Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament

Episode 01

Opening Ceremony

Written By
Mark Moore

Author's note: Welcome to a new Gundam universe. This series borrows ideas and characters from many different Gundam series. It is my first massive fanfic project in nearly 7 years. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is appreciated. This saga will take nearly a year to unfold, so I can incorporate any suggestions that are given. The Gundam franchise and all related characters are owned by Sunrise Inc. For this episode, thanks go to Laurie Kelley for help with Japanese.
It is the year 2007. After centuries of conflict, the leaders of the nations of the Earth met in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 1 of this year. A worldwide cease-fire to all conflicts was agreed upon. It was decided that a peaceful alternative is preferable. The world leaders set up a tournament. Each nation that wishes to participate will send a pilot to represent it. The pilots will engage in one-on-one battles in mecha - or mobile suits - known as Gundams, which are being developed specifically for the tournament. The nation that wins the tournament will control the new Earth Federation Government for the next four years. The First Gundam Tournament is scheduled to begin in Autumn of this year.

Sunday, September 23, 2007, 9:51 AM, Eastern Daylight Time

In New York City, the opening ceremony for the First Gundam Tournament was about to begin.

Many people from all over the world had come to attend this event. They were seated in the General Assembly chamber in the United Nations Headquarters.

"Good morning to you all. Welcome to the opening ceremony of the First Gundam Tournament. We're here live at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. It is a beautiful first day of Autumn. Allow me to introduce myself to those of you watching at home. My name is Bright Noa. I am the commentator for this tournament. Oh, the Secretary-General is getting ready to address the world. Let's listen in."

The Secretary-General of the United Nations stood up and walked over to the podium.

"Good morning. This tournament is of great importance to the future of humanity. It has been devised as a peaceful alternative to war. The fact that we have come so far as to agree to it is a remarkable achievement. There are 32 nations participating in the tournament. I am sure that you do not wish to hear me talk too long, so I will spare you. I will now introduce the representatives of each of the nations to the world. These people will pilot the Gundam mobile suit for his or her nation. When I call your name, please stand up for a moment. Representing Australia is John Jeffery. Representing Austria is Heinz Gusenbauer. Representing Brazil is Luiz Mantega. Representing Canada is Christina MacKenzie."

Christina stood up for a few seconds then sat back down. She had long, red hair, tied in a ponytail.

"Representing China is Hu Jiabao. Representing Denmark is Anders Schl?er. Representing Egypt is Hosni Nazif. Representing France is Reccoa Londe."

Reccoa stood up for a few seconds then sat back down. She had short, light brown hair.

"Representing Germany is Horst Merkel. Representing India is Pratibha Singh. Representing Iran is Ali Ahmadinejad. Representing Iraq is Jalal al-Maliki. Representing Ireland is Martin Ahern. Representing Israel is Shimon Olmert. Representing Italy is Giorgio Prodi. Representing Japan is Fa Yuiry."

Fa stood up for a few seconds then sat back down. She had short, black hair.

"Representing Jordan is Marouf Badran. Representing Kuwait is Nasser Al-Sabah. Representing Lebanon is Fouad Lahoud. Representing Mexico is Felipe Quesada. Representing Niger is Tandja Oumarou. Representing Poland is Lech Marcinkiewicz. Representing Russia is Vladimir Zubkov. Representing Saudi Arabia is Abdullah Aziz. Representing Spain is Juan Zapatero. Representing Syria is Bashar Etri. Representing Turkey is Recep Toptan. Representing the United Kingdom is Sayla Mass."

Sayla stood up for a few seconds then sat back down. She had short, blonde hair.

"Representing the United States of America is Emma Sheen."

Emma stood up for a few seconds then sat back down. She had short, dark brown hair.

"Representing Venezuela is Hugo Caldera. Representing Yemen is Ali al-Arashi. Representing Zambia is Levy Chiluba. I will now go over the rules of the tournament for you. The General Rules are as follows. 1) The tournament shall take place every 4 years, during the season of Autumn. 2) A match will be fought every 3 days. 3) Matches may be fought in any location that the two participants agree upon. 4) Each match is one-on-one. 5) Each match lasts only one round. 6) There is no time limit for a match. 7) Damage caused is the responsibility of the nations involved in the match. 8) The first participant to incapacitate the other wins the match and advances to the next level. There is a rule that is specific to this tournament, and it is determined by the number of participants. Since there are 32 participating nations, and since half of the participants will be eliminated at each level, there will be 5 levels and 31 total matches. The tournament will consist of the following levels. Level 1 will consist of 16 matches. Level 2 will consist of 8 matches. Level 3 will consist of 4 matches. Level 4 will consist of 2 matches. Level 5 will consist of 1 match. The matches for Level 1 will now be selected at random by computer."

A large screen on the stage started displaying information, and the Secretary-General read it.

"Match 01 will be Australia versus Niger. Match 02 will be Kuwait versus the United Kingdom. Match 03 will be Turkey versus Poland. Match 04 will be Russia versus Iran. Match 05 will be Austria versus Israel. Match 06 will be Venezuela versus Lebanon. Match 07 will be France versus Iraq. Match 08 will be Jordan versus the United States of America. Match 09 will be Egypt versus Spain. Match 10 will be Syria versus Italy. Match 11 will be Yemen versus Germany. Match 12 will be Saudi Arabia versus Japan. Match 13 will be China versus Ireland. Match 14 will be India versus Zambia. Match 15 will be Denmark versus Brazil. Match 16 will be Mexico versus Canada. Now that you all know who you will be facing, I wish you all good luck. You may now return to your nations and begin preparing. Thank you."

Slowly, everyone stood up. Most of the people walked out of the chamber, but some stayed.

Emma walked over to Christina, smiled, and offered her right hand. "Hello. I'm Emma Sheen."

Christina smiled and shook Emma's hand. "Hello. I'm Christina MacKenzie."

Sayla walked over to them. "Hello. I'm Sayla Mass."

Emma and Christina each shook Sayla's right hand.

Reccoa and Fa walked over to them.

"Hello. I'm Reccoa Londe."

Emma, Christina, and Sayla each shook Reccoa's right hand.

"Have we met before?" Emma asked Reccoa.

Reccoa stared at Emma for a moment. "I...don't think so."

"Huh. Weird." Emma then tried to dismiss the feeling.

Emma offered her right hand to Fa. Fa bowed to Emma.

Emma withdrew her hand and bowed to Fa. "Ohayoo gozaimasu. Watashi no namae wa Emma Sheen desu. Douzo yoroshiku."

Fa smiled. "Not bad."

Emma smiled. "Oh, you speak English. That's great."

"No, just that one sentence and this explanation. That's it."

Emma chuckled. "You're kidding."

"Nani?" Fa asked.

Emma stared at Fa in surprise.

Fa laughed. "Nah, I'm just messing with you. I'm Fa Yuiry."

Emma, Christina, Sayla, and Reccoa each shook Fa's right hand.

Christina grinned. "See you in battle, girls."

Emma Sheen walked into her house and closed the front door behind her.

Relena Peacecraft walked into the living room from the kitchen. "Hi. How was your trip?"

"Pretty boring, but at least I got to see the other pilots." Emma turned on the television and sat on the couch.

Relena sat to Emma's left and kissed Emma on the lips. "They want you at the base to work on the Gundam after we eat."


The evening news came on. Emma was interested in hearing the reactions to the tournament line-up.

Peter Jenkins, the lead anchor, was sitting at his desk in New York City.

"Good evening, everyone. Well, we are underway. The opening ceremony of the First Gundam Tournament was held in New York City this morning, and, for the first time, we learned the full roster of participating nations as well as the names of the pilots - including the pilot that will represent us. We're going to cover the tournament from every angle, and we'll also bring an address by the President live to you when it occurs. We turn to our White House correspondent, Donald Samuelson. Donald?"

"Good evening, Peter. Well, the nations have been revealed: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Niger, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zambia. They certainly run the spectrum, Peter."

"Donald, the United States has been randomly paired with Jordan. Any challenge?"

"It's difficult to say, considering that we haven't seen their Gundam yet. We really don't know what we're up against."

"The pilot for our Gundam is Emma Sheen. Who is she?"

"She is a First Lieutenant stationed at Aznable Air Force Base in Tampa. She is 24 years old. She doesn't have much flight experience, but she has a clean, if unremarkable, record."

"Does she have what it takes to win the tournament?"

"That's what everyone's wondering, Peter."

"The President wasted no time in reacting to the list of participating nations. What was he doing today?"

"The President was on the phone, meeting with world leaders, immediately after the participating nations were announced. He's trying to form alliances and strategies against other nations. We don't know the details yet."

"I have to interrupt you, Donald. My apologies. I've been told that the President is going to address the nation at any minute, so we're going to interrupt ourselves. This might seem a bit strange to some of you, but we need to allow the rest of our affiliates to join us."

The special report began.

"Good evening, everyone. I'm Peter Jenkins. The President is about to address the nation regarding the First Gundam Tournament. Here is the President, speaking in the Oval Office."

"My fellow Americans, thank you for allowing me to talk to you tonight. We are living in historic times. We have put an end to global tyranny. Leadership will be determined by skill and nonviolent means rather than by war. However, we cannot say that we'll be equally well-off regardless of who wins the Gundam Tournament. The leadership of some nations will doubtless take us down the wrong path. For this reason, I have been meeting with the leaders of Australia, Kuwait, Turkey, Russia, Austria, France, Jordan, Denmark, Mexico, Niger, Poland, Israel, Iraq, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Italy, Zambia, Japan, and Canada today. This coalition of the willing, while friendly competitors, will do everything that it can to prevent nations that would do us harm from winning the tournament. The United States and our allies must be victorious. I have every confidence in Emma Sheen and her crew, and I wish them luck. Thank you for your time, and God bless America."

"Let me get a reaction from our White House correspondent, Donald Samuelson. Donald?"

"The President was very forthright in naming our allies, Peter, but what's interesting is he didn't name our enemies. That presumably means every other nation on the list."

"Interesting observation."

"Peter, what the President seems to be hoping against is a regime taking power in the Earth Federation Government. Also, that young pilot, Emma Sheen, has the President's support."

"Thank you, Donald. We'll now return you to your regular programming."

The special report ended, and the evening news resumed.

"Welcome back, everyone. Now for the day's other news."

Emma turned off the television.

Relena smiled. "The President has confidence in you."

Emma frowned. "I wish I did."

Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament
Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament
Emma and Relena sped down a highway in Emma's yellow convertible. They were listening to "Feel the Beat" by Darude on the radio.

It was dusk. Emma turned her headlights on.

After driving for a few minutes, Emma turned right onto another street.

A few minutes later, they reached Aznable Air Force Base.

Emma brought her car to a stop by the gate. She handed her badge to the security guard, and Relena did likewise with her visitor's pass. The guard scanned them and handed them back. Then Emma had to go through a thumbprint and retinal scan. Finally, the security guard opened the gate, and Emma drove onto the base.

Emma drove to a hangar and parked outside of it.

Emma and Relena got out of the car and walked into the hangar.

Soon, they arrived at the Gundam.

The Gundam, which was a humanoid-looking mecha, stood 19.6 meters tall, 1.1 meters of which were taken up by the head. An elevator was set up to take people up to various levels of the Gundam. There were also metal platforms set up for people to walk on.

Murrue Ramius, Emma's superior officer, walked over to them. She had long, dark brown hair, which she wore loose.

Emma saluted Murrue. "Lieutenant Emma Sheen reporting as ordered, sir."

Murrue saluted Emma. "At ease."

Emma relaxed. "How's the Gundam coming along?"

"Well enough. It'll be ready in time. The question is...will you be ready?"

"I believe so. I'd like to try her out, sir."

"Let Lunamaria worry about the test piloting. I want you in the simulator."

"Yes, sir."

"Nina! Lucette! Lunamaria!" Murrue called. "Emma's going in the sim! Come and monitor!"

The Gundam's cockpit, which was located in the chest area, opened, and Lunamaria Hawke, the test pilot, got out. She had medium-length, red hair, which she wore loose.

She, and the two engineers, Nina Purpleton and Lucette Audevie, walked over to the elevator and rode down to the floor.

Nina and Lucette had designed the Gundam for the United States Government. They worked for Anaheim Electronics and were currently under military command while on this project. Nina had short, blonde hair, and Lucette had long, dark brown hair, which she kept in a ponytail over her right shoulder.

Lucette smiled. "All right, Emma, let's see how you do."

The women entered the simulation room in another building on the base.

Emma got into the simulator. "Okay, I'm ready."

Murrue made some selections on the computer console. "Okay, try this."

The screens inside the simulator turned on. They displayed a city street at night. Skyscrapers appeared to Emma's left. A drone of Emma's Gundam appeared in front of her.

"Fight!" the simulator's male voice declared.

Emma moved her Gundam forward. She swung the left arm at the drone. The drone jumped and avoided the attack. Emma jumped and fired her beam rifle. The blasts hit the drone repeatedly. Emma then kicked the drone three times with her Gundam's right leg.


Emma knew that she had caused damage to the drone. She activated her Gundam's thrusters and flew the Gundam into the sky. She fired at the drone with her beam rifle.

"Not enough power!"

Emma's Gundam landed back on the street. The Gundam didn't have enough power for long flights and had to recharge.

The drone came at Emma and kicked her Gundam five times with its left leg. Emma punched the drone three times with her Gundam's right fist. Then she kicked it six times with her Gundam's right leg.


Emma knew that she was close to victory. She kicked the drone ten times with her Gundam's right leg.


The drone fell down.

"Well done! Glory to the winner!"

The simulation ended. The screens went black.

Emma got out of the simulator.

Murrue smiled. "Pretty good, Emma."

Nina looked at the statistics on her screen. "Your reflexes are pretty good."

Lucette looked at the statistics as well. "So is your strategy."

Emma walked over to them. "I don't know. All that it proves is that I can defeat my own Gundam."

Relena frowned. "She's right. Who knows what the other nations have?"

Lunamaria gave Emma a cheerful smile. "Don't worry, Emma. The real thing feels just like the simulator. I think you'll be able to use our Gundam to its full potential."

Emma smiled at her. "I wish I was as confident."

Emma and Relena walked into their bedroom on the second floor of their house.

The two women took off most of their clothes, remaining in only their underwear and undershirts.

Emma unlocked and opened the sliding glass door, unlocked and opened the sliding screen door, and stepped onto the balcony that overlooked their backyard. Relena joined her.

A gentle breeze was blowing. Emma and Relena let it caress their bodies.

Emma inhaled the air and smiled. "Autumn breath."

Relena inhaled the air and smiled. "It feels wonderful."

"It feels so relaxing." Emma turned, faced Relena, and hugged her. "It's just what I need after an hour of simulations."

Relena hugged Emma. "All of that training is gonna be worth it."

"Maybe, but I want to forget about it for the rest of the night. I'm starving."

Relena kissed Emma on the lips briefly. "We still have some chicken left over from dinner."

Emma smiled. "I want to eat something else."

Relena blushed. "Oh."

Emma kissed Relena on the lips and started walking forward. Relena started walking backward. Emma guided Relena back into their bedroom and over to their bed.

Relena reached behind herself and pulled the covers back.

Nina was sitting at her desk in her bedroom, working on her computer.

Lucette walked into their bedroom and over to Nina.

"Are you still working on that?" Lucette asked.

"I want to make sure that everything's okay."

"Take a break. Take a shower."


Lucette smiled. "If you take it now, I'll join you."

Nina saved her work and shut down her computer. She stood up.

Lucette and Nina took off their clothes, put them on their bed, and walked into their bathroom.

Nina slid open the shower door, and the two women walked into the shower cabin. Lucette slid the door closed.

Lucette turned the water on and adjusted the temperature until it was warm.

Nina took a bottle of body wash, opened it, squirted some body wash on Lucette, set the bottle down, and started washing her girlfriend with her hands and breasts.

Lucette smiled. "That feels so nice."

"Do you think we should install that algorithm?" Nina asked.

Lucette sighed. "We're having a warm, romantic shower, and all that you can think about is the Gundam."

"I'm sorry." Nina kissed Lucette on the lips briefly. "I'm yours for the rest of the night."

Lucette smiled. "Let's make love. We haven't done it in a week."

Nina hugged Lucette and kissed her passionately on the lips. Lucette hugged Nina.

Murrue locked the hangar's door by typing in her code on a keypad and submitting to thumbprint and retinal scans.

"Where would you like to spend the night?" Murrue asked Lunamaria. "My place or yours?"

Lunamaria smiled. "Yours."

After driving to Murrue's house in Murrue's white convertible, Murrue and Lunamaria rushed to Murrue's bedroom.

As soon as Murrue and Lunamaria were in the bedroom, Murrue kicked the door closed.

Murrue hugged Lunamaria. Lunamaria hugged Murrue. Murrue kissed Lunamaria on the lips passionately.

After a while, Murrue finished the kiss and smiled. "I've been wanting to do that all day."

Lunamaria smiled. "What else have you been wanting to do all day?"

Murrue grinned. "I've got all night to show you."

The First Gundam Tournament is underway. The first match is Australia versus Niger. Who will win?

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