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Chapter 19: Rumble Tumble

Chopper looked at the monstrosity before him. While they were unsure if it was real… he did knew that he had to defeat it. And just thru way to do it. He took out a small yellow ball.

"What's that?" asked Haku.

"It's called the rumble ball." Said Chopper not even looking at Haku, "It only last three minutes but with it I can beat him!"

"How can that thing beat us?" asked Kuromarimo, "And in three minutes no less."

"You'll just have to see." Said Chopper.

He put it in his mouth, "Rumble!" he called out.

Chessmarimo rolled his eyes as he grabbed two bows and had flaming arrows in each one. Chopper dodged everyone. So Chessmarimo switches to four mallets. However one of the ways Chopper dodged was become very tall and thin. This allowed him to jump in to the air.

However Chessmarimo got a good hit in and hit Chopper. However his fur puffed up turning him into a giant ball of fluff. The fur protected Chopper and he was fine.

"What?" asked Haku, "How is that possible?

"The rumble ball is something he created. With it he has four more forms." Said Dr. Kureha.

"I don't get it." Said Luffy.

Haku sighed, "A Zoan Devil fruit has only three forms that they can change into. Their original form, the full version of the animal and a hybrid form." He explained.

"Chopper managed to get four extra forms suing the rumble ball as well as augmenting some of his current forms." Explained Dr. Kureha.

"That is externally impressive." Said Haku.

Dr. Kureha smirked.

"I didn't understand any of that but it is so awesome!" said Luffy.

Haku and Dr. Kureha sweat dropped.

Chopper continued to dodge the mallets while shifting forms.

"Hold still and let me whack you!" yelled Chessmarimo.

Haku noticed Wapol decided to take this time to sneak inside, so he tossed some Senbon needles at him.

"You really think we're that stupid?" asked Haku.

"I wasn't trying to sneak in." denied Wapol.

"Yes you were." Said Haku.

That was when Haku made a hand sign. Wapol looked down and saw that his legs were covered in ice and he was unable to walk away.

Haku looked at Wapol, "That better hold, I didn't put that much Chakra into it." Thought Haku.

"Is everything all right?" asked Luffy.

"I'm fine…" said Haku.

Chopper switched to a form that was overly muscular, in this form he was able to smash the mallets like they were nothing.

Luffy was watching the fight with his eyes sparkling.

"I know that look." Said Haku.

"He's think about…" said Sanji.

Haku didn't let him finish and responded, "Oh yeah."

However Haku didn't notice being him that Wapol was eating himself, soon leaving something that appeared to be a bucket.

Back with Chopper's fight, Chessmarimo switched to four axes. Chopper began to dodge as well as run away as fast he could. After all those axes where extremely sharp and rather shiny.

"Where do those weapons keep coming from?" asked Sanji.

"I don't think I want to know…" sighed Haku.

Chessmarimo slashed the axes, the force of the slashes caused the wind itself to cut Chopper's arm and even cut the castle walls.

"Oh man!" yelled Luffy.

"This is bad." Said Haku.

"I'm sure he'll be fine." Said Dr. Kureha.

"I don't know…" said Sanji.

Dr. Kureha glared at Sanji, who promptly shut up.

Back with the fight Chopper shifted forms to dodge the dangerous axe. Then he started to run away.

"Yeah… those axes are too much for him." Said Haku.

"I told you so." Said Sanji.

"Chopper has something up his sleeve." Said Dr. Kureha.

As Chopper ran away he knew it was going to be his only chance to do it. He went back to his normal hybrid form and looked at Chessmarimo.

"All right! Time to finish this off!" said Chopper.

He got into position using his hooves to form a diamond shape.

"All right! He's going to hoot a beam!" yelled Luffy.

"What?" asked Sanji.

"Look at how he's standing! Obviously he's going to fire a beam!" said Luffy.

"I don't think he's going to fire a beam." Sighed Haku.

"Nu-huh he is going to fire a beam!" said Luffy.

Both Haku and Sanji sweat dropped.

"How do you think he'll react if it doesn't." said Sanji.

"If it's cool it wouldn't be that much of problem." Sighed Haku.

Dr. Kureha rolled her eyes at them.

Back with the fight Chopper stood still and continued with what he was doing.

Luffy was wrong about what it is, which isn't all that too surprising. But what was he trying to do. Well one of the extra abilities granted to him is that in his normal hybrid form (which is called Brain Point) he can find his opponent weak point.

"Found it…" said Chopper, "His chin."

He switched back to his slim form (which was called Jump Point), once he got close enough he switched to his overly muscled form (called Arm Point). However since he made himself much shorter than the fusion friends they didn't see him attack until it was too late.

"Cloven Rose!" shouted Chopper hitting Chess in the chin.

As this was the weak point he was knocked out.

"3 Minutes." Said Chopper.

"All right!" yelled Luffy, "That was so awesome!"

"All right time to finish off…" said Haku he turned to where Wapol was.

However he saw that Wapol was gone.

"I thought you covered his legs with ice!" yelled Sanji.

"I did!" said Haku, then he noticed that much of the ice shell was still there.

"How did he get out?" asked Haku.

"Well he probably ate himself. I remembering hearing that if he did that he looses all of his weight." Said Dr. Kureha.

"Why didn't you tell us!" yelled Luffy and Haku.

That was when they heard a scream from inside the castle.

"Nami!" yelled Sanji running into the castle.

"Hey! Wait up!" yelled Luffy.

Haku sighed, "Get, I was hoping to take it easy for the rest of the day." Sighed Haku.

Dr. Kureha laughed while Chopper looked confused, then he looked up at the flag above the castle, he didn't know why he was so relieved it see it intact, it was almost like that was supposed to happen but didn't for some reason.

"You don't have to fight him." Said Dr. Kureha, "I think those three can take of him."

"But what about their injuries?" asked chopper.

"Just let them handle it." Said Dr. Kureha.

"Okay…" mumbled Chopper.

The battle for Drum Island wasn't over yet, but with Nami in even more danger things were going to get messy and quick.

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