Ok…so I was nervous…very nervous. Big deal though! I was leaving my Mom and going underwater to visit my dad. I can even breathe underwater, so what's the point of being creeped out or nervous?

"Bye Mom," I grimaced as she kissed my cheek.

"Percy, are you sure about"-

"It's only for two days," I groaned.

I had butterflies in my stomach, and I'm sure my Mom did too. This was the first time my dad actually requested to spend time with me. I sure wasn't going to pass it up!

"If you ever want me to pick you up, just ask"-

"Mom, I'll be fine. I've battled monsters and exposed Kronos to the Gods. I can visit my dad. This is a small fry compared to what I've been through,"

Mom sighed. She never liked me to bring up anything about my past adventures.

"Love you mom," I said, putting my feet in the water. It was glossy, bright and clean.

"Percy!" My mom called to me.


"Say hi to your dad for me," she smiled.

"Why don't you say hi yourself?" a soft voice said.

My dad, Poseidon, stood looking at my mom and me with caring eyes. Today, he picked a blue Hawaiian shirt with tan shorts to match and sandals. His skin looked like he'd just come from Hawaii. And I don't think that was entirely false…

"Um…hey Dad," I bowed a little to him.

"Hello, Percy," my dad smiled a little. "Just between you and me…don't bow,"

I nodded.

"Been a long time,"

"Sure has," My mom replied softly.

"How's your life?"

"It's ok…I love it the way it is,"

"That's good…ready Percy?"

"Sure, uh…Dad,"

"There we go," Poseidon smiled and turned to go back in the water.

"Bye Mom!" I waved, walking next to my dad.

"Bye Percy!" My mom waved frantically.

"I'll bring him back, safe and sound," Poseidon promised.

"You better," Mom chuckled.

I smiled. It was nice to see your parents getting along after a while. Once we were waist deep, Dad and I dived in the water.

I still haven't gotten used to the whole breath-under-water thing. I mean, come on, you don't get over something like that for at least another two weeks.

"Follow me Percy," dad said, wafting deeper into the sea.

Erm…ok. Where else was I supposed to go?

"Where's the palace, dad?" I asked him, swimming next to him.

"We've a little stop to make before we go to that palace you're talking about," Poseidon muttered.

Whoa. The way he said it, you'd think that it was a made up kid thing.

"The palace does exist…doesn't it?" I asked, cocking my eyebrows.

My dad glanced at me.

"Of course," he frowned as if I'd asked some strange question like if roses grow on clouds.

"Ok…where are we going then?" I asked.

"Taking a trip to the underworld really quick,"

"To Hades? He swore to take revenge on me!" I said, a bit worried.

"We're just holding a meeting there," Poseidon smiled.

"And why not mount Olympus?"

"That's the problem we're going to discuss," Poseidon stopped in front of a huge underwater cave.

"After you," I smiled quickly.

"That's exactly correct, Percy. Without me, you wouldn't be able to see this place…even if you are my son," Poseidon told me, his eyes glittering.

"Why was it made that way?" I asked.

"In the old times, you know all gods used to have relationships with mortals, correct?"


"This was made so that the gods could get together. No one would bother them. No mortals, half bloods, and so on and so forth,"

"Oh...that makes sense," I said. It did. When you father like, fifty children, I'm sure you'd want some peace to speak with your fellow brothers.

"Ok. Grab on to my trident,"

"What trident"-

Suddenly, the trident appeared in his hand, making me blink and rub my eyes.

"Wow," I whistled.

"Grab on Percy!" my dad said.

I held on to the stick part of the trident, while my dad muttered something in ancient Greek. I could easily understand:

Open the doors,

To behold and lore,

Bring us together,

So we can speak in

Peace with each other

The rock on the cave started glowing, first a milky white, and then a dark blue, and finally, a pitch black.

I blinked.

"Come, Percy," My dad started walking into the black, and I was forced to come, as I was hanging on to his trident.

I was about to visit my uncle. The one who swore to take revenge on me the next time I put a foot or hair in his domain…yeah. THAT uncle.