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This story might not makes much sense to people...of course, it's my writing! A piece of my over-active imagination. Enjoy!

I, 16 years old, lounged in my room, sulking and thinking about the movie I just saw, Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End. If you don't know me, that's good. Let's keep it like that, huh? Many people think I'm weird...it's my playful nature they think is immature. Bah!

Staring at the ceiling wasn't doing much good. You see, I'm a big fan of the Kraken. Normally everyone, including the people in the theatre, loathes it so much they practically cheered to see it dead on the beach in that movie...But not me. I was as depressed and upset about it as Davy Jones. Even brought a sniffle or two...yeah, I'm that gullible...

I always fall for the 'bad' guys in a movie...not like the icky disgusting love, love of romance...but big fan love. To me, the Kraken was a winner of my heart...even though it's master didn't have one...

I heard a knock in my room. It's my demon mom...not literally, but you know.

"Stop being such a brat. It was just a movie, now get down here and eat dinner!" she demanded. She's the Davy Jones of the house...only worse...much worse...probably scare Jones himself. I sucked it up and went downstairs to the kitchen immediatly. Best not to piss her off.

"What's for dinner?" I muttered, taking my seat next to my 13 year old younger sister.

"Calamari." my 17 year old bigger brother Marcel said. I glared at him as all my siblings, involving 7 year old youngest brother, chuckled. Marcel really isn't bad, but he'll tease someone every once in a while. And today was one of those days...

"Very funny." I said. I knew he was probably joking. Everyone who knows me knows themselves that I don't eat anything outside my standards.

I only eat the three basic meat: chicken, pork, and beef...and any fish that's been de-boned (a horrible story my mom told me about when she accidently swallowed a fish bone...still makes me shudder.). It's also a few shellfish and crustaceans. But this does not include sharks, frogs, SQUID, octopuses and the like.

Marcel grinned, mouth full of the food. He swallowed and continued. "Nope...found the Kraken and we cooked it up just for you." he joked. The others laughed.

I was definitly turning red with anger, clenching my teeth and tightening up my grip on my fork. However, mom was on my side for once.

"Shut up and eat." she yelled from the tv room where she mostly eats her dinner. Okay...so it wasn't the kind of support you might think but hey, it'll do.

"Is this really calamari?" I asked her, risking a mouthful of the soup-like food. Spicy...too bad we're not allowed to drink during dinner (not even water...we have to wait until our meal was over). Yeah, she's that evil. But this time, she did little to comfort me.

"Yes." she answered, me knowing better than to think she'd joke. I paused, nearly gagging. My brothers and sisters were watching me. Luckily, I didn't swallow and spat out the repulsive stuff back into the bowl. I glanced at the soup, noticing a floating peice of tentacle with mini suckers still attached.

"This close to eating your Kraken." my little sister joined in the teasing. I didn't care about the rules. I quickly gargled a glass of water and spat it in the sink, trying to rid my mouth of every bit of squid contaminated food. I then growled and rushed to the backyard, careful not to make noise that might tip off my mom. Luckily, my siblings are teasers, not snichers...well, except my little brother but I knew Marcel and my sis would keep him quiet.

Standing at the edge of our pool, I looked up at the sky and saw a shooting star go by. I thought of a wish. How my mom would be nicer? How about my littlest brother disappearing forever (he's our parent's favorite, which leaves us with unfavorable treatment, so he isn't exactly much loved among us older kids)?

How about erasing the foul thing I just did by tasting a piece of squid? Or...it's a long shot but...

"I wish the Kraken was alive and right here in our century." I whispered. A waste of a wish? Yeah...but it's not like wishing on a star actually makes that wish true.

I had my eyes closed, but I heard a small splash in our pool. Probably a leaf resting there, but when I looked it was much different...

"Oh...bloody hell..." I mumbled, amazed to see...

A giant squid in our pool! It was a- the Kraken! Though a lot smaller...probably the size of a small alligator...for now. It'll probably get bigger soon. I looked at the sky, then back to the house. No ones watching. I looked back at the Kraken, which was watching me with one huge eye.

Wait...how would I know this was the Kraken? It could've just been a squid someone...stupid left in our pool. Real squids got beaks. The Kraken had rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Tilting my head, I circled the pool, trying to get a glimpse of it's mouth. At least it cooperated and displayed it's jaws.

Yup...it's a Kraken. And it's shooting itself, and it's razor sharp weapons (aka it's TEETH), right towards me!

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