Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament

Episode 50


Written By
Mark Moore

Author's note: Well, this is it: the end of the "Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament" series.

I wanted to accomplish so much with these series, but it fell way behind schedule due to work, demanding parents (especially my mom), visiting relatives (for the past 10 days), and, admittedly, a bit of my own laziness. However, the series is what it is, and I have no intention of updating the episodes.

Coming up in 2009, I will be writing an essay about the series. I will also be creating a compilation "movie" trilogy into which I condense the series and attempt to fix the numerous errors and shortcomings. There will be an accompanying essay for that as well.

As for this series finale, I've tried to create a satisfactory ending. I'm not completely satisfied with it, because there's so much more that could (and will) be said. Enjoy the story. Enjoy the series again and again. Feedback is welcome. Happy New Year!

Canada has won the First Gundam Tournament and will lead the Earth Federation Government. However, while the Gundam battles might be over, the war for peace is not. As the year 2007 draws to a close, the Earth Federation Government is being created.

Friday, December 28, 2007, 8:07 AM, Eastern Standard Time

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the women of the Canadian, United States', Japanese, British, and French Gundam teams were standing in the Prime Minister's office, meeting with him.

"I have called you here to discuss the formation of a security force."

Lucrezia was confused. "Sir, we've resigned from our respective militaries."

"True, but this isn't a military organization. It's a team of specialists. It's a preventative group. Your job would be to...put out fires, I guess you could say. We're calling it the Preventer Corps. Members would have vast, sweeping powers and would fall under my personal jurisdiction. There are 4 positions. I decided to offer these positions to you before anyone else. Are any of you interested?"

Lucrezia raised her right hand. "I am."

Une raised her right hand. "Me, too."

Sally raised her right hand. "Me as well."

No one else said anything.

"1 more, ladies. Anyone?"

Relena raised her right hand. "Me. It...feels right."

Lucrezia looked at Relena and smiled. "Déjà vécu?"

Relena looked at Lucrezia and smiled. "Yeah."

"Very well. Ms. Noin, you're Preventer Fire. Ms. Antonn, you're Preventer Earth. Ms. Po, you're Preventer Water. Ms. Peacecraft, you're Preventer Wind. Ms. Antonn, I'm appointing you as the leader."

Une smiled. "Thank you, sir, but why?"

"Because I feel sorry for you. Your team couldn't win even 1 match in the tournament."

Une frowned. "Oh."

Stella looked at Une and smiled. "Well, for whatever reason that you got it, it's quite an honor, Une."

Saturday, December 29, 2007, 8:07 AM, Eastern Standard Time

Lucrezia was sitting on Natarle's bed in Natarle's bedroom.

Relena walked into the bedroom.

"Hi. Natarle let me in. You wanted to see me?"

Lucrezia smiled. "Yes, Relena. Please sit down."

Relena walked over to the bed and sat to Lucrezia's right.

"Ever since I first saw you, I've had an intense feeling regarding you. During the match, I had visions of us together. We - "

" - knew each other in our past lives."

"Yes!" Lucrezia exclaimed. "We were very close. I pledged my life in service to you,...Princess Relena."

"Noin, I - "

Lucrezia kissed Relena on her lips.

Relena hugged Lucrezia. Lucrezia hugged Relena.

Suddenly, Relena and Lucrezia had many visions, and their memories of their past lives were completely recalled.

Lucrezia pressed her tongue against Relena's lips. Relena parted her lips and admitted Lucrezia's tongue into her mouth. Lucrezia frenched Relena.

Lucrezia finished the kiss. "I'm leaving Japan."

"Where are you going?" Relena asked her.

"Back to paradise. Back to paradise forever."

Sunday, December 30, 2007, 8:07 AM, Eastern Standard Time

Une was sitting in her new office.

She was reading a news report on her computer.

Une pressed a button on her computer. "This is Earth. Come in, Wind."

Relena's image appeared on Une's monitor.

"This is Wind."

"I've just gotten a report that riots are breaking out at antiglobalization protests in Iran. Please proceed there. I'll notify the others."


Relena saw a crowd of people and flew her airplane towards the crowd.

She landed the plane in a parking lot and shut off the engines.

Relena unfastened her seatbelt, stood up, exited the cockpit, opened the door, and jumped out of the plane.

A man in a security uniform ran over to her.

Relena took her identification out of her jacket's left pocket and showed it to him. "I'm Preventer Wind. I'm here to help."

The man drew his gun and pointed it at her.

Relena frowned. "Do you not understand English?! I'm here to help you!"

3 more men ran over to them.

The 4 men each grabbed 1 of Relena's arms or legs and picked her up.

"What the fuck?!" Relena exclaimed.

The men carried her over to a car, threw her into a trunk, and closed it.

Lucrezia was patrolling the sky in her airplane.

"This is Water calling."

Upon hearing Sally's voice, Lucrezia pressed a button. "This is Fire. What's up?"

"We have another problem."

"What is it?" Lucrezia asked impatiently.

"Preventer Wind has been kidnapped."

Lucrezia was shocked. "Ms. Relena?!"

The men threw Relena onto the floor in a room.

The men walked out of the room.

A young Arabic man walked into the room.

Relena sat up and looked at him.

"Why have you brought me here?!" Relena demanded.

The man said nothing.

Relena stood up. "Answer me!"

"You are bait...for revenge. Praise be to Allah. Soon, I shall have my revenge, and all of the world will know our family!"

The man turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Relena extended her right arm in the direction of the door. "My name is Relena Peacecraft. What's yours?"

Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament

Mobile Suit Gundam Tournament

The man walked into the room again.

"You look good in white, Miss Pisscraft."

Relena stared at him with a look of contempt. "I think I'd look better stained in your blood."

"You don't know who I am. Do you?"

"Should I?"

"I am Saddam Ahmadinejad. Your lover, Emma Sheen, murdered my brother, Ali."

"Like fuck. Your brother tried to murder Emma - just as he tried to murder Sayla Mass. He did murder the Polish pilot."

"We are in a holy war against you infidels. You will all die, and this world will finally become an Islamic world as Allah intended."

"And you're gonna do this how? By murdering an innocent woman?"

"That is only the first step. We have something far greater planned. Allow me to present the future ruler of the world."

A young boy walked into the room.

"Who the fuck is that?" Relena asked.

Saddam drew his gun and pointed it at Relena.

"Miss Relena, I will not tolerate rude comments from you!" the boy exclaimed.

"This is Ali's son, Mohammad. He will be Allah's representative on Earth."

"You're dillusional."

"On the contrary, I am quite sane."

Mohammad smiled. "When the new year begins, I will be sitting on top of the world, and all shall bow before me. I will rule the world."

"I've heard that before. It won't work. My friends will rescue me and put a stop to your plan."

Saddam smiled. "No one can stop Operation Stardust."

Saddam and Mohammad walked out of the room. Mohammad closed the door behind him.

Relena sighed. "Will I ever get back where I belong?"

Une, Murrue, Emma, Nina, Lucette, and Matilda were sitting in Une's office.

"Sally and Lucrezia are heading towards the possible site in which Relena is being held - the house of Saddam Ahmadinejad, the brother of the Iranian Gundam pilot."

"Will they be able to rescue her?" Emma asked.

"I don't know. We might need some help."

Emma looked at Murrue. "The Gundam!"

"Impossible. The Gundam is locked in the hangar on the base, and none of us have authorization any longer."

Une stood up, faced her office window, and placed her right hand on the cold glass. "Get it...however you can."

At Aznable Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, Nina and Lucette were trying to unlock the hangar door.

"How are you progressing?" Une asked over the radio.

"Almost got it." Nina pressed some more buttons.

The hangar door slid open.

"Got it."

Lucette looked at Nina. "You stand guard. Emma and I will get the Gundam."


Lucette and Emma ran into the hangar.

They ran over to the Gundam.

"Get in the cockpit."

Emma ran into the elevator and pressed a button.

The elevator rose to the chest level and stopped.

Emma ran out of the elevator and over to the cockpit.

She pressed a button. The cockpit opened.

Emma climbed into the cockpit and closed it.

"Stay where you are!"

Lucette turned around. A man was standing there, pointing a gun at her.

"I believe you no longer work here."

"Who the fuck are you?" Lucette asked.

"I'm the new captain of this base."

Lucette smiled in amusement. "You? All alone here in no man's land."

"Outside!" he ordered.

Lucette walked, and he walked to her left.

"Lucette, how's it going?!" Nina called.

Lucette and the captain exited the hangar.

"Careful, Nina. Got a devil walkin' right beside me."

"So I've caught 2 traitors."

"Make that 3."

The captain turned around. "What?!"

Emma had activated the Gundam and now flew out of the hangar.

Lucette grabbed the captain's gun and pointed it at her.

The captain turned to face her.

"We are commandeering this Gundam in the name of the Preventer Corps."

The captain laughed. "That organization has no jurisdiction here until January 1."

He quickly reached behind his back and drew a small pistol.

Lucette fired the gun and shot him in the chest.

He fell to the pavement and died. Blood flowed from his body.

Lucette's hands shook as she absorbed what she'd just done.

Finally, Lucette looked at the Gundam. "Did I kill him for nothing?! Go on, Emma! Bring our Relena home safely!"

Emma flew the Gundam into the air.

Une, Lucrezia, and Sally flew their airplanes towards a house in Iran. Emma flew her Gundam in the same direction.

Une, Lucrezia, and Sally landed their airplanes in front of the house.

They exited their airplanes.

Une, Lucrezia, and Sally each drew her own gun.

"When may I land, Une?" Emma asked.

"After Relena's been secured. Gotta hold on till the time is right."

"Don't know if I can wait much longer."

Une kicked down the door.

Lucrezia, Sally, and Une ran into the living room.

"The living room is empty!" Une called into her headset.

Lucrezia ran over and kicked down a door.

Relena was sitting on the floor in the room. Saddam and Mohammad were standing in front of Relena.

Lucrezia fired her gun and shot Saddam in the head. Saddam died and fell to the floor. Blood flowed from his body.

Lucrezia ran over to Relena, picked Relena up in her arms, and hugged her. "Are you okay, Relena?!"

Relena smiled. "Yeah!"

Lucrezia kissed Relena passionately on the lips. Lucrezia started crying.

Lucrezia finished the kiss. "I'm so glad that you're safe!"

Relena stroked Lucrezia's hair with her left hand. "You're crying."

Lucrezia chuckled. "I can't help it. I gotta cry like a wounded eagle."

Mohammad picked up Saddam's gun and pointed it at Lucrezia and Relena. "I...will avenge my uncle!"

"No, you won't." Une fired her gun and shot Mohammad in the head.

Mohammad died and fell to the floor. Blood flowed from his body.

Lucrezia looked at Une. "Thanks, Une."

"No problem."

Emma crashed her Gundam down through the roof of the house, landing in the living room.

"Are you okay, Relena?!" Emma asked.

"Yeah, but it's not over! They were talking about something called Operation Stardust!"

Emma thought for a moment. "That seems vaguely...familiar."

Une frowned. "Spread out and question everyone. I wanna find out what this Operation Stardust is."

Relena looked at Une. "Whatever it is, Une, it's going down before year's end."

Monday, December 31, 2007, 8:07 AM, Eastern Standard Time

Une, Lucrezia, Sally, Relena, Christina, Emma, Fa, Sayla, and Reccoa were sitting in Une's office.

Une frowned. "From what we've been able to gather, Operation Stardust is a pre-programmed, flying weapons system carrying a plasma cannon. The objective is to destroy the new Senate Chamber in the Parliament building...and all of the rest of Canada as well."

"How do we stop it?" Lucrezia asked.

"All of the Preventers will fly out to intercept it. We need all of the Gundams to accompany us, too. You Gundam pilots will use your weapons to destroy or at least disable the weapons system. It will be firing from a very high altitude, so your thrusters will be pushed to the limit. Does everyone understand?"

Relena nodded. "I gotta fly like the wind."

"Right. Former Gundam teammates will coordinate with each other."

Fa frowned. "I'd like to request another partner."

"For what reason?" Une asked.

Lucrezia looked at Fa. "Fa, I'm sorry that I hurt you. No one said that we have to stop seeing each other. In fact, I want you in my life...forever."

Fa smiled. "Really?"

Lucrezia smiled. "Hai."

Une sighed. "Yeah, yeah, how sweet. Let's move out."

Une, Lucrezia, Sally, and Relena flew their airplanes into the sky.

"Do you see the target?" Sally asked.

Lucrezia spotted something in the distance. "I see something. It a drone plane."

Une frowned. "Do not engage. Gundam pilots, fly directly up at these coordinates." Une typed coordinates into her airplane's computer console.

Emma, Christina, Fa, Sayla, and Reccoa activated their Gundam's thrusters and flew their Gundams into the sky.

Emma pressed a button on her console. "We Will Win" by Rebecca Forstadt started playing in everyone's cockpits.

Reccoa smiled. "Interesting choice, Emma."

Emma smiled. "Hey, it's inspirational."

Sayla sighed. "Don't get distracted, girls."

In Christina's front yard, Natarle, Flay, Monique, Miriallia, Chan, Asuna, Catherine, Murrue, Matilda, Nina, Lucette, Lunamaria, Mirai, Rain, Saeko, Sally, Fraw, Dorothy, Karen, and Stella were gathered, watching the sky and waiting in nervous anticipation.

"Do you think they'll succeed?" Miriallia asked.

Natarle hugged Miriallia. "I know they'll succeed."

"Do you read me, Gundam pilots?" Une asked.

"Roger!" Emma, Christina, Fa, Sayla, and Reccoa exclaimed.

"Activate your weapons!" Une ordered.

"Shining Blue Fire on!" Emma exclaimed.

"Alex on!" Christina exclaimed.

"Zeta on!" Fa exclaimed.

The drone came to a stop and hovered in place.

"It's getting ready to fire!" Une exclaimed. "Fire all weapons!"

Emma, Christina, and Fa fired their missiles at the drone. Sayla and Reccoa fired their beam rifles. Une, Lucrezia, Sally, and Relena fired their airplane's beam cannons.

The missiles and beams hit the drone just before it fired. The drone was knocked into the distance.

Asuna pointed at the glow in the sky with her left index finger. "What the fuck is that?!"

"Sweet fuck!" Catherine cried.

"It's gonna hit!" Chan cried.

"Fa, please come home safely!" Mirai cried.

"And you, Sayla!" Fraw cried.

Some metal debris fell from the sky.

Murrue ran and pushed Flay out of the way.

Flay fell to the ground.

Flay looked up at Murrue.

Murrue smiled. "I guess you have an archangel looking out for you."

Flay smiled. "Angel come and take me by the hand."

Murrue reached down with her left hand, grabbed Flay's right hand, and helped Flay stand up.

Murrue hugged Flay. Flay hugged Murrue.

The 5 Gundams crash-landed in Christina's front yard.

"My poor Gundam!" Nina cried.

Monique stared at Nina. "Prifuckingoritize, Nina. Sheesh."

Emma, Christina, Fa, Sayla, and Reccoa opened their cockpits and climbed out of their Gundams.

They climbed down to the ground.

Une, Lucrezia, Sally, and Relena landed their airplanes on the street.

They opened their airplanes' doors and jumped out of their planes.

"You did it!" Lunamaria cheered.

Matilda walked over to Emma and smiled. "It looks like you don't need looking after anymore."

"So what happened?" Karen asked Une.

"We diverted the blast. Apparently, Texas and Utah took most of the blast and were completely razed to the ground."

Emma shrugged. "Well, let's just call that a win."

Rain stared at the wrecked Gundams. "So...who's up for repairing the Gundams?"

"Oh, fuck you!" Dorothy told her.

"Totally!" Saeko added.

Nina was already calculating the needed materials in her mind.

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the women of the Canadian, United States', Japanese, British, and French Gundam teams were standing in the Prime Minister's office, meeting with him.

"I have called all of you here, because there are still some vacancies in the Federation Senate. We need a representative from each of your nations. Do any of you wish to serve?"

Christina raised her left hand. "I'll represent Canada."

Fa raised her left hand. "I'll represent Japan."

Sayla raised her left hand. "I'll represent the United Kingdom."

Reccoa raised her left hand. "I'll represent France."

Relena raised her left hand. "I'll represent the United States."

"Are you sure, Relena?" Emma asked her.

Relena looked at Emma and smiled. "Yeah, Emma. It feels right."

Emma smiled. "Your parents would be proud of you." She looked at Matilda. "It looks like you have someone to protect after all."

Matilda smiled.

"Do you want to be Preventer Wind, Ms. Sheen?" the Prime Minister asked her.

"Yes, sir."

"Very well. Emma Sheen is Preventer Wind. Now, all of you need to get to the new Senate Chamber and get sworn in. Ms. MacKenzie, make Canada proud."

Christina, Relena, Fa, Sayla, and Reccoa sat in their seats in the Senate Chamber.

The rest of the women on their teams sat in the visitors' area to watch.

Christina stood up, picked up her gavel, banged it, and set it down. "We have only a few seconds left until the beginning of 2008 and the era of the Earth Federation. Let's count down. 15, - "

"14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008, 12:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time

"Happy New Year!" everyone cheered.

Christina picked up her gavel, banged it, and set it down. "Okay, let's get down to business. Relena Peacecraft of the United States of America has the floor."

Relena stood up. "Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a list of complaints regarding society that need to be addressed. We should install cell phone jammers in movie theaters. We should make English the official language of the United States. Illegal immigrants - with the exception of those that arrived as minors - should be deported immediately. Tobacco products should be banned worldwide. Hybrid, electrical, hydrogen, and other alternative-fuel vehicles should be mandatory. We need to reduce our consumption of oil and pollution of the Earth. Store customers should be required to use cloth bags. There should be stricter standards for keeping driver's licenses, and there should be mandatory licences for having children and parenting. We need to reduce the Earth's average stupidity. We need to be smarter. That's all that I have for now. As we move forward in this new era, let us not repeat the mistakes of the past. Let us not suck. Let us be awesome, now and forever. Let us be friends, now and forever. We are 1 world. We all depend on each other and are affected by each other. Let us be the best that we can be and always strive to be better than we are. Let us meet all of our challenges head-on. Let us do all of this and more. We are the human race. We are the human family. Let us love each other and not fight anymore. That is my wish: total pacifism."