Chapter 47:

"Momma!" Ryder yelled happily as he came running up to her out front of the school. He wrapped his little arms around her legs and squeezed. Charlene giggled patted his head as her other hand rested lightly on her rounded belly.

"Hey Ry, did you have a good day at school?" She asked kindly.

Ryder pulled away taking her hand and they started to walk down the sidewalk. "Well..." He started staring at his shoes.

"Oh no, sweetie I don't think I like that 'well...'" Charlene said looking at her son as they walked passed other parents going to pick up their kids, and nannies.

"I got put in time out today." Ryder fessed up.

Charlene sighed. Already taking after his father. She thought silently. "What happened?"

"Well Missy called you a slut because daddy knocked you up. What does knocked up mean?" Ryder asked her.

Her mouth fell open in shock. "Where on earth did she hear a thing like that?"

"She said her mommy told her that. I got mad and pushed her to the ground." Ryder said only slightly ashamed of his antics at protecting his mother.

"Well honey I'll have a talk with your principle and Missy's mom so that never happens again. You and I are meeting Daddy at the doctors office..."

"But momma..." He whined.

"And after we are going for ice cream." Charlene said with a smile. Ryder looked up at her and grinned.

"Ok." His protest long since forgotten at the words ice cream.

Doctor's office:

"Daddy." Ryder ran over to Reid was was standing in the corner of the waiting room leaned back against the wall talking on his cell phone. He looked up quickly ending the call and slipping the phone in his pocket before he caught a running Ryder in his arms.

"Shh...this is a doctors office." Reid said jokingly to his son.

Ryder grinned. "Sorry daddy." He whispered.

Charlene smiled at the duo as she walked over. Reid moved away from the wall and leaned down giving her a kiss. "So, have you decided yet?" He asked.

"No. I want to be surprised." Charlie informed him.

Reid pouted. "But Legs..."

"We are not finding out the sex of the baby Reid, deal with it." Charlene grinned. Reid continued to pout as a nurse walked in to the waiting room.

"Mrs. Garwin good to see you again. And look you've brought Ryder along."

"Hi nurse Amy!" Ryder waved smiling at the chestnut blond women of about five-five.

Amy, the nurse, smiled at the young boy. "Why don't we go check on the baby shall we?" Ryder nodded his head making Charlene and Reid both chuckle lightly. As they got set up in one of the small rooms Reid sat in a chair next to the bed while Charlene lay back and lifted her shirt to expose her belly. Ryder sat on Reid's lap and they waited for the doctor to come in.

Once Charlene's doctor came in she poured some jelly like substance on her stomach and pulled the sonogram machine over and brought the wand up to Charlie's belly. "Well everything looks to be normal? Have you been experiencing anything unusual I should know about?" Dr. Carmichael asked. She was a lovely women of thirty-two with long blond hair and think frame glasses that rested almost at the tip of her nose. Her lips were pursed as she watched the monitor.

"No." Charlene said. "Every things just like the first time."

"That's good."

"I don't see it." Ryder said suddenly.

Charlene turned her head to look at her son and Reid chuckled. Dr. Carmichael smiled and pointed to the screen. "The baby's right there."

"It looks like a blob to me." Ryder said shrugging. The adults had a good laugh and soon Dr. Carmichael was wiping off Charlene's abdomen and excusing herself to go see when she'd be available for another appointment for Charlie. "Momma when is the baby going to come?"

"I thought you didn't want the baby." Reid said looking at his son. Ryder looked down and shrugged mumbling something. "What was that?"

"Maybe I do." He mumbled. Charlene saw Reid look up at her and she smirked at gave him a wink. 'Told you.' She mouthed. Reid smiled at her.

That Night:

"I have to call the school tomorrow and scheduling a meeting with the principle and another parent." Charlene informed Reid as she was doing the dishes. Ryder was in the living room watching the history channel, said he wanted to be more edu-ma-cated than the other kids in his class.

Reid frowned. "Why?"

"Apparently a little girl named Missy told Ryder her mom said I was a slut for letting you knock me up and he pushed her to the ground and ended up in time out."

"Who the hell would say something like that?" Reid asked angrily as he hopped off the counter setting down the bowl of ice cream he was eating.

Charlene shrugged. "I don't know but I intend to find out. How would a kindergarten student know about the word slut unless it came from the parents. That's just ina...Oh my god I sound like my mother." She rubbed her forehead with her forearm and Reid came up behind her putting his hands on the sides of her belly and kissing her neck.

"No you sound like a mother, not your mother. Although I don't think sounding like her would be that horrible." He said sweetly.

Charlie smiled as she finished rinsing the last dish up by hand and set it in the drying rack. She didn't like using the dish washer unless she had an abundance of dishes, and since they'd had Oriental salad for dinner she'd just decided to do the dishes by hand. "No not such a horrible thing." She said softly.

"Go upstairs and get some sleep, I'll put Ryder to bed and be in, in a bit."

"I can't believe he's in kindergarten Reid." Charlene said softly. "And I can't believe in a few months we'll have another one."

"I know neither can I but right now you need rest. I'm only going in to work until eleven tomorrow then I'll be home and we can go pick up Ryder together." Reid said kissing her cheek.

Charlie smiled. "I haven't seen you this much in ages. And...I was kind of getting use to my quiet time."

"Ha, ha you're so funny." Reid snickered sarcastically.

"You know I love you."

"I know."

Next Day:

"Principle McNamara, thank you for arranging this meeting." Charlene said shaking the elder womans hand. She was mid to late fifties, deep auburn hair cut short to her shoulders. She was aging quite gracefully and she wore a sleek pencil skirt suit.

"Oh it's no problem Mrs. Garwin. I assure you had I know idea Melissa Snyder used language like that, had I known I would not have needed a phone call from you to set up this meeting." Principle McNamara informed her.

Charlene immediately looked at her alert. "I'm sorry did you say Snyder?" She asked.

Principle McNamara nodded. "Yes."

"Oh. Ok than." She said. There's no way... The office door opened and Charlie turned her head momentarily.

"Ah Ms. Snyder, please come in and have a seat." Principle McNamara pointed to the other seat next to Charlene.

"Why am I here?" Charlene cringed at the sound of that voice. She saw the red, frizzy hair and smelled the contaminating expensive perfume.

"Kira." Charlene said in acknowledgment. Kira looked over and her eyes went wide.

"Ms. Snyder, Mrs. Garwin informed me that your daughter said some things to young Ryder yesterday on the playground. She claimed that you told her these things." Principle McNamara said. "And as you know while we can not control what is said in your home, we here at this school like to teach our students to behave kindly in proper society, while still having the freedom to express themselves."

"Yeah, so what did she say this time?" Kira asked looking at Principle McNamara bored.

Charlene cleared her throat. "She said you told her I was a slut for letting my husband knock me up."

Kira gave a nervous breathy laugh. "Kids these days. I, um, I'm not really sure where she heard that." There was a knock on the door and the secretary peeked her head in.

"Mrs. McNamara, Ms. Allen needs you right away, her students are oddly miss behaving and she can't seem to get them to settle." Principle McNamara nodded her head.

"I'll be right there Gwen." Gwen, the secretary, nodded her head and shut the door. Principle McNamara stood from her desk. "You must excuse me, Kindergarten class can be quite rambunctious with such a free spirited teacher as Ms. Allen. I will be right back." And she left the room.

Charlene looked over at Kira. "So Melissa Snyder, I take it whoever knocked you up decided to leave."

"Shut up, it's none of your damn business." Kira snipped.

Charlie smirked at her. "Well you seem to make it a point to bash me at every chance you get, so I think it's only fair. Let me guess Aaron knocked you up and when you found out he left you?" Kira fumed. "Something tells me I'm close..." She started mocking. "At least when I told Reid he didn't leave me. He married me. Made a commitment to me and our son. And I don't see how I'm the slut here, since my husband got me pregnant. You're just jealous of my life. You're the slut Kira, you always were."

Kira stood and walked over towards the corner of the room where a rather large beautifully crafted bookcase stood. "Yes, all right. That's what happened, are you happy? Aaron left me when he found out. I found out at the end of summer after graduation and when I told him, he said he was going away to college and I could do what I wanted."

Charlene could have sworn she heard tears in Kira's voice. "Are you crying?"

"Ha." Kira turned around after wiping at her eyes. "I...Look you got the life I always wanted with Aaron. No matter how much he cheated on me, no matter what he did I loved him. Him and Reid were so much alike and when you came along and changed Reid I thought maybe there'd be hope for Aaron, but nope. You got what I always wanted so yeah I'm jealous of your life. But if you ever repeat that to anyone I'll deny it." She growled.

Charlene felt a little pity for Kira. "The thing is Kira I didn't change Reid. Reid chose to change on his own, Aaron didn't want to he was to afraid of change. I'm sorry you didn't get the life you wanted, but you can't say hurtful things about people because your life isn't what you wanted."

"Let's not have heart to heart bullshit. I was wrong, that's the only time you'll hear those words from my mouth so you better bask in it McKen...Garwin. I'll keep my words to myself from now on. And I'll make sure Melissa knows not to repeat words like that. For now, when she gets older I can't be held accountable for anything." Was Kira Snyder making a joke.

Charlene grinned. "Deal. Look I know we aren't friends and probably never will be, but...if you ever want to talk or something here's my cell number." Charlie handed Kira a business card. "You know you can do so much better then Aaron Abbot."

Kira frowned. "You're right we aren't friends so let's just cut the bullshit and tell McNamara we resolved our issues. I have things to do today."

"Fine." Charlene and Kira sat back down and wait for the principle to return. Upon her return they told her they'd spoken and everything was settle. McNamara smiled and they left.

Charlene opted to wait on the front steps for Ryder, while Kira just left. Ryder only had another thirty minutes of class so hopefully she wouldn't get to cold out in the New York fall breeze.

After about ten minutes Reid came waltzing in through the open gates of the school and walked over smiling at his wife. Charlene lifted her gaze as he handed her a starbucks coffee cup. She took a sip and tilted her head up for a kiss. Reid dropped a sweet kiss on her lips before sitting down beside her nursing his own cup. "Hot chocolate, thank you." Charlene said kissing his cheek.

Reid nodded putting her free arm around her shoulder and hugging her to him. Charlene's head lulled on to his shoulder and she sighed contently. "I walked here, so we're taking your car back." He said.

Charlene smiled and nodded. "K. So I talked with Missy's mother, you'll never guess."


"Melissa Snyder, daughter to one Kira Snyder whom got knocked up shortly before Fall quarter of her first year of college by one Aaron Abbot, who I might add is the father but refuses to acknowledge, called me a slut because she was jealous. Swore to deny it if I ever told anyone but I can't lie to you." She grinned.

Reid chuckled. "Oh wow, can't say I didn't see that coming in her future."

Charlene nodded. "I feel a bit bad for her though."

"Why? She was bitch all through high school, even when she wasn't hanging off Abbot's arm." Reid said.

"She's raising a child all alone, the father wont acknowledge Melissa's existence because let's face it he's a prick and Kira still loves him."

"Let's not dwell on it." Reid kissed her temple just as the school bell rang and kids started filling out of the building.

November 12th:

"Oh wow." Charlene smiled at her new baby girl. She had stunning light hazel eyes, the small bit of hair she had looked to be a dark blond and her skin was a soft pale shade.

"She's beautiful just like you." Reid kissed Charlene's cheek. She smiled at him. "What should we name her?" They hadn't gotten around to what to name their second child, because Charlene wanted the sex to be a surprise and her and Reid had been busy with Ryder or just relaxing together.

"Marlee?" Charlie asked Reid looking up at him. A bigger smile broke on his lips. "After my mom. Elizabeth for yours."

"Marlee Elizabeth Garwin it is then." Reid said affirmatively.

"No arguments or protests." Charlene giggled.

Reid shook his head. "Why? I like it."

Two hours later Charlene and Reid were in a private hospital room waiting for Tyler and Kara to bring Ryder in from the waiting room. Charlene looked up as the hospital room door open and Tyler walked in carrying Ryder and Kara followed holding the car seat that contained her son Colton.

"Hi momma." Ryder said as Tyler set him on the edge of the bed next to Charlie. She smiled at him.

"Hi sweetie." Charlene smiled at him. "Want to meet your baby sister."

"I guess." Ryder shrugged nonchalantly. Tyler chuckled.

"He wouldn't stop talking about it so don't let his cool act fool you. He gets that from his father." Tyler informed them.

Charlene giggled softly as Reid handed her their little girl. "My cool is not an act." Reid said.

Charlene smirked. "Uh huh." She looked at her son. "Ryder this is Marlee." Ryder looked at the little girl.

"She doesn't look like much." He said unimpressed.

The adults laughed softly. "Of course not sweetie, she's got to grow up." Charlie said with a smile.

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