AN: Ok so this is my somewhat second attempt for a Covenant fic. Different plot, character and stuff. Quick note I own nothing to do with the Covenant, not even the movie which is a damn shame by the way, but anyways I do own my OC which will be introduced later on.

Summary: Charlene (Charlie) Faith McKenzie is a new transfer student to Spencer Academy, coming from Seattle, Washington's Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences. She's been uprooted from her life after a tragic occurrence leave's her alone and she must go live with the only family she has left, her grandmother. Transferring in the middle of a school year can be hard, but Charlene ends up meeting Sarah Wenham a transfer from Boston who started in the beginning of her senior year, what will the friendship bring?


Departing from the plane Charlene looked around for any sign that someone had remembered to pick her up. It would be nice not to be stuck on a cot anymore, where she had slept the last month after she was taken in to custody by the state, while the 'situation' was sorted out.

"Miss McKenzie?" Charlene looked over and saw a tall slender man, he was fair skinned with a buzz cut, and was clean shaven. He wore a black suit and held a black chauffeurs hat under his arm.

"Yeah that's me. Call me Charlie though if you will." Charlene said offering her hand. The man smiled and shook it kindly.

"As you wish. Your grandmother is quit sorry she couldn't make it, she had a previous engagement with her flower club and could not cancel."

"It's ok I guess." Charlie said and began following him to baggage claim. "Can I ask you something…er…"

"David. My name is David I'm your grandmothers driver." He said smiling over at her, he was early to mid forties and seemed to be a kind soul so the smile did freak Charlie out at all.

"David right. What's my grandmother like?"

David bobbed his head slightly and watched for the luggage she had told him was blue real quick. "A kind woman, she like's to keep things tidy and is quite busy a lot of the time."

"Oh." Charlene muttered.

"Don't worry she will be spending time with you, it's just she can't stay still long, she's quite active actually. She's in good health also so she likes to live as much as she can now. Or that's what she's always telling us." David laughed slightly.

Charlene gave him a nice smile. "Us?"

"The staff. We live with her at her home."

"Wow I've never had a staff before." Charlene said. "My parents were very modest about their wealth. I never understood why mom and grandma never spoke."

"That you would have to ask her Miss. After you've toured the manor I am to take you to your school and help you get your things to your dorm." David told her.

Charlene gave a grateful smile on her lips and proceeded to grab two blue suitcases from the conveyor belt. "Has the moving truck arrived with my things?" Charlene asked.

David nodded. "Indeed they have. They are waiting at the manor for us to return."

"Will…will you be driving me everywhere?" Charlene asked.

"Unfortunately no Miss Charlie. Your grandmother has arranged a mode of transportation for you." David told her grabbing her last suitcase and they headed off. Once they reached the black Bentley Continental they began loading the suitcases in to the trunk. "Your grandmother is looking forward to meeting you."

"Eager?" Charlie asked.

"Ecstatic covers it." He smiled at her and Charlie nodded her head and went to the door. Before she could grab the handle David caught it and opened the door for her.

"You don't have to do that." Charlene told him.

David nodded with a kind smile. "It's my job."

"Well than you do your job quite well. Thank you." She climbed in to the front seat and waited for David to get in to the driver's seat. Charlene had intentional gone to the front passenger door, because she really didn't want to be chauffeured around. The ride was silent as Charlene pulled out her I-pod and listened to her music, watching the trees pass. It was winter and there was snow on the grown and the trees were bare of their leaves, it was beautiful, but nothing like what Charlie was use to.

They passed a green state sign that read 'welcome to Ipswich' and Charlie sighed to herself. This was not home and it never would be, but she would have to deal. At least I finally get to meet my grandmother. She thought brightly. But under the circumstances… Her thoughts trailed off as her brightness fell. The song in her ear reminding her of everything she felt the last few months.

Of everything around me
I smile
But I don't feel a thing no

I'm so far from where I need to be
I've given up on faith, on everything
All I want, all I need
Is some peace

There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so cold
Slowly killing me

Eating at the core of me
Shut off
Trusting all the lies I breathe

I'm so far from where I need to be
I've given up on faith, on everything
All I wanted, all I needed
Was some peace

There's a hole
Inside of me
[Hole lyrics on so damn cold
Slowly killing me

Sinking ever so slowly
So far from where I should be
No hands reaching out for me
Help me, help me

Something's gone
I can feel it
It's all wrong
I'm so sick of this

There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so cold
Slowly killing me
There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so damn cold
Slowly killing me

"Here we are Miss Charlie." David said kindly as he opened her door. Charlene removed her headphones and put the device in her black Roxy messenger bag. Climbing out of the car in her black jeans, and a black fox sweater and sneakers she took a long look at that home before her.

Mansion was more like it. It was two stories tall, several windows on both floors ivy creeping up the brick walls, and fencing that indicated there was a backyard. Turn to look over the hood of the car, Charlie saw there was a water found in the middle of the round driveway, it was made of a dark marble and shaped into a cupid bow and girl with bow and arrows. She turned back around when she heard the trunk unlatch.

"My grandmother lives here alone, well except for the staff?"

"Yes Miss Charlie. Now are any of these staying here?" David asked motioning to her suitcases. Charlene shook her head.

"No, but thank you." She looked to the large moving truck parked just in front of them and then back to David. "Will she allow me a dog?"

"Your grandmother wouldn't object." David told her.

Charlene smiled. "Good I'll have him sent here than."


"He's with my friend. I wanted to be sure I could keep him before I brought him. If not he would have a home with Kara." Charlene explained.

David gave a nod as he closed the trunk up. "Well let's give you the grand tour and then I will drive you to the Academy. Once your stuff is in your room we'll come back here to meet your grandmother."

"Sounds good to me." Charlene said softly. 5 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms, a living room or two, kitchen, dining room, backyard and basement later Charlene was standing at the front door exhausted from the workout she had just received. The house was large and it took many steps to walk through it all.

"And a to forewarn you the boy next door, likes to play his music loud on the weekends, driving your grandmother batty, but she doesn't want to mess with the family, so stay clear." David told her.

Charlene rolled her eyes and nodded. Then they headed to the dorms and with the help of the movers got all the boxes that were supposed to stay at her dorm in to the empty single room and then the truck went back to the house following them and they unloaded the rest there into an empty room for Charlene.

Everyone left her to unpack a little, it was Sunday and she'd go to school in the morning and than after that she had after school all week to unpack her dorm room. A few empty boxes later and a couple hours Charlie got a knock on her door. "Miss Charlene your grandmother is home." The maid, Rosie, came in to tell her.

"It's Charlie, please. And thank you I'll be right down." Charlene quickly gathered herself from the floor, smoothed the winkles in her pants and sweater and slipped her sneakers back on before headed out of her room. She went down the stairs and to the study where Rosie was standing at the door talking in to it with someone. Rosie saw her and walked in further.

"Ma'am your granddaughter's come down from her room now." She said. Charlene turned the corner in to the study and went right in. The older woman turned in her chair with a smile and then stood walking over to Charlie.

Charlene felt like she was being scrutinized as her grandmother looked her over. They looked a lot a like. Dark auburn brown hair, deep hazel eyes same petite nose, and properly proportioned ears. Their differences consisted of skin color, Charlie's being slightly tanner than her grandmother a trait she inherited from her father who was Italian. And body type, Charlene was five six with an athletic build and slender, and her grandmother was about five four and more like her mother be average.

"It's been to long."

"I think you mean never." Charlie smiled.

Her grandmother smiled back. "No sweetheart, you were born here in Ipswich before your mother moved away. She was busy with you for a while and then work and so was your father, that's why you never got to visit. And I am deathly afraid of airplanes and long distance travel."

Charlene's parents had told her this on several occasions and she had heard it from her grandmother over the phone a few times, but she never seemed to be around to talk to her the last couple years. "Well it's finally nice to put a face with the voice." Charlie said kindly.

Her grandmother, Imogene, nodded with a bright smile. "I think the same. You remind me so much of your mother, but you take after your father mostly."

Charlie sighed and nodded. "Thank you. I'm sorry you couldn't be there for the service two weeks ago."

"Me too sweetie."

"I haven't unpacked the urns yet." She said quietly.

Imogene patted her cheek and Charlene looked up at her with a said teary smile. "You're here now, we'll get through it together. I always believed parents shouldn't out live their children." A small tear ran down her cheek and Charlie reached in hugging her and she started to cry.

Charlene hadn't cried at all since she'd heard about the accident involving her mother and father…

"Derrick…" Charlene giggled pushing him off of her playfully as she turned around in his embrace.

"Awe come on Char, let's go to the janitors closet." He whispered huskily in her ear.

Charlie laughed softly and kissed his cheek. "Later. My parents will be here any minute. This is important to me Derrick, please just be patient for a little longer." She pleaded sweetly with him.

Derrick bent his head and kissed her lips softly and then sighed. "Ok."

Two hours had come and gone and Charlene was now pacing back and forth in the hallway waiting for her parents to show, and leaving a ware pattern in the floor. "Char?"

"They promised they'd come." Charlene stopped and looked up at him. "They promised Derrick." Derrick walked over enveloping her in a hug and kissed her forehead. "They'll be here. Maybe they hit traffic leaving the airport."

"Maybe it was too much asking them to be here for this the day they return from their trip to Italy." Charlene spoke softly.

"No, baby it wasn't too much. This is important to you."

"Then where are they?" She buried her head in his chest and clung to the back of his dress shirt. Another half hour passed when Charlie's cell phone rang in her jacket pocket. She pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. "Oh it's mom." She flipped it open. "Mom? Hey where are you guys at?"

"Is this Charlene McKenzie?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is Officer Rickman. Are your parents, Marlene and Vincent McKenzie?"


"I'm afraid I have some news about your parents. Where are you so I can come speak with you in person?"

"My school. S.A.A.S."

"I'll be there momentarily."

"It's the art building." Charlene hung up and looked at Derrick. "That was an Officer Rickman, apparently he has something to tell me about my parents. You don't think their plane crashed do you?"

"No. It would take a little longer to call family than that." After ten minutes an office walked in through the doors moments before Charlene had been pacing in front of.

"Charlene McKenzie?"


"I have some terrible news…"

Thinking about that made Charlie's eyes continued to poor on to her grandmother's shoulder.

"Shh…it's alright." Imogene soothed her patting her back. After a long while Charlene's tears ceased and her and Imogene went to the dining room and were served dinner. They spoke to each other like they'd never spoke on the phone before at all. Imogene was trying to take Charlie's mind off of her parents, and it seemed to be working as the girl now yammered on relentless about her old school in Seattle.

The evening continued and at ten Imogene turned in for the night and Charlene went back to unpacking her belongings wondering what her new school would be like? If she would make friends? Or better if she could meet someone as great as Derrick. He'd been there for her since her parents death, but before she left he'd decided to break things off because a long distance relationship between teenagers would be too hard on them both.

But that didn't stop Charlene from caring about him still. But they'd ended their relationship mutually with the same thoughts so at least her heart wasn't broken. After unpacking a lot of her stuff Charlene readied for bed and fell asleep for the first time in a new world, new life.

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