Author's note: I don't own Ghost Whisperer or Mysterious Ways. And I also don't know the exact date that Peggy's husband died on, so just play along!

"August 15"

"Well, it certainly is strange," said Peggy as Declan and Miranda were explaining their next investigation.

One of Peggy's patients, Julian Dundas, just lost his wife in a ferry accident, and Declan did some background check. He found out that in the ferry accident where Julian's wife died, there was only one survivor: a child named Carlitos Santana. Two years ago, there was a plane that crashed in a field near Portland with only one survivor: Kristen Smith. Two years before that, a train went off the tracks in Munich and killed everyone on it except for one child: Benjamin Dupree. The only other thing in this patter: all of the events happened on August 15, the same day that Peggy's husband died.

"And August 15 is only five days away," said Miranda, "I just found out that the dedication ceremony for the plane crash monument is going to be on August 15."

"If we don't do something, all of those kids are in real danger," added Declan.

" So you're saying that most likely, this pattern will continue this year, and because most of the signs are pointing to me?" said Peggy.

"Exactly," said Miranda, "We visited the kids yesterday, and Kristen painted these."

Miranda handed Peggy a painting of white dots in a green field, and another one of Peggy.

"And that's not the only thing weird," said Declan, "Come with us."

A few minutes later, the three of them were at the memorial site.

"Now go in the field, and do the pose that you are in the painting," instructed Miranda.

Peggy did as she said. "Uncanny," said Declan. "Well, we know that Peggy's the only one to stop the dedication."