

And so the fight for Drum Island was about to get under way… but who knew who would win…

Then again Luffy already beat this guy once and it wasn't that much a threat… so… yeah…

Next Time: The fight for Drum Island begins! Will Luffy and the others be able to defeat Wapol... or will Wapol eat him... Find out next time!