I Promise, I'll work on my other story's too. I just couldn't wait with this one, becasue its my favorite story yet. Read!

Many years ago, on the human planet, there was a second universe. The first and original universe, where humans walked and ruled, was just called 'earth'.

At first, there was only that one universe, earth. But all the magical creatures were tired of hiding, or pretending not to exist for the humans. Because they knew what the humans would do to them if they found out that they existed.

They would hunt them down, and kill them. Stupid humans, they did not understand. They did not understand that if they killed magic, they killed themselves. That is, if the magical universe still had a connection with the humans.

The connection could be broken. But there was only one way to do so. The magical creatures had to work together and build themselves another universe. Only that way, could the humans live in peace on there side, and the creatures could live in peace on there own side. And they would both be independent. They would not need each other to survive.

Baxley Griphook, wizard and Minister for all magical creatures, knew this. He gathered all the leaders from etch art of creatures to help him build there new home. Fairies, Elf's, Dragons and many more leaders came to help him. Every single creature came, all but one. The Vampire leader Aro Volturi. He was a selfish and greedy man. He wanted their kind to stay on earth, so that they could fest on humans.

"Aro, Vampires will not need to drain anymore, once we are in our right home. Your thirst will vanish. You are the last magical creature we need. There will still be portals between our universes, if you do not help us build it." Baxley had told Aro on the meeting. He knew that if the other Vampires knew about this, they would want him to help them build there new home.

"And if the connection is broken, then we can never get anymore Vampires. I am the only born Vampire on earth; I need humans for more Vampires. I will not let our kind vanish, because of some foolish mistake." Aro said sternly, glaring at Baxley.

"Not if you help us build the other universe! There you will be able to reproduce the natural way, you will not need to bite a human to get another Vampire. There can be vampire families instead. The same goes for the rest of us. Come on Aro, help us do this." Baxley pleaded with the stubborn Vampire.

"I am sorry to say, no. I will not help you with this. My kind will stay on earth and feed on humans the way we are suppose to do. The connection will stand." And with that, Aro left the meeting.

The other leaders had no chose but to build it without him. Their universe could never be finished without the vampire amulet, that Aro owned. If they could get a brave, good and loyal vampire to steal the amulet away from Aro, they could close the last portals around there universe and live in peace.

But, there was a problem with that plan. Aro did not tell the other Vampires about the other universe. He let them believe that they were the only magical creatures to walk on earth. They and Werewolf's. Werewolf's were the natural enemy of all magical creatures, so they were not allowed to come over to the other side, seeing as they worked with, and for the humans.

One thousand years passed since that day.

The day Aro turned down there offer. The Werewolf's would be lucky now and then and find a portal and go through the universes. They would kill woman, children and men, burn down their villages, and leave.

It was not often that this happened, but when it did, they usually killed a lot of magical creatures. Last time it had happened was in 1742. The Werewolf's killed a whole village of Dwarfs. The loss was big, but the Dwarfs were tough creatures, and they got back up on there feet.

That was over 250 years ago. Now, it was the year of 2007. They still followed earth's dates and times, from old traditions.

And now, to start our tale, we must visit a little Fairy village named Nurmengard, lying right outside of the elderly woods. Because there lives the girl, that could fix it all.

§Isabella's POV§

"Dolores, stay away from her. I told you not to talk to her!" Yelled Mrs. Tombelton to her daughter, my former best friend.

"I'm sorry Isabella. I just can't be seen with you. I'm not allowed." She didn't look sorry. Quite the opposite, she actually looked happy.

"But I'm telling you, I'm not evil! I don't know why my dresses turned black! Or what happened to my wings. But I'm not evil! You know me!" I pleaded with her.

When a Fairy has her birthday, her dresses and wings will change color and appearance. And I turned for the worse. My beautiful butterfly wings turned white and ripped apart in several places and my corset turned a light pink. My skirt turned black and short and my beautiful red and white stockings became fishnets. And my hair, my gorgeous long brown hair turned black and purple…all the signs of the death fairy. And being a death fairy is as bad as a Pixy.(Picture in Profile!)

"I have to go, goodbye Isabella." She said, turning around. Her wings looked like leafs and her dress was brown. She had turned to one of the forest Fairy's, while I got the evil mark on me. Also known as the dark mark. It was like a family marking, only black and on my shoulder.

I flew slowly home, not caring about all the glares I got. The whole village knew anyway. I let my crystal blue tears fall; I did not even try to stop them.

"Go and live with the Pixies! We don't want you here!" Yelled one of the villagers, flying by me. I didn't say anything back, because I knew it was true. I might as well be a…Pixy. I shuddered at the thought. They were truly evil creatures. Only causing mischief.

"Isabella, hurry up and come inside here right now." My mother, Renee yelled out to her. My mother was a purple Fairy, meaning she was an ordinary Fairy, nothing special about her. Many woman in the village had the same color. If you were born a purple, you stayed purple.

I flew a little faster inside and Mom slammed the door behind me. She was glaring with all her might at me, and I felt ashamed of myself.

"I told you not to go outside, Isabella. Creatures will get mad at you; at us!"

"I'm sorry, but Dolores wanted to meet me at the riverside and she was the last friend I had. I had to see her." I whispered. I was afraid that my voice would crack if I talked louder.

"Had?" My mother questioned sharply.

"They don't want to be friends with me, the death Fairy. They should stay away from me."

"I think you should leave." I snapped my head up to look at her. I was not surprised, I had expected that much, but I did let her see the hurt on my face.

"I'm 170 years old mother. Where am I suppose to go? We live outside the elderly woods, I'll die--" She cut me of with a sight.

"Baxley Griphook wants to see you." She said in a sour tone.

"T-The Baxley Griphook? The wizard?!" I squeaked with fright. He was a nice man, I had never met him, but I knew he was nice. Although I was still scared of what he might do to me. After all, I was a death Fairy.

"Yes. He wants to speak with you. 'Personally.'" I knew she was jealous of me, why I did not know.

"I have packed all the necessary things for you. All your dresses and

Fairy dust. So that is ready. Sir, Legazard the Wizard, will escort you to the castle."

"What about my unicorn, can I take her with me?" I asked hopefully. She shook her head no, and tossed me my bag.

"You are no longer my daughter. So do not come back to Nurmengard, ever again."

"What if I change color? If I'm not a Death Fairy anymore, can I then come back and be your daughter?" I asked hopeful.

"The damage is done. You have brought shame upon our family tree. You may not return." She almost looked smug, happy when she said it. I could feel my tears running faster from my piercing blue eyes, falling down in my lap.

"Goodbye, Renee." I flew out the door and into the waiting carriage.

"Good evening Miss Swandelix." Said a dark voice from the shadow. I knew who it was, and I knew him well. This was France Legazard, Baxley's most trusted servant. He often visited the Village, but not so much anymore.

"Good evening sir. Legazard. May I ask why Lord Griphook wants me, a simple Fairy?" I asked him hopefully. I wiped away my tears, embarrassed.

"No, I cannot tell you. But you are no simple Fairy." He said sternly. We were silent the rest of the ride. It didn't take long, because he had the big unicorns dragging us with lighting speed.

When we stopped, I flew carefully out of the carriage, so that my delicate wings would not tangle themselves up. That could be a disaster for me.

I flew after France into the castle. This was the first time I had ever been inside the castle before. I had only seen it once, when I was little. It was huge and beautiful inside. Pictures of all the leaders hanging on the wall. Historic swords and Jewels lying in protected glass boxes in the hall.

Anyone stupid enough to try and steel it would die with the curse that Baxley had put on it himself. A long and painful death…

"This way." France said, walking fast. I flew a little faster after him. I had no problem keeping up with him at all. I was actually a lot faster then he was, seeing as I am a creature, and he, a wizard.

The big wooden doors swung open as I waited on the other side. I didn't hesitate when I flew in, stopping in the middle of the room. My feet did not touch the ground, as I stood, waiting for Baxley to say something.

I bowed deep and said in a soft, pleasant voice. "Lord Baxley Griphook. It is an honor to be here." The old wizard did not answer immediately, but waited until I had straightened up. I noticed that the rest of the leaders were all there, with there amulets proudly around there necks.

"Miss Swandelix. It has come to our attention that you are now, a death Fairy." Lord Baxley said in his deep, booming voice. He was a big man, with a beard so long it could reach the floor.

"That is correct, sir." My voice was calm, steady. And that surprised me a bit. I wish I could of cleaned up before I met them, I thought to myself. I'm full of dirt!

"Do you know what that means, Miss Swandelix?"

"That I am a shame, evil, un pure. That I crave souls of those who are in my company for too long. That I take there souls, body's, and murder them. A death Fairy." My voice was the same. And I expected him to throw a curse at me with his wand.

"And who told you that?" He asked gently, with a hint of amusement? I didn't think this old guy could crack a smile now and then.

"My Village, Lord Griphook."

"Then I must say, that you were badly informed." My head snapped up in shock and curiosity. And I forgot that this man was mighty and a god.

"You mean that I'm no death Fairy?" I asked confused. I forgot to speak with respect to him, but it didn't seem like he cared.

"Miss Swandelix, have you ever seen another death Fairy?"

"No, of course not. It has always been a legend. Told to children to scare them, so they would behave. I never thought that it was real, that I would be the Black one." Now I was confused, even he must have heard stories like that.

"Yes, you are a Death Fairy. But that is a good thing." He said brightly. I looked back at him with pure disbelief.

"What do you mean it's a good thing? Being a death Fairy is not good." I said, glaring up at him. I forgot about how all mighty he was at the moment. And right now, I didn't really care.

"The name was chosen by your leader, Sir. Flimwick. He chose the name, because it -you- do bring death with you. But you kill evil, my child. You are a good Fairy, one of the most innocent and purest one of them there is, because the prophesy chose you. You are chosen to Kill Aro Volturi, get the amulet and close our connection."

"But it has to be a Vampire. A pure, Loyal vampire, I have heard the tale." I could not believe this. I was good…not evil…I glanced up at my leader. He was in human size, long black beard, with royal blue wings and coat. He was smiling down at me, nodding his head in encouragement.

"Yes, I know the tale well myself, I was the one who wrote it down. However, you are not going to steal the amulet from Aro Volturi." He paused for a second, glancing to Sir. Flimwick.

"You are going to kill him." he had to be kidding! I felt bad when I killed a snail, and I never did it on purpose.

"We want to have Vampires in our Universe too, but Aro will simply not allow that. So he must die for his betrayal to the creatures. And let those Vampires who will, come with you back into on of the portals."

"But where am I suppose to get a nice vampire from? That is impossible, they are all selfish creatures. And how am I suppose to kill him? When I go to earth, I will shrink dramatically in size. I can't kill anyone when I'm not taller than 13 inches."

"We have selected the vampire that you shall work with. His name is Edward Cullen. He lives in Washington Forks, U.S.A. He has six family members that he lives with. That is all the information that you will need. He does not know anything of this, so you must inform him. He thinks that Vampires and Werewolf's are the only creatures that exist." How the hell is that possible?! I thought, astonished.

"How can they not know of us? They belong here, with us, but they don't even know it." I was talking more to myself then them, shaking my head.

"Aro is the only one who knows of this. Everybody else who knew were killed. And I do not think that you should worry about your size, little Death Fairy, that answer will come. But I could give you a hint." He smiled wickedly down at me.

"Baxley…" The Mermaid leader warned him. He waved her off with his hand, not even looking her way.

"Let's just say, you have the ability to hurt the vampires. Make them feel physical pain." He said, grinning. I didn't understand what he meant by that, but that was probably the point.

"When will I leave?" I asked softly. I wondered how it would be on the other side. How human's looked like now. Maybe they changed? The wizards and witches looked the same, but they had been here for hundreds of years.

"You will leave tonight. Sir. Legazard will show you the portal, after that, you have to find him on your own."

"Miss Swandelix, when I lived on earth, I had to eat food. You can eat flowers, but I strongly suggest blood red roses. They have a lot of energy in them, and they taste better." Said Sir. Flimwick kindly. I nodded and smiled.

"We wish you luck. You must not fail. If you fail to steal the amulet and kill Aro, the connection will stand, until the next loyal vampire and Death Fairy will be on the same place at the same time. It could be thousands of years." I nodded my head, I understood. I would die for my universe if I had to. If it meant that they would live a better life.

"It is an honor to serve you, Lord Baxley Griphook." I bowed deep before flying silently out of the room. The big wooden doors closed behind me and France was standing before me in no time.

"That was a long meeting." He commented. I nodded my head but didn't say anything. He started walking down the hall we had come from, and I flew after him quickly, still a little dazed.

"Would you like some different clothes for your journey? Perhaps a dress?" I looked at him like he had just said 'I like human inventions!'

"I'm a Fairy. I'll get sick and ill if I wear other clothes than Fairy made. Besides, I have a longer dress with me, one with long sleeves." I said kindly. Realization hit him and he blushed a little before straightening back up again.

"Would you like a cloak then? You could just take it off when you start getting ill." He asked quietly. I smiled at him and pointed at my wings.

"I can't fly with a cloak on, and then I'm pretty useless. Although, I really don't understand how these wings can even keep me of the ground. Look at these holes!" I said, giggling. My first laugh since my birthday incident.

"You can walk." He suggested.

"You don't know much about Fairy's, do you? We can't walk. Our legs works like a tale, sort of. Other than that, they're useless." I could move them around, and I could walk around in the air, just not touch the ground. I had even tried to walk once. It didn't go that well.

"Anyway, I do not need anything from the castle. My magic will work just fine. So, show me the portal, please." He nodded once, clearly embarrassed of knowing so little of my kind, and walked fast to the carriage.

We did not speak the entire ride. It took two hours to get there, even with his unicorn stallions. We stopped right outside a big hole that had every imaginable color spiraling around in the ground.

"Isabella…There is a pack with Werewolf's in La Push, right outside of Forks, so be careful. The smell of them will warn you. Now, I will try and get you as close as I can. Take care." I nodded and hugged him tightly. I composed a brave face and smiled at him as I let him go. I kissed his forehead with my black lips and dove right into the colorful pool.

It felt like I was falling for about five minuets before the pain hit me. Hard.